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What is going to happen to my consciousness when I sudoku

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I'm being compromised right now

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Sending out another message.

There are so many damn mind control rays being fired at my head I count three in my bedroom. They are probing my mind and although I can last, I don't know if I can last weeks. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Although they will never control me, they can know me, which is what I fear.
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Alright I need help. I've lived in rural Arkansas on lake Hamilton for about a month now and after the first week or so I've seen almost like a humanoid shaped foggy shadow while I was driving. I've mostly seen it at night but I've seen it twice during the day and it's always been ahead of me while I was driving, but by the time I get to where I see it, it's gone. I don't think it's my headlights projecting a shadow from anything because I've seen it during the day and the road I drive on is pretty clear. I always and I mean always feels a sense of dread driving down this road. The area is popular for deer but it seems bipedal but almost hunched over, similar to how a gorilla walks but it's front two legs/arms? aren't touching the ground. I'm not saying monsters or aliens or anything of the sort, but if anyone has at least the vaguest idea of what I'm talking about or could even rustle up some links related to what I'm talking about, I would really appreciate it. I don't know much of the history of the area, so I'll look into that and see what I can find. I really appreciate any help i can get with this.
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/x/ comics.

Last thread of this kind was really great, let's make an effort to have another one of that quality!
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Buddhist cosmology

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How much of Buddhist cosmology is typically accepted? How do you get past ideas like Mount Meru which doesn't seem to exist? Wouldn't this mean the Buddha was wrong? And how could 28 Buddhas have existed in such a short period of time for humans to have existed?
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Does Denying Your Tulpa Existence Make You A Bigot?

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Incessant arguments to life's important and impossible-to-answer questions are had on this discord server on a daily basis. If you think you can handle the struggle, then join (at your own risk).
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Any ancient techniques for healing fever?
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Why has twin flame mumbo jumbo taken up a large portion of new age/occult/magic forums? -_-
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could sleep deprivation be the pathway to inner peace?

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i have been awake for 48 hours and i truly feel at peace with the world, i feel more spiritual than i have ever been and it feels amazing.

how do i maintain this level of spirituality and zen after sleep
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