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/x/, redpill me on the Bohemian Grove.
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Greentext thread. Will dump what I have. Here's one from a few days ago.
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Why try stop the inevitable?
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>haunting photo thread
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>26 fucking threads on /x/ right now are just people roleplaying and being edgy
>around 15 are just plain shitposting with no purpose
Why aren't the mods doing their FUCKING JOB? Is this some kind of disinfo campaign? /x/ have been onto some deep-end shit before but not it's mostly just trash, is this full-scale shilling or just people moving on to other forums? did the majority of regular users become idiots? what the fuck? and why aren't the mods cleaning up, only deleting very specific threads?
>inb4 this thread gets deleted while fucking "ALIENS TOOK MY PENIS" stays up
If that happens you KNOW I'm onto something
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I want to join a religion but I dunno which one is right for me are any of you religious if so what religion do you belong t and how did you find out about it?
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Charles Manson

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Charles Manson thread

Share info and speculation about this supposed cult leader

Does he manage underground gangs from prison?

Anyone got info or tales?
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Seconds pass faster than before

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Since when seconds pass so fast? something is wrong here
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Strongest healing magic?

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Is there anything that heals more and faster than kyanite, black tourmaline, and this?