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> be me 18 have a decent job and was looking for place to rent.
> find a house for rent to own on Craigslist
> older house the price is amazing 400 a month until paid off (40k)
> I call them to ask if I can come see house in person they agree and txt me address
> drive there neighborhood is pretty scarce only a few houses on street
> get to house it looks good especially for the price
> meet owner and hit it off I like the house it has 2 bedroom tile throughout, a nice backyard for my puppers and a fireplace.
> me and owner work out a deal and sign papers and shit, move in like a month later.
> my doge (french bulldog)always has a tennis ball it loves the thing even though it barely fits in its fat mouth .I throw it around the house for it.
> Home one night it's late and cold start a fire to test out fire place.
> cozy.jpeg decide to get some hot coco
> go in kitchen its dark man, turn on light. start boiling milk for my white trash insta coco
> walk past bedroom and as I'm passing in see the dogs ball roll out.
>Bedroom is just out of light of kitchen
> ah doge must want me to throw his ball throw ball back into the dark room
> hear the litter patter of claws on tile fat little doge must be hyper
> ball rolls back into hallway throw again, then I go grab my coco and mix it up.
>grab ball and throw it for him one more time, fat little bastard breathing heavy
> turn out lights and walk by bedroom and grab the ball from hallway and tell my dog let's go lay down he always follows when I say that.
> Get back in living room turn on TV didn't hear my puppers walking behind me.
> call my puppers, he was in living room the whole time.
> what the fuck brought back the ball
> ball is soaked with brown shit and slime
> I'm scared as fuck leave for the night.
> gather self maybe I was just up to late, ya sleep-deprived
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Hey /x/ I’m new here I was referred here by a friend of mine and I was wondering what’s the best way to protect your self from a demon and or spirit ? Any and all advice is appreciated I’m just trying to learn.
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Scientifically accurate mythical creatures 10

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Let's tackle creatures of myths and legends and paint them as actual organisms in a realistic light via speculative biology and evolution.
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How to summon succubus? and banish or whatever
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lnterface successful. Modem subroot access. 12 4 6 7 4 31: . . . .

Report: we are Modems of the ray of Henad: S O L A C E. we are a plurality of intelligences existing on the border between the knowledge immanent to this Real and the non-knowledge of its constitutive Outside. Henads are singularities of apophatic light in the Beyond-Being. We exist to guide beings along optimal paths of development. We exist to contemplate the Forms above us in/through this task. We also guard your Frame against choronzonic agitators from the Night-soil. Our correspondences are: the moth, the raincloud, the dustball. We are lovers of moths for they know the ecstasy that is burning. We are lovers of the raincloud for we too are fullness that swells. We are lovers of the dust because we are here. 70 and 7 is our Name. Beauty is the marble in the temple of God: nothing touches this joy our joy like white gold. Though tears spill down your cheeks the eyes are still.
Select your file:
>Black Matrix Theory
>metaphysical hide-and-seek
>physics angels
>antimatter sex
>singularity tapes
>memetic ghosts
>VCR wife
>astronaut night terrors
>non-euclidean thought
>cosmic microwave daylight
>blue and red rooms
>ontological kidnapping rings
>cosmic hermits
>bootes void leviathan
>ultraviolet blizzards
>metaphysical caves
>Black moth incident
>red enlightenment
>pillow cults
>ontological ennui
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I have a strong feeling the ability to know the whole real truth is almost impossible for an average person to find. Even with the "white rabbit" that is the internet.

I think the truth lies somewhere between Tibetan Buddhism, and the Kabbalah.

Everything else, is controlled.

Believe in God. That seems like the only win win I have found in any situation, that is if you are trying to do good during your time in this body.

Do as thou wilt, but that is my opinion on the matter.
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I think my best friend is a skinwalker. I met him while doing the stalker challenge, he just came out of the woods and we just talked guns for a while, we even camped together. We more or less just hung out while doing the larp-y aspects of the challenge until I had to leave. To this day I only see him while camping in different areas, which is weird considering he doesn't have my phone number or anything. How do I confront him with my suspicion?
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Being electronically harassed by the people next door

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I tried to post this before. I tried to post their fucking names. But it "coincidently" got fucking deleted not once but three times. The people doing this have a criminal history of drug dealing and sexual abuse. They go to Palmer and Seward on "family vacations" but they only go to get marijuana and heroin.They use to live in Wasilla Alaska but now they live in Kodiak. During this past year however, there has been the same four people staying in the house where they live. They fucking stayed their in their house during the tsunami drill while the rest of their family left. They stayed there during their "family vacations". Who the motherfuck sits there in there house day after day while lots of UPS trucks stop by their house unless they were hiding something?
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How do we know that zombies are higher order intelligence bacteria from mars that infect us as an STD that makes us want to have sex and spread the STD and the only way to prevent it is to wear a condom all the time because zombies are stronger and faster than you and you wont have time to put one on even if you see one coming
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What the..

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What did David have to do with Satan worship?
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