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How to make contact?

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So I'm reading a book right now (by Montalk) and it details the main alien races that come to this planet. Greys, Reptillians, Nordics and so on.

I've heard from good sources that these fuckers exist.

Question is how do I meet with them? Or communicate with them? I'm not afraid of them at all and would cooperate if they wanted to experiment.

No drugs.
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Opinions on NightTerrors? I think he does a decent job and presents relavent, non-over-memed topics. Wish his voice wasn't deathly boring and monotone, tho.

No, I'm not Bill Madon, just a fan.
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Mandela Effect

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Possible residue from old Samsung logo without upside down V from home video footage.
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All this kek, forced meme,frog guy is just the reptilians preparing humans for the big reveal?

>"Hey look at this cute amphibian frog guy isn't he so adorable. What? Lizard people, hehe don't be silly anon! *soon.jpg*"
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Padre Pio

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Was he for real? Don't ever remember seeing a thread about him here.
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The Antichrist will be artificial intelligence.
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Lately have you been experiencing disturbed sleep. This can be vivid nightmares or waking up in the middle of the night with a mysterious sense of unease like you are being watched from something that means you harm?

It seems that a few people are experiencing this right now and I want to see if this phenomenon is confined to Britain or if it is international.
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What are the Shriners, really?

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I have ALLOT of family in the Shriners; is it more than an old man frat that helps kids in hospitals?
The family I have that are currently Shriners I don't talk to much, the one I did talk to allot(grandpa) passed away(a while ago, before this kinda thing grabbed my attention).

Would definitely appreciate a basic gestalt.
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>be me
>be outside with mum, getting out of car
>looking at the stars
>see a strange red and green flashing light
>flashs red, then green
>small green lights beside it
>its just flying slowly across the sky
> ok its a helicopter or plane or some shit
>talking with mom, look back
>fuckin' soars in the opposite direction that it was heading in

i've never really believed in UFOs, someone wanna explain what this might be?

pic related, i took a picture of it with my shitty iphone camera, you can only see the big green light
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