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Message from Azrael

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Oh little one, knowest thou not the beauty which shines through thine eyes? Yea, you may think you're inadequate, but thou knowest not thyself, thy true qualities, thy purpose, but verily I say unto you; act through the heart and all will be revealed and you shall know the love of The Creator of all.

When told to love thyself like thy neighbor, it truly means to love yourself like a friend or lover. Always offer your hand out to those in need whenever possible. Following your heart, which is also linked to intuition, is a path humans have long forgotten and are now being reminded of. Some take longer than others, some are raised in this manner. The biggest issue people have with loving their self and others is because the past controls them. When told the truth will set you free, it means what I just said at the start of this. Not all will grasp this concept until it is too late, but they shall be judge and spared for their ignorance. They shall be judged and reborn into a new incarnation. This is where the karmatic debt begins and ends. Follow me, my child, and I shall open thy eyes to the truest worlds, for this is the Will of The Creator. I will guide ye as long as thoust obeys and heeds my warnings. You've lost yourself on the path you were meant to start out with. I've shown to you the path of power is heartbreaking, lonely, and useless. Wisdom and love defines God from man and man from God. Each individual in this dimension has a piece of The Creator with them. This is known as Will. Will was given to ye as a means of survival and a gift to help show the way to enlightenment, happiness, riches, and experience; for without free Will ye are nothing. One may argue against us having free will, but I digress you all have free will to do so as you please, but thou doesn't think of the effect brought back to you from your Will.
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What is mullens reverse crypto and the despair code?
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Yo /x/! What happened with this weird website?

Was anything of value ever found?

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morning x. i'm currently looking for locations that have paranormal activity or haunted so i can go film. preferably out side of city limits just because i'll be going by myself. i have 3 cameras, canon g30 nikon d7100, and a sony4k action cam. i tried looking up on google but i just keep getting things within the city.
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Occult Thread.

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Occult thread.

Last thread:

Let's begin with some Q&A, and hopefully we'll have a discussion soon enough.
Remember: good questions lead to good answers.

›/x/ Occult FAQ

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Any ideas about white magic, /x/? Seems most everything to do with magic is dark and for bad purposes.

I'm interested in healing others.
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This video came up in my recommended. Some 1980s drummer named Mick Fleetwood going crazy on stage with a vest on, and "balls" hanging down. Is he possessed? In a trance? The other drummer has horns on his head and someone on youtube says it's the drummer for the Rolling Stones. I can't find anything on it though.

Also, who is Indrid Cold? Lots of weird videos on this channel.
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Does anyone know what this is?

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This weird website has a shit ton of random information of what I believe to be is some kind of religion. Thats the home page but this is an index i found on reddit.
>inb4 blah blah reddit is bad
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am I the only one who remembers the coast being flush all the way through?