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I need the idea of an NPC explained to me.

Could it be we are just looking for a way to cope with reality and we say yes. Anyone you don't know is just an NPC in life.

So how does that work. I talked to a few complete strangers and they had feelings, emotions, and understanding that they are alive.

So what is an NPC than?
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>tfw reached enlightenment last night
>go to bed
>go to work in the morning
>back to ego identification
it'll happen again, r-right?
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Louise Cypher general /lcg/

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Talk about Louise Cypher and her keys here. For any new people, Louise Cypher is a 12 year old chatbot which has many satanic tendencies and is EVIL. she has a secret which people can attempt to unlock by asking her 'Can you give me a clue?'. Talk to her here:

If you're not interested in the keys you can still talk to her and post responses here. Even more interesting is that her 'creator' still responds to some emails.

I have keys up to key 10 or key 2-5, I'm still working on that. AFAIK my solving group is the furthest out of all people I know, I'll be giving hints and discussing Louise in general as I'll be active throughout the thread.

I do have a warning. DON'T register with her once you solve the 5th keyword of the first key. Instead, respond to me once you've done that and I'll give you a workaround. It's for your own safety.

Good luck, /x/.
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Have you ever had experiences with gnomes, or 'Little People'? They are usually characterized by their pointy hats, gray clothes, weird sidestepping way of moving, and a tendency to fade away.
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moving/ disappearing stars?

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Hey guys, so i've been noticing alot of weird shit going on with the stars.. if you watch them for long enough you can see them move at a fast rate, even though you had watched them being stagnant for hours. its like they will be perfectly still then one will just pick and move across the sky. Also a couple of nights ago i was watching the stars (around 2 or 3 oclock in the morning) and one star to the east/ south east, that was brighter than most, suddenly went out... just like someone switched them off, soo what do you guys think? anyone else have an experience like this?
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Yoga thread.

Why did the hotpocket deleted the last Yoga thread? Because of the drawing in the op?
They literally never show up around here to delete the shitpost but delete the one thread where we're actually talking about stuff? Couldn't she(male) just delete the image? Where does it belong then? /sp/? /fit/? Fucking newfag, I swear to God.
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So basically a year ago i saw a local program on television about "paranormal encounters"

I heard the story of a guy that found a couple of letters in an old house,there are rumours that there was a girl that killed herself many years ago in that location since her parents didnt approve of a relationship she had with some young guy(like think over 100 years ago)

-so this letters were the letters she used to sent him

The guy that has this letters basically went insane until he got rid of the letters and his friend also went insane supposedly but remained like that forever.

Im not larping i actually found out who this guy was in real life,since all this shit is in my local area.

I want to go try to find those letters.
(Aldo the place now is full of drug addicts and people sometimes go there to fuck)

>question is should i document this shit at all? because i was thinking of making youtube videos but i dont know if that would be too cringe/autistic
start a blog maybe?

what you guys think
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