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Does /x/ know anything about these people?
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Spooky Image thread

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Audio of Stories Being Told

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Anyon else into audio clips of stories being told? Urban legends, disappearances, conspiracies etc, I love hearing people discuss topics like that.

Do any of y'all have any clips you recommend? They can be actual cases, or even just fun made up stories like the video I linked below, as long as its not cancerous new creepy pastas.
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Anon mentions Ayyy Vid, do you have it?

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Does this vid sound familiar? Deliver if you can.
>clip is about 12 seconds
>a guy stands and films in what seems like a tunnel, the walls are white and it seems like some kind of complex.
>a small cart drives towards him, like the one they use to pull baggage with on airports.
>one alien is driving, behind him is a similar one
>on the right side of them is an alien covered up with this veil, looked feminine, tries to hide her face.
>as they get closer and drive by the cameraguy they look into the camera and grin giving this "just try to fuck with us" look

Posted on /WSG but no hits. Might /x/ Know of described vid?
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What is this image of? I sometimes see it posted with the kyle odom creature and its face creeps me out, but I never can tell what this is originally from.
Redpill me on this guy
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Okay, guys. A but of back story.
My friend has a sister who is very young, when this photo was taken, she was about 3. She was playing with my friend's camera phone. When we went through the pictures, this is what we found. Look behind the bear.
That was in 2013. Fast forward to today, my friend now lives in Arizona and I live in Canada, still. He messages me out of the blue, telling me this fucking picture randomly was in his gallery.

Anybody have any ideas what this is? Looks like an old lady to me.
Anything similar ever happen to anybody?

Tl;dr look at this picture my friends 3 year old sister took on his phone.
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How is it?
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Dream Thread

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So, I had a dream where I was with all my friends and we were in a weird hotel room all partying and getting ready to go somewhere...but then I woke up and I forgot about the dream.

I remembered it later and I was thinking about how even though it seemed like all my friends were there with me it was really just me and my subconscious making that happen.

And then how I see real life and my friends changed, is there anybody out there or is it just me?
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How knowledgeable are you about Kabbalah? What does it represent other than God's body? What does it mean and why?
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4chan is mind control
Get out
They're here
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