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The King of /tv/ trashes Alien: Covenant

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>Ridley Scott’s franchise is hackery in action.

>Ultra-hack Ridley Scott has ruined the Alien franchise. His first episode in 1979 was a visually textured, erotic genre film that veered sensually and sensationally into techno-evolutionary horror. It was that decade’s most original scary movie. But Alien: Covenant, the sixth installment and Scott’s third go-round, works exactly as Pauline Kael described in her derisive dismissal of the first film: “a gorilla in a haunted house movie.”

>When a distress signal from a distant planet is answered by the Covenant, a U.S. space vehicle whose crew is employed to colonize new territory, Scott shamelessly imitates the first film’s narrative — he panders to Millennials whom Hollywood considers attention-deficit-disordered and unfamiliar with anything before video games. Scott milks the franchise, disguising craven greed as pseudo-artiness. The Covenant’s “diverse” crew (male, female, white, black, American, Middle Eastern) become cannon fodder in an intergalactic update of Ten Little Victims.

>The only difference here is that annoying ultra-hack habit of pseudo-relevance. Screenwriter John Logan (who did Scorsese’s Hugo) debases the poetic conceit that worked well in the first film.