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I'm sure this has been discussed at length on /x/ but I haven't lurked on here in a couple weeks.
What's everyones thoughts on dear David?
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Flat Earth Theory

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Is it a cover-up or a conspiracy theory?
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What do you all make of the Navy's UFO video?
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8 values are shared by all beings:

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Education, mental health, fitness, relationships, politics, wealth, convenience, and mercy
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New youtube ARG?

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So I've been browsing Petittube due to boredom and I think I've stumbled upon some sort of ARG. I've looked around his channel and this is the only video he has uploaded. The symbol looks like a sigil but I can't find who it belongs to
It's pretty loud so lower your volume a bit before starting it
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Alright angels, I know you're out there, show yourselves. I'm a believer, I deserve to know.
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Sirius A and Sirius B

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I have been studying this tribe in Mali known as the Dogon. These people claim that there are aliens living on a planet orbiting 2 binary stars Sirius A and Sirius B. I think it is impossible for life to survive on planet orbiting 2 stars. I also think there are no planets at all orbiting Sirius A and Sirius B. I think if there was a planet orbiting both Sirius A and Sirius B then the planet would leave its solar system because of Sirius B gravity. Sirius B's gravity would push the planet away or even eat it. Now some of the Dogon leaders say that there is a brown dwarf star and orbiting that dark star is the planet where the aliens live. Probably it is true probably it is not. I think that NASA or Kepler should be focusing on Sirius. Probably we will find a earth like planet blazing with life.
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Are you awake?
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Hello /x/.
I recently visited some family in Mexico and they told me of a monster known in local folklore as La Creatura...
Apparently this being only comes out in the dead of the darkest nights to feast on the blood of fair-skinned men and women.
I was interested in learning more of this creature and was wondering if any of you know anything more about this entity?
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Have you ever met a werewolf/wifwolf?
What were they like?
Any werewolves here?
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