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What is the real meaning of this sign? Why does every famous person do it constantly?

Some say it means 666, or that it's Illuminati, and it's also the symbol for Om, according to hinduism.

So what is really going on here? How is it all connected?
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i see no dream thread, and i had some cryptic things happening to me in a dream just now

i will leave out some parts.

but these are snippets i remember.

snippet 1

i gained flight, i flew around my house.
and an old farmer gave me the Dragonslayer Greataxe, and the hud from the game appeared in front of me in the dream.

snippet 2

a small boy appeared, i got a feeling i needed to protect him, but i was also frightened to be
near him, he disapeared, as a low pitch groan/laugh, could be heard.

snippet 3

i was outside with the old farmer, a memory of a frightening being just slipped my mind, im unable to remember it.

the sky is filled with a black fractal, at the end of every little tendon of the fractal is random numbers and letters. and it is explained to me that 3 dangerous people are alive in this world that i am in. they are represented in black and white cut outs resembling (see picture)
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ITT: /x/ writes a creepy pasta one post at a time

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Ill start:
It all started when
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I believe a focused effort is being put forth to control the online narrative refer to my post history where I considered the possibility of entire posts populated with shills to create fake consesus.

Is it possible posts could be completely shilled?

This undermines the credibility of Reddit as a whole. The point of this online community is to foster discussion and ideas where value and reach is determined by upvotes AKA public opinion.

My evidence of this claim
This great analysis by /u/52NUKE

The List of Shill Bot Downvoters

A post doesnt generate that many comments and get downvoted in the way shown in those charts.

My post was a short and simple theory posts were being artificially upvoted and filled with shills so that lurkers see a fake consensus among supposed peers.

These shilled posts are influencing a much much larger amount of people than just the commenters and whoevers controlling these narratives knows that. Reddit is everely compromised. Am i wrong to think my small post being buried this aggressively is pretty definitive evidence that Reddit as a whole is compromised?
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Do you have to be a sheltered retard from a 1st world country to be ''spooked'' by "/x/" stuff and horror movies ?

I mean, I come from a shithole undeveloped country in South America, I've seen people being killed in front of me, woman screaming as they were dragged to being raped, niggers stabbing themselves for 5$ worth of crack and shit like that. No ''supernatural'' tale/image/movie manages to scare me as much as reality (mine, at least) itself.
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Genuine UFO Photograph

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I took this picture out of the window of an MD-80 cruising at 38,000 feet. I could not resolve any detail with my eye, it seemed to resemble a black flapping bird at a very far distance.

The 35mm film, when developed, showed some kind of discoid or delta shape with what appears to be two tail fins. There is also clutter underneath, like a stack of discs, or some kind of balloon payload. Furthermore, it looks as if it's either perfectly reflective of the blue sky, or possibly even translucent.

It's not lens flare because it's absorbing, and it's not a film emulsion defect because it's been examined under a loupe by camera snobs who confirm it's a two-sided image and the frame is smooth.

Nothing looking like that should ever be operating in civilian air traffic lanes, ever. So what was it?

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What do the elites truly worship?

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I'm so confused. I've heard so many different stories about what sort of secret religion the rulers of this world follow, but I can't figure out which evil they worship. Is it Ba'al? Lucifer/Satan? Baphomet? Moloch? Saturn? Chronos? How does Jewish Kabbalism fit into all of this?
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Is this what you are looking for Dan?
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/x/ Meetup and Exploring Map Thread Episode II

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Zeemap for meeting other x/philes:

Some of you autists from the last thread forgot to put your contact info in your markers, so I didn't approve them. To add yourself to the map:
>Click additions
>Click add marker
>Write down your location, age, gender, contact info, and any other relevant information.
>The admin will approve your marker after it's reviewed.
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I'm from the year 2053. AMA.
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