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It seems the sevens exposed page has updated again with what looks like anagrams.


'there will come a time',
'when you will decide',
'between yourself and your loved ones.',
'When it comes,',
'walk the path your peers would not',
'and triumph in the victory that you feel in your heart.',
'A Cab Cede Ether Summer Fruit.',
'A Bash Steg Mr Hemmer Prate.',
'Weighted Jetport Moth'

Any ideas?
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I am fairly new here, but a couple of times I have heard mention of something called 'KEK', which as far as I can tell is supposed to be some sort of...God? But I assume it is an in joke here and you are all not serious. Or maybe some of you are.

The picture is not related, I am just curious as to the origin of the KEK story, and what, if anything, the initials mean.
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This will be the biggest thread in /x/ this year. Dump will commence at 10pm Pacific time. Be here as thread might get shut down minutes after initial dump. Aware now.
Version: GnuPG v1

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Hey /x/,

I'm looking for obscure online culture writing, like 'meme literature', '4chan literature'. Stuff written by autists or crazy people, bizarro fan fiction, occult guides, manifestos, meme writing, compilations/pdfs of 4chan material, etc. Mainly stuff that would come out of 4chan, but by certain eccentric anons.

Like Rei Kos' writing, or pic related, etc.

Any deep dark weird shit you guys know about or can share?
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Hey /x/. I used to browse here a lot a few years back but haven't stopped in for some time.

A friend of mine recently had to send his computer into the shop because he thought he had downloaded some kind of virus. At the same time he kept telling me about weird shit that keeps happening to him in his house. The main one is he's been having issues with both lights and his television turning either on or off when he knows that he left them the other way before leaving the room and returning. He hasn't actually witnessed them going out, but they're always opposite of how he left them.

From what I heard the only real thing that he noticed being up with his computer is that he kept finding image and text tiles in his download folder that he had never knowingly downloaded.

Long story short this got me thinking, do you think it could ever be possible for some kind of paranormal entity to either fuck with your computer, or maybe even could the computer be the original source of whatever is fucking up his house?

Pics mostly unrelated- just the only thing I still had saved from when I used to be on here a lot.
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GATE Searching intelligent individuals with ADHD/ADD

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Many of the children diagnosed with these conditions are, as we have seen, incredibly intelligent.

Their IQ’s are often as high as 130; 100 is the average. Many have IQ’s in the genius range of 160. Recently I found out that the tests they once used for testing if a child was a genius is exactly the same test they now use to diagnose ADD and ADHD!

So it looks like the Doctors actually do know that the population of geniuses is on the increase.

The Psychic Children are living proof of the human potential. This leads me to ask the question; why are these children put on Ritalin? And is there a valid reason to pump them full of dangerous pharmeaucital chemicals?

1. Year of birth
2. Where do you come from?
3. paranormal experiences?
4. involved in G.A.T.E?
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>Yahweh and Lucifer obviously exist because of secret societies
>Bible is obviously not a reliable source of information and full of silliness

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Sad Satan Download Link

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What you've seen on youtube isn't right. Don't believe that coward Obscure Horror Corner. He did not show you what was truly in this game.

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Ok wtf

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Ok so I went to my camera roll on my phone and this picture just randomly showed up. My phone says it was taken April 10th which means it was taken between midnight and me looking at my camera roll(3:30am). I turned off all those settings thst automatically save pictures from messenger and shit so idk how this got on my phone. What is happening to me
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>be me
>Be in school's gym
>Teacher leaves for almost half an hour
>Me and another friend decide to steal some tennis balls
>We get into the room where there's always tenis balls
>While stealing the balls I hear a sound near some lockers
>In my school is very weird to see lockers, this lockers had clothes
>There's this locker that suddenly opened for itself
>I check what's inside
>See a plastic bag full of what looked like stones
>Grab one and throw it at my friend
>He says "anon, this is a bone"
>By that time I already had like 4 more bones inside my pockets
>I had pieces of bones in my hands and pockets
>Throw everything to the floor
>Take a look at the bag in the locker
>There's a full body there
>I grab what I guess it was a leg and try to confirm it wasn't plastic or anything like that
>It was real
This happened two years ago, I never told this to anyone because my parents didn't believed me, I've went back where those lockers are like a million times and they're not there anymore, still don't know why there where bones in my school
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