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Occult Organizations, OTO, Thelema etc

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Do any of you have places like this in your town? We have a chapter of OTO in my city and this is the single cringiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Shower curtains around their faggy little strine, LARPing in egyptian garments as wizards. Reading the drug fueled ramblings of a mentally ill sociopath.

Truly one of the worst things I've ever seen.
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The Uncanny Valley

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This thread is dedicated to photos that hit the uncanny valley somewhat. I decided to make this thread and the face of Chopper is a tiny bit unnerving. I wanted to see what else people found or have seen that hit the uncanny valley.

>Inb4 that Toy Story short that was a precursor to Toy Story

>Inb4 five million pictures of Japanese robots

>Inb4 several pictures of things from former Eastbloc countreis

>Inb4 that teddy bear picture

>Inb4 Polar Express

>Inb4 five million creepy doll pics
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Owen Hart

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So, the rumor is that a 5 second clip of Owen Hart's death exists on the internet. Most people say it was on, or P2P sharing clients like Limewire or Kazaa. So, does anybody have any info on this clip, or does anyone have the clip?
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The mindgeek thread got deleted while we were having a discussion, so here I am recreating it.
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Andy Warhol is on the Moon in a Moon Museum

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Here is the Museum on the Moon:

Putting Andy Warhol on the Moon Again: The Mandela Effect and Ritual Energy
History is changing discussion:
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How does one live forever?

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/x/ please give me the tips or tricks to live forever?
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Chris Chan

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Do you think Chris Chan has some type of connection to the paranormal and that's why he's so fucked in the head?
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Check dis out

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So I know this isn't completely paranormal, but some of you here are oldfags and would like to revive the 'pool is closed' days, we're doing HABBO raids, there's the discord, join, we need you fellow anon's...


>be me
>See something spooky
>Get spooked
>Post it here
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Does /x/ know anything about these people?