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Does anyone have more info on this?

>nerds create autonomic computers
>it becomes a succesful marketing pattern teller
>nerds sell that info so they can keep funding autonomic machines
>companies don't sell products anymore, but narratives
>it eventually becomes a computarized-only procedure
>marketing is slowly desensitizing moral values
>autonomic intelligence computers run the world
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There is nothing about this subject

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If you know the "iceberg depth conspiracy" you may have noticed a topic really at the
bottom called CCA-XX1. There are only a few comments on /x/ and /pol/ refering to it.
The weird thing is those who mention it either receive no response or someone replies
freaking out about it in a criptic way.

Might be someone trolling but I've found absolutely nothing searching on google
appart from the refferences in 4chan.

I'll post a picture with everything I could find.
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meat stations/trade

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what the hell is meat trade/meat stations
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What does /x/ know about the so-called "Bam Margera Afterlife?" It's been mentioned in some threads here that Bam and friends performed some sort of blood magic ritual, and managed to actually contact Ryan Dunn. I'm curious as to the nature of the ritual that was supposedly performed, and I'm especially interested in knowing more about this supposed contact.
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Do governments "disapear" those that work with certain paranormal?

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I am curious since some people have not been heard from since.
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China conspiracy:

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Give me your best and creepiest theories about China.

For me, it's the human farm, thousands of people in human farms waiting for be butchered like animals, so people can use their organs and eat their meat
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Mind Reading Quantum Tarots. Ask your question inside your mind.

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Think of your question and then reply "Done", in the comments. Do not write out your your question directly. Write down the question which you asked so you don't forget, as I cannot answer everything at once.

Previous Post: >>29476565

You can ask anything that is of significance to you. You can even try testing the waters first by asking about something only you could possibly know. Try asking something about your past.

Here are some examples of what you could expect from the readings:

Again, don't feel limited in terms of what you desire to ask.

Whether it's a General Reading you desire, or a Specific Question, ask away! :)

About myself:

I've been playing League of Legends for over 10 years now and am still stuck in Silver ^_^ The highest I made it to was mid gold.

I lead a very uneventful life.

I have this one skill though, please try me ;)

P.S. It is my philosophy that only the person whom the Tarot-Cards themselves chose has the ability to truly glean their meaning, for I am not you. All I will be doing is extracting your essence from the cards, I cannot interpret them for you.

For interpretation please look up each card online.

If a card is Reversed, for instance, "Ace of Cups REVERSED", I will specify it.

Have fun!
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Welcome to Astrology General!
Discuss astrology with astrologers alike and get your chart decoded.

>How do I make my own chart?
Enter your birthday, birth time, and your location of birth.

>Natal chart:

>Vedic chart:

>How do I read my own chart? (simplified)
- First of all, you need to learn about the elements of the sign ( fire, earth, air, water) and their nature (fixed, cardinal, mutable signs)
- The planets (strong and weak points), the house that they are in, and remember to look at the sign in that house, their ruler, and where they are at their best/ worst, planets retrograding or in reverse (if any).
- Notice their degree meanings.
- The aspects of the chart, chart patterns, and the relationship between the planets.
- What sign dominates their chart and their big 3 (sun, moon, and ascending) they can tell an awful lot of information abt someone.
- Further on is their big 6 in including their personal planets (Sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, ascending) is the core of every human being.
- Learn abt your midheaven, ic, dc, part of fortune, Lilith, Chiron, and asteroids.
>Beginner friendly guide:

>Resources (according to previous anons):
The Astrology Podcast on Youtube:
The translated works of the classical and medieval astrologers(vettius Valens, Firmicus Maternus, William Lilly, etc.)

>Tips before posting:
- Remember, /x/ is a fast-moving thread, sometimes your chart will get skipped. Do not harass readers because of this, they have the right to refuse their services if you kept being a retard.
- Try to post charts from (for natal charts) and vaultoftheheavens (for Vedic charts), other websites will probably miscalculate your degrees.
- Keep it civil and provide your feedbacks with readers is encouraged.
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Quantum Immortality/Suicide

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Believe what you want, but here’s my story and current understanding of the possible phenomenon:

>> be 15, it’s 2007
>> raped by an old math teacher, fun stuff
>> nothing inherently chaotic going in in reality as of yet
>> mental health has hit my highest point, suicide attempts are imminent
>> try to hang myself in my closet, almost pass out, lose couple brains cells most likely
>> try to gain life back, start smoking weed to cope
>> around three months later, steal ammonia and bleach from work, take home to combine and huff until I’m dizzy, tie an ac cable around neck and pass out
>> third closet attempt, but doesn’t work obviously
>> mother finds me blue faced in my bed
>> spend the day finding psych ward to take me in while news plays on a television at each medical facility, delivering the news that Obama is now president
>> black man is president of America… pretty weird but not unlikely
>> spend 3 days in psych ward, just makes me more suicidal
>> I plan my next attempt while locked up
>> a few days after coming home, I attempt the closest I’ve been to death yet
>> I hike a mile with some rope and a concrete block to a lake dock
>> at least 50tf deep
>> I tie my legs to the block well, then my hands together not so well
>> jump into the lake
>> sink for a good while, I’m in full panic mode now
>start choking down water to speed the process, as I get deeper the light gets darker and darker
>> I begin to pass out in pitch dark, then I hear a ringing along with a bright light above me
>> I feel the ropes coming undone and now I can swim
>> get to the surface, confused af
>> chill on the dock for an hour, it’s still warm outside as it’s early September
>> walk back home soaked, take a shower, watch futurama til I pass out
>> wake up and America is in the 2008 housing crisis

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Is throwing immortal curses over mortal problems a sin? If you hate someone for wronging you in this life and you curse them for all eternity, do you become the bad guy instead?
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