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holographic universe

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where does /x/ stand on the holographic universe as presented by nassim haramein?

his 2015 lecture blew my mind --

watched the documentary The Connected Universe but found it too nontechnical

> his theory correctly deducted that the radius of the proton was incorrect and correctly predicted what actual radius was
> eliminates the need for the strong force AFAICT
> every proton contains all the information of the entire universe
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The explication to the face

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The face is a human or a demon
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The Warren Witch case

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This is the interview conducted by Lieutenant John "Spliff" Demesne, and Officer Shaun Holton, interviewing the 14-year-old boy, Matthew Marsh. Marsh was a personal family friend of Lieutenant Demesne, and he had turned to him when he reported having an encounter with the "Warren Witch," a mysterious, so-called witch who evidently lived in the city's poorest area, luring misguided youth with the promise of free drugs or alcohol. Contrary to her name, many speculate that the so-called witch was merely a women, or a cross-dressing man who preyed on youth. Regardless, the interview raises many questions; especially since it ends abruptly, and according to the Warren Police Department, Lt. Demesne resigned the following week, and Officer Holton was found dead in his home shortly thereafter (he had reportedly died of a heroin overdose, but the facts are foggy). Even stranger, the youth interviewee, Matthew Marsh, was reportedly transferred to a foster home shortly after the interview. The last records of him are from 3.12.1982, when he was said to have been in an orphanage in California. It is unknown what happened to him. The Warren Witch was never sighted again

This is the transcript of the tape that was left behind by the interviewers. Matthew Marsh's voice is represented by the main text, and Lt. Demesne's words are in brackets.
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I'm going to dump some of the stuff that I compiled from /x/.

You are free to join me.
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Post cool skeleton pictures
Preferably in this style
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Has anyone debunked this photo yet?
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Okay /x/ help me, my dog is barking to a wall for like 30 minutes, I think rodent died inside of them but I'm not sure because I live near forrest and it's kinda creepy. Also in my back yard there was some nazi stuff happening but that's about it. Pic related
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So I was eating was eating this guy out and a ghost appeared... weird

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Mysterious Toy

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Somebody I used to know brought this and another toy (a dragon my dog destroyed a long time ago) the same style back from a trip to France about 15 years ago.

I've been searching for ANY information about it for 4 years now, to no avail, despite scouring the whole goddamn Internet.

Thought maybe somebody here might recognize the design /monster, if it's from something.
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So /x/ lets curse the cubs for another 100 years.
Shit be jukes.