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Please tell me there's a way to escape death and live forever...
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Someone has the original

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>Browsing /x/
>No ayy selfie thread


Someone tried unloading it in parts just before image uploads were disabled throughout the entire site.

We should be on a constant search for this, if it's even real. If it ever happened.

Quick rundown:
>Someone posts high resolution photo of otherwordly creature on /pol/
>Entire site shuts down
>When 4chan is back up, countless fake memes appear mocking the event
>Those who saw it briefly swear that it was real and made viewer uneasy

Pic related is just a meme. Proven fake.

But some people downloaded it. Above link is apparently from the original image.

Who has it? Who can provide a way to download it?

Or was it even real in the first place?
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H.p. lovecraft is pretty dope we should have a thread for him.
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Shits Fucked Maite

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Why did this board such complete and utter shit? Gosh damn, I used to enjoy coming here. It used to be populated by the sort of people who spent a lot of time reading about UFOs, and Ghosts, and other spooky, unexplained things. They liked the stories, they were fun and entertaining to them.
Now it's inhabited by these schizophrenic retards that are on the same level as Chris-Chan, with probably the same hobbies and ideas. These are the fucking defects that probably have +100 youtube videos just named random numbers, where they ramble about freemasons poisoning their heroin.
>hey guise, can we have a scarrry story thread?
It's called a NOPE thread you piece of shit.
Every thread devolves from a discussion to some random schizo ramblings that are so specific to their own minds that they don't make sense or faggots RPing.
I know this post isn't going to get any attention, or actually spurr a discussion about anything useful, but I hope someone who sees it agrees.
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I need an answer quickly: Is there a "Don't look south curse" where one misteriously disappears infront of everyone if he looks south for a long enough time? And the curse can control objects to turn you to face South?
I know this isn't the best website for this, but, I had a dream that got too real too quickly and was oddly specific.
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Strange stuff/Old Wive's tales/Urban legends

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Basically a thread for all that good stuff that you always hear about but always have a bitch of a time tracking down info on or confirming is real

I'll start with a little something I heard from my dad. Apparently, doing pic related in front of a pooping dog will make it freeze up and unable to shit until you let go
Never tried it out since never stumbled into a shitting dog while accompanied by someone. I don't think dog owners would like me keeping their dogs from taking a shit either

Anyway share some stuff /x/
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Research Group

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Am creating my own research group with magick and energy manipulation. There'll be monthly monetary rewards. Feel free to ask me questions.
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I have dreams of dying but right before I actually do I'm lying down and above is a garden of red flowers above. Does this mean anything?
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Interesting dream

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I know that dreams are supposed to have meanings but i don't know how to find the meaning so can anybody help and tell what the dream meant? (sry if too long i try to put as much detail as possible)
First scene takes place in a classroom (seems to be my old school). It was dark and only light was the keypad on the door. The keypad was flashing the numbers 666. I go near the closed door and get this feeling like someone is behind the door pointing a gun at me. I opened the door and saw some kind of demon for a split second.
The next scene is in the assembly hall. I was there with my close friends. We were talking about random stuff and then i said some 3 random letters (e.g glf). After i said the letters i was transported to another dimension (it happened as fast as i blinked). It looked like upside down from stranger things.
Third scene. I walked in the class and my friend who was in the hall with me came up to me and showed me a perfect drawing of the demon i saw.
Final scene. I was laying in bed with a random girl next to me. We were talking and i decided to try to say those 3 letters again. Again i was transported but this time the girl came with me (last time i was transported alone) and we had this white/yellow light/aura.
That is all i remember/wrote down.
Feel free to ask more info.
Pic unrelated.