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When I was 4 or 5 years old, I was isekai'd. Ask me Anything

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The magic was made to look like it was a all a dream. My last memory from before was going to bed, and upon my return I found myself "waking up". As I came to understand it afterwards, this is the most common form of conduit, because everyone will be natural inclined to call it "just a dream", even ourselves.
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the canada dry company put a commercial in my dreams :v

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I have decided to put this here because it is the only place where they will not call me schizophrenic
the same and yes but at least I think I'm not the only one
The first thing to clarify is that English is not my native language, so I will use a translator to write the story as quickly as possible and not miss the details of it.
The first thing is that it no longer felt exactly like a dream, but rather like a transition, as if my dream were some kind of loading screen for a video game or a commercial.
The following is somewhat confusing but I will tell it as I remember it

I must clarify that my dreams do not have habitual characteristics that people can associate with dreams.
most of my dreams are like
me in some conventional job or going shopping
talking to someone (I know it's super boring, that happens when you turn 30)
And that's why alarm bells go off with what I just went through, so I'll try to be as detailed as possible.
I was editing drawings in krita when I got sleepy because of the
4 am and instead of having my usual dreams something happened... weird

I was in a room upholstered with pink wallpaper with vertical blue stripes in the room, naked boys and girls inviting me in, I think I closed the door because from one moment to the next I was at my parents' house, only they weren't there

the boys and girls from before were back but dressed and apparently they knew me and I knew them
They were planning something like some kind of meal to spend the night as "friends" suddenly my dream felt like the most noob and familly friendly commercial you could imagine like a 90s Christmas special with the dumbest and most scripted dialogues you could imagine even their clothes It looked extremely neat and clean.

Next is where things get even weirder (more).
Suddenly I wasn't in the house of my parents if anymore, but it looked more like the maintenance area of a dam.
and someone told me:

>the thread continue wait me<
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Let's Have Fun

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Post your favourite theories, I'm not going to say "Conspiracy" theory because people who thought the CIA killed JFK were labelled nutcases and look where we are now, so I don't think you're crazy for what you believe.

Let's share some interesting ones; I'll kick it off. I believe in what's called the Intergalactic Market Theory, which is to say that our fancy tech is actually just hand-me-downs from Aliens who want us to catch up, but we need to go through it gradually, so they appoint specific humans to sell it to us. This isn't too farfetched of an idea as many companies on Earth have to rebrand just to make it in different economies.

>Provide an Example
McDonald's means nothing to the Chinese, in an effort to pander to a market of 1 Billion they changed their name to Golden Arches to sound more mystique and appealing.

A homage to the Golden Palace owned by the Jade Emperor in Heaven, I assume.

So the theory works off the same logic, aliens want to pawn off their shitty old tech to us, to prep us for the better tech they really wanna offer.

But we're retarded apes who pay stupid amounts of money to own a phone so it's taking a while and having Yoda come down personally to sell you the Elexionne won't fly so here's Elon Musk's third cousin's daughter to sell you it.

Oh it has Musk on it, you're foaming at the mouth, buy.
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So /x/, where do we go after we die?
Heaven, hell, come to this earth, we repeat our lives again, etc etc
But where
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What do you hope to gain by going here?
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1996 Varginha UFO

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Varginha 1996
What *actually* happened here?
Why did they shut down an entire village using military, when the three women saw just some supposedly mentally ill person in the dark?
Did the US army take away the mentally ill person?
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Therian and Otherkin thread

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Last one died, here's a new one.

QOTT: How old were you when fou realized you were a therian?
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Is magic kill?

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Any of you old practitioners? Shit is weird lately, I just took notice today (Haven't done anything in a while)
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Join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's the restoration of the original Church, founded by Jesus in Palestine and the Americas 2000 years ago. Jesus and the Heavenly Father restored the original Christian Church through the prophet Joseph Smith.
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Hollywood Illuminati

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According to numerous reliable and trustworthy HUMINT sources connected to, and within the inner circles of Hollywood elite, the Mossad has been heavily involved in the blackmailing of, legal entrapment of, and control of many of Hollywood's actors, producers, corporate management, and financial backers. These reliable HUMINT sources have stated that the Mossad, in cooperation with other legal entities (including but not limited to the Church of Scientology, multiple charity organizations, Federal Agencies, and Non-governmental organizations) have organized blackmailing schemes with the express intent of being able to control American media assets (actors, producers, etc) in order to "widen the scope of practice for Israeli Intelligence operations". These HUMINT sources have come forward stating that many references to the "illuminati" in popular culture actually refers to the pyramid scheme-like system that the Mossad has developed in Hollywood, which adherents who have been trapped in said system are taught to refer to as "the illuminati". Referring to this scheme as the illuminati is an active disinformation effort by the Mossad to conceal the groups responsible for creating said scheme.

The Mossad has been instrumental in organizing "celebrity parties", which are parties Hollywood elites attend. These parties require the signing of a non disclosure agreement, and the parties are at their core an extension of the effort to blackmail and entrap Hollywood assets.

This video of a cartoon seems innocent enough, but indeed exposes the truth while deceptively playing things off as just "a kid's cartoon".
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