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Convince me that you are not a god.
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I'm going to attempt something tonight at 12 in hopes it will change things ever so slightly but none the less something will happen. Stay tuned
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what's the most strange dream you have had /x/?
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can you guys quickly explain the pros/cons of being an aries. They seem to my knowledge to be the alphas of society.
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Australian Spooks

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Any of you have any spooky stories from Australia or NZ? I don't go on /x/ too much but all of the spooks I've read of heard are from yanks.
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1. Here I go trying to answer what I can
2. Ask me questions, I will attempt to help
3. First thread I made was hounded by trolls, you can attempt to wade through the troll spew


4. 2nd thread has been pulled, but not archived yet
5. I dont know everything but will try and answer what I can
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What's their endgame, /x/?
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I prayed to santa muerte

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A couple of buddies and i went to rob someone and we all said a few prayers... but it was to the santa muerte! We asked for protection from any harm and slash death...
when we robbed the guy we had shotguns pointed at us but they never shot me nor the guys we dipped... but ever since then my life has been falling apart!?? With the cult is you ask for something and in return you give.. only thing is i never gave anything in return for my life and now i feel like since my life atarted to fall apart feel like death is after me trying to get its due.. any way to ask for forgivness? And be cleaned? Or is my soul its now?
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Hey /x/, I've been a lurker on here for about 2 years or so and I haven't had much to say until recent events my dad explained to me. Here's what happened from my prescriptive, and then I'll share what I learned after.

>be me
>around 9 years old
>be messing around with my dad's shoes for some fucking reason
>black obsidian looking rock falls out and looks cool asf so I pick it up
>feel sharp pain in my hand as I pick it up, feels like someone just gave me a shot
>suprisingly don't drop it
there's a fucking skull engraved into the rock.
>show my dad
>he gets pale and tells me to go to my room and not come out
>go to room really confused
from this point on this is what my dad told me a few days ago when I'd actually understand, and also let me give some backstory
my parents practice witchcraft, but not as much really anymore, and also at the time my dad was having REALLY bad suicidal thoughts, and about did it once. He told me a few days ago after I had asked him about it (had remembered it or something) and he told me this:
>Apparently fucking takes the rock and prepares a magic circle or some shit on rock and breaks it
>sends the fucking broke pebble dust and hammer and "circle" rock to friend who has some sort of government job (my dad refuses to talk about it) who drops it into the ocean.
I also vaguely remember him at the time where he went around and strengthened the "barriers" around our house(when we had first moved in, my dad dug a bunch of holes and put "Rosestone" or something into the ground and said it would protect against evil spirits or something)
I really don't know what to think about this, and if anyone knows, I'd love to know. Personally myself, I'm not Wiccan and I don't practice Witchcraft, but this kinda freaked me out. I'm also heading to work in a few, but I'll bookmark the thread and I'll check back in a few hours.
Pic related, it's what the pebble looked like, except in the stone was a poorly engraved skull. I
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nearly 20 years later and people still haven't figured out this game is based on our future.
anyone feel like giving it a stab?
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