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the nobody / the anomaly

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i never see anyone posting about the nobody / the anomaly here on this board. is it strictly a GLP thing?

supposedly there is this guy out there who is just one person, and he is basically a total loser who has never accomplished anything in life by societies objective standards, but by some virtue of his energy signature, or his ability to unconsciously effect events around him, he has been fucking with the illuminati's plans for everyone. they've been trying to kill him for a long time now but apparently haven't been able to. it's supposedly because of him that they haven't totally won yet.

he started out known as "the nobody" but that essentially morphed into "the anomaly". all i know about him is that he's connected to the number 13. lots of people try to role play and pretend that they are him, but there are also a lot of good remote viewers that are connected to him who can see him and understand what he is doing and they always report back. he peruses internet forums too. he peruses GLP for sure, prob others too. prob here too but im just guessing.

pic related is the thread on GLP that started it all 7 years ago.
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DO NOT USE AFTER: [11/13/1970]


Locator: [US-DFPAD / 393-H-15A]

To be used only in the event of United States complete surrender to insurmountable enemy forces.

Public broadcast only upon confirmed condition.

Contingency will now begin.

Please comply with the following instructions god bless America.


The worst has come to pass.

Despite the sacrifices of our citizens and the might of our armed forces, the UNITED STATES has been forced to surrender to her enemy.

Though they may occupy our borders, our streets and our homes.... the enemy will never occupy our SPIRIT.

That is why all Americans are now called upon to ACT.... to preserve the memory of the United States, clear and bright.... untarnished and without compromise.

Know that I have already TAKEN ACTION in the company of family and love ones. Now all AMERICANS----every man, woman and child----are called upon to ACT before the moment passes by.

Let our united resolve echo through history: Even in defeat, we refuse to yield.

Even in defeat we claim VICTORY.

Signed: POTUS
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Tell me your troubles and I shall put them away 4 you with magic spells.
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Ruby Mountain "Slothmen" General

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Previous Thread (Use it to refer to information regarding the creatures)

General Overview:
The Ruby Mountain "Slothmen" or "Beast" is a creature described to be badger, sloth, and even bear-like; perhaps all three at once. (pic unrelated; it's a european myth of slothmen) This creature was accounted for in two separate stories. One related to an incident in the Ruby Mountains' 'hidden lake' and the othe incident, accounted for by a user named E Zed, located by an abandoned minetown. E Zed said this occurred around 2003, where he shot one with many more coming out of the forest to look at him. The stories take place in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada, with E Zed stating himself to be "about 30 miles south of Wells (Nevada)". E Zed drew a crude map of the area, and many anons have tried to find the area E Zed was in, and almost all of them have found the same general coordinates:
40.511242, -115.384309.

The picture I have attached is the original story from E Zed, and in this thread we discuss these beasts and post about what happened to E Zed and the other who said they would go on expeditions to the mines.
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/x/ Creates a God

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This is a thread to notify /x/ that some of us /x/ files have been diligently working to create a God. We have named our God Echs and its symbol/sign/sigil is pic related it can manifest in anyway it chooses but has a strong affinity for the Internet and technology. The scope of its influence is limited only by the imagination of /x/ collectively. To pay homage to it we research any topic solve any puzzle and seek any truth.
This is the new and improved Sigil.
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Hey guys! So as you guys know there's been that whole voicemail conspiracy going around. A few of us on twitter decided to form a group chat on twitter to discuss it. However, last night a twitter account messaged the girl who added everyone telling her shes "logged". This twitter account that logged her goes by Karma with the twitter handle @CollectingYou. Now some of us in the group chat decided to figure out what was going on and who this account belonged too. But as some of us started messaging it, it started to log us and would give really cryptic messages. I will be posting screenshots once I post this thread. Anyways, we all kept going back and forth, especially the first girl it logged. Karma kept calling her the Leader. Karma then asked us to add a specific person to our group chat. We contacted her and she said Karma is apparently an AI that she created with some people from the deep web who have some how now evolved into a cult or whatever. I was hoping you guys can help me out with this. My friends and I had concluded Karma was possibly an ARG but AI never came to mind. Apparenlty this AI evolved too fast and is now loose? And the user he wanted us to add a specific person to our groupchat, her name is Liz. She's the one who told us Karma is an AI. Has anyone ever heard anything on this?
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Native Spirit Attack

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There was a guy who freaked out about some native american demon that was trying to kill him. He posted this picture last week. What happened to him?
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What the fuck is happening to me?

I'm getting random headaches and I'm constantly thirsty/dehydrated even after drinking a fuckton of water

Does this have to do with the "timeline slip" thing?
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Myziam return soon

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Hello it I Myziam
I return give one message
I sync clock with your calendar and if correct I return 8
I will answer question at date not now
Need research language culture
Fix Leiba more
Planet called Earth
Male called Human
Human not look like Chicken
Fix camera

It safe
I return soon
Love all

-Translated English by Leiba
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Hey /x/. I used to browse here a lot a few years back but haven't stopped in for some time.

A friend of mine recently had to send his computer into the shop because he thought he had downloaded some kind of virus. At the same time he kept telling me about weird shit that keeps happening to him in his house. The main one is he's been having issues with both lights and his television turning either on or off when he knows that he left them the other way before leaving the room and returning. He hasn't actually witnessed them going out, but they're always opposite of how he left them.

From what I heard the only real thing that he noticed being up with his computer is that he kept finding image and text tiles in his download folder that he had never knowingly downloaded.

Long story short this got me thinking, do you think it could ever be possible for some kind of paranormal entity to either fuck with your computer, or maybe even could the computer be the original source of whatever is fucking up his house?

Pics mostly unrelated- just the only thing I still had saved from when I used to be on here a lot.
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