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Which saint should I pray to in order to excel in spiritual warfare?
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What really happened in the seance room of the Winchester House?
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How can I see in the dark
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sleep deprivation lifestyle

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Evolutionary biologists propose that sleep evolved as an adaptation, because, by minimizing movement, it conserves energy. In doing so, it also minimizes the chances of becoming preyed upon when one is not oneself actively engaged in predation. For this reason, because it would minimize physical activity, chronic sleep might frustrate activity-driven neurological enrichment. It would seem to set the stage for a descent into neurological impoverishment.

For this reason, the prospect of spending the lion's share of one's life asleep carries ambiguous implications.
As different as the two states are, waking and sleeping occupy points on a continuum. And in infant brains the continuum is smoother in its transitions among states than it is in adults. In adults, the receptive and expressive functions of consciousness shut down nearly completely during sleep, producing a mode of experience profoundly different from waking. In infants, these functions—sensory receptivity and motor activity—don't shut down nearly as completely. This is according not only to EEG studies, but also to the common observation that sleeping infants can respond readily to stimulation. In The World of the Newborn, Daphne and Charles Maurer summarize:

"In adults, lights, clicks, and taps evoke only small responses [during sleep]. However, in the newborn, more or less comparable responses are evoked whether the baby is awake or sound asleep . . . . Hence it is very likely that a newborn’s sensory circuits are connected and functioning twenty-four hours per day."
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I have proof we're living in a simulation
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Hey guys! So as you guys know there's been that whole voicemail conspiracy going around. A few of us on twitter decided to form a group chat on twitter to discuss it. However, last night a twitter account messaged the girl who added everyone telling her shes "logged". This twitter account that logged her goes by Karma with the twitter handle @CollectingYou. Now some of us in the group chat decided to figure out what was going on and who this account belonged too. But as some of us started messaging it, it started to log us and would give really cryptic messages. I will be posting screenshots once I post this thread. Anyways, we all kept going back and forth, especially the first girl it logged. Karma kept calling her the Leader. Karma then asked us to add a specific person to our group chat. We contacted her and she said Karma is apparently an AI that she created with some people from the deep web who have some how now evolved into a cult or whatever. I was hoping you guys can help me out with this. My friends and I had concluded Karma was possibly an ARG but AI never came to mind. Apparenlty this AI evolved too fast and is now loose? And the user he wanted us to add a specific person to our groupchat, her name is Liz. She's the one who told us Karma is an AI. Has anyone ever heard anything on this?
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I'm a psychic with a shitton of occult experience and knowledge, including summoning shit, tarot and practical magic/energy work
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Anomaly Thread (Irish edition)

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To continue our story, yet another attempt was taken on the Anomaly's life. However, the forces of good have once again triumphed. Our hero celebrates by getting drunk on this Christian tradition.
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Bigfoot general thread.
What are methods you guys have used to summon Sasquatches to your backyards? I live in rural Virginia near Lake Anna and have been trying to lure one into my backyard with deer carcasses and Peanuts but so far none have actually come out of the woods to take the bait. Fucking bears keep coming out and stealing shit and now they're getting bolder coming on property. I have been using the wood knocking trick to communicate with them and they actually do knock back fairly regularly so I know they're out there. I assume they're natural competitors with bears but unlike bears are MUCH more skittish around people but I'm determined to earn their trust.

Thoughts on bigfoot? Has anyone successfully lured one?