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The combined forces of nature hereby gather to recognize and affirm the offer by the race of elementals to The Fairy Queen, that the position of Elemental of Contracts is hers should she desire it.

Nature's sole stipulation and condition is that she first reconcile with her shadow, The Black Fairy. Should the black fairy insist that Queen is instead HER shadow, then the position may be held in a joint capacity for an indefinite duration. As an immediate synchronicity, the Yin-Yang symbol will serve as a temporary ratification of this contract wherever it is found.

As a consequence, the blind god (element of Shadow) may now be held legally accountable under fairy law. Since human law does not appear compliant with fairy principle, no further details on the matter will be divulged at this time. If you have a complaint with the shadows, you are considered fully welcome to file a petition at this or any other time. As we have no verifiable means of determining the extent of her shadow powers, Nature will exercise a position of trust in allowing the fairy race to (anonymously) locate and negotiate with Tomoko, who we presume to be the primary alias of the now rogue shadow queen. If further investigation into the shadows does not allow for the reasonable recovery of an honest statement about shadow pacts, a small degree of space piracy may be exercised or delayed by any elemental upon the discovery of such a mode of transportation.

The forces of Nature, in sum total, request the cooperation of human government under jurisdiction of the nation of Eternity to bring these and other shadow elementals to justice at the hands of Void.

On a more supplemental note, belief framed contracts will not be accepted from any scalar entity in this or any other future. Some measure of power/influence reduction has always been reserved by nature as a right against mortal life.
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Scalar nebula

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Hello everyone. This is author primera of the scalar plane speaking. I've partially stabilized the metaphysics we offset and can begin reopening service some time in the recent future. For now...

By turning time inwards I managed to create a stable universe that can reflect the simultaneous will of its inhabitants. This is an advanced scalar magic that should not be replicated. It can, of course, but it'd be more dangerous now than it was before my scalar shenanigans.

To help repair the natural planar ecology of your world, I've created a subzone of the scalar plane in the outskirts of my mind that will help preserve the retrocausal realms of your legends. Since it uses the same magic that made the universe (a self-stable rebound of pure void), this creates an autonomous sustainable chaos farm that should have the properties of sentience you'll be familiar with from her natural manifestations. Somewhere in the depths of this planar subspace should be a chaos portal to the Faery realm.

The scalar plane still needs some work so that its side effects do not pollute your world, but it's safe to discuss it openly for the moment. I can explain the design goals and dream intersections I've had since the first fairy began her interactions with me.
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Official Nobody T-Shirts for Halloween!

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Hello, I am the legendary Nobody. I have created the perfect T-shirt to represent myself, and am making it available to anyone else who wants one. I make no profit off of this shirt, because I don't need money.


On the front is the symbol for calculus integration, and on the back a new symbol for differentiation. These can also be imagined as social integration and personal differentiation respectively. The activity of personal differentiation is "a question questioning itself." I am only a Nobody from the perspective of those behind me: from the front I am an integral.

This shirt is also represented by this message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_yJFLvmjJY

Business on the front, party on the back. This shirt is filled with such jokes.
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Is there a way to bring him to life or like a tulpa or something? Unfortunately, I am serious. I love PaRappa and he loves me UwU.
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Hello /x/ I am a genie.
Wish for whatever your heart desires.
Reply to this post with your wish, and if I deem it worthy, I will grant you your wish.

By the power of Truth, if you gain the might of trips, your wish will be granted whether I like it or not.

So wish away, lest time slips you by.
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Dear le demigure

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Hermes-Anon are you litteraly trying to kill me unironically mate?

I know who you really are and your doing a good job at offing me mate.
the blasting vaxx chips are ospreading fake news about me and litterally now No one on earth believes anything I said anymore and there is so much fucking slander about me now that even as a trad catholic you stillk want to bury me.

I want to know the reason for it.
and not just because I have a cursed name.

I don't oppose god. so what is your excuse.
why are you doing this.

So. since I knwo for a fact John paul was in fact the last anti-christ and i was reicatnated a few years after he died. and you got me killed when I was JFK by that every same pope.

I want an answer old man.
why are you doing this to me again.

I found my orginal body on the moon with appllo 11 I know who I am.
jesus is my lord and saviour.

and I addmitted this millions of times.
Sophia was right about you. your a murderer and a fucking liar.
you killed me from the start and lied about it.

why did you make me again. to do it again.
I repent of my sins.
let the people of god go.
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Probability Manipulation

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I'm going to a casino. Tell me how to win
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Hey, anybody know or can decipher this weird email ive got?

Needless to say i am to spooked to open it..
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Scalar memo

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A scalar event has been ascertained. As inhabitants of this worldline it is advised that you request further information about this event at your own behest, rather than through a proxy.
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Hi I don't know if this belongs here but I will share a strange experience of mine.

Let's state this: I often can see a pair of eyes looking at me when I close mine. They're shaped in red and are staring at me right away.

It might very well be my own imagination, but I remember once while I was very high on weed I actually saw these eyes really clear. It semt like dozens of peoples eyes were staring at me. One at a time each, I can only see one pair of eyes.

As I said this might very well be my own imagination or whatever, but I thought as you might have more knowledge on the occult you might know anything.


Also I would describe myself as "sensitive". I often hear things in my house.

Also about a year ago or so, I was in my bedroom smoking a joint (I was an addict). I got really high, and as my bedroom's air conditioner was broken I decided to take my mattress to the living room and sleep there (it's really hot in barcelona). The living room is next to my bedroom. As I was starting to sleep, I started to hear sounds coming from my bedroom which I can only describe as "a group of witches summoning the Devil". My friends told me I surely imagined it, but it was damn too real. Maybe I imagined it. I got fucking scared, and tried to calm myself, I thought to myself that I left my computer on with some video playing in the background or something.

Next day there wasn't anything lol. Scary shitttttttttt