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Season 2 was a dull onfocused rehash but god damn, 3 was just character assassination on top of character assassination and a lot of shitstirring for the sake of pointless drama.
Every break up made no sense and was contrived as shit, Hopper went from cool dude to overbearing retarded dad, the girls turned into malignant cunts which I guess is realistic at least, Steve was supposed to be the towns cool guy but now hes a complete loser that girls laugh at, and of course they made Robin a dyke after a full season of flirting with him.
Having just watched Season 1 again, the step down is a fucking plunge and a half.
And you would think that after 2 seasons of dealing with this shit the kids would be okay with talking to the adults about weird things going on, but noo lets just investigate russian spies all on our own when we are best friends with the chief of police.
I am disappoint