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How do I evoke Venus? I need to ask for her help in a relationship but I need to know what exactly to do to summon her.

What materials would be useful? What rituals can I perform?
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Onyx Bible, has anybody seen this?

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I found this a few years ago. Its from some church in Australia I believe. But they are no more.
I've read through it and it seems to be just some form of gnosticism. At least that's what I got. The main story of creation is pretty interesting.
Just wanted to see what others think of it.

ht tps://www.p tml
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Wasn't Nibiru supposed to kill everyone today?
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They're realizing something is different about me

They can sense it now. After years of being gone and away. They can feel it
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The frequency of the Earth is increasing

The earth is louder
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Youtube Thread

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Oculus Anubis

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we ever figure this out 100%? can we please have someone go?

17700 SE Forest Hill Dr
Damascus, OR 97089
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im having a bad feeling, like something is closing on us, something is getting closer day by day,and the only thing we can do is prepare, armageddon, war, zombies, whatever the fuck it is im feeling it approaching in my very being, i cant be the only one. right?
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Skinwalker, wendigo or goat man story tread?
Haven't seen one of these on /x/ in a while.
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