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Bless all following their path.
Believe in what you are doing, do what you believe in.
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Don't let jehovah witnesses get you down.You can make an effigy to burn out of the pamphlets they give you.
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What are some alternative explanation to UFO/greys/abductions besides aliens?
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what is the most paranormal thing that has ever happened to this site?
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i want to experience reality in its most undiluted form how do i do that
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Demon lore

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Demon lore thread, share your knowledge

Can anyone give me materials / source readings towards understanding demon hierarchy/lore/how they work / what is their structure?
I find it incredibly hard to get into, and I've tried a few times but i just cant seem to be able to climb down that ladder easily enough that i stay interested until i actually start learning the good shit. I'm talking supported shit with texts to back it up (essentially i just don't care about what the voices in your head told you demons are)
Help me out if you can, and help any anons that have the same problem as me
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Have any of you come across any information on how to kill your soul after death? In case their is an after life I want to be prepared to end myself completely.
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How can /x/ get the Ancient Aliens tv show to investigate "Fast Radio Bursts"

They haven't done a good episode on it, as far as I know. FRB121102 is VERY interesting and I would be delighted to see whatever findings Ancient Aliens may obtain from analyzing it.

Is there anyway, that we can nudge them to do such an episode?
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I can't stand this shithole of a reality anymore. Should I kill myself? If not, is there any way to escape?
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Before I was born, my family lived in a rural part of middle Tennessee, west of Nashville called Charlotte. They have a large amount of weird stories, but this one is by far my favorite.
>March, 1970
>Family is driving down Highway 49 leaving Charlotte going towards Ashland City, a very curvy road, pic related
>Car consists of my mother, her husband Eric who is driving, my aunt, aunt's husband, and my two sisters.
>nothing abnormal, everyone just silently riding in the car
>suddenly everyone in the car is blinded by white
>no one is able to see anything, but can still hear the car. The sound of it driving on the road, the radio, etc
>several minutes pass, everyone is still blind.
>my mother instinctively reaches over and grabs the hand of my youngest sister in the back seat
>aunt becomes panicky and starts waving her hand in front of her in hopes she can see it, she can't
>just as suddenly as it came, the white light left, and everyone could see again
>they were still on the road, moving
>my mother asks Eric if he had been blinded too
>he sad he had, he doesn't know why he didn't stop the car, or how he didn't run off the road, he just kept going.

Everyone in the car has told me this story at separate times, and its always been the same details. My sister says she remembers my mother taking her hand, my mother says she felt my aunt moving around when she was waving her hand, etc.
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