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what's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you lads?
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In this thread, we discuss about chaos magic. Topics include the use of sigils, mantras, servitors, spirits, god-forms, dreamwork, transmogrification, yoga, meditation, visualization, breathing and drugs; methods for altered states of consciousness (excitatory or inhibitory); production and use of magical tools like grimoires, ceremonial tools (altars, wands, cups, swords, pentacles, scourges, daggers, chains, oil lamps, bells, crowns, robes...), new technologies, talismans and voodoo dolls; home-made techniques, procedures, paradigms and magic systems; sharing of personal failures and results, and of cases with multiple possible interpretations; Q&A about evocation, divination, enchantment, invocation and illumination; Q&A about octarine, black, blue, red, yellow, green, orange and purple magic; Q&A about sorcery, shamanic magic, ritual magic, astral magic and high magic; magical challenges, asceticism or Great Work; related paradigms like Neopaganism, Discordianism, Thelema, TOPY and Cthulhu Mythos; the pop stars of chaos magic such as Andrieh Vitimus, Dave Lee, Frater Alloy, Jaq D Hawkins, Julian Vayne, Lola Babalon, Nikki Wyrd, Peter J Carroll, Ramsey Dukes, Ray Sherwin, Spartakus Freeman and The Kite; podcasts such as Rune Soup, The Higherside Chat and Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole (Weird Web Radio); recently published or classical books and grimoires; and what the fuck you want. Be Excellent to Each Other.
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Did any of you wake up from a trippy-ass dream today?

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I woke up nauseous from a dream that was a combo of Matrix/GhostInTheShell/BladeRunner/and maybe Evangelion. Something about the world going to shit because of a dude doing a worldwide tech blackout, I can't remember that much

As I woke up I told my friend, and he told me he had a similar dream, he also woke up feeling kinda sick. Is this just a coincidence?
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Give us your best classified/unclassified black projects.

Pic related - could reach 2,215 mph when introduced in 1964, and considering the first turbo jet aircraft was made in 1939 (Heinkel He 178) that's pretty damn spooky.
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Hit Or Shit

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we post horror movies and others tell us if they suck or not. Ill start of with this reboot of Halloween
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Occultism & Magick

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/sum/ pastebin:

Library link:!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ

Added an FAQ, which can be expanded as needed, as of now it only contains my comment about "this isn't for questions better left to google" and a note on Bardon.

Edited the /sum/ pastebin slightly.
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I serve in the 96th Civil Affairs Battalion. We're deployed to Syria right now to maintain peace among the different factions - starting this week, we're to assist in the efforts to rebuild Raqqa. Recently, we received intelligence that I dismissed at first but the intelligence corps are taking it very seriously. They only do this if the evidence is highly credible.
According to what I've seen, ISIL is only a front for a much more sinister organization, the Atfal al-Shams. From what I've been told, Army intelligence is taking very seriously the claim that this group is led by the Dajjal, or False Messiah. The dust up in Iraq and Syria was only the opening salvo. Supposedly, they're going to do something much worse.
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If the Earth is flat then how did Robert Byrd fly over the South Pole? And what about the research station at the South Pole?
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Ego death

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Has anyone ever experienced ego death? What's your story? Mine was horrible
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The Bible Of The Rose

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Someone else had dream about The Bible Of The Rose? Before i tell my story i need to know if it was a random dream or not