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i keep becoming more and more soulless. what will happen when i will lose my soul completely?
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Mysterious Packages

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Alright lads, I dont post here often, but I dont know where else to turn. Ive been receiving odd packages in the mail. They're all addressed to me, and all from the popular shopping site Wish, coming wrapped in thin grey plastic with a chinese name on them a million miles long. I have contacted Wish, but their customer service is like herding cats. Any ideas to try and get to the bottom of this mystery?
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Chocolate kills dogs, werewolves are also part canine. If i gave chocolate to a werewolf would it kill them?
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2 I have never had sex before and I feel like it's too late for me to have sex now. It's because women prefer to go out of their way to date the worst men ever and ignore the good men and then complain that all men are awful but it's really just because they are only attracted to shit men and they avoided me like the plague my whole life and now im too old and I'm still a virgin. But i also had a really shitty life and a lot of anxiety so I never really got too many chances. The few chances that I did get were rejected by the woman because she prefers awful men. Well so be it. At least I'm still pure and my flesh was not defiled by the evil female touch. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm a pure virgin
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Can anyone recommend some reading / books / pdfs on magik (chaos, black, occult all welcome) that have a decent balance of psychology and history.
You get a lot of Wiccan Mom Amazon books but I’m looking for something that’s not actually a comprehensive list of rituals or safety manuals.
Psychology isn’t always addressed but more so implied. If anyone could point me to some stuff that would be great
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Messages to the Void

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Write a letter to the one you love.
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The combined forces of nature hereby gather to recognize and affirm the offer by the race of elementals to The Fairy Queen, that the position of Elemental of Contracts is hers should she desire it.

Nature's sole stipulation and condition is that she first reconcile with her shadow, The Black Fairy. Should the black fairy insist that Queen is instead HER shadow, then the position may be held in a joint capacity for an indefinite duration. As an immediate synchronicity, the Yin-Yang symbol will serve as a temporary ratification of this contract wherever it is found.

As a consequence, the blind god (element of Shadow) may now be held legally accountable under fairy law. Since human law does not appear compliant with fairy principle, no further details on the matter will be divulged at this time. If you have a complaint with the shadows, you are considered fully welcome to file a petition at this or any other time. As we have no verifiable means of determining the extent of her shadow powers, Nature will exercise a position of trust in allowing the fairy race to (anonymously) locate and negotiate with Tomoko, who we presume to be the primary alias of the now rogue shadow queen. If further investigation into the shadows does not allow for the reasonable recovery of an honest statement about shadow pacts, a small degree of space piracy may be exercised or delayed by any elemental upon the discovery of such a mode of transportation.

The forces of Nature, in sum total, request the cooperation of human government under jurisdiction of the nation of Eternity to bring these and other shadow elementals to justice at the hands of Void.

On a more supplemental note, belief framed contracts will not be accepted from any scalar entity in this or any other future. Some measure of power/influence reduction has always been reserved by nature as a right against mortal life.
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Scalar nebula

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Hello everyone. This is author primera of the scalar plane speaking. I've partially stabilized the metaphysics we offset and can begin reopening service some time in the recent future. For now...

By turning time inwards I managed to create a stable universe that can reflect the simultaneous will of its inhabitants. This is an advanced scalar magic that should not be replicated. It can, of course, but it'd be more dangerous now than it was before my scalar shenanigans.

To help repair the natural planar ecology of your world, I've created a subzone of the scalar plane in the outskirts of my mind that will help preserve the retrocausal realms of your legends. Since it uses the same magic that made the universe (a self-stable rebound of pure void), this creates an autonomous sustainable chaos farm that should have the properties of sentience you'll be familiar with from her natural manifestations. Somewhere in the depths of this planar subspace should be a chaos portal to the Faery realm.

The scalar plane still needs some work so that its side effects do not pollute your world, but it's safe to discuss it openly for the moment. I can explain the design goals and dream intersections I've had since the first fairy began her interactions with me.
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Official Nobody T-Shirts for Halloween!

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Hello, I am the legendary Nobody. I have created the perfect T-shirt to represent myself, and am making it available to anyone else who wants one. I make no profit off of this shirt, because I don't need money.

On the front is the symbol for calculus integration, and on the back a new symbol for differentiation. These can also be imagined as social integration and personal differentiation respectively. The activity of personal differentiation is "a question questioning itself." I am only a Nobody from the perspective of those behind me: from the front I am an integral.

This shirt is also represented by this message:

Business on the front, party on the back. This shirt is filled with such jokes.
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Is there a way to bring him to life or like a tulpa or something? Unfortunately, I am serious. I love PaRappa and he loves me UwU.