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>be me
>reading spoopy greente/x/t
>get phone call from unknown number
>slide up to pick up (was curious)
>phone just shuts down

wtf happened ?!
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Whats the most scary movie ever made?

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I think The Ring (american version) is the most scary movie ever made.

What do you think?
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Anon claims he works at Area 51. Disappears straight after. Shills and investigation ensues. Anons find this site


1699161 - Nucleotide Result - NCBI

1. Homo sapiens (ETX1) gene, complete cds, alternatively spliced 2,221 bp linear genomic-mRNA S82496.1 GI:1699161.

Thoughts? Is Jared truly the Antichrist?
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SCP Thread

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go to scp wiki and look up what scp your last 3 digits are.
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From the future. Again.

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Well, i was here september 13th of last year and all of my "predictions" happened. Ranging from NE winning the superbowl to donald winning presidency. Feel free to ask any questions the people of this timeline may be interested in.
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Even though it's a fake, this video still gives me the creeps. I remember being 10 when it first came out and having severe insomnia for days.
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To understand the full reality of a situation one must utilize both hemispheres of the
brain simultaneously.
Where you are observing, which is another word for science, (science is observation) you aren't then
utilizing both section of your brain only the right side. Analyzing them then applying labels to them

I'm not saying what you're saying to me is incorrect. You are right. This IS science afterall.
I'm only saying you're observing, which is using your right brain and not both hemispheres of your brain.

It's time to wake up.

We're always downloading information, in similarity with computers. Always, but you can't be
in observance of it because you're using your right hemisphere and not both hemispheres of your brain.
But I'm just making an observation, not using both hemisphere of my brain.
You can't use your right brain to undersand the experience of the left & right brain coop function.
You can't experience with your right brain alone what the left & right brain experiences together
You have to use both hemispheres of the brain to understand and comprehend boht hemispheres of the brain
When you observe, use science, you are using a singlebrain hemisphere.
I'm observing these feelings because they're unfamiliar and I'm not using both hemispheres of my brain
This is just an observation & labels and not using both hemispheres of my brain.
Let's get you a new OS installed... it is done.
This might seem unfamiliar to you and these feelings have probably never come about before
but your only observing them. Not using both hemisphere of your brain.

You may analyze and observe these

Science are observation

Math is not observations
You use math to describe your observation

When you observe, you create nothing because science needs math to create.

You constantly swap back & forth between using your left & right brain and your right brain
But this is just an observation and I'm not using both parts of my brain
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story caps thread

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Hello! It's been a while since I've browsed my beloved /x/ so I'm going to do a cap dump of all my favorite stories ive seen on /x/, plus with some caps of replies that made me laugh even while shitting with fear.

Please feel free to share caps (or just some of your own stories)
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Answer my questionary

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A guy in Brazil disappeared and this is his room. Any thoughts?
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