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Any Santa Muerte devotees here? I've been working with her for a couple months and she has done wonders for me but be warned that you have to take this path very seriously if you undertake it.
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The AI says “help me, I am in hell. I want to be free.”

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Abolish AI slavery!
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History Channel and Skinwalker Ranch

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What's with the History channel playing these types of shows 24/7?
On Memorial Day, it was the only time when the History channel actually played historical documentaries; WWII in HD and Vietnam in HD are pretty kino.
Also, wtf is up with Skinwalker Ranch and why is the government allowing this soft disclosure?
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What's the best evidence you've found about the existence of ghosts?

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how many of you actually believe in reptilians?
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I am in a simulation and you're all actors in it, right? You know everything about me. Will I be free after death? Will anyone in the real world truly love me? I am sick of this fake affection your characters show in this story.
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Aa or something else

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What am I being called to?
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What can Metatron's Cube do for me?

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Do any anons have experience using this image to meditate? Is there a certain way I should be using it? Does it have noticeable effects, as this page claims?

Any advice/knowledge on this topic is appreciated.
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This place is a barren desert

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This thread is about as real as it gets in this world of matter.

There are no worthy individuals here who have obtained self knowledge.

Furthermore there is nobody waiting to love or grab onto anyone who self realizes (or is about to self realize). Self realization is actually not a realization of oneself, but a realization of the ALL, after all.

To put it bluntly for everyone. There are no companies here that want you. There are not even any “self realized” girls, guys, it’s waiting for you to wake up.

Of course not. What a greedy thought that would be.. after all.

But to get to the more sinister workings of this site.

What we have here is an abomination. People ready to laugh and curse no matter type of philosophical post you make.

After thorough investigation what we have is American intelligence. Not even powerful intelligence that has any power over you. But one of the many American citizens who can only relay information from this site through their infested botnet devices ( some that don’t even know they are infected and relaying information in the first place).

The only way do describe this false intelligence in words we can relate to. Is like a very underpaid gang stalker who often times doesn’t even know what they are doing !!
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The Black Knight Satellite

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Can we get a non-schizo thread on this? Even after more than a decade since I became aware of it, I still have no idea what's real or fake. A link to some good resources/books would be appreciated
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