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how does one make contact with the outside realm? I'm under the impression we are living in a matrix type reality and we are plugged in to this reality. Is there a way to just, unplug and snap out of it?
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Gnostics of /x/, convince me to become a gnostic. what arguments in favor of your belief do you have?
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Spooky images

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Haven't seen one of these threads in while, so how about start one up and post some good ol' spooks?
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Black kids thread

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Black Eyes kids thread, go !
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So, now the dust has settled, just how occult was this album and what was the meaning?

I remember listening to Blackstar and all I could think is that the song sounded wrong, evil even. Which is weird because music has always been neutral to me. But this was different, the whole album was mental
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Is one's soul gendered?

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The trannie thread got me thinking, and there is no way to have this discussion in that thread.

I want people's opinions, and any/all relevant links or info you may have.

Is one's soul inherently gendered? In my mind this could not possibly be, but I am biased and so are most of us to such a socially sensitive subject. Let us meet in the middle and find the Truest Truthful Truth
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Katie IndiCrow

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Lets have an extraterrestrial encounter/stories thread.
No UFO stories unless they're really interesting. Ill sum up every shit UFO story so you don't feel tempted:
>with friends or by myself
>see light in sky
>its moving erratically, can't be plane!
>dissapears at high speeds
Optional: Drug/AAlcohol use beforehand.

There you go, 98% of ufo stories. Now we can get started
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Kanye West Body Double

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I recall a post discussing how Kanye's widely projected "mental spiral" throughout media followed shortly after he calls out Jay-Z for his negligence to get in contact with Kanye at one of his shows
Soon after he storms off and the rest of the tour is cancelled. Later, I see him meeting with Trump, hair dyed yellow (color of shame) and forced to take photo ops with no apparent relevancy to either his benefits or Trump's candidacy.
Later, reports of him being exiled to a "Cabin in Montana" for an extended period of time.
>Can't seem to find reliable source on this besides Complex news, however it is widely reported throughout social media
And today , this
Thoughts ?
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Sleep paralysis experiences

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So I've had sleep paralysis about 6 times total in life. Only 3 of those did I experience something "Paranormal". Most recently, I was texting this girl from work while I was laying down. Crashed out shortly after and had a dream where she just happened to be in it. >Light sleeper nowadays so hear my phone vibrate and the dream shifts into sleep paralysis. Hear an unkown entity call my name and tell me it's "Time to go" next to my bed, and proceeds to walk up to me and pick me up. >Legit feel my body being lifted but I force myself to kick my leg and then wake up. What's the scariest experience you've had?
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