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Dog bit me and it died. Who did that?
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After I die,what next. AIDS is wining, I have few weeks left

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Will I go the hell for being homosexual and an occasional pedo or can I go straight to heaven for donating to charities?
I have very strange and scary dreams and visions of burning alive in real hell.
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Appalachian Mountains

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What goes on here?
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occult hand signal music video drake

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x can you keep it fucking real with me for a second
what the fuck is this shit? did i just get occulted? what are these fucking music producers up to with this hand signal bullshit
is it satanic or does it just look cool
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alien probes

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Tell me everything you know about aliens probing a boys butt its urgent.
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hey x i just bought some dragon blood incense shit with a wooden ash catcher from walmart for $4.
what are some cool spiritual things i can do with it?
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Whats the endgame with Chemtrails anons?
Do they want all of us to get Alzheimer's?
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You bickering fools are all misguided. The Earth is both flat AND round, or more precisely, it use to be round. Over the last century the planet has been transforming. The Cold War was nothing but a smoke screen to blind us to the changing geometry of our geography. The Earth is flat, for now. It is now inverting, shifting to the shape of a bowel. This is evident in our rising global sea levels.
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Prize awaits....

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37°50'36''N 116° 43'47''W

Tag me for your prize.
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Random pic found on my phone

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I have no idea from where it came from, I saw it by first time a few days age while I was sending a nice meme to my roommate.

No one else uses my phone but me. I always keep it with me the whole time, besides is imposible to get it unlocked by someone else.

I'll add that I have seen a few pictures that were taken on my phone, these pictures are full black, there are a group of around 3 of them with around 3-5 pictures each group and regular pics in between those groups, I never noticed them until this discover.

For thar reason I believed that I used to take them by accident unlocking the device at night. I Almost never use the camera and I always the turn flash off, for that reason this picture is different from the rest.

Im not into the ghost and supernatural stuff but still, I really scared because I dont see a logic explaination on this. Any idea?
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