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Divinatory Summoning and Evocation by means of Chaos Theory Thread
>First dubs decides who we summon
>Second dubs decides how we summon it
>Later dubs might be incorporated into the ritual

Don't pick anything fucking obnoxious or obviously disobedient like Satan or Kali or some stupid shit like that. We are a seasoned group of practitioners that have conducted Goetic summonings to successful results before. We will be summoning in an open area around a lake next to deep woods. Pics and results will be provided, obviously.
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/div/ - Divination General

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Welcome to Divination General!

Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
Rustig wrote this to help beginners on how to choose a deck and start with the tarot:

Thoth made his guide for using the tarot, and runes

The Reader's MEGA resources and notes:!N89xXQyB!c2-6SZdI-mgdVavD4MQL7Q

Hijink's re-re-revised divination guide:

>Some useful tips before posting:
-If you're a reader post that you're offering readings and what information is required from the querent; same goes for trading.
-Look for their posts in the thread to determine if there's an active reader, what's needed and before posting. Be sure to check if they're still reading, or if they're done! Don't query readers who are no longer in the thread.
-Some readers will refuse to do certain readings - respect that choice. Do not harass readers if your query is refused/skipped.
-Traders should respect that a traded read will be granted, as per an agreement of a trade. Free readers have the options of picking their queries.
-Bullshit queries will get bullshit answers;
-Making an air query (not addressing a reader in particular) is possible but doesn't guarantee an answer;
-Asking the same question repeatedly is liable to get you inconsistent answers, especially if you ask multiple readers.
-Provide feedback. Readers can't improve unless you tell them how they're doing good (or bad).

Previous thread: >>21728734
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I'm so over the fucking christfags on this board, fucking thousands of years and not a single fucking word about god or jesus and now suddenly all these fucking christfags are on here spouting shit that didn't exist as a fucking concept for millions of years until some jews in the desert started talking about it. FUCK YOU christfags
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Would a sigil tattooed in my body make it easier to work with goethic demons/angels? If i tattoo a specific sigil would this prevent me from working with other entities?
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What's this state called bros?
What was going on in his head?
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Whats happening to california. They say there were weird things happening befor the fire started. Is an invasion coming?
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I have mounds on my property..;

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Around, two years ago I moved to Maine with my parents. In particular, I moved to a rural(ish) region of Maine in Piscataquis County. For two years everything seemed normal until I noticed something about the mounds on the property.

In particular, no one knows who built these mounds but they do seem man-made. This made me realize that the structures looked quite a bit like the ones built by mound builder cultures to the south of New England. I originally dismissed this idea until I found out about several mysterious stone structures that have been found in New England as well as other northern states like New York. I will try and dig the mounds a little to see what artifacts I might be able to get from them. So far, I have found two artifacts by accident, two spear or arrowheads.
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My story of meeting Gabriel, the arch angel

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This is my story of meeting a old man that claimed he was Gabriel. Last Tuesday when I decided to leave the jobsite I was on to go to the store nearby to grab a drink I ran into a old man on a bicycle that had just gotten caught out in the rain that had just set in. It was a little cold and the wind was blowing a good bit, and there he was about to cycle out into it. I couldn't let a old man venture out into that on a bicycle so I asked if he would like to put his bicycle in the back of my truck and have me take him where he needed to go. He shyly laughed and said that would be good. So I set his bike in the truck and we headed out. I have always stopped to help anyone I saw in a situation like that so it was no big deal to me. He was wearing a bright yellow construction vest and had a helmet on that had a half of a super figure stuck to the top of it and had a fairly long gray beard and had eye glasses on. When I see people like that the thought always crosses my about the verse that mentions there are angels amongst the strangers we meet in life. I asked the guy if he was from
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When I become lucid in a dream and look in the mirror. I see myself as a female. She is definitely me, and definitely cute. What do this mean?
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