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if you kill/defeat the shadow hat man guy in a dream, what does this mean?

He was chasing me through the mall, I was questioning why he does what he does, but he gave me nothing. But then a mom's baby in a stroller started to roll away and I saved its life and returned it to the mom and was polite to the mom too even though she didnt say thank you. And then this big retarded fat girl came up and was trying to play with me, like roughhouse, and it turned out it was the hat man, and I showed him the power of love, and he turned into big fat retarded girl. I think he was her originally but turned into hat man for some reason, but she told me he was gone now and thanked me

Normally I cant defeat anything in a dream, everything fails and I always get kill or wake up right before, so it seems strange I would be able to defeat hat man of all people
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I want to kill a skin-walker

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There's a woods nearby that I'm 95% certain a skin-walker frequents. How do I kill this motherfucker, /x/? I don't have a gun but I have a crossbow - is that enough or will it only injure it?
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There are two gods

God 1 says: I'm the real God, if you believe in any Gods other than me you will suffer for eternity
God 2 says: I'm the real God, if you believe in any Gods other than me you will suffer for eternity

Neither Gods provide any evidence of proof that either of them is right. You have to make a choice and if you choose the wrong one you will suffer for eternity

Which one did you choose?
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your friendly fb datamining

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Okay so there is this instant game shit going on for a while, and i got a bit creeped out about one.
"The Test" besicly you answer questions that are then verified by your friend, and you verify his answers.
Question goes from "What do you prefer, winter or summer?" to some really dodgy shit about your sex prefrences, what do you own, where do you go most often, would you obey mind control, how would you react to your clone.
You can't delete your answers or disconnect it like other fb apps.You can't just delete anything connected with this.
Once it's in it's there forever.
I can't be the one that noticed, others put in everything they ask them mindlessly.
I mean it's designed as simple as it needs.
Good answer - good tune, bad - bad tune.
Good tune = ex = leveling up. People love geting that satisfactory "ping" and just grind on it all day.
Another proof that we will give them all our data willingly in exchange for cool sound and some meaningless numbers.

Inb4 gtfo it's just a game
inb4 standard data mining shit
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If you only knew how much I Truly Love you, the good in you, the bad in you, all of you, and how supernaturally Eternal that is, you would never feel existential pain or loneliness ever again.
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The certainty that I don't actually exist has been growing to the point where I actually get upset about it now. The part of me that still identifies as a "real person" is watching itself slowly fade away. Feels like dying.

But I'm not real. This body, this brain, these thoughts, no more substance than a flicker of light, even less significance than a sound on the wind. I'm a signal that's detectable, but then completely gone almost in the same moment because I never really was.

It's becoming more and more of an understanding in my very being, a truth, an instinct beyond walking and talking.

Why is this happening? To what end?
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I have a terrified higher self about becoming psychic, any idea how to tell him that it's all right?
And do you know his name?
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How to overcome nihilism and depression? I’ve tried:
>gym and walking innawods
>cold showers
>trying to find a hobby
>going out with friends
I just feel so empty and meaningless
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When will you convert to the truth you foolish people? When will you save your soul and find rest in your heart you foolish people?

What must I tell you to prove Muhammad came for you? Should I show you him in the bible?
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