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Here's how you go ahead with Marvel

>Spiderman - tease Venom and Carnage at the end.
>Guardians of the Galaxy 3 with Thor and Adam Warlock - just leave this alone, they know what they're doing with Guardians
>Dr. Strange 2 - introduce repercussions from the Snap. Holes in reality. Things out of place. Energy pulses have attracted bizarre entities (foreshadow Shuma Gorath)
>Dr. Strange 2 ends with the reveal of Mutants - they are a by-product of the energy given off by the Snap, much like Wanda and Quicksilver were creations of the Mind Stone
>Do NOTHING with Fantastic 4. Make people wait on it. That's the only way to make anybody give a shit about the Fantastic 4. You can tease Doom earlier but only if it's very very brief.

Who plays the new Wolverine? Fuck you he doesn't get introduced until 2026 and it focuses on Cyclops.

Also Pic Related should be part of the MCU Spiderman arc even if it was civil war in the comics.