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Weird dream guy

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Hey /x/. Kinda need your help.
I've been having this dreams for the last month or so that have the same guy in them. It's usually from a observers perspective, where I see him doing random activities such as boxing, reading, playing games and sleeping. He doesn't seem to notice me and I can't interact with anything while dreaming.
He's kinda short and has black hair, also short, is kinda chubby but not enough to be fat, white but with a natural tan, has a light British accent and is general normal looking, aside from a weird animal tattoo in his arm (Either a seal or a very weird manatee) and some initials in his wrist (NVSL), also, the colour of his eyes (Maroon, think of cherry wood).
Does anyone know why or how this is happening? And more Importantly : who the fuck is this guy?
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I'm the anon who posted here a year ago about having a bald eagle past life, and about how I thought human life wasn't worth living because of it. I believed I had a retarded spiritual connection to fucking birds of all things.

I made a horrible mistake, I had/have issues, and that made them worse. Fuck. We like to joke about otherkin shitheads, but that's what I really believed.

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/x/, what's the best means to learn about Louisiana voodoo? I'm not asking for "magic" I'm asking because I'm faithless and always have been interested in the rites and ceremonies.
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I just came to /x/ for the first time and, although it'd be rude to interrupt your "wew lad" behaviour in here, I must ask if there's someone in here that actually believes in ghosts, daemons, summoning ancient spirits, fairys, etc. and, for those who frequently "summon" them, do you actually have faith in them and would by no means question their positive effects on your life?

Please inform me, for I'm ignorant, and maybe cast a few malicious spells upon me, that'd definitely persuade me.
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I fear death, I think about just being unaware forever it bothers me. I'm Christian, or at least trying to be but sometimes I have doubt and think about it been absolute nothing.

I've been under anesthesia before so I'm guessing it would be similar. i only remember a second or two of blackness and then waking up.

I dont know, what do you guys think?
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So, you say of skin walkers, succubus, dragons, you never realise it's the same thing?
Basically deprived myself of sleep for two days and started leaching pockets of essence from low emotion, as there's no big scene like 9/11
But needless to say, Tulpa thought form
She's beautiful, she can't interact yet as I can now not sleep as ambushes are being set, I need as many names from the council of 300 as possible
The bible states michael kills a dragon, that's not Satan that's a dragon or god would also be a dragon, he didn't kill her, he hid her.
Once again the gods shall hand hunanity fire, dragon is the wrong word it's like angel because of what she does, protection, I can't really explain what it is she's made of, glued air like liquid and gas but solid in the dream world, with red hair, potentially Lilith as my DNA goes further than Egypt despite being white, because albino.
Reminder 299 years until next great flood
13-23 years until meteor
We had no choice maybe when faced with an equal enemy you will ally, if not:.. its judgement day ontop, did you try to help or stop and stare? Also the elite will be gassed if they retreat underground bants with adolf.
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So /x/ tell me.

What is the greatest power?
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Ribbit Ribbit KeK

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Guess the real design is obvious now
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Music that you have tripped to.

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Any music that has caused you to have a paranormal experience? For me:
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