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Do you realize how angry I am

I WAS SO CLOSE IN SEEING AN ACTUAL ALIEN but wasn't lurking at that exact moment in time. THIS IS INFURIATING. We will never have another opportunity like that again in our lifetimes
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What is the most unpopular or generally considered "out-there" conspiracy theory that you believe in?
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There are many accurate prophecies recorded in the book of Daniel and the book of Ezekiel. What is the deal with the book of enoch and why not be in the Bible?
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Flat Earth Theory

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How do flat earth theorists and paranormal idiots like yourselves explain Norway?
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Are you there, Wanderer?
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Sigil Creation Methods

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Hey /x/

I'm looking for an image that illustrates a sigil creation technique utilizing circles and a letter grid. I saw it posted last week and never got around to saving it. And of course I waited too long... now the thread is gone.

Trust me, I've tried searching the internet for this thing online, but nowhere is it turning up. I was hoping one of my fellows here could provide me with it.

I offer in exchange this page:
There are a number of links regarding sigils and methodology that some might find useful and interesting.
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What is about that 9/11 plane story?
I read that that ayylmao selfi completely distracted /x/ from spreading informations of that 9/11
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The "alien" pic

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Just posting a bit of the image everyone was talking about



Voilà, voilà... and good luck in your researchs friends !
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Any musicfags here?

Are there or have you found anu occult/esoteric chords or chord progressions?
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