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Proof of God - My Quest

Here we go again on another adventure! This time I asked for multiple signs to appear and they did!

I think God might be real!
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Flat Earth UNDENIABLY Proof

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If globeheads are so hell-bent on the Earth being a perfect sphere, why don't you go to Australia (for example) take a fucking boat, and sail EAST (traveling presumably towards South America from your point of view) until you finally hit the Antarctic wall of ice that is surrounding this Earth. Be sure to capture footage as well, that will soon be destroyed once you realize you've made a GREAT MISTAKE

Isaiah 40:22 "It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to dwell in"
Psalms 93:1 "the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved."
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What the fuck is this
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!!LbmDVuGDUbb (274 replies)
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I am here to heal those that request it. Nothing specific is required, and I ask for nothing in return.
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What is the date?

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The mainstream is really pushing the ancient hidden histories as an acceptable conspiracy theory. We need to look more recently, try and find a grave from before the 1700s. Everything before that is marked J6XX... J659, the Julian Calendar the year of 659. Someone has added an extra thousand years. Look at when Rome was sacked and Charlemange's whole story.

Cities all over the globe have their first floors buried. And look at our skills only a few hundred years ago (Pic related)

Why are only russians talking about this theory.

>mfw it's 1018
>Rome still rules
>Pagans got BTFO barely 200 years ago
>Napoleonic wars, WWI & WWII wipe out most of the evidence and memories.

We've been enslaved /x/ They destroyed our egalitarian empire and rewrote the history books.
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Good afternoon to all of you currently stuck in this moment in time.
I come with a question of fate, a destined inquiry for all those who search the depths of truth.
From the void we are born and in time we return to the void.
Yet in reality we never leave the void, an illusion plays out for us small characters in a grand play.
Everything has already happened and yet we trod along ignoring the truth.
Many choices can be made, yet in truth they have already been decided.
What will you choose to do when fate shows its' face to you?
Do you know what it takes to be free?
Have you taken steps into the unknown?
Will you take your first steps into finding the truth?

In time this will be lost in time this will be found.
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Tiny alien mummy said to be human

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Science says that this alien mummy found in the Atacama desert is actually a human girl, who is at the same time 8-years-old and died as soon as she was born. Yeah, it makes plenty of sense.
They also found plenty of exotic genetic material never seen before, but they label all of them as mutations and call it a day.
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How do I open my throat chakra?

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Hi /x/,
Please tell me, how can I open my throat chakra???
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robert the doll

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>robert the doll
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