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ITT: Shit that traumatized you as a kid.
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Occult & Magic General: I'm lost without this thread edition

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/sum/ pastebin:


It's been almost a day with no thread, except the one on /his/, so here's a new one and a nice pic of NGC 6503 for you all. 18 million light years away, 30 million lightyears across. Found in the constellation Draco. Dubbed the "Lost-In-Space galaxy” by Stephen James O'Meara
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Make me believe in christ

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The title says it all.

try convincing me of Christ. That he really exists and how I can communicate with him
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How long is the incubation period for the common vampirism virus?
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ITT:someone post a pic and you come up with a horror movie idea based off it.
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Onatario Spooks Part 3

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Requesting any spooky stories or locations from anywhere in Ontario. Post stories of ghosts, cryptids, innawoods, or anything similar. I'm always interested in stories, even if I don't explicitly ask for them.

Last thread had some great stories and discussion, anyone have more info on the Bancroft Cult?

Previous Threads:
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ITT : Images with hidden meaning
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/xlit/-Paranormal Literature

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Hello! Welcome to /xlit/, your source for the production and distribution of /x/ related literature and stories.

Previous thread: >>18934443

Let's try not to let this one die.
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hit me with some spooky greentexts /x/
(pic not related)
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Just things on my mind

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Hello, im 25 and always had a rough life, my dad died when i was 7 and my mother always hanged on the bottle.I never felt like i needed strenght from another entity or anyone for that matter, i just counted only on myself and "had fun" not caring about shit. Never really touched hardcore drugs, just weed sometimes. I always loved conspiracies, never really believed in any kind of religion but believed that "something" started life and the universe, didn't care about details of such matter yet.
Never been in the occult, even tho at nights i would get easily scared because of feeling a presence around me, watching me from the corner of my room, in the darkness. Don't know if it was just paranoi tho.
Lately i feel that same presence again, but i don't get scared of it, because trough reason i had a spark of hope that led me to believe that god actually existed. The spark was so real for me, it was trough reason and thinking as i said, but when i think about it now i can't remember what i was really thinking in that same exact moment.
Im not scared of death, i don't welcome if of course since i am still young, i just feel like that if before being born i was nothing, why would i need to be scared od turning into that same state again?
Recently ive been pretty sicked out with the whole pizzashit scandal and went into holes just to come out depressed, not scared, just depressed and disattached from "real" "reality".
I was baptized of course, and im thinking of giving the bible a read. Have you ever read the bible? If yes, do you believe in it? I see many people that don't believe in it, but still , i need to talk to someone that read it all and still doesen't believe in it.
One thing that is on my mind is, why people that actually believe in the devil or any "alternative" entity that did not create everything and have proof of existance of demons and such, still keep at it?i would believe the good guy to be real too right?
If you believe in evil then good must be true