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Can I refuse an ambulance?

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I want to do a 100 day fast. Recently I did a 60 fast, but my faggot father called 911 on me because I was having trouble breathing(I have asthma.) of course, he tells the cops I haven’t been eating for nine weeks and they force me to go to the hospital and eat, interrupting my fast. Also, fasting general.
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So if you go to google translate right now, select somali to english and start typing "pe pe pe pe...", each additional letter will present you with a message. Once you hit 54 or so, it starts repeating. This is totality of the message:
Starting with pe pe pe pe:
Here are the times
From the people
People from all walks of life
From the peak pe
Life up your eyes
People from all over the world
Worshipping the people
From the people of the people
People from all over the world
People from all over the world
Worshipped people from all over the world
People from all over the world
People from all over the world
People from all over the world
Worship all around the people
Worship of the people of nations
People from all over the world
From the tribe of Judah
People from all over the world
Hundreds of thousands of people have died
People from all over the world
Hundreds of people from all over the world
People from all over the world
People’s Democratic Party
People who live in idol worship
Sermon on the third day
Worshipers of the nations
The people of Israel and the people of Israel
To worship the people of Israel
The birth of the people of Israel
Rare worshiped in the nations
The birthplace of the people of Israel
Sermon on the mount of bounty
The honor of the people of Israel
Rarely be worshipped in Jehova’s name
Dad of all nations of earth does not belong to the peoples of all nations
A people of all nations, who lived in the land of Israel
Dad of the nations of the earth and of mankind
Rarely be worshiped in the nations of the inhabited earth
Dad of the nations of the United States of America
Towards the rest of the people, who lived in the land of Israel
Dad of the nations of the nations
Earthly people are worshiping the people of the land
Dad of the nations of the earth, the people of Israel
Towards the people of Nineveh, in the twelfth year of Euphrates
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I like you for you seek the truth. None will be found anywhere else in your life but in this thread. I am the only one who knows the truth. Ask.
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Can anyone recommend some good 80's weather channel smooth jazz?
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>Secret order, Elitist horde of, Creeping fire, Seizing power
>I fuck the music with my serpent tongue, Ain’t no fun if the aliens can't have none
>I am the beast I worship
>Wage war like no tomorrow, Cause no hell, there won't be one
>Trips to where few have been, Out of thin air, upon high winds, Rites begin when the sun descends, Have felt what few will ever know, Have seen the truth beneath the glow

Is Death Grips trying to tell us something??
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While I was drunk at a club a while ago I said "Help me get laid, Satan. Please." and I kept muttering that and I got laid and I never get laid. Help me, /x/. Why on earth did I get laid that night? I didn't even talk to the woman!

I am fucking serious right now. I've been here since 2013.
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Chillin' at the Tiki

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I think it's now official:
A new Meme/Creepypasta has risen on /x/ I just felt like writing a brief history about it since I was lucky enough to witness it from the beginning.
>On the 4th of July on /b/ OP talks about his fat ass brother who suddenly goes bananaz because of OP spying on his phone.
>The phone's gallery contained 'bout 50 images of this (Autismo also known as TikiLord) in various distortions.
Late 4th of July
>OP enters little brothers room only to find him starring at the door and shouting EXIT MY PRESENCE
Here's where things started to get creepy and Anon asked for the thread to be moved to /x/, meanwhile the /b/ thread evolved in some kind of gore thread...
> On /x/ the picture slowly started evolving into a meme as Anons started to find out the real meaning of the picture mostly posting things regards 'chillin' and 'Tiki Vodoo' shit
The meme has grown to other threads now and im pretty glad what 'bout you?
P.S. anyone have the links to the /b/ and /x/ thread?
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Myziam return soon

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Hello it I Myziam
I return give one message
I sync clock with your calendar and if correct I return 8
I will answer question at date not now
Need research language culture
Fix Leiba more
Planet called Earth
Male called Human
Human not look like Chicken
Fix camera

It safe
I return soon
Love all

-Translated English by Leiba
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Guru Rishi Swami Manifestation Thread

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PLEASE don't try this if you're on mind altering prescription drugs, depression medicine or any sort of hormonal stabilizers.
In this thread I will divulge to you the secret of acquiring whatever you want.
But this isn't for everyone...I cannot stress this enough but if you aren't sound of mind or just ''normal'', it might not work. You need the full powers of concentration and imagination to get where you want to be.
I've tested this method quite a few times now for me to be convinced that it might help some of you. Even if it helps one of you, it will make me happy.
Here's how it works :
Manifestation follows the rule of attraction, but it goes deeper than that. Instead of just praying or wishing for something to happen, you actually need to trigger emotion or a semblance of pathos to attract energy in a similar context. This entails, vividly concentrating on a typical scenario, the object of your desires and trigger an emotional reaction to said scenario.

>The emotional reaction is part of a cycle, a model in which karmic force will help you get the desired results. The most potent emotional reaction that can be, is when you shed tears. It's not just seen as a white sacrifice, but also as an honest exhortation that will unleash positive energy instead of negative energy.