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Which one are we in right now? What's going on? Can someone explain how it works? Did the Jews change the timeline?
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Have you met the Hatman on a Benadryl trip? If not, what have you witnessed on a Benadryl trip? Greentext welcomed.
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/x/ btfo

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Death of my mentor

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(1) Hey /x/. This is a cry for help and a public record for posterity’s sake. Do with it what you will. My childhood mentor and good friend just passed away by his own hand, but I think it was murder. Pic somewhat related. You’ll have to do a bit of reading to get all the facts, though. Sorry about that.

Yesterday I was attending a funeral of my mentor and childhood friend Jasper Francois Tibideaux, known to the Sioux people from which he descended as Runs With Basket. He killed himself at the ripe old age of 66, leaving behind four adult children and his lovely wife Therese who is now a grieving widow, only 57 years young, but forever torn apart and soulfully mutilated by the death of her beloved man. One shot between the eyes was all it took for this great man to perish. And what a great man he was! But it seems to me now, he also held a dark secret…

You see /x/ as a wee Nova-Scottian lad I’ve spent most of my summers in Northern Canada. A dull, boring, frigid ol’ place, where the only type of clubbing was that of baby seals, and glistening ice sheets covered all the eye could see. Only I was rarely bored while staying there, because Jasper Francois Tibideaux was my neighbour.

Oh, that sweet, ingenious, kind old Sioux and his big ideas! Every single day he took me and a bunch of other local boys on hikes into the frozen Canadian tundra. Skiing the slopes, playing manhunt and tag in the pine forests, roasting marshmallows on an open fire in the snow-entombed Canadian prairie. Fresh air, blinding sun, star-filled nights… God, how I crave for those times to return. But I digress.
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Is the blue pill the actual solution?

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Black pill makes you think you are destined to fail and of course with that attitude you're never going to succeed.
Redpill makes you separate yourself from others and even judge other people pretty harshly.
But the blue pill seems to be a perfect balance.
You are aware that things are fucked unyet you are there in the matrix fighting on a ground level AND you're still able to connect with others.

Seems like a win to me.
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If this is it and slavery was the cause of afterlife worship, is Gnosticism supposed to educate and liberate? Why isn’t it more popular like liberationism? I’m confused why most atheists don’t believe in it.
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/cccccc/ Christ Consciousness Cooperative Concentration & Conception Consortium

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Hello /x/,

I wanted to introduce you all to the /cccccc/ (Christ Consciousness Cooperative Concentration & Conception Consortium). In this thread we will be exploring and cultivating the concept of Christ consciousness through collaborative efforts.

The purpose of this consortium is to bring together individuals who are interested in deepening their spiritual understanding, expanding their consciousness, and exploring the teachings of Christ in a non-dogmatic and open-minded manner.

The goal is to encourage discussions on various topics related to Christ consciousness, such as meditation, mindfulness, self-reflection, compassion, and the interconnectedness of all beings. By sharing our insights, experiences, and practices, we can collectively elevate our spiritual awareness.

Whether you identify as a Christian or not, everyone is welcome to join and contribute to the diverse tapestry of ideas within our community with respectful dialogue while sharing our different perspectives. After all, the journey towards spiritual growth is personal, and we can learn so much from one another.

So, if you're intrigued by the idea of attaining Christ consciousness in a cooperative and inclusive environment, come join us at /cccccc/. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Blessings from yours truly,
The Antichrist.
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Is it possible to be reborn as ourselves with the same life?
Imagine how horrible or amazing it would be if that was actually possible
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The world is not a grid

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"Irrational" numbers are not really irrational, our concept of the world is
Position is not determent by x y z coordinates
Distance is relative and so is position
With one object you have the object itself and everything else
With two objects you have the distance between the two
With three objects you have the the distance between a and b and the a b c angle and therefore you have position
Every position is relative to two other objects, the only thing that matters is the distance and the angle
The smallest object has zero size, but the closer they get to each other the slower time becomes
At a certain distance the rate at which time slows down increases exponentially, this is distance is the drop off distance or the effective "size" of the object
Since every object has zero true size, true circles are possible and irrational numbers become rational
The world is not a sheet of paper with squares on it, true circles are not possible in a world like that
We live in a world where circles are real
Forget about the grid
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Interesting/Spooky topic videos

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What are some interesting /x/ related subjects I can find videos of on YouTube? I'm running out of ideas myself, but I really need stuff to listen to at work. Can be anything from conspiracies, to cryptids, monster sightings, true crime, creepypastas, aliens, spirits, whatever. As long as it's interesting and in depth.