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I was raised to do one thing

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What was it?
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Defend this
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What movies / tv shows are there where conservatives are the heros / good goys?
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>"well, at least things couldn't POSSIBLY get any worse"
>it starts raining
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Does /tv/ have any recommended romance movies? Preferably not porn.

Oh and no cheating or cuckoldry! That's the opposite of romance!
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If Elisabet was a product of Alma's psyche, or they were at least one and the same, how does the doctor acknowledge Elisabet's existence near the beginning of the film, while "Mr. Vogler" completely ignores her? Is Elizabet visible to the doctor because the doctor sees through to Alma's subconscious and thus strips her bare Alma's surface identity? Or is the doctor also a part of Alma/Elisabet's subjective reality, forming some kind of psychoanalytical mediator?
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/psg/ - Peep Show General

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I hate mark corrigan physically
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Movies that you marathoned for ten (10) minutes
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