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Hey guys, how do I summon a succubus?
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I am a unicorn, ask me anything

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Download links for Sad Satan

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Anyone know how where i can get a download link for sad satan. It looks terrifying and I wanna play it but cant find any download links
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What have you SEEN?

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Not in your dreams, astral travels, meditations, imaginations, nor in some dark hallway, bedroom, or forest where you were pretty sure, but not absolutely sure you saw something.

What is the craziest, most supernatural, paranormal thing that you are 100% positive that you visually, physically witnessed?

Myself? The actual Violet Flame. Will elaborate if there's any interest.
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Good Luck Chuck

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Spiritual emergence or psychosis

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Two years ago, I had the most extraordinary experience. It felt realer than anything else I've ever experienced in my life, yet it was so very out of the ordinary, well it's hard to explain.

I was wondering if some of you anons have experienced something similar or what your thoughts on something like it are?
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Creepy pictures thread
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Saw recently in a vid that "Ur" is an esoteric term for fire/spirit/essence/source/etc.. Haven't been able to find any sources for this definition and it's hard to find good search results for a two letter search term. Anyone know what system/tradition/language may have used "ur" in this way? Or any other definitions you know from any tradition/system/etc.?