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What kind of people does Odin favor?
>inb4 whites
I mean I guess I’m white but my middle name is Rodrigo.
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Yesterday I saw an extra dimensional being. It appeared then disappeared after I saw it. It was like a humanoid, short in stature, with weird bulbous black eyes, yellowish skin. Have you guys seen anything like that before?
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Scientists have just found a MASSIVE crater that fell into the North Pole only 12.000 years ago, buried under a thick glacier.

The asteroid or comet that caused the crater fell into Greenland only 12.000 years ago, exactly the time where the Ice Age abruptly stopped.

The massive amounts of ice the impact moved into the sea might have caused massive, global, tsunamis.
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Meaning of pants

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I had a dream where something very odd happened with my pants and I want to know what the pants meant.

>I was friends with a little girl, she was like 7
>she invited me for her birthday party and I found out she was the daughter of some rich ass magnate at her party
>their backyard was so big it had a golf course in it and even an artificial trail, it made other Mansions look like RVs
>they also had a really rude butler
>I was the only one besides her dad, the butler and [????? probably some other employee] on her party
>he borrowed each of us a super fancy pickup truck to race in the trail of their mansion and the girl rode with me
>after the race we sang Happy birthday and ate cake, all pickups were in the garage but [????] disappeared and only my pickup was muddy
>I think I lost my pants in the middle of the race? because I remember telling the butler I lost my pants and the fucker told me to go into the trail to look for it (aka it's not you that I work for)
>but I had other pants on and just forgot about those
>after everything it was really late and we were having snacks on the yard and we heard some rustling a bit far into the trail
>her dad told her to check on it (maybe a birthday surprise?)
>one of the maid started screaming in a different language, girl started crying and went away
>dad kinda apologized and told me to go home
>in the morning of the other day I really wanted my lost pants so I decided to go there
>the police raided their mansion
>there were dozens, almost a hundred shallow graves by where the rustle was
>with 2 empty Graves, one for an adult and one for a child, her dad was a serial killer and wanted to kill me and her
>and he went missing
>I kinda hanged around to comfort the girl but after some time the police started looking for him in his property and I don't remember how many staryed with us but if any stayed he disappeared
>because while the girl was napping it started raining and I was talking to a maid
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What does /x/ know about this place?
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So you've decided to become a supreme being

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is buddhism and enlightenment the path to a higher existence?
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When I go to sleep and wake up, I feel the same "chi" like energy when I meditate that surges through my body but instead in my head. Is my brain manifesting my imagination in real life or this some part of enlightenment???
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Eyes wide shut is a documentary.
Kubrick died because he tried to show the world.
The ending got butchered.
He knew too much... Reality is truly stranger than fiction.

Space odyssey hides a lot of occult truth.
We have to overcome our own tools - AI if we wish to evolve into a multidimensional entity
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Was it the Illuminati???
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