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>no remains have been found
Where did he go
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Please help with dream interpretation

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I had a dream when I was visited by demonette.
It started like I was waking up from my nap but I was still obviously (a dream within a dream) only to realize something is stroking my back.
I was watching the action from third-person perspective and I saw a entity which was composed out of white, porcelain mask that resembled face of a woman. Behind the mask, there was chaotic, coloful mess of flesh and tentacle-like appendages.
Later, it took more human-like form (which resembled my favorite actress, lol), pulled my head close to her breasts and asked "can you feel the beat of my heart?". I was still experiencing this in third-person and I remember seeing various buldings on the ground, it seemed like we were cuddling high in the sky.
Later, I woke up with the sound of my heartbeat in my ears.
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How do I into Theistic Satanism

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I want to become cool and edgy and wear all black and walk outside at night sacrificing goats and hang in cemeteries with my newfound satanist buddies and have orgies with hot goth girls
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Why cover up a Flat Earth?

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What are the spiritual implications of Flat Earth model being correct? What are the intentions of decieving the public about this?
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What is consciousness? Because it seems like most people think everyone has one, but from my perspective consciousness can only exist one at a time. It's like a TV, you can't split the screen, you can only watch one POV, unless I will become you after I die.
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Sleep Paralysis

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A couple hrs ago I was taking a nap, in a bedroom I don't usually sleep in

Suddenly I wake up, I can't move at all, like barely can move a single muscle

I hear a chilling, loud, like some kind of demon/beast right above me, loudly breathes, exhaling extremely loud like some kind of dragon

And all of a sudden my body gets rushed by terror and paralyzed once again

Then, once again, I hear that chilling loud demon breathing, and my entire body gets paralyzed once again.

then a few seconds after that it left me, and I could move again

Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Was it a demon?
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Anons, red pill me on the cult of Mithra.
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Remote Viewing Request

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Long story short: I accidentally deleted some messages a friend sent me before I was able to read them. Would anyone be able to remote view the messages and let me know what they said? It could be good practice for you if you are developing the technique.