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Why do I feel like I'm living in some nightmare alternate universe?

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Why do I feel like something else was supposed to happen here but it didn't?
For years I've had this feeling that I can't shake.
It feels like I entered some bad timeline where everything went wrong and all the heroes were killed.
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How to find ghosts?

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Has anyone here ever seen one? where did you see it? what method did you use to detect it's presence?
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which principle is really behind the course of world history?

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Machiavelli rejects the traditional Aristotelian definition of man as "zoon politikon" and thus also the teleological view of history of political Aristotelianism, according to which the telos of history is the perfection of human nature - i.e. the political nature of man. Machiavelli by no means sees history as a continuous improvement', as Kant and Hegel will later claim, nor is it to be read as a history of salvation. According to Machiavelli, mankind moves in an eternal circle:

Well-ordered republic"Moral decay and political decadence" State of anarchy" "Reorganization by a prince or legislator" Well-ordered republic" "Moral decay and political decadence"

Can you spot patterns in history? Answers can range from "not at all!" to "very strong", but should be justified.

For my part, I recognize a pendulum-like pattern, the world in all its arts, phenomena and sciences is dependent on two basic states: culture and genius. Energy and rest, knowledge and faith, peace and war, a look at the world and a look at yourself. You can see it well in the art epochs. Cultic Romanesque is followed by Ingenic Gothic, then again by Cult Renaissance, only to culminate in Ingenic Baroque.
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Altar Thread

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post em if you got em
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How do we retake the Eye of Providence from Masons? It's a beautiful symbol for the Holy Trinity and its misappropriation is a tragedy.
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Human Beings are the weird machine elves that someone sees in a DMT trip, I finally get it! We're just 1 of the 99999999999999999 potential machine elf variations you might run into. Call us, the Human Beings! We like Nature and we like Governments and we like Family and we like Sports, We like Statues of Human Beings and we like Art of Human Beings and we like Movies of Human Beings! We Like the Human Beings! Come to our reality and watch us eat other Species on our planet with our Mouth, then Piss and Shit out their remnants. We put our Penis Rod of the Male into the Vagina Flesh Pocket of the Female to spawn a New Human Being.
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Is there a sense of self identity after death? Every facet of my sense of self exists within the limitations of the human experience, the body. Once my body dies, I will exist outside of the human experience. At that point will I still be the "me" that I am now? If I existed without a body wouldn't that mean I would become something fundamentally divorced from what I am in this life? Would my sense of identity dissolve? For context, I believe in life after death I just don't know what it is. I think our own conscious experience is the only real thing we can latch onto and to lose that would be pretty horrifying. Will I be saved bros?
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How can I manifest my lost phone?

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I lost my stupid phone while I was working in bum-fuck nowhere. How do I manifest it back by tomorrow?
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Freemason anons apart of the southern scottish rite: do they still give out Morals & Dogma for people that go up the degrees? I heard this was historically the case but I'm not sure nowadays.
Keeping obligation matters private, is what taught in southern scottish rite still similar to what Pike teaches? I know northern is different.
Thanks. /G\
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What the fuck are we? And why are we here?

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I am so desperate for the answers bros. I have been trying to find out why the universe exists in the first place. Why did matter evolve into microbes. And then spur the evolutionary path leading to homo sapiens? If evolution is random was it all just pure fucking coincidence that we're even on 4chan right now? Are life and death even real? Are we the universe itself? Did the universe put us here intentionally? Maybe the big bang is actually an example of a computer 'powering on'? If so, are we in a simulation? Or are we actually just in an entropic universe where everything is finite and will inevitably end? Maybe we aren't here for any reason?

I don't know anons, I just can't handle it. I need there to be a purpose. I'm also afraid of dying. I have read up on the AI stuff potentially being able to 'save us.' I'm not sure how it would though. I just can't find an answer to any of my questions. Maybe the answers are unknowable? I'm 23 and I just feel like everything I know about existence is wrong. I always have.
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