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The real threat of Algorithmic Censorshipa2

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The AI is here and effecting the world, changing news , altering history... the Mandela effect IS AI altering the history I'M Real TIME!!!
>video is a message from the future
Here is the timeline , we need to stop this AI and it's cult of Technocrats

>pic related the High priest of the technocrats
>Your videos are no longer suitable for monetizeation
>Your subreddit has been banned due to violation of reddit's Prohibited Content policy
>Your channel has been suspended due to violation of YouTube's firearms content policy
[You are here]
>4 of your Tweets have been deleted due to violation of Twitter's Public Message Content Policy
>You have been VAC banned due to a chat content infraction.
>12 emails were blocked from your inbox due to violations of Google's email content policy. Click here to learn more.
>Sorry, this search couldnt be completed as some of the keywords violate Google's Prohibited Keyword policy
>Sorry, due to the nature of the products/services offered at that location, Google Maps can not provide directions to that location. Read about our Prohibited Locations Policy to learn more.
>Some parts of your conversation have been removed due to our Text Message Content policy.
>Dear Mr. Anon, due to the nature of your telephone conversations, your landline phone service is hereby terminated effective immediately.
>Dear Mr. Anon, we have received reports of activities, thoughts, and beliefs at your address that are in violation of our company policy. We have terminated water and power services to your property accordingly

>VIDEO message from the future
A digital Prophecy
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>be me
>constipated to hell
>have to poop for six days
>it finally happens
>no pain
>just a giant turd with some splatter at the end
>go to wipe
>entirely clean

im spooked lads
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Red bull me on evil eye the greeks used to fear it, the jews fear it, the muslims and asyrian also used to fear the evil eye is this just a foolish superstition?
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I thought this was p funny

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(don't worry, its not spoopy. kek)
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Lochness Monster Washes Up

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You may or may not be familiar with the cryptid the Loch Ness Monster.

A few days ago, this creature apparently washed up on the beach. I have been waiting to see what comes of this. If it is real, it would change the prehistoric architecture of the evolutionary tree.
What do you think? Is it real? How would something like this survive for eons without being discovered?
Any stories, evidence, explanations are welcome here.
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That's right, keep believing that you are more important than everyone else. You hypocrites!
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So is psychosis real? Tell me about your experiences anons, drugs or whatever else that triggered psychosis.
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!zYSTXAtBqk (280 replies)
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Anomaly General #11

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>am i the anomaly?
>I ask because i do not know who i am really.
>What am i? Where am I?
>I or us, or is it you
>should i be asking or telling...
>will i find out if i die or live
>is this the life i asked for?
>am i real? does leaving this prove it? or am i just a thought in someone else's mind.
>i can feel that they want me
>watch me
>copy me
>or am i watching myself.
>How long does this tunnel travel, twisting and turning, is it showing me the way or leading me to my beginning where it all began.
>im scared, its cold, im covered in blood, my eyes.. i cant see, im crying
>eyes open, now im the computer typing. who will read this and what will it accomplish.
>is it help im looking for, or to help.

Anomaly Threads are threads where people can communicate with the Anomaly so that the Anomaly can remained informed.
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is this game really cursed? the servers have been running since 1998 and there are some creepy experiences online

if so how do i join?
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