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/x/ induced schizophrenia

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After lurking this board for months on end, I believe I have developed some sort of schizophrenia. Going to see a doctor soon and check for sure though. After following many of the meditation techniques and reading about the different dimensions from many posts, I had a panic attack during zazen meditation. Now Im started to hear voices in my head, that constantly remind me that Im a piece of shit and deserve to die. Just want to warn you guys, dont take stuff too seriously on here and make sure to take breaks every now and then
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Tonight is the night boys
It's late so I'm really just hoping to catch one of you in particular.
I know the language that the NWO will use to indoctrinate our world into NWO
But I know it early.

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/omg/ - Occult & Magick General

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>Previous manifestation
Bump limit reached, thread archived: >>19726159
>Library link!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ
>/sum/ pastebin
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putting a curse

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is it possible to put a curse on a place? e.g.your soon to be ex apartment as a way of revenge?
are curses really real and do they work? any experiences with it?
can words really harm you if you mean them?
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The Reddest of Pills

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Trump Conspiracy Thread

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Was wondering if anyone has any dirt on Trump. If he belongs to any secret societies. Whose team is he on? I figure once you are a billionaire you have to be part of some kind of organization.

I remember some connection with Tesla but that seemed more of a joke /pol/ was fanning.

Any metaphysical explanation for how he became president is welcome too.
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Hit Or Shit

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we post horror movies and others tell us if they suck or not. Ill start of with this reboot of Halloween
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recruiting lucid dreamers

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I need an interview of a dream character: Are they conscious? Are some aware its a dream? How do they feel about it being a dream?
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Is there any way to go back in time /x/
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