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Seriously tho..

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How am I supposed to grow spiritually if I basically have to spend all my time, my physical energy, and my mental energy on work?

In particular is my concern about mental energy. If you're basically a thought slave for 9hrs a day how can you make room for thinking about other things? It's not like our brains are multi-threaded, I either turn it off and let someone else use my brain for their own personal gain all day or I get fired.
And when I finally get off work I seriously struggle to even get back to feeling like my normal self (and make dinner), let alone being able to actually grow at all. Sometimes I think our whole system of work is just a big conspiracy to keep everyone braindead all the time. How else do you justify this insane belief everyone seems to have that every single job conceivable is optimized at exactly 40hrs a week without exception?
More like 40hrs a week is just the optimum value for slavery. (not enough to insight a riot but not so little as to allow anyone to actually live their life)

How do I find peace in this system? I would become a NEET in a heartbeat if I could, but it's just not an option for me. I either work, become a hobo, or die.
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Predict Site of Easter Smashdown!

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Out-of-Control Chinese Space Station set to smash into Earth over Easter Weekend. Where will land? Now is the time for /x/ to put those predictive powers to work!

ITT: Tell where the parts will land, pick the day/time for added bragging rights. Or take the easy route & declare it will all burn up on re-entry. You can't win if you don't play.

[ Use map so your prediction sort of makes sense. ]

Image from article at:
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Pros and Cons of having morals?

Should I actively work hard to do the "right thing"? What makes being an objectively good person worth it? Is it more worth acting completely out of self interest?
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How do you deal with the fear of death? It scares the shit out of me to think that I'm actually going to die one day and there's no way to avoid what's inevitable.
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I'm beginning to see how people think and what their next actions are and what they do. We are all actors
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Using hypnosis to summon a tulpa

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Apparently this file would guide me in a meditation to summon a female, powerful tulpa. What to do, /x/? Could I regret this? Any experience with this or with tulpas in general?
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Inari worship

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Tell me about Inari worship, I already work with Catholic dietys.

Is working with Inari sorta the same? Im seeing mixed reviews online. Is there some sort of unofficial guide?
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Ghost Photographs

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Post your favorite ghost photographs and the ones you think are the most convincing.
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Come here my child
I will tell you your future
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What happens after death.
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