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72 hours no sleep

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have anyone tried to stay awake for more than 72 hours? i heard that you start to hear voices at the first 24 hours and after that they become louder and once you pass the 48 hours you might experience visual hallucinations. im just curious if anyone have done that before
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Was it another nothing burger?
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UH, where AM I?
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There's this ghost in my room and it keeps taunting me in the middle of the night. I almost broke my toes falling up the stairs last night because it starting dragging my robe towards me. How do I get it to fuck off it's starting to piss me off now
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/ceg/ Christian Esotericism General #14

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No more Tarot edition!

Christian Esotericism is the inner and/or mystical aspect of the Christian Religion, it includes:
>Christian Gnosis (Clement of Alexandria)
>Desert Fathers Spirituality (Evagrius Ponticus)
>Catholic Contemplative Tradition (Bonaventure)
>Hesychasm (Gregory Palamas)
>Chivalry (Wolfram von Eschenbach)
>Christian Alchemy (Roger Bacon)
>Rhineland Mysticism (Meister Eckhart)
>Christian Cabala (Johannes Reuchlin)
>Paracelsianism (Paracelsus)
>Rosicrucianism (Robert Fludd)
>Christian theosophy (Jakob Böhme)
>Martinism (Louise Claude de Saint-Martin)
>Swedenborgianism (Swedenborg)
>Magical Idealism (Novalis)
>Romanticism (Baader)
>Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner)
>Sophiology (Sergei Bulgakov)
>Christian Hermeticism (Valentin Tomberg)
>Fourth Way (Boris Mouravieff)
>Christian Traditionalism (Jean Borella)
And much more, so let's continue to talk about it!

>Resources (WIP)
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The black death was a noblemen cover up
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Revelation 1:7

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> - [7] Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.
What do you think this prophecy entails precisely? It has so many details packed into a single verse. We know that it will be impossible for people to deny that Christ returned because every eye will see Him, we know that "those who pierced Him" is the remnant of those who call themselves Jews (Matthew 27:25 says, "Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children."), we know that the many other nations that aren't acknowledging of Christ at all, neither from the positive (Christian) or negative (Jewish) standpoint, will be upset just as the jews are.
It is clear that the parting of the firmament will be an event so special and miraculous that it is the sequel to the parting of the seas below, but this time it's the seas above.
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Mary Magdalene

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A series of synchronicities have led me to believe that the rumors are true: Mary Magdalene carried the bloodline of Christ to Marseille and founded the Merovingian dynasty. What do I do with this information? Someone who knows more please point me to the next step.
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Religion is retarded

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Religion is the belief that some child molester from thousands of years ago holds all the secrets of the universe even though nobody can even agree on what he actually taught. This is true no matter what religion you adhere to. If you believe in religion as an adult you are an NPC.
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