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What the fuck was his problem?
Also, what are the most interesting land criptids?
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Ideas for Horror Movies/Stories

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Anyone have any good ideas for /x/ related movies or stories that they're willing to share?

I'll start. I'm not a believer in the Mandela effect, but it would be cool to have a horror movie where we follow our protagonist as things begin to change in reality and maybe the protag. is the only one who notices.

It would be especially interesting if multiple versions were released with subtle differences to add some meta-scares.
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sory for bad english.

i found this in town

can anyon explain?
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Missing 411 Movie

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Was it worth the $20+ and waiting for snail mail?
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Leaked grey alien footage from KGB agent in Russia

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What's the best book on Charles Manson, /x/?

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Conciousness: the adoration of idiots

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Conscious entities are chaos with self-sufficient order, that's it. There is nothing good about it because the more things that exist unto themselves at various levels the longer the reconciliation of things takes. Any consciousness needs its own particular conditions to exist and thrive and proliferate. Its a zero sum game, if one form of consciousness has transmuted some matter and energy into its own sustaining force then it was necessarily stolen from some other consciousness either laterally or from a lower consciousness. Even if its stolen laterally, say from another human, the collective consciousness will be deprived and the debt will eventually need to be paid by the siphoning soul. This is the principle of entropy. Its why ordered states are broken up so easily and less equitably put back together. Because the state of order is only ordered to lower forms of consciousness. But a stubborn mess is no different than any other kind of mess. That goes for a human or the social body or a deity. So there is actually nothing to celebrate in having personal consciousness and this is easy to understand because of entropy.
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> REAL alien picture gets posted
> all of a sudden after deletion, 100+ photo shopped images of aliens gets posted

There are literally people on payroll to disinfo on shitty corners of the internet
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Ocyphius - Odyssey of Ascension

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