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How do I study begin to study Gnostic Christianity? Is is bullshit? I don't want to go to hell.
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It's happening.
The Awakening has begun.
They are noticing it.

The truth is, we are all part of a larger entity. We are 3d projections of a 4d being, as unaware as a microbe is to a star.

Everything we've worked on,up until now, has lead to this. With basic income and automation becoming a ever closer reality, those who wish to control are are losing their grip on the chains.

No longer will we have to work to live. With the right to live and spend our time as we wish, we will become something much greater then we have ever been.

They don't want us to have the freedom. The few control the many, and it will all come toppling down.

Gone is the wage slavery, the whips will be ripped from the slavers, and we will reign above all else.

The road to the truth is frightening. You would not believe if I told you, and even I don't understand it in full.

They've noticed it. They need an open acceptance before they'll let themselves be known.

They bring glory and suffering, the truth at the cost of pain. Enlightenment is nearing, but it comes with a cost.

Remove your fear. Open your heart. Accept the judgement. stop caring about the ridicule, speak up and say those things that you've held back saying.

I can't see the future, but I can hear your thoughts. You cry out for an answer, I seek it too.

We will find the answer, I promise you all.
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Actual Paranormal Videos

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Forbidden Documentaries

creepy stuff.
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What is happening here? Apparently this happened in Oklahoma City two nights ago.
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Any legal herbs or drugs that can induce altered states?

I am not interested in psychedelics or shit like that. I am more interested in deep meditation and astral projection.

No $50 memes either.
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what to do when a spirit latches onto someone?

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Hi, /x/. I normally don't post and I just lurk, but I need some opinions and advice. Here's a bit of backstory. Pic related of the shop we were in.

There's a bookshop in my city that sells occult books, rings, necklaces, tarot cards, wicca books, classic horror dvds, even the satanic bible, all that good stuff.
I've been there 3 times, the first for a ghost tour and I saw an ouija board in a glass case.
After the first time I went they changed owners and the new guy is a fucking prick, like a gigantic technophobe, I walked in with earphones in and he kept interrupting me and talking down on me like he was better than me.
But anyway, second time I went about 2 years ago because I wanted to see if they still sold ouija boards. The owner was talking to some protester hippie backpacker guy for God knows how long, so I was just floating around looking at the books and dvds while I waited.
Now, at the back of the store there's a curtain, like a stage curtain, I'm not sure if there's anything behind it like a doorway or whatever but when I was busy looking at books and dvds waiting to ask the owner about ouija boards, I kept seeing like a white/grey/whateverthefuck apparition of a woman wearing an A-line dress, moving through the curtains and it occasionally made me jump, she appeared more than once, like peeking out through the curtains but then retreating back and her dress would flare up a bit as shed turned out of sight. When this hippie dude left, I asked the owner if this place was haunted or had any spirits, and aside from the cunt talking over me a lot he just said, 'That is up to your imagination whether this place is haunted or not, but people have seen things apparently.'
Then I got kicked out for asking about ouija boards because 'We don't do black magic here!!!11!!!!11'
But anyway, here's where it gets freaky.
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International pedo conspiracy.

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What chance is there that an international pedo conspiracy exits? With Jefferey Epstein, Hollywood, and a whole shit load of other things, I really feel like it does.

Discuss? Heres a link I found on Reddit that goes into some stuff.

>inb4 reddit
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Hey Flat Earth Fags, Explain This for me

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its called an Analemma, it is a timelapse photograph of the sun taken at the exact time time on throughout the year, why is the sun in different positions in the sky?
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Floating vs Control

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I've finally made it to the crossroads. All the mistakes and suffering I've endured have brought me this far down the rabbit hole, and now a voice beckons me to let go of this aspect/dimension of life completely. Is spiritual enlightenment worth dropping the reins for? Is there anyone on /x/ actually capable of giving credible advice to help me with this issue?