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Somebody show me the satan's sphinx video right fucking now
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Weird UFO recorded this morning in New Mexico

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Are narcissists real people? Are they just plain and simple, irredeemable BAD people? I'm creeped out
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I want a Ghost

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How do I literally summon or find a ghost, my friend doesn't believe in it and I wanna show him how fuckin wrong he is
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try to do research on

13579 multiplied by 9

consider the implications of this on a 3 dimensional space with a 4 dimensional elemental makeup.

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Bless you
I hope your existence is not under any negative influence.
Some might not even question if they are under the same veil.
I'd really like to touch the subject that we all are plugged to something big and negative
I'd really wish to share my perception, but it's not as you'd expect, not that simply sharable because of this place
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Good independent researchers

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who discuss interesting topics in a well reasoned way. there are far too many hysterical morons on youtube who offer nothing.

rich planet delve into many different areas of research, ufos, terrorism, media cover ups.

which other presenters undertake and present their own research on these topics that are worth watching? im not talking about people just regurgitating what they've heard in other YT vids.
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Everyone here talks about how "we're ready for aliens" or "the government needs to stop hiding them from us."
But aliens visiting us would be devastating.
What have we done in history when we've found more primitive civilizations? We either chose not to interact with them, like they don't exist, or we decimated them and took their resources. Who's to say aliens wouldn't do the same, or even worse? History is doomed to repeat itself. Aliens visiting would likely be the end of humanity.
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What is it that you truly seek?
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