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How do males acquire paranormal abilities

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How do males acquire paranormal abilities
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Dear Mods, Can we please change this shit? It makes it look like we’re some sorta gay horror movie or story board. We need something more befitting of our content. (Religion, Enlightmemt, Conspiricies, Government, and Secret Earth Type shit) We aren’t a fucking Oooh GHOOOSSSTS! Board
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The Holy Spirit doens't speak to me

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Why is this? I've accepted Jesus Christ into my heart (or at least I think I did). I've asked to be baptized with fire and with the Holy Spirit. I don't hear his voice.

I long to hear His voice and to know and follow "I AM"'s will for my life.
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Dante’s Inferno

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Upon death
Where do you think you’d go?
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Does sin make you physically more uglier?
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After years of lurking on this board I've realised you're all a bunch of insane, self important losers who are TERRIFIED of the mundane nature of existence. Most of your are spergs that can't fit in with society and so you subscribe to these fantastic versions of reality. So I have a question. What's it honestly like to be so full of shit? Are you aware of your bullshit, or do you truly perceive the world as this scary, good vs evil place full of forces that want to "turn you to Satan" or similar outcomes.
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Afterlife doesn't exists.
When you die you just die.
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Strange Japanese Tsunami sea creature

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What happened to Elisa Lam?

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How did she get in the water tank? What was she hiding from in the elevator? What's the Cecil Hotel connection?

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Tavistock is involved in the gender disphoria brainwashing of kids?
Weren't they involved in the MKULTRA programmes?
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