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Post obscure Icebergs
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I am offering a $1 million prize to anyone who can help me realize any of the four prayers pictured. Tl:dr:

- Let me win the New Zealand Powerball jackpot.
- Transform me into an 8 year old Finn and keep it that way forever.
- Send me back in time to December 2009.
- Convince God to transfer his omnipotence to me.

I AM OPEN TO ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS including (but not limited to) magic, black magic, spells, the occult, subliminals, prayer, etc.

If your suggestion directly results in me achieving any one of these goals, I promise I will give you $1 million (or the equivalent value of goods and services). If you don't feel like posting your email address here, feel free to post it through my website at where it won't be published.

If your advice results in a partial success (e.g. sharing the Powerball jackpot, waking up in 2010, etc.) then the prize will be reduced to a slightly lesser but still substantial amount.

Thank you!
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he watches

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Hey /x/
do you believe in the morphogenetic field?
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Real cults

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I have been trying to find real cults, and all I can find are edgy teenagers on fb. Do you know of any real cults?
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NPCs are very real and it's terrifying

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Like holy shit it's not even a meme anymore, so-called "people" are walking garbage, nonthinking automatons that are utterly and completely uncurable in their herd mentality symptom, this world is honestly beyond hope, it's literally hell for sensible persons who actually possess a soul, they find themselves surrounded by contemptible normies with a degenerative thought process
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weed and spirituality

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Does weed have any positive/negative spiritual effects? Does it hinder spiritual growth? If yes, what can I do to reverse its effects?
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Go Forward If You Dare!

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Just found out about this phenomenon about an hour. Personally I hear laurel, but using the New York Times tool on the Yanny side, I can only hear Yanny on the second highest level. When I am speaking though I will hear Yanny immediately when the cursor is moved to the Yanny side. Can anyone explain this? I feel a deep sense of fear when I hear the Yanny voice.
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