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>While recovering from a site issue, we lost some older images. Please post some new ones to make up for it!
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Pets to keep aliens away

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What's the best pet for scaring off aliens? Cats or dogs? I doubt birds would be good at keeping aliens out of the house.

Asking for a friend. Thanks.
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Check this out
A subscriber of mine sent me an interesting video
They only have these 4 videos uploaded on the channel, but from what I understand, someone had passed away in this room only months ago.
The orbs just seemed different than in other videos i've seen, there's so many popping in and out at different speeds, and their movement seems to indicate they're spinning around the room in a pattern, what do you make of it?
The man claims he can't even see them.
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Hey, /x/
Can you help me out?
I remember reading a guy's stories/accounts of his meditations and what happened in them, but I can't remember his name or find the link anywhere. Could you help me with finding him? Here's what I remember:
>Guy's name was Polish, had a Z in it
>Had a story where he went to sleep and found himself in a diner at the edge of time or space (can't remember which)
>Had Ouija board stories
>Talked with someone called the "Professor" who lived in an alternate universe or something and in this universe, Minnesota was off limits
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Alex Jones

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What does /x/ think of this man? Discuss his early days or recent.

Some things he mentioned in his show yesterday:

>Bible Ephesians 6:12
"For we wrestle not against flesh or blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

>top globalist fascist communist world leaders are Luciferians and consider themselves the rulers of world darkness both spiritually and physically
>NASA says the earth is now 30% darker (because of the chemtrails)

>the elite believe they're getting inter-dimensional communication knowledge to control people in a globalist system
>they believe that they will be given eternal life by merging with machines
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I Cuba Toba Toba I did just boba
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Why are horses spooky? There's a billion horse monsters in the UK and I want to know what it is about them that gets people going
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Is this song predicting the future? Have the libshits built a time machine? Is that why we had communism in the past? Because libshits went back in time and liberated the jews in Russia? Why is this guy from the 80s singing about the wall?
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Pioneer seed company

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Tell me this seed company's logo isn't way too similar to the leviathan cross.
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