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Achieve advanced control of your mind

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hi its me again /x/

Who of you tried to gain more control over your mind and body? Here's what i am able to achieve:
>boost memory capabilities
>increase muscle strength
>reduce pain
>increase stamina
>control emotions

How? Turn your mind into laboratory of experiments, be very open minded, but dont attach yourself too much to ideas that look attractive. Try discovering feelings that dont ussualy attracts your attention, i could give you this analogue: if you close your eyes, what do you see? most of you, i assume, will say nothing but dark blackness, but if you pay more attention, you will notice little pixels of light. Liberate yourself from any expectations when delving into the mind because mind is complex and dynamic thing.

so ask me anything
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Hey Kids YouTube

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Anyone have mirrors to the Hey Kids YouTube channel? YouTube deleted it awhile back.
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What do you think of
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What's /x/'s latest memes?

I know people are still predicting the end of the world.

the one chick who shot herself on live news

"really makes you think"

Hey... what ever happened to Aerith the pink cat namefag?
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Is anybody else experiencing a disturbance in the force?
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Story time /x/

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Name a story that made your adrenaline peak.

I'll start

>be me 12 yo at the time
>go for a walk with a friend at midnight
>stray about 2 miles from home
>near narrow streets/ ghetto area
>look down the street and see a large figure with a trench coat on
>person or whatever it was starts walking to me and friend
>me and friend thinking wtf
>the emotionless looking thing gets close so me and friend starts walking faster
>the thing is closer so me and my friend starts to run
>adrenaline sets in so running fast
>call the cops to search the area for the person or thing rather
>cops couldn't find the the thing
> must have been a entity or something
your turn
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what is the story behind this?
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Meditation/Qi/Chi general

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What's your opinion on Chi spheres and how do you use them?

I don't really have a purpose but to calm myself down. I've heard of influencing emotions and such but never really got /that/ into it.
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