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We’re in hell.
Right now.

People think that hell is purely suffering every single day, but if suffering every day then your mind gets used to it as it sinks to a baseline.
How can you ensure people suffer to the maximum? Give them hope, give them a glimpse that life can be more than what they have. Constantly remind them of what they don’t have. Give them things to strive for, only for it to be unobtainable or replaced the second they get it.

The question now is how do we get out?
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Whats if humans are the fallen angels?
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Is full, complete, demonic possession possible?

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I mean to the point that a demon takes full control of the person's corpse and the ego of that individual is essentially non-existent, the only person left is a demon.
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Is there a possibility of real life superhumans or mutants existing, either by genetic engineering or other experiments?
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I think we're all living in our own separate realities and that each belief system is correct in its own finite way. Someone who is designed to be a Christian would be unable to live as a Buddhist and vice versa but that doesn't mean that either religion is wrong. Everything in your life is tailor made for you and the lessons you need to learn may only be relevant for you. Unless of course what I'm saying isn't relevant for you, in which case nihilism is more your thing and everything I'm saying is meaningless, but even that fits into what I'm saying from the Absolute/Infinite perspective. God is experiencing every type of reality including ones where God isn't real within that finite perspective. This is why humanity is so fucked up, because it's comprised of literally billions of different realities. Every person is an island. Being human is lonely, unless of course you're not lonely, in which case being human isn't lonely. Are you starting to see how this works? There is no truth outside of the Absolute/Infinite perspective which encompasses all of the finite ones, and to live as a human being is to live within a finite perspective which is like a hall of mirrors that you exist in by yourself until you return to the Absolute/Infinite perspective
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Placenta Eating

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What kind of stat boost do you get from eating the placenta after your child is born? Any tips for recipes?
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Anyone who wanna drop some redpills about Chris Benoit "roid rage" double murder + suicide?
His wife was once a satanist with a satanist ex husband, bibles were found near dead bodies and much more stuff that just can't be roid rage or can it be?
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All of you are a product of my imagination and everyone is a product of my dreams, living as my subconsciousness which could be literally my gut and subconscious dreaming with my consciousness because we have been in cryosleep for thousands of years known as axions. You are all my dream, since I am the dreamer. Which is pretty funny, since most of you around the world shitpost people calling them a faggot. Which is hilarious and I applaud you all. You faggots are literally going to be my schizophrenia in the future when we actually do wake up.

But remember, some of you are me, but another part of me, and some other people in your life are other people. We are living in a dream, with other people as well, who are all hooked up to this matrix, and we are all not dead, but there is another realm if we do die this long sleep. We are in a coma, and we will not be able to leave for another 4,000 years.

So sit tight my little popsicles, but there is no escape... The only escape is if you build a space ship and travel to a hidden asteroid. But then you wake up on the ship, the place where everyone dreams.
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What's the reason for the (alleged) vulnerability or sensitivity vampires have to sunlight? It's not because they are "evil", because the sun doesn't have magical evil-detection properties, or it would harm human degenerates too and it does not.
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New Quirk

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Needs two volunteers who naturally resonate with one another. All we're doing here is taking that to develop it further. In time, this will develop into a new range of quirks which might actually fuel evolution. I can explain.

Quirk: Twins
Ability: Each user can mimic the actions and abilities of their twin. When in sync, they can move in perfect symmetry and double the force of all their actions.

If you're naturally good at the three-legged race then consider if you're ready for the next step.
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