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Does anyone know what this is?
This is mentioned in a pastebin, that gives you a link to download the RTQTNRPGKAXPART3 game. But this seems very mysterious I haven't seen something like this before, I tried the link mentioned in the pastebin and it gives you a download to a file. No download will be given here but if you want to read the pastebin about this mysterious game here:

Hopefully we will get some information about this game and get to know what it is about. It also says that the platform for the game is Windows, but I am not touching that I left the link to the pastebin.
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how do i find God

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i need God in my life but i can't decide what religion is right and people just telling me shit isn't working i need to FEEL God's existence not just hear it yk

(pic unrelated lmao)
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Is there still any seekers of the book of the key and the lock?
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Redpill me on the primary colors

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Is no one going to talk about how they're the only colors that you can't simply make up out of nothing? Definitely esoteric shit behind that.
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Reaching the divine realms

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How do you ascend past this earthly world and go up in the existential hierarchy to become closer to God?
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Divine Goddess General

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Need help understand the redpill on the Mother Goddess, Gia, divine feminine soul of the universe, etc.. Would appreciate anything on this topic, thanks!
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Can anyone give me some insight on the "Daisy's Destruction" video? Supposed to be some very bad cp hurtcore and i was wondering if it is real and if so what exactly happens in it.
>inb4 lol pusi watch it yourself
pic related, something i pulled from a thread on /b/, op mentioned it in post
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GHOST POST - /x/ gets MORE paranormal

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there's ghost post within threads
this post here explains but basically jannies delete post

you can open active threads in the archive and see these ghost post
this was the thread

here it is in archive
all post are within where the front page one here has them completely gone with no trace

ghost post are real
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2006 Volleyball Incident Video

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Anyone’s still got a link to the 2006 volleyball incident video? Just flashed again in my memory.

Pic semi-related
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What does jesus think about trannies?

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Got any verses?
I see feminine men and trannies as super chad energy if they don't give a fuck and at the same time care enough not to be ugly fucks.
I think the ones that are serious about it and get offended are possessed by demons, but seriously if you're a godly person and give off that confident chad energy, do you reckon God's got a real problem with you?

Its like if someone has a lot of sex. If this person does it out of love for the other person they're with, the wonderful soul of their partner, is that not holy? Lust is sinful, for you are not looking at the person you're having sex with, you're looking at their body minus their soul.

Do you reckon its subjective? Like if someones a good person and also a tranny, its not a problem in God's eyes, but if they're a miserable sod who places their entire personality around something that might just be a coping mechanism for depression - then they are lost and possessed.

Very similar to gambling and drinking, everything in moderation, and don't let it become a central axiom of your personality
what you think?