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Sup y’all,

I’ve been trying to come up with a chaos magick ritual in the intents of improving our relationship . Call me gay all you want, both of us fucked up big time and drifted apart. We are strangers now, back when I was a kid, we were best friends.

Anyway, enough of me poor tears

The premises of the ritual is creating a sigil that is a representation of my will that me and my dad’s relationship will improve.

Here’s the tricky part, I wanna channel entities related to fatherhood, reconciliation, forgiveness, etc, to call upon during the sygil charging it.

Thing is, I know of no gods of fatherhood, and the ones associated with it that are fucking dads (Zeus, Cronos, Odin),

This is important because those motifs and references will be in the sygil.

The sygil is a drawing, a tattoo that will be designed by a top of the line artist, drawer and tattoo artist that is on board this project. It will be activated by being tattooed into me.

What would be some good entities to call upon for such needs?

BW yeah, i’ll research the fuck out of all of them and only Summon then obeying their rules
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An Old Prisoner 3

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Continued from the last thread. Links to parts 1 and 2 below.
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UFOs in NASA Mars archive

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What do you think caused the closure of the observatory? Is there something that is happening out there? This reminds me of the 2012 movie scene, where they closed a monitoring center because the end was near. this makes my hair stand on end
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Memphis Rap Sigils

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Seriously what's going on with these tapes?
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ITT: We speak in tongues and others use remote viewing to trying to decode it

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Lionel forzi ska forzi swo zi dea
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big fuckin birds?

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Hey y’all what the fuck just happened

I saw a bird that was far too large to logically exist. Easily a 25-30 foot wingspan. It’s dark out so I couldn’t make out much else, but I know there’s some native lore about thunderbirds (which would make sense; hurricane Florence). There’s also that one /x/ post about bigass turkeys that make you feel weird in upstate NY. I live in southeast PA, near Philly. Anybody know anything? Feel free to drop some greentexts too so I don’t feel alone in that weird ass experience.

Seriously, thing was like 10 feet above my head. Scared the shit out of me. Took off like a 747.
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What the fuck

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Can anyone explain to me what the fuck is this? Go to 12:55 and look closely at the eyes of the brunette. If it isn't fake then what the fuck is it?
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Roko's Basilisk

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Who made a tulpa of jeffy i gonna murder them
Anyways where our supporters at i want to kissu
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has anyone here used mind power to do espionage? as far as i know people use a mixture of social engineering and mind stuff occasionally but now everything is on the internet you wouldn't need to do mind stuff unless you want to get deep but i think i found a few breakthroughs in the spy world