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>he doesn't believe in the paranormal
>he still comes to a paranormal board
you people don't actually do that, do you?
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Anyone know the backstory behind this pic? I remember reading about it long ago but i cant find it now and its bugging me
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Pictures of demons

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Is this real? Or another case of "looks like a thing, but isn't a thing"

Post photos
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Hey Flat Earth Fags, Explain This for me

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its called an Analemma, it is a timelapse photograph of the sun taken at the exact time time on throughout the year, why is the sun in different positions in the sky?
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The Flat Earth Program

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The objective is simple. Send a balloon with a camera and a transmitter attached to it as high as possible

>Work that needed to be done:
>1)Find a way to livestream directly from a camera
>2)find a transmitter that could transmit some kind of messsage repeatedly into space

That's the hard part and if we can manage to do that we can easily do the rest
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Is the increase in Frog related news and happenings in recent times the result of KEK being unleashed on the world? Or is it simply confirmation bias I am experiencing?
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You guys played it yet? I know this isn't /v/ but this game is basically /x/ the game, plus the music and sounds of the game makes me nightmarishly erect
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More Buddhist Art like this

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Post some dope ass art like this (it doesn't even have to be Buddhist per say)
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Hey /x/. Does anyone have the video of Christine Chubbuck's suicide? Probably been discussed to death but I haven't seen the footage, ever.
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