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/x/ music

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Post music that you believe to be spiritually charged in some way. I'll go first.
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Greentext thread. OC and screenshots both welcome.
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Has /x/ figured out who did it? Was the satanic stuff real?
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Innawoods psychosis or true demons?

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Sometime last winter, I decided to try living alone in the woods for 40 days. I’m still struggling to take in all that happened. I feel something ominous – what, I can’t say – really exists somewhere in the depths of that forest. At the same time, I can’t deny I was experiencing a certain level of psychosis while I was there. It’s all just so blurry. But I know It wasn’t all hallucination. I just don’t know where to draw the line.

There wasn’t really a specific reason for my wanting to go. Just a sense of dissatisfaction I guess. I felt disconnected from people, but still didn’t have the energy to try and make friends. I was a low-level wagie too – tried around half a semester of college before dropping out due to issues with mental health and alcohol abuse. Life just felt empty. Probably due to my dissatisfaction with what I viewed as “life in modernity”, I ended up finding a lotta different far-right, radical environmentalist writings online. Just general Ted Kacsinsky, innawoods shit. Finally, I stumbled on stories of old saints and Buddhist ascetics – this was the last straw. Their rejection of all things pleasure in order to reach some higher knowledge of life seemed exactly what I needed (all this mixed disgustingly well with the storm of self-hatred and shame that loomed constantly over my head. Addiction’s a bitch). At this point, I felt I had to escape somewhere, somehow. I needed to suffer.

My family lives in Montana, and my uncle owns some rural land here. I asked him if he would mind if I spent some time out there. He was a little dubious at first, but eventually agreed.
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So I have an idea for Halloween, you can send in whatever you want (it has to be an original work of yours) to the email and then I’ll compile your work for an /x/ journal called the /x/quinox for Halloween. Maybe this can be ongoing thing, if that’s the case I would like the theming to the follow the A.A. Grades from the neophyte grade (1=10) which relates to the element of earth.

Write your stories, essays, ramblings, rituals, send us your creepy pictures etc. keep in mind this theming
The Hanged Man, the devil, the Chariot, the star, temperance
Element = earth
Zodiac sign = Scorpio

Remember the dead, for they may rise again in the time of Samhain
Isaiah 26:19 -
But your dead will live, LORD; their bodies will rise— let those who dwell in the dust wake up and shout for joy— your dew is like the dew of the morning; the earth will give birth to her dead.

In case people are paranoid that I am going to steal their stories, here are public ways of submitting your work:
Google docs if you want to submit your stuff there instead, this isn’t the document that the /x/quinox will use, just an alternative public way of submission

If you want to submit via MEGA, email me and then I’ll add your permission to it

Oh, and if someone wants to design a cover then they can. I’ll be able to slap something together if not

Was ill and no one replied in the previous thread, so I waited a while
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I am going to write an epic poem that will be to Egyptian myth what Paradise Lost was to Christianity, where that singular work forever re-contextualized and redefined large parts of its source mythos.
It'll center around and glorify APEP (without attempting to make him sympathetic), who will primarily be a mouthpiece for me to rant about Egyptian theological philosophy, with many of my own schizo ramblings disguised among it.
I hope to thereby resurrect the APEP egregore and summon it into myself, then bring an end to this paradigm of reality we occupy.
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Fuck they are catching up

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Redpill me on Lust

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Paranormal explanations only
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