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What if there is no free will?

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Are you enjoying the ride?
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Wat do?

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What is the best zodiac sign and why is it Taurus?
Also what can you tell me about Taurus?
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I'm bored with the physical

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I want psychosis I am already mildly schizo and have bpd plus my family is prone to dissociative disorders like split personality and schizophrenia so i can go schizo with a little effort
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What if there is no big god, only the forces of bad and evil and nothing above them? or if it is something, that something is just chaos, the raw force of a neverending creator.
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I have a question I think /x/ could shed some light on.

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I've been drawing pic rel since my first memory, I have no idea what it means but whenever I would draw pictures I'd put that symbol there.
I've seen the symbol since and supposedly it has ties to both Jewish culture and Nordic, but I think /x/ could give me more detail, any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and for the record I'm not a Jew
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I'm a Pisces man, I know so little pisces man that I'm almost certain that's some kind of fucked up sign for a man, anyway what I should try to do to enjoy my life? Is there anything I should be aware of as a pisces man?
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The Impossible Card

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the winds of dis are gusting
the furies become trusting
medusa grown beautiful
the ice amelt with lusting
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Is art capable of interacting with incorporeal realities and/or entities?
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A deepest

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Years ago exploded in popularity, I entered as a newbie, but they had already eliminated the worlds with whatever was there, I have entered worlds for a few days and the truth is that I don't know if it is that I don't look for interesting worlds, but most of them look like "patched" and the truth is even boring.
Some time ago I remember a supposed screenshot, of a supposed game that was the same as only that this one was much more unknown and that you could really have the experience that you had in before its popularity.
I am looking for the screenshot of that video game that I saw years ago and the name of it. I would like to know if this little world is not really dead.