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A Prayer for /x/ to Our Almighty God

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Dear Lord,
thank you for the people of this board.
Praise unto you for blessing us with the curiosity to think and question the dark, the dark that masquerades as light, to seek out dragons and serpents from where they hide.
Forgive us our temptations of power and lust that the dark offers, for we are weak and easily swayed.
Let us know your love, as we welcome it even if it is not known.
Give us clarity in order for us to challenge that which would reject you.
We do not ask that you strip our lives of challenges, but rather that you would lend us your strength to overcome these trials.
We ask these things of you in the name of your precious and Holy son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Bless you all, /x/.
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did you guys just fucking feel that
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How do I prepare for End Times?!?!

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Idk what's about to happen on saturday I don't want to be a fucking millenial zombie normie sheep that gets caught in the shitstorm that's about to ensue.

I'm probably the only guy in my entire town that knows the card that fate is about to deal on humanity however I like the knowledge to fucking prepare adequately because i don't know what's gonna happemn

but luckily i got /x/, now tell me mothafuckas!
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you guyz, what do you know of this dude?
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ITT=I, OP, shall develop the "IITYIHTKY" level of conspiracy.
First =ancient greece is a hoax.

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What do I have to do if I want to dabble in shamanism?
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This is a picture of a hurricane

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I forget which one, but this is a thermal image of a hurricane.

WHY DOES IT HAVE THIS FACE? What does it mean? Or am I just self imposing a face to it?
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