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SEASON 3 will be its last


Listen for yourself at 43:22, but here's a transcript:

Host: I know, uh, you just wrapped on the third season of Orville. Is there anything you can tell us about it at the moment?

Palicki: No, it's like, it's honestly, it's so secretive considering that it takes seven years for it to come out...to film...and then to actually come out. Like, it's not gonna be out until 2022. And it is our final season.

Host: Oh, wow.

Host: Oh, wow.

Palicki: So...

Host: That's kind of an end of an era.

Palicki: Yeah, I mean I...I'll miss everyone. That was actually...that was definitely a family for sure. We spent so much time together on that ship...that...praise God we loved each other.