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How could a being who is by definition maximally and eternally perfect beget an imperfect creation. How can abject perfection produce imperfection? It's just a contradiction in terms. Like a married bachelor.

>The world is only imperfect because Satan corrupted it.

Who created Satan with an imperfect heart able to be corrupted by pride in the first place?
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How do I pray? I need help, serious help, I want to ask my guide or angel or whatever there is to please speak to me so that I can plead for help, how do I do this?
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Is it irresponsible to hand out pentacles of Solomon that I made and subsequently charged while I'm dressed like a wizard at a Renaissance Festival? Pic related.
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It has become an increasingly likely possibility that the giza pyramids were in fact not tombs but power plants.
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images that If you saw in real life you’d shit your trousers thread

That’s just to hide from the Glowies; Serious question; what’s the real reason they want us to stop eating meat?

I don’t but the whole “the cows and pigs are killing the environment for real guys” thing,
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Greentext General

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Post your best /x/ stories and greentext.

I need to expand my collection.
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Ainu DNA is the source of Bushido. Ainu / Jomon blood was stronger among the Samurai elite and nobility than it was among the everyday Japanese, who are more cold amoral and buglike.
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Messages to the Void

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Write a letter to the one you love.
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What is the single strangest/most unexplain/paranormal thing that has happened to you. No reposting pasta or posted an old greenest and claiming it was you. Tell us your own story, anon.
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We’re in hell.
Right now.

People think that hell is purely suffering every single day, but if suffering every day then your mind gets used to it as it sinks to a baseline.
How can you ensure people suffer to the maximum? Give them hope, give them a glimpse that life can be more than what they have. Constantly remind them of what they don’t have. Give them things to strive for, only for it to be unobtainable or replaced the second they get it.

The question now is how do we get out?
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