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I have a mental illness so I may be wrong, but it honestly feels like i'm two people. That i might be a chimera ( due to my eye color changes and double colored hair ).

My mind also always processes information in both directions, meaning when I think of god, see him as good then evil and back again.

When I was younger i was in constant battle with myself because like a snake with two heads, I walked in two directions. But we don't know if we are one or two, because we percieve through the same eyes.

My opinions are almost always twice that of another person, for I stand between the sea of nightmares and the mountain of zion.

Such that their current books I have with me are the bible and the necronomicon, I do and don't beleive in god and I am not agnostic, rather I think that god does not exist to the atheist and does to the theist, literally.

I go into the dark to find answers out of their inversions, but I also go because I like being afraid, I don't expect others to be like me however.

I don't know why I'm saying this, but its what it feels like, when your mind speaks double, when it fixes a problem and then it breaks another solution.

I beleive it is everything and more, that their are things beyond good and evil, that cannot be grasped except when one overcomes a dichotomy. But thats just my opinion.
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Hey, /x/, /tv/ here. I thought it was best to ask here because I don't get much of a response about it over there, but what are some good spooky short films you guys would recommend? What are some of the best ones you've seen and which are the underrated ones you which got more attention?

Links on Youtube, Vimeo or recommendations to short films you saw elsewhere are appreciated. Thanks, /x/.
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New-age spirituality recap

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So I think I'm caught up on a lot of new-age stuff:

>we live in a simulation which generates at least 11 dimensions of reality to sustain our reality
>The earth is flat and the anti-earth houses agartha which is mistaken for a "hollow earth" land.
>Consciousness is an algorithmic subjectivity which is measured by vibrational patterns, which are affected by material reality, such as your diet and biology can make you depressed, this is derivitive of the true reality, which is our consciousness' state of existence in any given moment.
>Shape-shifting reptillians are our overlords and feed from our negative psychic energy by using global corporate networking to undermine our freedom, happiness and nobility, which promote positive psychic energy.
>"Aliens" are in fact demons which have visited us directly from an Nth realm, because them coming from "space" is impossible since we live in a dome.
>We live in epochs of destiny and the ages of humanity will eventually lead to the liberation of spirit, similar to the biblical conclusion.
>Our spirits can be anatomically dissected in the form of chakra energy, karma and other modes of measurement.
>Our pineal glands literally hold our consciousness, and fluoride being injected into our products is an attempt to repress this clarity of pure mindfulness.
>Consuming animal products is wholly unnatural and eminates a pure evil and ignorance in ourselves.
>Reptillians gain orders from demonic clockwork elves in DMT trips.
>Since this world is derivitive of supernatural instances, all geometry represents something, and certain shapes are important.
>Individualism is frighteningly important to your path to enlightenement and fleeing from society is promoted.
>Jesus Christ was a buddhist student who used his knowledge of mysticism to spread a message of collective consciousness.

Am I missing anything? Do any of you believe all of this? How does this affect your political and social views? thx.
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I've had a thought in my head for the past week that I can't seem to shake... Hear me out.
I'm sure we've all heard of the theory/thought that you are the only living human, and the other humans are merely non-living entities that act like you, to make it seem like there are more living beings.
Now, I find this very far fetched, and not that believeable (Although everything is possible).
But that got me thinking...
What if every person is living their lives, but we're not living them at the same time?
Take your best friend for example. That is him, and he has experienced everything that you two has experienced together, same as you have. But who is to say that he didn't live/experience it 100.000 years in the past, or the future?
What if only one living entity is present on earth/in existence at any given time.
That would make every single one of us real, and living, but in reality, everyone around you is just projections, and your best friend might not even exist yet. He might live through these times in a million years from now. He'll meet you, and everything will happen, exactly like it did, except this time, it is him who is experiencing this reality, and you will no longer exist. Only the projection you left in this world.

...Am I on to something here, or am I completely off my rocker? Please discuss.
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Shadow man in fedora

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Hoping you guys can help. I had a dream about two weeks ago. The only part I remember is me in bed, my fiance sleeping beside me. It was extremely vivid as in I still remember it in detail. It was dark in my room but the moonlight was shining in from the window. I saw a tall 8' + man, fully shadowed in a fedora, crazy hair and a long cape or trench coat standing at the foot of my bed. I tried to scream but couldn't and was pulled from the bed very fast as my face hurt I was trying to scream so hard. I remember the utter terror I felt just before waking up.

Ever since that night I've been creeped out in my apartment, afraid to fall asleep. Am I going nuts, or am I seeing a ghost or what?

The pic is the closest thing I could find to what I saw. The one on the left is what I saw, only with spikey hair coming from under his hat and glowing red eyes.
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The other day, I thought to myself fearing a curse, saying that when the snow fell doom would come to my family.

the next day it snowed and nothing happened, but the next day after that,I felt a shar pain in my head and got a phone call that a family member was in a coma, thats today.

I was unable to see them due to living outside the town. So I did something strange, I broke out of the loop of life I was in and reset time, then walked through a portal to the hospital, where I saw a frozen and cold thing in the persons mind aswell as my family who had gone to see if this person was okay.

I heated the cold up to melt it away. Then I travelled into the family members mind and repaired a broken neuron.

After that family called and told me she woke up. I was still in my town.
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>im gonna cum bro!
wut do
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Are dreams portals to different worlds?
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Now I'm really confused right now and I need some advice good fucking spiritual advice and I'm so out of time with that shit I need her to say some things in this thread to fucking calm me down alright
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Hunter bags freak-of-nature Sauropod in the Congo

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Wish they would stop hunting these elusive animals. They are forever on the hunt for the Loch Ness monster here in Scotland.