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21 49 00.47 S 114 09 57.94E
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Monad Vs Demiurge

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>Monad: "Cuck yourself for life, no sex, no material pleasure of any kind so you can come stare at my infinite light like a fucking moth"

>Demiurge: take these redhead girls lol

me: *ponders choice*

(sorry about my last post mr mod, it was too racy for blue board even tho the girl was clothed I guess)
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E dot T dot Contact Dreams

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Pic related. Does anyone else on /x/ have dreams like this? I feel like I'm the only one on here who does.
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Doing dream interpretation for Free Part 66 on /x/

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Hello, it´s Dreaminterpretation time.
Give me your LAST dream, if its not, at least say it. Write it short, no novels or big stories.
Plain,simple but vivid and with detail.

What I need from you:
>Feeling during dream >Occured (e.g. right after i went to sleep,after i woke up, during a nap and so on)
>Dream itself
> (optional if you want a faster read, but not needed. If you use it, you will be prioritized)

Use the Website to give me more visuell content.
I know, under some circumstances, it´s not possible to create it there.

Dreams from the last thread can be reposted, if there was no interpreation.
Do not beg for being read.
Be nice, stay classy.
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Dead girl dumpster thread contd.
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please join our cult server we are looking for new members
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I'm in possession of Alien technology that would blow your mind.
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Madela Effect - Bitcoin pre-2008

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While I have heard of the Mandela Effect, I experienced it personally for the first time today. I am certain that I first learnt about Bitcoin no latter than fall 2007 and that I heard about it on 4chan. I can remember conversations I had with other people i knew in university and lost contact with shortly after. I graduated from University in 2008, but Bitcoin, according to Wiki wasn't launched until 2009 with the domain name registered August 2008 the summer after I graduated. So not only was I out of school, but I wasn't browsing 4chan at all after spring 2008 due to various reasons until I got pulled back in in late 2015 hungry for content with the Trump primary run.

Does anybody else remember hearing about Bitcoin pre-2008?
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You ever have anything freaky happen to you /x/?
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Any idea why Reddit is using symbols of Saturn? Pic related. Not everyone sees them but for some the subreddits have a Saturn symbol and there's on at the top of reddit itself.

It's irrelevant if reddit is a shithole or not. Point is, it's a huge website and uses Saturn pictures without any obvious reason.
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