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Teens killed family because Steve Carell left The Office

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>The two Texas brothers accused of slaughtering four family members before killing themselves said they were sent off the rails partly from watching TV’s “The Office.”
>The first and most important show we watched was ‘The Office’,” Farhan wrote in the note that started, “Hey everyone, I killed myself and my family. The Steve Carrell comedy was one of “four very important issues I encountered throughout my life.”
>“People say the finale makes up for it, which is a complete lie. Sure it was cute, but it doesn’t justify the last few s—y seasons we had to deal with. It should've ended when Michael left because eventually it went s—t.” he wrote, saying he had “a lot more I want to say but hey, life is short.”
>“We kept watching until February 21, 2021. That’s the day my older brother came into my room with a proposition: if we can’t fix everything in a year, we’ll kill ourselves and our family,” he wrote of the show.
>“The plan was simple. We get two guns. I take one and shoot my sister and grandma, while my brother kills our parents with the other. Then we take ourselves out,” he wrote.