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>Natasha is hiding in Cleveland after betraying the Accords.
>She’s attacked by another Black Widow, but manages to kill her and steal her communicator.
>Her hideout is compromised and she has to flee from the authorities.
>Taskmaster ambushes her at the bridge, but Nat manages to escape.
>Nat visits her old friend Mason, an ex-SHIELD agent, for help decrypting the communicator.
>It reveals that her sister Yelena is being targeted. Secretary Ross and his men track Nat down.
>Mason distracts Ross so Nat can escape.
>Nat goes to Budapest and tracks Yelena down to an old Red Room safe house.
>Yelena thinks Nat is there to kill her, they fight, Nat proves she comes in peace.
>Taskmaster and more Black Widows attack. Car chase. Nat and Yelena flee and hide.
>Yelena reveals that someone reactivated the Red Room to create super-assassins for the highest bidder.
>The director (whom Yelena doesn't know) uses a serum to brainwash the new Black Widows into complete obedience. Yelena refused to accept this and fled.
>Taskmaster works for the new director and has combat-enhancing tech that allows him to copy anyone's fighting style.
>Yelena reveals that Melina, an older Black Widow who mentored them in the Red Room, also refused to work for the new director.
>They escaped together, but were separated by Taskmaster. Nat contact Mason, who locates Melina in Morocco.
>Mason also pulls up the recs for Taskmaster, an elite merc named Anthony Masters.
>Nat and Yelena meet with Melina. She has already survived an attempt on her life by the Black Widows and is in hiding.
>Melina reveals that the director wants to extract the supersoldier serum from the Red Guardian, Alexei, to create Super-Widows.
>Nat, Yelena and Melina rescue Alexei from a Siberian gulag. Taskmaster and his men arrive. Big chase/fight. They manage to escape.
>During the escape, Nat fights Taskmaster again and finds out he needs her alive.