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Enlightened General

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What to do when you understand that awareness is God but can't use this information in any way

Can't meditate, too looped by myself
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We're not sure of the exact date but its speculated that starting from September the 10th 2008 our current reality started to experience random entanglements with alternate realities and people en masse have been having their memories overwritten somehow (speculated to be clashing memories with their alternate selves). Are there people left here who still retain memories from our original reality? I still retain a few original memories that we as a collective have acknowledged together, for example the memory of Mandela dying in prison, and Sri Lanka being in a different location than it is right now; anyone else out there unaffected by the memory overrides?
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The North Pole is shifting extremely fast and just like some anons were saying the world is gtting colder
huge snowstorms are going to burry a lot of north America
What is happening I'm getting scared
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Since stories about skinwalkers/wendigos are all the craze now, have you come across any that seem realistic enough?

The Cabin Memories post and that greentext about Danny and Lisa come to mind.
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Reptile AMA

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I am the escapee tree lizard, ask me anything
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Hey so the truth about gangstalking yall
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Any lore behind this?
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I think I solved 4 jesus

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Jesus is a metaphor for the light/truth/God found within you and your true original nature. The ego that our environment and people around us created is one in a matrix(satan) designed to keep you from trusting your Senses. Our true nature was suppressed and begun during the why or question phase of our childhood. Then we get 12 years of indoctrinated social group think schooling. So how do you find the truth and edit the matrix? Become NEET like ME and look for the questions and answers that you want. You decide. The Matter(s) in each of our hands have the power to create the future we can have. means more important than you could possibly imagine. What we do matters. Jesus did not did for your sins. He told you to live like him. 2 commandments. Love you self with all of your heart, and love your neighbor(other) as yourself. Every body, you, me, are small parts within a larger greater system God.
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weird internet rabbit holes you've found

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anything worthy of discussion from social media like youtube, twitter, etc. or any other web related rabbit holes. i think they are interesting to read about. theories about what you think are welcome
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Don't ask me how I know it, but the truth behind rebirth (AKA reincarnation) is that you can stop it by not procreating.
You surely won't be born on this plane ever again if you don't procreate. The Dead Sea people knew this.
Your life is in your sperm cells/eggs, if you won't give it out, you surely won't be born on this plane of reality.
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