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How would you know if you are talking to an entity entirely separate from yourself?

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I have been interested in introspection for a little while, which has led me to psychedelic drugs. I have a few questions though, especially how to differentiate entities entirely of your minds creation and entities that are entirely separate from you. Is there any literature that you have found to be accurate about psychedelic entities and vice versa? I’m also curious on how your experiences helped or harm you guys.
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spooky greentext thread

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spooky greentext thread
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I have reason to suspect that I'm turning into a vampire. What should I do?
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Are there any good Bigfoot/Sasquatch documentaries that are minimal on hillbilly tall-tales? Everything I've found on Youtube is shit and boring
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23 September, 2015

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I would have to admit it is a little eerie, but is merely just coincidence.

Is this girl right, /x/?

"Spooky Coincidence" by Vsauce
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My friend mixed drugs with Hermetics and is now psychotic (schizophrenia)
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Improving yourself results in no changes

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I don't drink anymore, smoke or have sex and nothing changes. Stopped doing semen retention and no longer masturbate. It all does nothing. I'm sure yoga and meditation are also bullshit nothings. This world is about wanking your willy and never going anywhere. It's a big fuckin bore. The only time I've had interesting time was when I'd find stuff or see things appear out of thin air. Paranormal and magic make this shithole tolerable. My big excitement today was finding gourmet food on trash bins and my morning coffee. Aside from that this is a shitshow. I know 'magic' and paranormal can happen as this is a hologram, but I don't think it's you that decides it. Not buying the bullshit on here that people are having success with rituals, and, if even so, at what price?

My conclusion is that everything in this world is a manipulation (lies), meaning any paranormal or magic you get, is designed for a bigger agenda.

Oh whoopie, such an interesting world, wage slavery or homelessness and any magic or paranormal is a manipulation designed for a bigger agenda, am I hot?
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Why do catholic priests hold masses dedicated to children so often, and why are they always posting photos and videos of those kids on social media?
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So I met this pagan magician dude one day after creating a servitor for the purpose of randomly meeting occultists in the area, and he seemed really knowledgeable and down to earth about his metaphysical outlook and knowledge, at first hanging out with him would just mindfuck me without him even trying to do anything or acting strange, but it stopped happening. He has since saved my ass from getting mugged, and proven his psychic skill in the process. One thing about him though, he swears to god that vampires are real, and he showed me what looked like authentic vampire bite mark scars, and told me he brought a vampire back from the brink of death by letting him feed and saw him heal.

He went into very specific detail about how their hierarchy is set up, and told me how they were "vital yet deathly" seeming.
He could go on forever about it. In detail. And he had the scars. He also told me the real ones have retractile fangs.

Appearently he told me the closest vampire clan he knows of is in chicago and called "velvet (something)"

Anyone ever see VAMPIRES around?