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being watched through the tv

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several years ago in nyc i was watching cable tv, a random channel, there was a commercial and all of a sudden for 2 split seconds it switched to the face of a lady staring directly at me with half of her nose missing. then normal content proceeded.

call me schizo but i know what was done through that television cable.
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What does /x/ think of the Gateshead Grey incident? Incredibly interesting especially considering that a lot of what the eyewitness who saw the "aliens", description matches up with future sightings quite well in UFOology and abduction cases.
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Spooky Art General

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Can I get artwork covering cryptids/paranormal things? (Pic related, it's a drawing I did a while back
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I just heard someone shout "yoohoo" from downstairs.
i live alone.
im not going downstairs to grab my phone, someone is there, what do, urgent
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Has anyone else been watching Kolchak: The Night Stalker reruns on Me-TV?

What are your thoughts about it? I think it's a cheesy but fun precursor to The X Files. Seems to only be Monster of the Week episodes, though.
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I want to sell my soul

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for musical and creative abilities, and success with those abilities.

Who/what do I sell it to, and how do I sell it? What is the contract?
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time travels

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How to travel in time?
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So Sinbad is dying this year...

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he is now 60 years old and as a unhealthy African-American, his life has now reached to an end.

Does anyone else see this coming? You don't have to be a mystic to call out someone demise. Queen Elizabeth for example is expected to die within three years.
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Hypsnosis Video

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This video can actually induce suicidal thoughts!

Only watch if you're sure you wont kill yourself
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You find this thing walking outside your house. What would your first reaction be? And be honest- would you say ayy lmao?
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