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>Haim claims his abuser was 42
>But people think it was during the production of "Lucas" where the guy would've been 73.
>People theorized it was David Nicksay, the director
>Haim actually ment 42 in the present day
>Charlie Sheen was 42 during June 2008; Nicksay is innocent
>Feldman also heavily implies to it being Sheen as well shortly after the accusation
>Charlie Sheen, son of Martian Sheen, claimed "It was something that all guys in the industry do"
>Martian Sheen's well known movie was Apocalypse Now from Francis Ford Coopla
>Francis Ford Coopla executive produced movies from the Jeepers Creepers franchise directed by Victor Salva, a sex offender who raped a boy from one of his films.