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Strongest Evidence of Technological Hording

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Honestly aliens are very interesting, and their alleged co-relation to this subject is why I'm posting this thread in /x/. I want to know what 4chan knows about Cold Fusion, Zero Point Energy, and evidence of Technological Hording in military and corporate sectors; all the way down to the patent office, and what it means for our society as it stands in the decades to come.
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What is this?
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What in the fuck are the black triangle UFOs? Man made? Alien?
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Conspiracy stuff

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Back in December I put together a pastebin of conspiracy links. I've updated it some, and I thought the /x/philes might be interested.
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How do i sell my soul to play the blues?
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Why is Solomon associated with the occult?
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can a child/teen under the age of 18 go to hell if they die and have done something sinful knowing it was bad?
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Advanced Esoteric Ufology

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We share this planet with a small population of highly intelligent hominids of a seperate but similar species that diverged from the majority population long ago likely as a competitor. (not "bigfoot")

>This differs from the Extraterrestrial Hyothesis as a more rational means to explain a more broad range of phenomena. It addresses the a priori and least likely assumtion that these set of phenomena originate from a planet other than our own.
>This also adresses the anthropological phenomena of lack in observable variation amongst hominoids now compared to the not so distant past. Where did they all go? Why are humans the most genetically similar discontinous sub category compared to the continuous specie variation present in all other life? has it been hidden? are we being lead to not question?

These hominids would be similar enough to pass as human but genetically divergent enough that an offspring with homo sapiens would be infertile (like a mule). They would be numerically inferior and nomadic, lacking a specific geographical orgin or homeland in the present time. They would likely maintain their existence amonst the human population through obfuscation by placing themselves where they can influence the human population by secrecy, deception, and social conditioning. They would be talented in areas humans are not, and likely capable of maintaining aliances with select groups of humans. Author Mac Tonnies dies in his sleep in 2009 at the age of 34 from sudden heart failure before publishing his book 'Cryptoterrestrials' (pic related) and just as he began to reveal his conclusions on his blog ( and in various interviews on television and in podcasts (see below). breif summary by Mac Tonnies:
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Ancient Indian cave painting.

Poor depiction by ancient human artist?

Or... Perfect depiction by an advanced civilization of a coastline at Antarctica, and a large structure beneath the water/ice ?
Looks like Antarctica coastline to me guys, with a perfect depiction of ocean water.

What say ye?
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