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Km living in eastern europe because of work.
I found an apartment for very cheap rent. Its an xixth century house. I havent sleeped more than 2 hours straight since i got here. There is this sealed attic in my room, like there is no door it looks sealed on purpose but i can still notice the lines.
Suddenly its fucking cold and i have heater, i see fucking weird movents just on the límit of my field of vision and these fucking weird nightmare every night. Its very short, but every fucking night, the door of the attic pops off and this ladder comes down crashing and i run for the door but when i reach were the door is, its just wall. Then i wake up. And every day i have to open all the windows to vent the apartment. Ill put photos
I have never beleived un this shit and i think its just my brain connecting stuff but i just have this stress like inside me i dont want to be here.
Also from the 4 rooms of the house for rent, its just me living here which is weird because of the price. Tomorrow ill call the landlord
Ill post photos
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/Sum/ Goetia General (Beginners Edition)

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Please don't delete these threads for no reason, thanks.
Welcome to the new /sum/ threads.

Easy to understand guide to start out with the Goetia:


/Sum/ General is meant for people to ask questions, share experiences, share information about the Goetia, and share your own methods. Hope you all have a good day, thanks.
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Do you believe cats have special powers?

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Pic related. Ancient Egyptians fascination and worship of cats always interested me. I also feel like cats are a good judge of character and have some sort of connection with stuff (most) people can't see or feel. What are your thoughts /x/?
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Is divination "Satanic"/bad?
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I'm looking for a spell or demon to summon to curse two people as badly as possible. I will be seeing them at a convention soon. Any suggestions?
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Hey /x/. I am 23 y/o, psychology major living on the West Coast United States, and I have been studying Kek related phenomena almost since the theory first appeared in the 4chan hivemind.
I primarily focus on Kek related paranormal experiences in individuals, rather than major world events. Obviously anyone can easily tie Kek's powers to something like the Donald Trump presidency, but has anyone actually had any experience with Kek's powers in their personal lives, perhaps in connection to traditional worship of the ancient Egyptian Diety by said individual? That's what I set out to answer.
My findings are of course mixed, most people however tend to agree that Kek has influenced their lives, and usually in a positive manner. Most of these people who make these claims also tend to be Chaos Magick practitioners, and incorporate it into their worship.
My goal here? To compose a thread of theories, accounts, and facts, to figure this out for yourselves.
But Im sure youre looking for a story?
I have been a staunch Kek worshiper for 2 years, and many strange things have been happening. Often its good things, or simply benign. Nothing crazy enough for a story though.
In conclusion
Praise Kek! Hail Knight Trump!


Kek worshiper ama
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