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I'm not the only one who heard that, right?
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ITT: Shit that traumatized you as a kid.
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Flatearthfags are btfo on so many levels when you look at the fundamentals of physics:

>gravity, first of all. The earth accelerating upwards makes no sense as acceleration at 9.81 m/s/s would have us at roughly the speed of light in 1 year. In addition, the amount of energy required to move such a mass would not be undetectable

>simply observing the sky with a telescope btfos flat earth. The lunar craters are stretched and shadowed in a way that implies the moon is round. Jupiter has moons that very visibly move in a circular orbit around it, as does Saturn

>analemma are inexplicable under current flat earth standards

>according to them, gravity is fake, but that goes to explain gravitational lensing which is visible using amateur telescopes

All of these things are observable through individual effort, no NASA required. Flat earth btfo.
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How many people actually believe in that old 'government are reptiles' theory?
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/x/ Infograph Thread

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Drop all your infographs here!!! Also Book recommendations / discussion is welcome.
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We are all connected

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just let go of hatred, lust, and negativity and your life will be so much more grand.

breathe in the universe
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ITT: Disturbing images

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Post the most psychologically disturbing images... the kind that shake you to your core. Pic not related, as I don't have anything to post because of new pc
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Why has the human race advanced so rapidly since the 1900s? In a fraction of our time on earth we developed cell phones, and the ability to travel world wide in hours. Not to mention going from black powder guns to nuclear weapons capable of destroying entire cities. It seems we advanced more in the last 100 years than possible. Why?
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I am, "Gonzalez" who Corey Goode knows.

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My legal United States of America is, "Kyle Lewis Sison". My preferred name is, "Kyle Lewis Sison Weathers". I am an ancient human. I am grouped with humans who, thousands of years earlier than now, accessed eternal life technology. I met both Corey Goode and David Wilcock. I am a, "11230" agent of government of, "United States of America". I've met many celebrities of United States of America. I've met many congressmen of United States of America. I have talked to multiple presidents of the United States of America. I have stood before many people and talked...including front of at least six hundred students graduating at a graduation ceremony of University of California of Merced during a 2013. I have been called a, "demiurge". I am emotionally, affinitively, and historically a comrade of the Nazis during and shortly later than a World War II.

Ask me anything.

I currently listening to a song repeated. The song is:
I have nice stories to share about how the song was created. I have nice stories to tell about what I was doing while I was singing this song. I have nice stories to tell of when I was getting like-sense of audio of the song (hearing it in my head).

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am i a cripple for life?

About mid February i watched a video that had high frequency sound which affects the brain directly. As soon as i hit play the middle of my prefrontal cortex retracted inwards severing some path between the hemispheres and a cavity behind my eyes started to expand. Everything is fixed in an unnatural position crippling my intellectual capacities

the technology does exist just look at this patent, low frequency flickering images can affect the brain

does anyone know any video or anything that can help me fix myself?

please don't delete it this is my only hope please understand im not lying