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Prayers for anons

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All religions faiths and beliefs are welcome. The power of focused prayer is far greater than people know.

We are in a time we need serious prayers. Myself included. I need prayers of protection to help me keep my job in a time of political persecution.

What do you need prayers for anon?
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this thread closed really fast >>29802637
and this reached image limit (wtf) >>29807077
i need more of these long informative screencaps
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The Antichrist is literally the Antichrist. Just think about this for one second.

They arent just simply "evil", "evil" is just a distraction. Their whole moral foundation is built on rejecting the teachings of Christ and denying his divinity.
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Into the Kanye elites wormhole

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To what extent should I trust/consider this twitter thread?
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Steven Greer

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What does /x/ think of him?
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/hg/ Halloween General -- 'Tis The Season Edition

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Previous: >>29813070

It's officially that time of year again! Post all of your Halloween related feels, aesthetics, recommendations (books, movies, TV, music, games, etc.), nostalgia bait, greentexts, etc. Anything at all, so long as it pertains to the Spookiest Day of the Year!
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what happens when you die?
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YOU are the final boss

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It is not any kind of external demiurge. You forget that we ARE a piece of him. The archons will coerce you to return, but people leave out the fact that you will believe in what they say, it will be very convincing. You can understand non attachment, samsara, Christ, all these concepts, on earth but when you are there with archons, will see the heavenly realm as tyrannical, oppressive, and enslaving.

To use an analogy, because this is all built into us. This paradigm is repeated in us on earth politically. So we can look at the current day vaccine mandates. You either rebel against the elite billionaire ruling authorities, or you bend to the knee and obey them and serve them, because they give you everything you want: your life.

This is the EXACT dichotomy of above. They are merely inverting it. Yaldabaoth rebels against the authorities of the heavens, he refuses to bow and obey them. You either serve him, or them. Serving yourself, is serving him, because we are him. That is the gift he gave us.

The more you learn the more you realize that there is no escape, not because it's impossible, but because we chose this, and will choose it again.
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Can someone send the thread about what people were found under the ice in Artantica? 500+ people dead from exploring etc..
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Losing my family to Mormonism

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Grew up Catholic and went to mass every Sunday. One of my oldest brothers converted to get married but we were actually suprised when he got into it. Another went on this "spiritual journey" and did shit like go to a synagogue, do Ramadan fasting with a Muslim friend, learn about Buddhism, etc and eventually ended up being Mormon. Saw my parents talking to a missionary the other day and they have gotten invitations to go to church with friends.

If they were converting to anything else I wouldn't give a fuck but I hear being the only non Mormon in a Mormon family is terrible

What do?
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