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To all of these magic threads

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I'm a bit skeptical myself but I'm open to anything and truely hope magic is real. Doesn't anyone have video proof that hasn't been proven fake? I really want it to be real and possibly learn. Image partially related due to possible aura manipulation.
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why do people want adventure?

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whats the point of it other than to have stories that you think will help you break ice and get laid? do people actually WANT "adventure" ? is interest int eh paranormal wishful adventurefulness
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Good ol spooky stories thread

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Tell some stories I guess. Can be unsettling or just make you uncomfortable.
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Talking to the dead

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This is gonna sound so desperate and pathetic but is there any /x/ way I can talk to someone specific who has died? The love of my life was murdered a few months ago and all I want is to talk one more time. I vaguely remember a dream where we talked and she knew she was dead, and we talked about how much we miss each other. I can’t remember much more of the dream than that. Is there a way I can force that again? Or use an ouija board, or see some kind of psychic? Literally anything. I don’t care what kind of consequences it will have on me spiritually. I would rather die if it meant I could never talk to her again. Any ideas? Anything is appreciated.
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Is there a level of apathy where one just stops eating and doesn't acknowledge other people existing?
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Why do mom/women always want you to wake up early and have friends? Why are women so closeminded to the universe? Its like they can't fathom a life without socializing? Did aliens make them natures pesticide? To weed out the weak men using sociopathy?
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So /x/, I was just browsing /b/ (please forgive me) just because I felt like it and found this thread. They're all sperging out as to what it is.
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What conspiracy theories do you genuinely believe in?

There was definitely something up with 9/11 for me. Although some of the theoriesare pretty stupid (like the no planes idea).

911/conspiracy thread.
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