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Attraction law, do you believe ?

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Sometimes, I think of a person I have not seen for a long time (spontaneous thinking) and hours later, that person appears.
3 weeks ago, i thought a friend I have not seen it for years, and minutes laters he appears.
Too strange
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Take a selfie.
See this.

Do you just kill yourself right away?
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why is it necessary to be a human being and have to understand what life after death means. like. i'm never gonna be able to solve it, why do i have to think about and worry about it all the time? what's gonna happen when i'm dead?
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Hey /x/ first time here.
I did a bunch of drugs. Not today but it doesn't really matter.
These drugs that I did once upon a time fucked my ass up royally. Forever.
Now when I try to sleep at night right before I fall off into a deep slumber I am assaulted by uncontrollable muscle convulsions and I hear what appears to be the sound of a bunch of infants crying into a megaphone.
At the very least I am at least proud that I recognise what the problem is. When it becomes your reality and you aren't sure where something went wrong to cause it that's when paranoia sets in.
Anyone else fucked themselves up for life and now live in /x/ world in their own personal hell?
It's ok if you don't think the drugs caused your ghost problem. Just tell us about the ghosts. We know it wasn't the drugs. <3
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Can we start a "cursed photos" thread please. I'll start.
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Has anybody done anything paranormal/neat with crows?
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Help Me Identify This

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tl;dr need help identifying what the fuck is in this picture. Been getting texts from a different number at 22:40 PST every night without fail. Been deleting them for a while but noticed what looks like an eye on one of the pictures. Didn't have anything other than the eye but I saved all the images from the next batch. I put them all together in MS paint. Can anyone tell me what I'm looking at?
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/x/ related documentaries

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inb4 slenderman bullshit.

mainly looking for documentaries related to exorcism, but willing to give much anything a go. Pic somewhat related, just wrapped up watching it. Kind of disappointed, it glossed over a lot of his life and focused more on his overall reputation, both professional and personal.
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Cosmic spiders

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Either lucid dream or interaction with another plane of existence.

An anon once explained this to me
Giant spider like beings, moving through black portals on the wall.

Any anon with experience in this?
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What is the owl's?

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I know it's the bohemian grove, but what does the owl mean?

Why is it in so many things?
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