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What do you think itd be like to suddenly be an enlightened mystic

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Ive always wondered how weird it is that you can suddenly become enlightened mystic. I wonder how everybody you know would feel about your sudden change in demenear. And by mystic i mean a person who gains the full power and becomes a beautfiul person after, not the fake mystics who just act calm.
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Ars notoria

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Does this stuff actually work?
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Is God Omnipotent?

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Well this is a bit obvious but I just need full clarification, I would prefer Bible hints or true Christians answering but all are welcome.
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Skinwalker stories???
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Hey /x/ so I started a website that uploads stuff from the darknet and I tried Google to see is if what I am doing is anyway illegal? I am posting stuff about how hack or how to kill a person basically all of the taboo shit.
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Testimonies from Hell...?

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Anyone see this shit? Apparently a girl from Ecuador went to hell and Jesus took her around.

Long story/short, she bascially saw celebrities there like MJ and Selena.

Does anyone else feel like this kind of scaremongering is what puts me off religion completely?
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The psychonaut field manual

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>tfw you realize thise board isliterally an echo chamber
>every post is nothing more than a different, seemingly schizophrenic opinion you share on any given topic
>we're all literally the same person, displaced by our notion of spacetime we not only have been lead to believe, but also taught ourselves
>once you stop fighting the opinions of "others" you begin to realize they all hold value, and you agree to varying degrees
>you were drawn to 4chan for this very reason
>you come here because you enjoy being agreed with/arguing down others who disagree with you//to "learn" things that seem oddly familiar all too often
>you strive to leave the 3 dimension world behind because you spend so much time endlessly arguing internally
>you fail to realize this is the essence of life, that your internal struggles are a reflection of the outward as much as your surroundings are the direct result of your thoughts and opinions

We're all one, /x/. Don't you feel it? We are free to succeed to the extent we perscribe ourselves. Stop fighting this revelation and start living it. We all have the innate ability and strenght to bend the physical world around us to our whim. Get out there and start living your dreams.
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