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Scary GIFS! Scare my pants off, dump gif spoops!
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Onatario Spooks Part 3

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Requesting any spooky stories or locations from anywhere in Ontario. Post stories of ghosts, cryptids, innawoods, or anything similar. I'm always interested in stories, even if I don't explicitly ask for them.

Last thread had some great stories and discussion, anyone have more info on the Bancroft Cult?

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Can astrology predict the coming inevitable economic collapse?

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This task seems most fit for /x/. Can any of you anons read astrology?
I know from my own readings read by my mother that everything she's every predicted for me has come true. When the day of the collapse happens, I believe it will affect everyone greatly. I think if you can plug your own information into an astrology predictive program (like my mother uses) you could all find similar results for the same day (emotional turmoil, family conflict, anything substantial to do with money or travel, activity with the moon and Pluto, etc). Don't ask me for any help cuz I'm not very smart :y See if you can substantiate a date.
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Any Good /x/ Documentaties On Netflix Or YouTube?

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I'm laying in bed and need something good to watch that's got a nice /x/ feel. Any suggestions?
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What's the opposite of the Luminaddy / Freemason / Reptilian

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Tell me, /x/, there has to be the """good""" guys secret society.
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If you do Goetia once do the entities keep screwing with you or after both parts do their part of the contract do they dissappear until you call them again?
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Had a flash of insight related to something that nrgiseternal wrote in another thread >>18940252

I had asked how one unlocks the higher circuits of the brain, as described in Prometheus Rising.

The response was:

>Breathe in much harder than feels natural and exhale for twice as long as it took you to breathe in.

>Do this every day until you hear feel or both a pop in the center of your head.

Spiritualists place a lot of importance upon the pineal gland and argue that it releases DMT, although I don't think this has ever been proven. The pineal gland, they tell us, is the third eye. Descartes called it the principal seat of the soul. There is also evidence that ancient cultures were aware of the pineal gland and assigned significance to it.

Although pineal gland decalcification is a meme, the truth is that the pineal gland does actually calcify.

When we hyperventilate, the blood pH goes up. The technical term for this is respiratory alkalosis--the blood becoming alkaline. How does one decalcify, e.g., a coffee machine? Well, most descaling fluids are actually mild acids, but alkaline descaling fluids exist as well. (Incidentally, blood is naturally slightly basic, and lower blood pH is associated with inflammation).

And so what that anon wrote makes total sense now. It also explains why Wim Hof claims that he can produce DMT from his style of breathing.
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Is it possible to get in trouble for magic? ie. if you did a ritual to try and make a plane crash and then it happened?
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