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Are "fictional" worlds just paralel worlds?

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does anyone here have any experience living in a place for awhile (10+ years) and suddenly experiencing paranormal activity out of nowhere? i grew up here OBSESSED with ghosts and would have jumped on this kind of thing, now that i'm older and jaded i'm suddenly dealing with disembodied voices and mild poltergeist activity. fortunately none of it is malevolent, it's just creepy. i'm not sure what to make of it because it just sprung up in the past couple of years but i never dealt with it before.
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soo what in the actual fuck is up with these knowmes (Gnomes) harrassing me constantly as though they would prefer that I don't walk the streets of my own home town past a certain hour at night (10:30pm or so)
They are actually starting to spook me the FUCK out, if I see another scurrying little fucker behind someone's truck or a house or something Idk what I'm going to do, it's becoming extremely upsetting
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Post em
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Om Hanumate Nama
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WHAT THE HELL ARE CATS? THey know something I don't. They know something. They refuse to reveal it. You can see it in their eyes. Can they see spirits?
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Prayers for anons

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All religions faiths and beliefs are welcome. The power of focused prayer is far greater than people know.

We are in a time we need serious prayers. Myself included. I need prayers of protection to help me keep my job in a time of political persecution.

What do you need prayers for anon?
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this thread closed really fast >>29802637
and this reached image limit (wtf) >>29807077
i need more of these long informative screencaps
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The Antichrist is literally the Antichrist. Just think about this for one second.

They arent just simply "evil", "evil" is just a distraction. Their whole moral foundation is built on rejecting the teachings of Christ and denying his divinity.
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Into the Kanye elites wormhole

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To what extent should I trust/consider this twitter thread?
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