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There's this gut feeling I've been having for a long time. I feel like I'm not 'conscious' enough. I tried to meditate, use mental gymnastics, do some activities to fulfill this feeling but nothing happened yet. I'm looking for a change of pace, a different outlook on life, I guess. I want to enhance my depersonalization and become more detached from life, but at the same time closer to life.
Has there ever been a time where your thought process completely changed and everything stopped being the same? If so, how did you achieve this? Surely fellow /x/ schizons know what I'm getting at
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Haunted GTA

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These GTA games contain myths in them (Vice probbably does not) but SA and GTA 3 are paranormal. If you modify the game it will detect it and myths wont appear. For this reason Cracked Copies might not have myths inside them. Its unknown what myths are inside but it is for sure that in San Andreas there is something lurking in the woods. Its unknown yet how to find it but I guess it has to be at specific time and location. And you cant find these files inside the game folders since these GTA games contain Shadow files to hide them.

Have you ever found any myths? If so report it here. GTA IV might be haunted as well...

Also It could be that the myths dont exist but demons from IRL fuck with your game sometimes. This could be a plausible theory...

Proof of paranormal enteties in GTA 3 [Embed]

Go to 05:03 you will see a figure that quickly dissapears in the light tower

Maybe this video :

Is proof of woods creature in San andreas? Anyway Gta San andreas had alot of myths like Sharks which nobody believed but in around 2013 it was proven to be real and that they spawn very very rarely in san fierro (many players mistaken Sharks with dolphins but sharks exist but are very rare.

Another myth about san andreas were Mountain Chiliiad screams. Most people thought this was a fake myth because one guy faked a video about it long time ago (this is fake video)

But its been proven that pedestrians commit suicide at Mountain Chilliad. Here is video proof

Some think this is a glitch while others think its intentional decision.

Post your paranormal GTA stories here
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Go for a punch/Saki Sanobashi Thread

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Anyone find any clues on the origin of this yet? There was some talk about asking on 2ch with use of a proxy. Another option is to search the deepweb for any video streaming sites.
So far all we know is that the actual name is NOT Saki Sanobashi, considering no results on Google show up for "Saki Sanobashi", "Sanobashi Saki", or even just "Sanobashi".
Will dump details the original anon posted on the show.
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Shamanisn General

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Baby's first spirit walk edition
>Be Your own shaman
Online course on how to into shamanism. Tried it, works pretty well
> books on Shamanism
website may be honeypot, unsure
>Book I'm reading now: Oak, Ash and Thorn by Conway.
>Futhark by Thorsson
good starter for Asatruar/Nordic/Germanic shamanic practices - if anyone has good materials on Seider, let me know and I'll post it in the next one.
>Audiobooks of Carlos Castenada
trained under an Yaqui sorcerer/shaman, have personally experienced some of the things written about here.
>The Way of the Shaman
Documentay of Michael Herner, bit of a shitlib but did great work in trailbazing parts of the modern shamanistic movements
>So you want to be a Shaman
Documentary on Buryat(Siberian) Shamans, good inspirational material.
Rune pulled for this week:
Key meanings (per Thorsson's Futhark)
>Path of the branches and roots
>Connection between gods and men
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We’re truly fucked

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Anon postet this:
here is his site you can find his youtube channel there as well

>several people get together on astral project
>guy in video says we die, soul goes up, bounces off a shield or barrier and is forced to go back down to earth
>souls can't escape and are trapped here on purpose
>this process powers cosmic events that help progress or sustain the life of the "engineers" (my wording)
>these guys are organic and live in pocket dimensions they created and they exist in this sector of the galaxy
>earth is just a small part of huge cosmic war or something, so we might not be able to grasp what's really going on
>says there are also other entities trying to help the soul escape and join the cosmic energy, but you have to get to them by yourself
The testimonials on his page seem to speak of him in very high regards. If what he says is real, then we are living in a structured hellhole, to be harvested by our overlords. It's like planet earth is just a battery for these creators/engineers.
I know I asked this before, but are any Astral Detectives here? Do you know this guy or can you comment on what he's saying?
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Redpill me on lyrans.
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Cryptocurrency system using body activity data.

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Malarkey (Worldcorp Enterprises)

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I was watching recent SomeOridinaryGamers' video on Worldcorp Enterprises. There was a file named "Malarkey" (I believe both an audio and video file). Wasn't one of Joe Biden's campaign slogans: "No Malarkey"? I'm not trying to say there's a concrete connection here but I remember people theorizing that Joe Podesta was involved in those Worldcorp videos back a while ago so I thought, "Why not bring it up?". I mean everyone knows everyone in Washington anyways. This is likely nothing I just wanted to share it though.
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Has anyone seen this video by Reignbot? It was created back in 2016 and covered Worldcorp enterprises. The only thing I’ve is this thumbnail of the video.
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Anybody have an invite to the Worldcorp Enterprises Discord? I left a while back but I just got interested in lurking there again.