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WHO HERE wants some apocalypsis muh dudefellas??

ry my favorryte mantras if ye like
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*hits blunt*
What if Japan was paid to get American into the war and let it's own people get nuked for scientific purposes of the world
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>lazy Tuesday
>get mcdonalds for lunch
>go home, start laundry
>sit down to get some paperwork done
>get distracted by youtube
>3 hours later I'm making this thread

What is in Mcdonalds food that turns me into a mindless zombie? Anyone else have experiences like this?
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Was this ever debunked? It's been almost a year.
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Cemetery Thread

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Anyone else enjoy hanging out in cemeteries? Got any good stories or pics?
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How do you do a good LARP?

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For example, this faggot from Sun Vanished could already made a novel. It's clear that the story is false, still got a lot of people following it.
I'd ask /lit/ but they can't into writting, for real, they're bad af.
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How does one strengthen Telekinetic powers? I am able to spin a psi-wheel but how do I get to the next step and develop object levitation?
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is English an invention to not only dumb down the population with a language that has zero depth and is only used for mindless reference to objects but also a tool used so electromagnetic fields can map the brain in order to decode thoughts?
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Time traveller test?

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if anyone who claims to be a time traveller enters this thread simple task(if you can freely time travel that is)
Use time travel to convincve me your a time traveller. description of myself or the surroundings. or even easier than that just make a noticeable change to history and post that change.
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Aetherius Society and Saturn

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Weird religious group that thinks the planets in the solar system are inhabited by interdimensional beings. They believe that at some point, aliens called "The Cosmic Masters" from the planet Saturn are going to invade the earth and take over using, "magic more powerful than all the world's armies."

They see this as a good thing, and are actively trying to help these aliens.

Should we be worried?
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