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Weird note

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I know someone who works at a restaurant and some weird guy left this note on his tray today
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/rme/ - Recent Mandela Effects Thread

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Whoa used to be spelt "Woah."
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h3h3 ghost hunt

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at 1:06:32 you can hear a whisper saying something like kevin, which is the word they heard while doing an evp just a moment before.
also, at 57:40 you can clearly hear a whisper saying hila.
what you guys think? some plausible explanation?
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I don't usually post on this board but I figure it was the right place to ask. Where can I find literal vampire pot belly goblins? There's gotta be some coven out there somewhere that can help me.
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Redpill me on Bigfoot

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The only "legitimate" evidence is the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Also most Native American tribes will still tell you the fucking thing is real.

Other than that, I haven't seen much to go on.
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My gf is forcing me to watch Unsolved Mysteries, is this any good? What am in for? Is it anything like art bell's stuff?
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holocaust hoax- no /pol/ shit

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What do you genuinely think of the holocaust revisionist conspiracy theories? Do you think the evidence holds water? Also no just muhhh jewws post, let's have actual discussion. I think any proof of history being a lie or people altering history is extremely fascinating.
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So you want to learn about astrology, numerology and the occult? learn history of computers

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Do so by relearning what they learned about basic astronomy, the tools and methods the founders understood and used, and trace the development of math , boolean logic, secret societies, religion, drugs, cryptography and symbols

you guys actually can come down the path to understanding if you wanted, but at the moment it seems you all wish to stay in your cribs where you were born and continue to babel about with other children instead of walking down that forest path towards exploration, enlightenment and adventure
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What things have you consciously manifested in your life?
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How much of what this guy says is the truth?

Much of what he says in his videos in 1980s is a known truth now: Element 115, gravitational waves...

How could he have known about all those things ? Just a wild guess? I dunno.

Well /x/, I am waiting for your opinions.
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