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skinwalker and psychedelics in the woods of norway

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This happened two years ago, and after lurking through similiar stories the time has come to share mine.
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If magick was real, then why are all the powerful sorcerers on this board not ruling the world?
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christianity and magic

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I guess I'm moreso seeking to hear about people's experiences, but can one be a Christian* and still do and practice magic? Summon demons? Participate in the occult?
Growing up as an evangelical Christian, you're taught that all magic is evil and its all "of the devil" but if one breaks down christianity to its bare minimum components; I dont know if there is much, if any conflict, is there?

Is there any among /x/ that is a Christian but does magic or sorcery? I've been facinated with this kind of thing as long as I can remember but I don't want to go hell or have demons ruining my life or anything of that nature

*(defining this strictly as -believes jesus christ is the Messiah -believes jesus christ died and rose again to atone for ones/mankinds sins -accepted Christ into ones heart, etc)
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You dialed 0? ( General/Paranormal AMA)

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Questions? Problems?

Allow us to help
Consider me like a telephone >Operator

You come here
>dial 0

Ask a question or state a problem

I may ask questions, this is not to determine whether or not you need help, but what kind of help you need

I will then attempt to >connect
you to the answer

I will use every faculty at my disposal, >my switchboard

When I am on >standby
It means I have left for a short while
I do not read natal charts
I do not fortune tell
I am not omnipotent
Other people may decide to answer your question
If I need to meditate on the question (rare cases) I will inform you of such
Treat others as you wish to be treated on this post

Hopefully this will become a very helpful post for many
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Let's talk about all things Astrology. Preferably ask questions and share thoughts instead of just spamming your natal chart asking for a read.

>What are your thoughts on the transit of Uranus in Taurus? In what house is Uranus going for you? What do you think it means?

Previous thread:
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Anyone remember back when /pol/ /b/ /bant/ and /x/ gave a shit about elsagate and was looking into the creepy coded twitter with mkultra esque unlisted videos. Well 3 days ago the channel uploaded a video publically..with coordinates in the description and its basically a murder video

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OK I’m finally open to the idea that the Mandela effect is real.

It was always sex IN the city and never sex AND the city. I remember making fun of my girlfriend because that show was so stupid and even making fun of the name. What the fuck is happening?

Some say 911 caused it and other people say CERN caused it.

> I remember reading some asshole on here like a year ago saying that Trump went back in time (using the Tesla papers that his uncle was in charge of) to time travel to become president and save America. He fucked something up and the Mandela effect is not parallel universes but the butterfly effect caused by trumps time travel.

At this point I’m open to all ideas. Soooooo wtf /pol
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Videos of Strange Animals/cryptids

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i found this gif a few days ago while browsing this board,anyone have footage or gifs of just strange animals like this. potential cryptids preferred though.
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So, I remember when I was eleven or so (around 2005) there were trailers for a Splinter Cell movie playing on television.

I remember them quite vividly, as one scene scared my child mind where the main character lifted up the iconic goggles and had glowing green eyes beneath. The scene frightened my tiny child brain and I avoided media titled Splinter Cell well through middle school because of it.

Anyway, a year or so later, one day I pass by my dad who's watching a movie. He tells me I should watch it and that I'd like it. "It's kind of funny," he said.

Sure enough, it's the Splinter Cell movie, featuring a guy sneaking around a building with those green-glowing three-eyed goggles. He's cracking one-liners as he moves along.

Anyway, not too long ago, I decide to try and find this movie and I'm shocked to discover it doesn't exist. In fact, there was never a Splinter Cell adaptation, though one is in the works.

I'm not really into the Mendela effect, but I've watched dozens of Splinter Cell trailers trying to find the scene and just can't figure out what burned that memory into my brain. It's too vivid to have been a dream or false memory.

Can anyone explain this? Or better yet, does anyone remember a Splinter Cell movie being released in the mid 00s?