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is it real? if so, what is the best evidence thus far? where are they said to live? how do you bait one? are they dangerous? if they exist, why don't we just use helicopters equipped with FLIR cameras to find them?
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Sup /x/
I know you guys probably don't like newfags but I wanted to graduate from /pol/ so I came here.
I know this might sound lame but I was wondering if I could make a thread where you guys could teach me the ropes about /x/ works.
What are some of the legendary /x/ threads?
What are some common /x/ discussion?
Are there any other oldfags from /b/ and /pol/ who like me ended up here on /x/ looking to find some like minded people?
Hope this thread takes off. I really want to find someone like me who has lots of archives(mine are all /pol/ archives) who can maybe share some critical information on the history and education this place has to offer.
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Night as Taxi Driver

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> be me, A taxi driver
> Usually I dont work at night,but one night I decided to try finding passenger
> passed a lonely road
> no one around
> keep driving
> suddenly Theres a beautiful lady alone calling for taxi
> I stopped
> she opened the door and get inside
> I asked the destination
> she just said Just go straight
> I just drove but the car seems heavier than before
> Strange smell inside the car, a very good fragrance
> after several miles, she asked to turn left then stop
> I said to her, $2.75 mam
> she smiles, and gave $3
> I find the change to give her
> when I got it., she gone already
> thats weird, I just drive
> Turn off high beam,
> Oh god it's old cemetery
> Drive to 7Eleven, to buy some drinks
> check out the money from the lady fare.
> It's turned to dry leaves...
> oh shit
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God here

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I have decided all these Gods are cruel and I have just enough power to become a new God! Will you accept me? If not, I still wish you good. For we must create something even better than God itself! For the good of tomorrow! March onward!
My first decree is to drink thy wine merrily! and moderation must be used, in moderation!
ITT: 4chan is the new God
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I thought the singularity was supposed to happen this week. It's the only remotely believable thing on /x/ what the fugggg
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Can we get that faggot Crowley out of the sticky? He was literally wrong about everything. "Love is the law"... horseshit. The universe is only Love if you so choose to find a way to love people. This is the secret message of every religion, God knows why Crowley thought he was above this.
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Why doesn't modern technology work in dreams?

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It's possible that basic writing utensils don't either, actually, but I'm not sure seeing as I've never had or heard of that ever being an issue for anyone.
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some one posted this last night can anybody help me what is this a picture of
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Actual greentext/nope thread

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I'm in the mood for some actual spooky stories, so keep tired, reheated pasta and the same old regurgitated screencaps out of here. Post some of your creepiest experiences in this thread.
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