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Post pictures that creep you out for no reason.
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what is objectively holding back the human race?
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The “Entities” That Monitor Our Presidents – Photographic Evidence

The following is something I have noticed over the past several years. In major events which a President attends, there is almost always a strange looking man (creature) lurking in the background, directly behind the President. The entity has very strange skin tone and bone structure and now we have two images that portray this very clearly.

Look at the images in the first 3 minutes of this video and the viewer will see that there are clearly different individuals behind Trump and Obama, respectively, but the strangeness and oddities of their appearance are remarkably similar, suggesting a pattern related to an alien genome.

After looking at the beginning of this video, ask yourself a question. Do you think that it is possible there are some “outside” influences being exerted on our Presidents?

Iranian Military OPENS FIRE On UFO! 1/21/17
He's Back! Reptilian Shapeshifter Secret Service Agent Spotted At Trump Inauguration? 1/21/17
Real Face Of President Barack Obama’s Alien Bodyguard
Obama's Reptilian Secret Service Spotted AIPAC Conference - Spotted During Obama Speech
SCARY as HELL Demonic Alien Grim Reaper At Hillary's Press Conference! UFO Video HD! 11-15-2016
OMG!!!!DEMON Caught hiding in plain sight during Obama Syria Speech! Bottomless pit open?
'Demon' Caught on Camera During Obama Visit?

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leecherous magic

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Is there any lust-based magic?
Something akin to manipulating women with the mind, violent and rapey astral sex(not that "Normal" astral sex isn't just a big wet dream in itself), or so on?
human males crave lust so...it wouldn't be werid of some magicians did too.
A lot of talk about pizzagate;does the rabbit hole include psyhical powers?
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CIA document dump

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I am sooo sooo fucking sorry for not believing you all this time.

I am soooo fucking sorry for discrediting your search for truth, for publicly shaming you.

I am sooo fucking sorry /x/

Sincerely, /pol/


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Lets entertaing the idea of us living in a simulation, /x/
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Law of attraction

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What are your thoughts on the law of attraction? Anyone here practiced he teachings? I have, it's done me a great deal of fortune.
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A hypothetical question

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If YOU received and were chosen to relay a message from "the divine unknown" which contained information essential to its intended recipient(s), how would YOU ensure that the message was delivered, read, and understood by the receiving party without knowing who they are or the earliest possible point in time they would be able to functionally receive the message?
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Time travel

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Time Travel,

I'm willing to believe that we can, though not physically- but spiritually. If astral projection is a real phenomenon by which our souls leave our bodies into a realm that transcends linearity of time and space, then I do not think it is a stretch of the imagination to think that we can time travel in our dreams/ astral projections. What do you guys think? Know of any ways to do this? Spells? Rituals? General thoughts?
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I think my brother is a skinwalker??

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Hello, my brother went on a forest hike in arizona a few weeks ago, and when he came back he began to act alot weirder.

He started acting generally not himself (hes usually an outgoing individual) as in he never talks, has random fits of rage, and acts with general malice towards the people we know. On top of this he began to change his appearance.

Is he possessed by an evil creature or was he replaced by a skinwalker? Pic related is him
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