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Daisy's Destruction

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Has anybody seen or heard about this video? I have seen a thread on here about this, and I'm sure some of you know about it.
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So I read a story a few days ago here that was from a guy who said he shot zombies (at least, thats what it sounded like) in Afghanistan. Apparently, there are lots of stories like that. Anybody got a few? Also, if you know what story that was, could I get a screencap?
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Could this be how the whole white race started? There's evidence that homo sapiens (Africans) mated with a weaker race (true Europeans) to produce the modern white race. And it could have been over just a few generations. So many of the biblical stories are just the African man's involvement with the pure white race. Therefore, in essence black men are the gods.
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/omg/ - occult magic general

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Ape's library:


Last episode:


Have at it!
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Saki Sanobashi

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Fuck the grifter. Saki Sanobashi is where it's at. We need to find out if it's real or not. I have been on a one man search for it for years now and haven't found a single lead. But I still haven't given up. We will never be able to find it if all we do is search "Saki Sanobashi" or "go for a punch" on Google. We need to dig further.
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Learning astrologer here, I want to test my skill so go ahead and generate your vedic chart here


I'll try to predict to the best of my abilities

>pic related: it's a vedic birth chart
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>put my soul on ebay as a joke
>someone actually buys it for $1.70

Should I be worried ?
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Happy new year. Here's a photo of Lyle Stevik alive and having fun. Remember to be grateful.
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Observation status: Equilibrium.

Expect reports in three week periods; no silence protocol is defined at or in this time.

Initial report: Vacancy.

Hello /x/! Don't mind this thread; everything is functioning within near-to-optimal parameters. Help is not on the way. The current status of the timeline is still "Open." I'll verify this in a moment. Please stand by.
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