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This is the button to shut down the Simulation.

Notice anything /x/ ?
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omnem saltavit

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Is there another war going on the otherside?? they always waring? hows the angels?

does anyone free to share details?
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DMT and Ahayuasca

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Got any trip stories or realizations?
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Weird hike

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will green text but need help identifying what could’ve caused this. I don’t normally browse /x/ but after getting a little bored and reading some creepy pasta- it reminded my of my hiking episode.

>went to Alaska to visit some family last month
>park alongside the Parks Highway on my last day to take some pictures and hike a little
>spend 4 hours hiking across flat tundra before deciding it was a good idea to climb up into the mountains
>I’m a good 2 miles or so away from my rental car and maybe 150 miles away from the next closest city
>it’s solstice apparently, so there’s 24 hours of sunlight in Alaska
>I decide to call it a day and start walking back down the mountain until I hear loud thuds hitting the ground
>pull out my bear spray and release the little lever safety (it was the only thing I had)
>my senses are hightened and I’m on the look out for bears
>I can still hear what sounds like huge ass rocks slamming into the earth, strong enough for me to actually feel the earth vibrate
>literally sounds and feels like someone is picking up a huge ass tree and slamming it repetitively into the earth
>I look around and don’t see any indication of an avalanche
>this goes on for about 15-20 seconds
>it eventually stops and I nope the fuck out
>recalibrate myself and decide to hike across the mountain to where there weren’t any trees so I could keep a better visual on my surroundings
>stumble across a section of the mountain with all the shrubs ripped in the north facing direction

It’s hard to see in the photo but if you zoom about midline and a little left from center, those weird divets in the ground are the roots of the shrubs
There were large holes and craters that were further down that side but I didn’t want to hike further into that direction just in case it was something that could kill me
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Binaural beats / subliminals

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Has anyone here tried subliminals or binaural beats to gain desired results? How did it work?
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TV programming

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What's the occult reason that saying you spent the weekend watching tv shows and movies, where people violently attack and murder each other is completely acceptable socially, but if you said you spent the whole weekend watching people "make love" in porno movies you would be considered a "pervert" and possibly socially ostracized?
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What will you do when "he" returns?
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I've been talking to this little cartoon child in my head lately. I call him Benjamin and has a cute little British cartoon-ish accent. He doesn't do much but keep me company and occasionally point out details I don't notice. Whenever I ask him if I'm losing my mind, he just says I'm lonely and that he's just all in my head. Is he right? I'm not exactly lonely and have some close friends I like to hang around with sometimes. What do I do? If I keep him around, will I lose my mind?
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just getting into conspiracies, was the moon landing faked?
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Did god destroy the tower of babel? Why?
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