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I've never liked the silence. Ever. At first I thought it was just something I were scared of. For no reason. But as I grew up, I realized that there was a reason. There had always been a reason.
I've always slept with my creaky ceiling fan running. No matter how cold it was. I'd take extra blankets, I'd shiver but I'd never switch the creaky thing off. Because I knew how much I dreaded the silence.
Because I knew that once it was silent, I'd hear them.
At first, it had started out as soft hissing noises. I'd pretend to ignore it. But then I'd realized that it sounded like someone was whispering something. To me. It took me time to decipher them. And I finally did. I'd never forget that.
They had told me about the Underworld. Hell. The place where everyone went once they died. There was no heaven. There was only hell. They told me about the creatures there, how every monster I've ever feared was real. They told me terrible things.
Then they told me how my grandfather's soul was inching closer. To hell. To death.
I remembered being at my grandpa's funeral the very next day, shaking, more out of fear than grief.
They were real. It was real.
Since then, I've never allowed the silence to envelop me while I sleep. I'm scared I'll hear them. The things they spoke about still gave me nightmares.
I've never slept in complete darkness either.
Because that's when I see them.
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what can you tell me about cattle mutilations /x/? after watching this documentary i want to know more
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Discuss conmen

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Post conmen
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my red is your red

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My red must be your red too.
There are two colours which we all know we interpret the same way:
Black and white. Black being the absence of light and white being light itself.
So if 2 colours look the same,
And if white people are said to be closer to the colour white and black people closer to the colour black:
Then my red is your red too because the Black Eyed Peas are mostly black and Filipino.
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Yo /x/ bros , here's my story
>Be me
>Late at night , really spooky outside
>Sitting outside in my courtyard just looking at the stars
>Suddenly ufo flies over my house
>Jaw drops instantly , can't talk feels like i have a sock in my throat , start crying instantly
>Ufo didn't make any sound , it seemed to be shacking and it was round also almost invisible
>Just sit there for another 2 minutes after it flew over my house
>Enter house shocked and sit on the side of the bed for a few hours contemplating the meaning of the universe

Also pic is not related , it's a picture of a ufo i snatched by accident while trying to record a star , it's so bright cause i enhanced the lightning.Reverse search it anywhere you won't find it.

So any other /ufo/ bros here that want to share their stories?
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I've been hearing this sound outside all night yesterday.
Does anyone know what kind of animal this could be? I have never heard such a thing before.
(This was recorded at about 2 AM. Might be a bit quiet, tried my best to get rid of some of the background noise)
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I was part of a cult called convocation of the new Messiah would you like to hear?
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Really late answer to some anon

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Yo, im the anon from the lilith post yesterday. >>20652120

So, to the anon that was wondering what book I read, this is it:

Tonight nothing much happened, but I did hear bells as I was falling asleep, which is weird since there's no metal objects in my room.

Anyways, if I decide to continue with this shit, what do you guys recommend me to read up on/do?
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Wizard Powers

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>Be me 29 year old virgin.
>Have waited my whole life for this.
>Tomorrow I turn 30
>Long have I hungered for wizard powers, for decades I have fought off the advances of the vagina-kin, I wanted power, not bitches.
>11:59 I am shaking, I quickly double check everything; tendies, check. Milk, check. Ancient tomes of occult knowledge, check.
>The clock nears 12.
>It turns.
>A surge of power overcomes me, like orgasm times a thousand. By body feels as if it's ripping apart, I reach for my tendies as they are the only thing that can save me now.
>Ogre hands knock tendies off table as I spasm with power.
>I try to grab the milk but to no avail, upon touching the glass it explodes into magical dust.
>These are dark times.
>I can no longer handle this power surging through me
>I scream in an ancient language as to redirect the power level increase from killing me.
>The universe answers
>The power surge slows to a steady stream.
>I am like the gods now.
>Summon up new tendies and milk.
>Pic is mfw
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