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Former Nintendo employee here, telling you guys the truth about Lavender Town.

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First off, the Lavender Town creepypasta is complete BS. Some guy heard the truth and passed it on to another guy and so on, and by the time it hit the public it was different in so many ways to the truth that it was not even remotely damaging to us, so we let it be. Secondly, the recording at and several other places on YouTube is similarly complete BS. A tune that scary would simply scare children away from the game and be counterproductive. First off, the *legitimate* original tune (not the tune that is officially claimed by Nintendo today to be the original) is located at You can't really hear much of a difference from the "publicly known" original, and it doesn't sound that creepy. That's exactly why we chose it, though. Our intentions were to implement binaural beats that would subtly stay in children's minds for years - and allow us to control their minds in any way we wished. Being a corporation, we usually used this mind control to instigate urges to buy more Nintendo games, but there were a few times when the process was used for very different purposes. These experiments caused children to engage in bizarre and sometimes life-threatening behaviors, such as standing on a windowsill or attempting to juggle knives. This resulted in a number of what were thought to be completely accidental suicides. However, the number was closer to ten or twenty than the two hundred mentioned in the creepypasta. Shortly afterward, a new project director took charge, declared the mind control an "abomination", and ordered all remaining copies of the original theme destroyed. However, several employees secretly kept copies for themselves, including the one who uploaded the theme shown above.
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Spiderman and Elsa can no longer be monetized.

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Did we do it?

This Channel is from People that work at YouTube in order to communicate better with everyone.
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Favorite Creepypastas

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Images / greentexts welcome but links are good, too. Even Youtube links. Anything that's ever really spooked you.
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/spg/ SKY PEPE GENERAL - ''First edition'' EDITION



Coordinates: 13 48 1.0, -8 28 20.5"
IRAS micron 100

>Revelation 12

>Johny Cash - The Man Comes Around

>Satan on google /sky/
>The Movement & Alignment of Satan aligning with Bible prophesy
>Satans seven heads
>Original picture to the seven heads
>Nasa Censorship
>The movement of Satan
>Random piece of space for comparison

OP Pastebin:
Prev >>>/bant/1158196
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Clairvoyance Thread

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Clairvoyance/Remote viewing thread,

I am sitting in an office. To the left of me is a piece of paper with a black triangle and the number '3765589'. Which items are to the right of me?

Will answer if right or wrong
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Anons, I got it from my grandmother today, she told me to open it at the right time (or when I turned 21), she said she's in the family from the beginning, any idea what it is / x /?
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Familiar places/people in dreams?
I have a few.

>Recently I have been visiting another version of my area. it's like where I live, same topology, but it's way wilder. It's a sandy-beach-forest. Giant pine trees everywhere, sandy roads and tiny tracks that lead to the beach.
>It actually looks like how my parents describe the area when they were young.
>South from my place there's this old tiny house, all made of dark wood, tangled in rootweedss old windows and rusty doorknobs because of the salty air. the painting is going off, it looks a bit like a Hobbit's hole.
>In this house lives 3 people, a young lad, his sister and their mother.
>I've been friend with them since forever. It's been a while since I didn't visit each other, we hug and hang out all day with the rest of the gang.
>I think girl and I always have secretly been in love with each other.
>We explore the forest, jump in the sea, just play all day just like old times. Really happy to see them again.
>Times passes, gang splits with smile, I wave at them, cya tomorrow.
Thing is, I never met them IRL. I have no idea who they are, they don't match with real life people I know. I went back there a second night. it was soothing

>When I was a kid, I use to visit a splendid city by the coast. It looked like a mix between Balamb from FF8 and the city from Tales of EarthSea. Except very colourful and mozaics everywhere.
I know this place like my pocket I visit it very often, love this city.
Then I stopped going there.
>A few years ago I had this dream where I some kind of Lara Croft, we were a team of adventurers and accessed quests by exploring worlds through ancient portals. It was like giant Monoliths that get you into different universes, worlds, times. It's a Hub. A very old one.
In this dream there was actualy a portal leading to this fucking city. It had changed. I knew it without knowing it (I wasn't myself in this dream).
I noticed it was modernized, new building, I even went Karting. it was fun
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Have you ever managed to magnetise a fruit?
What do you do, or what can you do after this?
I'm new to this, I only started this as a test last monday.
Still very skeptical about all this "magnetism/mesmerism" thing.
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/sg/ Skepticism General

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Isolation thread for skeptics coming to /x/ so threads stop getting derailed with bickering. Ask questions here, three rules:
>Keep it civil
>Don't post skepticism in any thread but /sg/
>If someone asks for evidence, do not respond without it.
>Theoretical discussions not demanding evidence are fine.

I'm curious about NDE's. The one "experiment" I saw about them got torn to shreds, and the other implied there's a certain stimulation of the brain that can reliably cause out of body experiences, though that doesn't explain why.
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