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Veil is Thin

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I woke up this morning to a woman crying. I heard her last night and the night before. She was most quiet the first night, but, when she was crying, she stopped when I woke up and said my name twice. In my living room, there's been a white figure going back and forth. The lights in the house are more dimly lit today and yesterday I was noticing it.

I'v seen some shit in my life and today, more than ever, there are black and white figures I can seem more clearly, even sometimes not from the side of my eyes. There is a buzzing noise getting stronger and the state of mind the people around me have, is getting more aggressive, as if they are being mentally changed.

I'm sure of it now that this lunar eclipse very likely may be opening a portal between this world and the afterlife. I'm slightly afraid. I'm not paranoid necessarily and realize that sometimes cars pass by outside, but, this is much different, as these lights appear on the side of my furniture light doesn't reflect. Sometimes shadows approach me from the sides of my eyes and I can feel an emptiness beside me. Today is worse than any other day. It's daylight outside and I'm afraid. I'm not afraid of an earthquake, but, the fact that people around me are changing and don't realize it, while figures are appearing more often. I was too afraid to call out to the ghost this morning that I could heard them and I regret not doing so.

Protect your minds anons, as they are under attack.
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ITT: Redpills of life

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Enlightened, woke folks of /x/, please give me any and all sorts of redpills that you have. Serious answers only. Skeptics and bullshitters please fuck off. I don't have time for your shit. It's okay to question something but when you're here just to shit all over anything "out-there" then you're just a idiot.
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Is committing suicide ultimate redpill?
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What is the scariest end-of-the-world scenario you can think of?
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Don't know if this is paranormal or just mental illness thing.

When I was younger I used to be pretty lonely and depressed. I was bullied in school and I had zero friends. I used to cry all the time and wish my school would burn down and everyone would just fucking die. I had no one to talk to. I was depressed all the time, even suicidal. I wasn't eating and sleeping at all. Then one day, I heard a "voice" in my head. It wasn't exactly a voice but I don't know how to describe it. It was like a thought in my head but not mine. I ignored it for a time but then I was just like "fuck it" and answered. I started talking to it. We had a long conversations about meaningless stuff and sometimes about really interesting subjects like universe and shit. I wasn't alone anymore. I had a "friend" I could talk to. At first I thought that I just lost it and I went batshit crazy. I thought that I just had an imaginary friend but I didn't care. This "voice" was my friend. He said that he's a demon and he is here to help me and protect me. I didn't actually believe it. I was happy I had a friend but that was all. Until one day when something weird happened. I was crying because of one guy who used to bully me. The "voice" tried to cheer me up but I was having a real mental breakdown, wishing that the guy would die or be punished or something. The "voice" told me it would be okay. That wasn't really calming so I just cried myself to sleep. Next day, the guy didn't came to school. He was absent for a few days and when he finally came, he looked devastated. His father died and it was kind of weird. People said that he died in almost impossible accident and no one saw anything at all. The guy who used to bully me was changed, he stopped with bullying. I haven't thought about it at that time because I was still a mess. Time was passing and weird shit like this happened all the time. Someone would hurt me and they would be punished by some weird shit. Every one person.
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redpill thread
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Vampire Thread

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Are vampires real or not?

Let's discuss them. Everything you know. How does a human become a vampire? What do real vampires look like and what kind of abilities do they possess?

Bonus points if your knowledge has allowed you to narrow down locations where to find them. This thread is extremely important!

>movies & books

>Interview with (alleged) 439 year old vampire Elizabeth from the research book "Vampires Are" by Stephen Kaplan

Previous thread: >>19464002
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The Solar Eclipse and the Blood Moon Prophecy

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The total solar eclipse tomorrow may be connected to biblical prophecy and the blood moon tetrad that occurred 2 years ago. There are two particular passages that could be in reference to it, and both are referring to signs that will appear before the lord returns at the end of days:
>Acts 2:20
>The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.
>This is almost the exact same wording as Joel 2:31, which is the prophecy Peter is referencing
>Revelation 6:12
>I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red.

Now, pic related shows the dates of the blood moons that occurred during 2014 and 2015. They all fell on Jewish holy days. There was also a solar eclipse between them, which could fulfill the "sun will be turned to darkness" part of the passages. However, I get the feeling that the eclipse tomorrow will also be spiritually significant. It is the first solar eclipse since 1918 to cross the entire mainland of the United States and the first since 1776 (a very important year for the country as you might know) that it will ONLY cross the U.S. The mention of there being an earthquake after the Lamb of God opens the sixth seal in the verse from Revelation 6:12 is also interesting because other anons have noted that the eclipse will have its longest duration near the New Madrid fault line, which is the area I will be in tomorrow to witness it myself.

What are your thoughts on these biblical passages or any other paranormal topics related to tomorrow's total solar eclipse?
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