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Bigfoot sightings in rural NY

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Share those paranormal feels

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Before I fall back into Nothing,
please hold me really tight,
your heartbeat I want to feel,
before the sting of the abyssal night.

"Don't be scared"
the love eats the fear,
unconditional love is sacred",
the angel whispers in my ear.

there in her embrace,
fear and doubt fade away,
as I look up at her face,
she consume the black and grey.

love's more than a word,
it cannot be described,
a substance rarely heard,
from her love I cannot hide.

"I descend to this experience,
"We were always one,"
the eternal flame is mysterious,
and in the dark there is a sun.

I let go of all my fears,
as the angel holds my face,
wiping away the tears,
in her eyes I see loves infinite embrace...
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I don't feel too good. Any practices or meditations to fight illness?
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>be psychiatry student
>see the same /x/-related delusions over and over again
>start to wonder if it isn't all real
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Post some ESSENTIAL /x/-related reading please.

I'm primarily interested in mystical stuff.
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Are these guys just lying or what? Everybody talks shit about corey and david on here but nobody says why.
Is it just because they can't substantiate their claims? How many people in the disclosure community actually can substantiate their claims?
I just want to know the truth, /x/. I'm so tired
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Red-pill me on sleep deprivatio life style.
Is it because tesla and davinci slept like 2-hours ?
Are brain drugs released during a night waken up?
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Spooky Stories thread, I'll start (also cant greentext for shit)

>be me
>giant mountain right next to the city i live in
>decide i'll go hiking (never been hiking before, heard its nice)
>put on generic spotify playlist
>8pm when I left, 10pm when I reached the top of the mountain
>start to head back
>around 11pm when "For What It Is Worth" starts playing
>get this eerie feeling
>"There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear"
>hear a stick break not so far from me
>bolted down what I deemed to be the appropriate path
>dont look back
>11:35 and im home already
>lock the front door
>never go hiking again
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Why was masonry only open to men?

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Until recently where there are some female lodges or lodges oepened to women, still most lodges are men only. I find this very hypocritical considering masons have been pushing feminism and equal representation on everyone except for them
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