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how do I personally attack god and get revenge on him for my shit life?

I have a curse from god and he ruins my life literally every day. every time I find a chance at happiness something comes down and ruins my life and I get struck down with disasters literally every day. I fucking hate god.

I dont really want to worship satan because I hate every god and every magical diety but I just want to get revenge on god. ive been putting upside crosses everywhere and I treat people like shit. I scam people and sabotage people around me I treat girls like shit. I literally do everything I can to be as evil as possible but it doesn't feel like enough

do I laugh at god about jesus being hung on a cross and tortured to death and shit like that? and burn bibles and shit? I feel like I need to bring more destruction.
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Other Minds

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I still don't understand how separate minds can exist and it's driving me crazy.

Step 1) A "consciousness" can exist. Ok. I'm fine with that.
Step 2) 2 "consciousnesses" can exist. Alright, I'm also fine with that.
Step 3) 2 "consciousnesses" can exist and have DIFFERENT experiences.
Here is where I get lost because how do you pick which one experiences what? How do you pull apart 2 totally identical entities and say you are A and you are B. It's impossible isn't it? If it were possible to pull them apart then there must have ALREADY been some difference between them that you were able to use to pull them apart. (e.g. one's on the "left" and one's on the "right", they're already different).
It seems to be an insurmountable wall. I'm not entirely convinced that it means I have to abandon the idea that all conscious entities are fundamentally identical. But at least for now it seems I should consider it.

So, considering that conscious entities are just not fundamentally identical at all, this means that I am fundamentally different from every other conscious entity? And that's just a truly bizarre rabbit hole.
If you can't see how bizarre that idea is then I really don't know anything I can say that will make you see it.

So here I am. Stuck between two totally impossible options to try and understand other minds.
Does anyone know the way out?
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I had a vivid dream a bunch of people worldwide were dying of some rapid acting disease which started from pain in their wrist and that monsters roamed the streets. I kept calling my mom but she didn't answer so me and my grandma assumed she was dead. I suggested we kill ourselves before the monsters do and then we went to the garage and started laying bricks on the floor. I remember clinging onto a crumb of hope and wishing in my dream I could just wake up the next morning and everything would be fine. I posted about this and a mutual of mine said they had the same dream except they went to the mountains and rain was falling and then it became a circle then went up and came down as hail and killed three girls and moved cars. They said they were screaming in their sleep. Anyone else had a dream like this?
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Why do all Law of Attraction people look so strange and weird?

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The people on YouTube who churn out video after video on manifesting, positive energy, self-love, and law of attraction, they nearly all look extremely strange or like there is something "off" about them.

Take the guy in the pic - Ralph Smart and the woman Teal Swan.

Obviously i can't show pics of them all but look them up. Plenty of examples on Youtube:

Robert and Rachael Zink
Aaron Doughty
Landria Onkka
That black guy from "You are Creators"
Bob Proctor (literally looks evil to me)

Tons more also. They all look very odd, not in the sense that they don't look like the regular normie, but they look like they are holding something back or keeping something from you and it makes it hard to trust them

I have been following this stuff for a couple of years on youtube and every one i come across has something "off" about them

Even this guy looks like a regular everyday guy but if you watch him enough, there is something not quite right about his personality and cadence.

I don't find this with other youtube people who cover other topics for instance religion, politics, bodybuilding, etc. Is it something to do with demonic influence?
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flat earth thread

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20 years later, no one can debunk flat earth theory. globefags, are you even trying?
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When did you surrender your life and dignity to your imaginary friend?
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Is time travel really possible?

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So many theories, experiments ...where are the results?
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We live in interesting times.
You feel it too, don't you?
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Project Bluebook best Project UFO

The 70's series was all "UFOs don't exist" the new one is now all
"Der gubermint is hiding UFOS"

I also can't believe how fucking heavy-handed the story and design is for this one.
Ya, disinfo. Ddsinfo.
But why?
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