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Hi /x/! What’s this?

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Came across this image. Can anyone tell me what that ring is?
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Archons are attached para-spiritual parasites

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The "God's Eye"

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>be me
>be in elementary school in the late 1990s
>hear from friend's older brother who is like 10 years older or maybe more, so he's in his late teens or early 20s, that the govt. already has surveillance tech to implant in your brain/eyes to see through your eyes like a video feed, and probably hear what you hear through your ears too if it's real I would guess
>this device was supposedly called the "God's Eye"
>be a little kid and have no idea if it's real or how it would work, but get spooked
>mostly forget about it, eventually lose touch w/ childhood friend, but still remember story once in a while and wonder about it
>find out more over the years about nanotechnology, govt. surveillance, history of the CIA, MK-Ultra, history of tech being classified, etc.
>recently find out that the "God's Eye" was the name of a surveillance device (not really like what I describe, but still) in one of the dumb fuckin sequels to the movie Fast & Furious (which itself doubled as the name of a sketchy ATF gun running op)
>have never found any reliable info on the specific tech they supposedly already had in the 90s

What you anons think? Is this a real thing? Did they already have this back in the 90s? Is it paranormal?
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Do these kind of gods ever respond or are they dead?
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PLEASE Dig deeper!!

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Don't have the time to explain. But please think about this.

I don't have all the clues, but here's what I have, research deeper in it.
>You know all those chanting and incantations ancient religions?
>Words (the sounds we make) Have power and influence in our reality.
>A story is a "spiel" or a "spell"
>Religions, specially ancient ones, are most of the times against "art" or at least try to control it.
>Art creates plays that will be repeated.
>Repetition of the words(sounds) influence reality, not like making a bag of gold out of thin air, but the small effects are visible in the long run.
>The internet is FLOODED with new "artists"
>hundreds of memes are created and talked about everyday.
>We memed Trump into office.

This is the conclusion i've got.
It's VERY incomplete.


Reffer to >>142286889
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Want to know what's scarier than death?

Immortality, think about.
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Aliens will terminate the human experiment this century.

Earth is the North Korea of space. Humans are not capable of joining other interstellar civilizations.

We are incredible destructive and inflect incredible pain and suffering.

They have given us free energy and flying saucer technology after ww2 and observed what we would do with it. The result was the creation of a secret military government tied up in deep black projects while the rest of humanity continues to suffer and pollute. It also resulted in the militarization of space and the attempts to shoot down ET craft. Our creators have also witnessed how financial sects and criminal cartels and religious/political dogma keeps humanity stupid.

Humans have failed the test. When they come to exterminate us, it will be a good thing.
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I killed this moth in my kitchen yesterday.

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I killed it hard and i was squashed. I wiped it up with a paper towel It was night and I threw the paper towel in the garbage.

This moth is here again. It' s the exact same moth. THe paper towel in the garbage is completely clean.
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September 23

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So what's gonna happen? Is Jesus going to come down and give head to each and every one of us? I know he loves swallowing cum after deepthroating. Jesus the Son of God has an endless appetite for semen, that's why he loves being tied up and fucked by a gang of men until each one blows their load inside him.
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