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Does anyone else suspect most people online of being bots?
Similar comments. Weird sentence structures. Obviously fake user pics and names.
At some point, 99% of everyone you interact with on the internet will be simulations.
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Nihilism: The New Era

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Hello naive mates. I came here today to show you a little fragment of the new reality, the new era, the new changes that will embrace our contries and our societies in the coming months and years. Think in me as a mercy messenger who execute a definite mission.

This information is important so please be prudent with it. Also, this is no the unique channel of communication so dont feel special.

In the coming months, events like terrorist attacks, riots, threats of war, added to financial turbulences, corruption cases (in western world) and murders of important and respected figures, will bring the world to a point of "no return" , in a manner of speaking. Most of you will be excited but soon you will be in total panic because you and all the world will be able to see the voragine to the you are addressing. Don`t have fear. It´s a normal "process". You also will be able to see a increase of natural disasters. So, suddenly, the mass of humans, tired, anxious and with no faith or hope, many of you will be here, are going to bring the the new era, the era of the TOTAL NIHILISM. And this would be showed in many forms but usually represents just one thing: CHAOS. Many of you probably would be happy while reading this but don´t fool yourself ... it won't be satisfactory. This is not the end but the START of a new world. Your souls have claimed strongly for this new change. Don´t resist, let it flow ... and you will survive to see the NEW WORLD.
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This is an embarrassing reaction to profound redpills. How do we de-calcify humanity?
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Binary Reality

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So how do you stop becoming a bot?
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A submarine off the coast of enemy territory are given the order via radio buoy to launch their nuclear missiles. As the crew prepare to launch, the ship begins to be dragged by the anchor. "Captain, there's 10, no 25 closing directly at our pressure seams! Sir, I think they're whales."
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Unnatural Natural Hurricanes General

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There's something weird in the air. Literally. We're living in the most destructive hurricane season since 2005, and it could very well give 2005 a run for its money. Lets see:
>3 major hurricanes of category 4, 5, 5 in chronological order, the newest one, Maria, is still active and in road to the Americas
>They all went directly for the American continent, not one hurrican this year touched Europe or Asia.
>The Meme Date of september is coming, and so is Maria
Is it happening, boys? Is The End finally upon the North American continent?
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Why are you so afraid of nature, brother?
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What does /x/ think of Western Esotericism?
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What're your experiences with fasting for higher spiritual awareness?
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Even though nothing will happen in 4 days ("But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Matthew 24:36) You should really think about turning away from all sin and repenting anyway.)

That being said does salt actually work in fighting demons or is that just a hollywood meme?

Also does the denomination of the priest matter when blessing holy water? If I asked a baptist, methodist, catholic, and Presbyterian to bless different bowl of water would only the catholic's be holy?
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