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Lucid dreaming thread? Any experiences to speak of? Perhaps tips to aid in dreaming?
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>Be me
>Vidya addict
>Play 4 hours/day ez
>Get into lucid dreaming
>Dream about playing games
>Dreams start to connect
>Design game from scratch in dream
>Fabricate several hundred players
>They have personalities
>Play 7 hours a night
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Any notable criptids or spooks in the West Virginian area that one should know about?
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So real talk, excluding the Freemasons because they're fucking boring, are there any secret societies that dabble in the Occult and still recruit today?
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>Live in Florida my whole life
>Never even heard a regional urban legend
Is there anything in florida worth getting spooped by?
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What does /x/ think happens when you die?

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I've been thinking about my death a lot recently, and I'm curious what people's thoughts are. Is there a heaven? Am I reincarnated? Or do I just decay and that's that?
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The elite/secret societies control a time machine

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This guy describes his experience interacting with it. Apparently they have to use children, like in the show Stranger Things.
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My life is odd

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So there's some particularly weird things that happen to me. Nothing 100% like seeing a ghost or anything like that. (cept as a child but I wouldn't really say it's a ghost, I was young and it was naptime, but I did that think that kids to if they have a bunk bed and tucked the sheet under the top bunk to have a little fort. I remember a black, cartoony circle face smiling at me in one of the inside corners. I was brave enough to pull it down after a bit, but it was in my closet, but instead of being a circle face, it was one of those halloween flashlights with the jack-o-lantern as the top. Only It was pitch black instead of orange and the face just stared at me. I forced myself to go back to sleep.) But more things that happen too often or just that they occur in general that makes me think it's no mere coincidence.

1. So I have this weird talent of being able guess or influence reality or whatever super slightly. It's never anything I do on purpose, it's like getting something you halfheartedly wanted, but not as much as you'd like something full heartedly. Like for instance, I really wanted some chinese food, so I made some fried rice. My mother brought home chinese food at the end of the day, without anyone in the house suggesting it to her. What makes it so weird is we don't eat takeout too often, it's somewhat expensive to us. That's just one of them. It's hard to remember them except more recent ones. Sometimes when listening to shuffled playlists I'll think about I song that'd I like to hear and shuffle will play it. They never happen on purpose, but one time as a middle schooler after telling my cousin about it, I tried to prove it by saying what type of commercial will show up next. "I said something about football" which, if I'm being honest is kind of a broad guess, but a brighthouse commercial played and in the middle of it they referenced a sports package or something and showed a little clip of some football players.
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Soul mates thread

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Are soul mates real? What about twin flames? How do I get in touch with my soul mate or twin flame?
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