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I got some scoop on the core plot of Star Wars Episode VII. Mind you, the people I got these information from haven't seen the script in its entirety, but they're presumably much closer to the production than the earlier leakers.

Episode VII revolves around Kaibur Crystal, which is a strange god-like entity controlling all the force and thus the galaxy. We don't know it first, it's exponentially revealed to us.

"Force sensitive" people have this magical connection with the crystal. The movie's main villain, Ragen, wants to contain the crystal. He secretly hunts down force sensitive people to find the Crystal's location and use it as a weapon.

Ragen is highly respected member of a family of political idealists funding the rebellion. I think he's played by Adam Driver, but it's only my assumption.

There's another "villain", Malorum. Malorum is a very old, PTSD'd man and has powers similar to Cerebro - he can "feel" the presence of any force-sensitive being. That's how he was earlier used during the jedi purge by the Emperor. It's possible that this character is played by Max Von Sydow.

Malorum is presented first as villain, because Ragen is using our heroes and the rebellion to hunt him down (Malorum is protected by pirates that are considered villains at first, it changes later).

Later the Ragen's real intentions are revealed, leading up to confrontation in which heroes kills Malorum (he wants it) to destroy Ragen's plans. Luke then sacrifices himself by basically sucking up all the dark force in the world and thus turning himself into a wrinkled blob. Ragen survives the ending but he's terribly injured.

I'm going to try to cash this info tomorrow along with few concept art I have also received, but I'm sharing it first with you, because fuck, nobody's going to treat it seriously anyway and it's just kinda exciting to spill the beans.