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I am, "Gonzalez" who Corey Goode knows.

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My legal United States of America is, "Kyle Lewis Sison". My preferred name is, "Kyle Lewis Sison Weathers". I am an ancient human. I am grouped with humans who, thousands of years earlier than now, accessed eternal life technology. I met both Corey Goode and David Wilcock. I am a, "11230" agent of government of, "United States of America". I've met many celebrities of United States of America. I've met many congressmen of United States of America. I have talked to multiple presidents of the United States of America. I have stood before many people and talked...including front of at least six hundred students graduating at a graduation ceremony of University of California of Merced during a 2013. I have been called a, "demiurge". I am emotionally, affinitively, and historically a comrade of the Nazis during and shortly later than a World War II.

Ask me anything.

I currently listening to a song repeated. The song is:
I have nice stories to share about how the song was created. I have nice stories to tell about what I was doing while I was singing this song. I have nice stories to tell of when I was getting like-sense of audio of the song (hearing it in my head).

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/x/ Infograph Thread

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Drop all your infographs here!!! Also Book recommendations / discussion is welcome.
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Occultism & Magick General: May Day Edition

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pics that make you uneasy.
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Circular infinity

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Zoom out goof ball, not all circles are perfect you know
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Will Meditation lead to Hell?

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I'm at a crossroads here:
>Be 21
>Dropped out of college to focus on Meditation and Martial arts Training
>Lives with parents
>Years of training finally paying off'
>Get into Conspiracy theories
>Find out yoga parallels with Biblical Satan
>Pants shitting ensues

I've sacrificed so much for this path, I'm still a virgin, I have no trade skills or friends, and I'm frustrated because I'm going to drop everything i've been worked so hard for.

I'm practically a ninja at this point. I mean have extreme willpower, Mental clarity and concentration, Ripped Muscular body, Olympic level reflexes, etc. Ever since I was a kid I just wanted to be warrior and push myself and it seems like all that stuff I've dedicated myself to is evil.

I don't exactly believe in god by why do I feel so conflicted. Christians are just telling me to drop it all, but i have nothing and I have no passion for this world. It's like i can't be happy no matter what. You christians dont fucking understand!
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What are your thoughts on Saturn?

Do you believe Saturn to be the beast?
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Divination thread

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doinf free reads!
sign and question, and a picture you've drawn youself
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How do I find my guardian angel? How do I communicate?
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Can someone explain the science behind crystals, or am I right in assuming it's all fake news?
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