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time traveler photo??

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hello all, i remember hearing about this time traveler picture that was taken in the 40's.. i posted the pic and want to know if anyone else has heard of this... if so id like to know /x/'s thoughts!

the picture did pass an Error Level Analysis so it hasn't been tampered with according to the museum in British Colombia that used the photo in an exhibit.

notice the guy in the picture with the sun glasses and what 'looks' to be a camera.. the reason i post this is because im from Michigan and i believe his shirt is a UofM block M font..

am i crazy to think this picture features a guy from the future or am i crazy to think he is a wearing a University of Michigan tshirt??????????
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Cursed items or hexes?

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/x/, I think I unknowingly bought a cursed object or some form of a hex... My girlfriend got me a Keychain from a for-trade kind of store in Kernville, Northern California.. It's some acrylic or epoxy piece of shit, but it has crystals in it and a shitty gold etched symbol on it.

>Pic related

I think it's cursed because I have a new Subaru Forester. It's a 2018 with less than 25k miles on it... These cars go to 250k to 300k miles easy. Well starting the SAME DAY I put this Keychain on my keys, our heating and and coolant lines are cording and bursting. Every tow we ordered came 2-4 hours later than the ETA said. We got overcharged for towing that was supposed to be free, we've taken it to the mechanic 4 fucking times now and every time they test drive it for 45 minutes, no issues at all. The second I get in with my Keychain something else bursts and we take it back...

I just hurried the object in a nearby wooded area so nobody will ever find it again, but is it possible this object is cursed???? Or am i just really fucking retardedly unlucky???
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Astrology as a religion

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The true religion is astrology. In the beginning, God made the universe out of self realization. We were spiritual beings in the heavenly realms co existing with God and one another peacefully before we decided to willingly, out of our own selfish desire, project ourselves into physical matter in the earth. Astrology is the one true religion due to it representing the heavenly afterlife realms we go to after death. There are 8 dimensions in our solar system, the 8 different heavenly afterlife realms which are represented by the planets which God created for us, so we could learn, experience, and show to God that we are individually fit enough to stay in the afterlife realms for eternity in companionship with him. After death, depending on how we lived our life, and what vibrations we exhibited the most during our life, we enter the corresponding afterlife dimension associated with that vibration.
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im really fucking high right now, /x/. freak me out.
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Mama Lisa Creepypasta

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Was it a real story, or is it just bullshit?
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Asteroids are coming to kill

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here is NASAs latest image of the KNOWN asteroids that can potentially hit the Earth.
some are minor, some are major and could destroy cities, and some could wipe out life in its entirety.

they discover more everyday, and they only get weeks notice before they realize one will hit us.
have you built your Asteroid bunker yet /x/?
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>Just found out about God's ego death/ Last wish
I need more mind boggling theories like that. Also been looking for the original conspiracy theory iceberg but I can't seem to find it
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Give up your inquiries which are completely useless, and consider these words a second warning.
We hope, for your own good, that this will be enough.
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Give me the red-pill on Kali.

Who is she? What does she represent? Why is she so important? Why should I worship her?
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I got the vaccine. It was the phizer one and it was 3 months ago. Frankly, I feel more healthy than I have ever been in my entire life and I don’t regret it at all. What exactly do you think will happen to me as a result of taking it and why do you think that?
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