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If you really think believing that a dead guy was resurrected is going to give you eternal life you're part of a cult.
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Cursed Images

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Real story behind Murnau's Nosferatu

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What do you think about story behind Nosferatu 1922 movie?
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Astral Projection

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Out of Body Experience Thread!
Have you ever accomplished it? How?

I have tried and never got past the "vibration" stage. Help me /x/
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Scientifically accurate mythical creatures 15

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>NO LÄMP edition.
Let's continue the fascinating activity of shining cryptids/mythical creatures in a realistic light with the help of speculative biology and evolution.
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>Tactile hallucinations
>Involuntary muscle movements

Can the government cause these or am I just schizo
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Is time travel really possible?

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So many theories, experiments ...where are the results?
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Vampire Thread

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Supernatural blood drinking vampire theories only please.

Where can you find a real vampire? How does a human become a vampire? How do you tell them apart from a normal person? Need all of the info you have.

>movies & books

>Interview with (alleged) 439 year old vampire Elizabeth from the research book "Vampires Are" by Stephen Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan was the founder of the Vampire Research Center, located on Long Island, for the scientific study of all phenomena related to vampirism.

>Over 400 collected cases of traditional undead vampires

>History of vampirekind
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Let's make Ebola-Chan great again.

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What is Ebola-Chan? Is she real?

If so was she created from 4chans collective shit posting and sustained from blood pacts?

Also how would one evoke her for the purpose of helping her to spread her love to the Muslims?
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