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Lucid dream, succubus, demon idk but a had a terrifying experience last night

Last night I think I may have been visited by a succubus or was just lucid dreaming.

I fell asleep at about 1am and slept pleasently till about 4am im guessing.
During that time I started having a dream where a girl who looked similar to the girl in the Grudge enter into my dream.

She stands motionless in the rain head down bring doom and gloom with everything all around here. This in my dream state went on for hours(probably was mere minutes)

As the dream that morped into a night terror continued 2 men chained to this tree missing limbs and having a terrorized look to them. They would look at me with hatred and abhorrance, I confronted them in my dream and theyh both lashed out at me screaming "YOURE GOING TO HELL" till there were hoarse.

I removed myself from them and the girl who still stood motionless still and made my way to a good place. I laid down in that good place when all of sudden the girl appeared next to me thrashing, knashing, and screaming "YOURE MINE AND YOUR COMING TO HELL WITH ME" or something similar to that

I then "awoke" from this terror where I then started having auditory and visual hallucinations in my mind while being conscious of it the entire, I would open my eyes to see if there was something standing next to me and to my releif ll that was there was my dog and gf.

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Hi there, /x/, I have nothing to lose in this life and I'm interested in beginning worshipping Satan. I'm not interested in joining any stablished cult, though, and I'd like to keep it secret at first. What are your advices for beginning this path? What are some good internet resources about it?
Also, I'd like to contact lower spirits and make them manifest themselves. I'm not worried about the consequences, so I don't need many warnings.
Thank you!
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Greetings /x/.

I'm here to propose you something. My life is now ruined and all the doors for a good and stable future for me is now gone. I am, and will stay purposeless for the rest of my life, like many of you probably. Too old to get proper support, "too young to die". I've reached the point where i don't give a shit about my future, so i shall give myself purpose, even if it ends up killing me.

I am ready to give the rest of my existence to the investigations of unexplained phenomenons, local urban legends and myths. Cryptid, spirits and UFO sighting. Suspected sites of ritualistic, mythical-historical and possibly conspirational values. I am not going to just stay in the United-States, i plan to cover the world. I want to investigate every little pieces of speculations and hopefully evidence from all around the world, compile it into a database of somesort, and search for similarities, clues, whatever we can grab on.

I shall become a wanderer asking around for tips on crazyshits or legends that people will think i'm a complete retard for asking, but i legit don't give a fuck. Not anymore. There are right now many people who complains that no one is doing throughout investigation jobs in this field: Mainly because in this day and age, anything regarding the paranormal is bound to entertainment. I'm not in this for that. For knowledge, but mainly to expose. I want to make sense of the unexplainable. I don't want to "destroy the feeling of wonder and mystery" that the paranormal can bring, I'm sure we all heard of speculations, that Occultism is but a very high form of science laws and systems probably incompatible with modern science. I shall boldly go where no one as dared to go before.

The lack of money is not a problem for me, but a problem indeed for this journey. Legs aren't exactly the fastest transport. And i definitely know people won't be interested to watch some fool running around some random town in huezil asking for info about Karl Unger. (cont)
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Seeing frightening images before falling asleep.

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This happens every night for me

Usually about five or so minutes before I fall asleep proper I can kind of feel my mind winding down. While I'm in this state though, I'll often have very sudden, quite vivid visions of figures like pic related, and other similar figures. I see them and i always feel extreemly scared, almost sick. The image fades after a while, but I always think about them. Does this mean anything? Lots of time spent I'll just suddenly see something (in my minds eye) that I can only describe as extreemly sinister and horrifying. You see the picture, and you know that there is absolutely nothing good about the thing yo are seeing. It's just purely evil, and nothing else. I just need to tell someone about it because It bothers me a lot.
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Any idea what this website is about? Seems very similar to another website ( )

Also general weird/spooky websites thread I guess
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Does /x/ like witch house music?
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I've been thinking a lot lately that our dreams, involving ourselves, are memories from past lives which occurred in different timelines. The memories you have now, weather significant or not, the small things you remember or the large events that have stuck with you will eventually be dreamed by yourself in a future timeline. This supports my theory that soon as you die you are simply born into a different timeline as the same person. It is also possible that our lives are a simulation and our dreams are fragments of past simulations and when you die you are spawned into a different simulation with different variables.

Anyone have thoughts on this? I can't seem to get it out of my mind lately that the only way to move onto a different timeline/simulation is to die and suicide would be the quickest way to achieve this.
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is organism 46b real

it is the alleged mimic octopus creature found in alaska by the germans
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Help me find a post!

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Help me figure out what this one post was called. Pain something. I'm curious about it! Have any info? Sorry for the out of place thread picture. Didn't know what else to use.
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So I've always been a person who gets the short end of the stick. So I really want to know if there any minor magical things I can do to increase luck
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