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Any update on the "suicided" bankers? Why are they getting killed, what did they know?
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Was it a psyop?
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Ayo can any horoscope connaisseur redpill me on the Leo sign?
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Does bisexuals is real

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are bisexuals real? ive enver seen one before so im starting to doubt whether they legitimately exist - maybe they are a cryptid or some sort of lucid shared dream that we've all fooled ourselves into beliving are real throught he power of our collective unconsciousness. pls respond because im starting to get tremors in my hands thinking about whether this facet of my life is real or an allusion formulated through the power of liberal media

pic related
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Weaponized suicide?

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Is the suicide rate going up, and is some outside interference causing it? Not just celebrities, but six of my friends and acquaintances have either offed themselves or attempted it since March.

What the fuck is going on here?
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The coming contact

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Im bringing this up because ive seen other anons experiencing something similar.

I think its important.

Last night i dreamt I was looking out a window of a tall building at the ocean. I watched 100s of alien looking ships rise out of the ocean.

I perceived some kind of shockwave shatter the window and i dove under the bed.

I dont dream often and even more rarely can i remember details.
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If Magick is real then why are you poor?
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Alright /x/, I tried google but now im desperate. Im looking for a pretty old creepypasta/webcomic/image that floated around here during the glory days. It was about a guy who was in his tub, saw something thru the crack in the door and ended up getting brought to another dimension full of bugs where he got torn apart and mutated a million times until he was unrecognizable.

I know one of you guys have this saved.

Also classic spoop thread.
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Documentary Torrent

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So far ive only found torrents to download this amazing documentary in the worst posible resolution ever (im not kidding). Please someone help me find a proper rip for this PLEASE! amazing documentary!
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