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Do i need to do the excersices to start with the next chapter ?
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Realistic mythical creatures

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New thread on tackling monsters by making them scientifically accurate through speculative biology and evolution.
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Experiences with Andromalius

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Please, any experiences you have had with him please share if you wish.
How was your experience with him? Calming or frightening? How many times have had communication?

Please and thank you, if don't know or have nothing of value to contribute then no need to waste your time. Thanks
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Ever seen someone personally shapeshift? Do you have any stories?
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>just now, trying to sleep
>live in northern rural wisconsin community less than 1,000
>hear low roaring sound like a small single engine plane is flying overhead, look out window
>see reddish orange light flying through clouds, series of low concussions follow
>goes beyond horizon, dissappears
>Several minutes later, incredibly loud boom goes off, shakes windows and trees move visibly
>weird sound going off, sounds like the horns of heaven viral videos mixed with an airport, weird echoing and ethereal sounds
>it's getting louder like it's coming closer, deep but incredibly low rumbling accompanying it
>sense of dread growing

what the actual fuck is going on lads
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Where did Lil Peep go after he died /x/?
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Post examples of obvious televised hypnosis:
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what the fuck is going on

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my 2 buddies and i are flipping our fucking lids right now
>have a friend that works at nike
>nike is located in an outside mall area that's never really too busy because it's a little on the outside of the nearest small city
>friend is doing is normal shit, dorking around
>black guy approaches my friend.
>dude is big, kinda tubby with a fro goin on
>he seems nice but then out of the blue name drops my other friend's first and last name asking if he knows him
>black guy tells friend to tell my other buddy something
>"remember the winter"
>black dude buys shit and walks out
>nike friend comes up to me and "winter" friend distressed, flipping his goddamn lid
>"winter" friend knows nothing of this guy and starts freaking

they both have truth in their voice, ive seen them joking around before and this isnt it. does anyone here know what the hell this can be? this is fucking us up.
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Whatever the fuck this thing is.

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So i'm not sure how to explain this but some batshit crazy fuckery has happened. So being the fag I am I was walking through the woods with my boyfriend and lost him somehow. So i'm just fucking sitting there looking for him. This is where shit goes down. I'm looking around looking for him. Then I saw it. I walk over to what I think is him. Oh boy was I wrong. Fucking awful idea.
I see this thing... It's walking on two legs. Imagine if an emu fucked tard child. I have no idea how to react to this shit. This is about when I start booking it out of there. I hear FUCKING screaming. It's like someone was raping an autistic goat.


I am fucking going faster than a fat woman running for Maccas. I get home only to see my boyfriend waiting on the front lawn. He asks me where I was and explain everything to him. He doesn't believe me (with the right to do so.)
I blow it off and get past it. We do our thing and he heads home. I didn't think much of it from that point on. Until today.
I was sitting in my room browsing the internet. Then I saw it. It was outside. Just standing there. Looking up at my room. I couldn't see it's eyes but i knew it was looking at me.
Please help me.
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