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Chi energy manipulation

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Was it a hoax,or some kind of magic trick?
This man hold sawdust inside his mouth and used Chi to burn it.
your thought /x/ ?
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Are these guys just lying or what? Everybody talks shit about corey and david on here but nobody says why.
Is it just because they can't substantiate their claims? How many people in the disclosure community actually can substantiate their claims?
I just want to know the truth, /x/. I'm so tired
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Red-pill me on sleep deprivatio life style.
Is it because tesla and davinci slept like 2-hours ?
Are brain drugs released during a night waken up?
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Spooky Stories thread, I'll start (also cant greentext for shit)

>be me
>giant mountain right next to the city i live in
>decide i'll go hiking (never been hiking before, heard its nice)
>put on generic spotify playlist
>8pm when I left, 10pm when I reached the top of the mountain
>start to head back
>around 11pm when "For What It Is Worth" starts playing
>get this eerie feeling
>"There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear"
>hear a stick break not so far from me
>bolted down what I deemed to be the appropriate path
>dont look back
>11:35 and im home already
>lock the front door
>never go hiking again
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Why was masonry only open to men?

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Until recently where there are some female lodges or lodges oepened to women, still most lodges are men only. I find this very hypocritical considering masons have been pushing feminism and equal representation on everyone except for them
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Holy cow! I never believed in astrology but I just checked mine (detailed one with exact place and date of birth and its just crazy how much it fits. Its not just phrases like "he likes harmony" but really detailed descriptions about the problems I had and have and all the things in good at like. Normally Id still be quite sceptical even though the long description I got fits very well because im always sceptical about new things (this was also in my report) but a transscript from a mediums spirit conversation stated this:

What role does astrology play in our spiritual path?

The only comment that we have to say about that is, at the moment, the second that you choose to move into your consciousness into a human body, at that very second, at that very time in that very place, there is no other individual in that very exact location in that very exact spot at that very exact time that has come into a human life. Beyond that, we have no comment.

My take on this is that a human body needs some kind of basic personal structure like a BIOS or talent tree like in WoW. It might would have been a problem if there was no astrology working. Maybe we would all be too similar. Maybe this system just makes this a more diverse learning progress. The other way around maybe the stars are there to give us a better understanding like it is mentioned somewhere in the bible.

What do you think?
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Wtf is up with all this bombing going on?

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So about a day has passed since my "vision"-prediction that "K B dark skinned, dark haired (possibly ponytail) lady in a bright one-piece dress will get exploded into dismemberment during a basketball game (or on a basketball arena, wooden floor, something basketball related) with a crowd behind her, as she holds a microphone (to sing/talk?)". Some Anon quickly did some searching and we got a possible hit for a future event.

Today, searching through news articles, there's just a fuckload of news related to bomb explosions.
- Bomb explosions in Europe, Spain.
- Bomb explosions in South America, Colombia.
- Bomb explosions in Africa.
- Bomb explosions in Asia, India, Thailand.
- Bomb explosions in Middle-East, Syria.
- Some dude caught in North America as he was trying to bomb explode some shit, Washington DC.

I remember the "good old days" when a bombing happened like once few months, now it's almost two-digits bombings per day? What the fuck?

Btw, about the prediction. Not sure if that's it, would be fastest "vision"-to-event-yet, but:
- K. B. - Kolumbia Bogota (Colombia is Kolumbia in my language), 21+ people + XX injured in a bombing, check
- A dark skinned, dark lady got dismembered by explosion, check
- Crowd, check
- Bright one-piece dress, unsure, no details provided yet
- Wooden floor, unsure, no details provided yet
- Basketball, unsure but seems unlikely unless they got exploded next to a basketball field which seems unlikely as it happened on a police academy campus (do those campuses have basketball courts?)
- Microphone, unsure, no details provided, but very likely as it was a graduation ceremony
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What's the dumbest thing you have seen someone here unironically believe in?
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Antartica Project

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Still gauging interest for the Antartica Project.

The mission in a nutshell:

>assembling a team of diverse people ready for an adventure-of-lifetime
>Figuring out the logistics and feasability
>assembling the funding
>goin to Antartica and seeing things for ourselves
>broadcast a feed 24/7 of the excursion

>probably all die in the process

Any interest in the mission can reach us here:

log 1: we have a dozen people already interested (only 3 people interested to be part of the actual expedition tho). We are developing right now a way to broadcast the video-feed of go-pros thru HAM radio. One guy is coding something in Python and each team member will have a go-pro on their head...still figuring the back-end with raspberry pi’s. If anyone is knowledgeable, pls reach to us!
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