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Elemental conflict

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Tomoko, please step forward to discuss what you're actually asking for. Yes, this time you get to answer, rather than just speak. Your help could be really important, given your elemental subscription.

Everyone else, please bear with me. Your patience would be extremely gratifying.
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I’m from the Future

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>> Trump will loose the 2020 election.
>> France will give Julian Assange political asylum.
>> A major war is about to happen.
Is there any one else here that knows this ?
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ITT: /x/ worthy game locations.
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Is death the only solution to eliminate suffering and merge with eternity again?
If not how does one direct his life towards achieving this goal during his existence ?
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Any other immortals? Post experience. I already know that there isn't any proof other than the words.
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how to get my own harem?

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okay first of all I apologize if it is not in the correct tsblon, I really doubt that the thread belongs to this board but hey, I would like you to tell me to remove this shit
and second: anon would like to ask you how can I get my own harem? But not the typical tips such as my physical condition, my charisma, security, intelligent and interesting, but also know other more varied tips to be sure that I will get my harem
thanks in advance anons
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Tan line of the Beast

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I'm looking for more spooky maths
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Islamic mysticism

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Lets talk about Islamic mysticism.

Not a Muslim myself but the recitation of The Quran is really beautiful. Gotta agree with the djinns of sura al-djinn in that matter.

Also sura Ar-Rahman, what a beautiful recitation.

I personally think that they tried to subvert and corrupt Islam. The compilation of hadiths like the one of Sahir Muslim and Bukhatir (sorry if I got the names wrong) are in my opinion fabricated and go against Islam.
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Roadkill and other things...?

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I've been experiencing something somewhat strange recently. Nothing too extreme but my nerves are being pushed. So, I live in the Carolinas and deer are extremely common here, I'll see at least a small group of them every day. I hit a deer and killed it with my car about a year back while driving home from my ex's house, which was actually the last night I saw her. I was too scared to go back and see the damage I caused to the deer but I was certain I killed it. I felt guilty for leaving the body behind, almost like I was disrespecting it and anybody who would come across it next. Since then I've been extremely paranoid about driving around in heavily wooded areas, which sucks since I live in one.

About a month back, I've noticed something very strange about the behavior of deer in my immediate area. My car doesn't spook them like other cars do. I work a nightshift and usually drive home late at night alone on the road, and whenever I pass deer or groups of them, they act as if I'm not even there. On top of the strange ignorance to me, I've also been seeing a lot more roadkill. Roadkill here is unfortunately pretty common, but never have I seen so many dead deer in such a short amount of time. First one I saw was the stiff corpse of a deer on it's side. It was in the grass and it was a good week before somebody took it away. Next I kept seeing fawns on the highway. I didn't keep track of them but I was pretty disgusted. Then a few days later I saw an adult deer in the middle of the road, gored to absolute hell. No way on Earth could a single car do such things do an animal. I usually am not bothered by gore too heavily but never have I seen roadkill in pieces, vaporized into the road. It was removed the next morning.

Something about seeing all of these killings and having blood on my hands really brings up my paranoia about seeing them everywhere surrounding my home. I've never had something unease me so much.
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Are you fags really being followed or just a bunch of Schizos? I want answers and, preferably, at least some semblance of proofs.
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