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Lain, Blackwings Puzzle last thread

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First thread:

This is the last thread about this site, not because the first one got deleted and i'm upset and shit, but because this site is actually a shitshow for it's cult.

There is absolutely nothing related to Fauux website nor it's goal.

I will dump the pages that is hidden well in the city pages (the one where you navigate through the arrows).


This is a sarcasm for anyone thinking this website is for CP content, funny i guess.


I wont waste my time on this, i feel it's not worth it.

I will post pages within the site itself that promotes movies, i wall post my opinion on the movies.
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Pelzer SC Gerber Mill Return Of Finders Cult

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There's been a lot of talk in conspiracy groups recently about the small town of Pelzer SC related to a possible return of the Finders Cult and MKultra programming.

The tl;dr version:

*Someone finds hundreds of coded messages in the comments of disturbing "childrens" youtube videos.

*Codes are cracked leading to youtube and twitter accounts with more codes, along with photos of an abandoned mill which was determined to be in the town of Pelzer SC.

*Pelzer might be related to the Croatoan mass disappearance.

*The town only has 89 citizens according to a 2010 consensus.

You can read up on the discoveries here:

Does anyone here live near/have visited Pelzer SC and have some stories about the place? Having read the VOAT thread I'm extremely curious what's going on in this place.
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Bootes Void

are we thinking it's a tier 4 civilization harvesting massive amounts of energy?
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New Vampire thread. What type of vampire exists in the modern world?

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I'm a Human whose been living with grays for the last fifteen years.

I was abducted as a child, but unlike others who were returned, I was kept on board their ships and made to live with them.

Ask me anything.
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Urgent Message to Humanity

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I incarnated here to help, not to force a new way, but to assist the naturally forming new way. We are a lost species... cut off from our galactic brothers and sisters, the loving races of aliens like pleiadians, abused by many evil races as something akin to cattle. We are the black sheep of the races, troubled children. Too rash and arrogant for our own good, yet very small and weak in our form and function. We are heading towards a leap forward, suddenly everything will be different, I am unsure, but I believe with all my heart we will all be fine. Better than fine, there will be no more domination of yourselves by any evil force, all will walk freely with love. No more overbearing fear of how to live in a cruel world. In the coming world, we won’t even need food like you now do, light will be our body, soul, and mind. Light will be the world, and light will be our society and treatment of each other. Remember... Humanity, remember who you are. To you who remember this way of living in the heart, I say to you, may love always fill you up. To those who fear, and use domination to cause fear, I say... your time is up, let my children go. If you cannot adjust to the new way... you will be sent away. To be taught a lesson. To those who can adjust, endless pleasure and beauty awaits. I love you all. You are not abandoned, or forgotten.
Love, Truth, Beauty, Trust, Peace, Harmony, Reverance for the Creator.
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Vampire Thread. How does one become a vampire? Last year there was a group of vamps on this board distributing surveys to test people's "aptitude" for a transformation. I passed two of them, but didn't progress to the third survey. Another anon did pass all of them and a meeting was arranged, but as far as I know that anon chickened out and never went.
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Creepy Phone numbers thread

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Sup', /x/.
Have been searching for creepy phone-numbers to call.
Girl panicking on the phone, yelling giberish.

Have any to contribute?
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Vanderstank Industries, Ltd.

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Vanderstank Industries, Ltd., a company apparently involved in mental "treatment" and worshiping Caroline from the old PBS Kids show Zoom through www.vanderstank.church

They apparently made www.projectrabbit.xyz

They even have what appears to be a stock trading platform here: vanderstank.com/vanderbank

Cult, corporation?
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Does anyone have information about this creepy video?
Sauce: RaiderDawg- My sister
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