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How do we save /tv/
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Shows that really needed less season
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>Movie set in Middle Ages
>Nobility eats like fucking pigs because apparently Hollywood thinks dining etiquette is a recent invention
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Scorsese makes only quality kino and this is fucking top notch.
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What the hell was his problem

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>Tom Cruise will die in your lifetime ;__;
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Can someone recommend me some good modern westerns?
Stuff like pic related or 3:10 to Yuma. Original, remake, reboot, doesn't matter.
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>normal day browsing /tv/
>suddenly *doorbell*
>"hey mister, I need a big strong guy like you to help me practice my cheer-leading routine for the upcoming game. all you need to do is throw me up in the air and catch me a few times. you think you can handle that?"

wat do?