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John McAfee - The man who has tested quantum suicide / quantum immortality and come out ahead? Or John McAfee - Owner of fake bullet?
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Hey /x/. I used to browse here a lot a few years back but haven't stopped in for some time.

A friend of mine recently had to send his computer into the shop because he thought he had downloaded some kind of virus. At the same time he kept telling me about weird shit that keeps happening to him in his house. The main one is he's been having issues with both lights and his television turning either on or off when he knows that he left them the other way before leaving the room and returning. He hasn't actually witnessed them going out, but they're always opposite of how he left them.

From what I heard the only real thing that he noticed being up with his computer is that he kept finding image and text tiles in his download folder that he had never knowingly downloaded.

Long story short this got me thinking, do you think it could ever be possible for some kind of paranormal entity to either fuck with your computer, or maybe even could the computer be the original source of whatever is fucking up his house?

Pics mostly unrelated- just the only thing I still had saved from when I used to be on here a lot.
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Why doesn’t God speak to me, offer me guidance or answer my prayers?
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Just got a Gaia subscription and started this series. First episode was actually kind of interesting

Do you believe in the Blue Avians? Where are the usual Nibirian Reptilians, Zeta Reticulans and Tall White Nords in these so called Federations?
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Hi guys, I just figured out that I was born around the same time that Jesus died..

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I know that sounds crazy but I was born on April 3rd 1993 at 6:45 pm, and according to this geological finding, Jesus died on April 3rd just before nightfall. I was wondering if that means anything about me? Knowing that makes me feel very uncomfortable.

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Patient 206.avi

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Hello /x/ the other day I made a thread about a somewhat creepy video named Patient 206.avi here's the back story
>find a reddit thread about finding an extremely creepy ad while watching a meme compilation, another person in the comments of the actual video say they got it on a Pokémon let's play
>Video entails a creepy Android or cyborg face making extremely surreal creepy face movements
>background is very static with the sound of demonic or painful moaning
>video is now removed
>description says (not in exact words)
>I bought this old computer from an old man who acted very weird
>only used it for music and browsing the web
>looking through the recycle bin and found this video
>fixed up the video but now I think I see the thing in the video in real life
In my original post I asked if people think this is (was) a creepypasta, arg, or even real, but I will ask again, /x/ what is/was this?
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Yesterday I made a post here in /x/ about a journalist by the name of Bryon Adams, and his connection to the 9_3x09 twitter account (and possibly black dog) which had the netherlands police working overtime to chase false leads which they (Bryon/9_3x09) created. The thread was deleted by the mods because I guess unsolved murders are "paranormal" enough but exposing a professional journalist for tampering with what WAS an unsolved murder is off topic somehow. I stated in my post that I bet 100$ Bryon Adams next article would mention 9_3x09 and Anne Faber... Looks like it is time for /x/ to pay up:

Starting to see a pattern?
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so i had a dream with a woman who gave me her phone number.
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hey does anyone know what this symbol represents, if anything? I've always associated it with myself and had a strong connection to it, ever since i was a little kid
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The more knowledge you gain the more depressed you are.
Prove me wrong
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