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What does this mean and why do they keep trying to cover it up?
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Torus Earth

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Could the earth really be Donut shaped?

this explains being upside down, the sky is on the inner ring
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Is anyone else fascinated by the man-eating wolf tales from southern France in the 1700's? The "Beast of Gévaudan" is the most famous case, but there are actually several such "beasts" that came before and after, including the "Beast of Vosges" from the late-1970's.

Unlike other cryptid cases, the Gévaudan creatures were linked directly a large number of specific, named human deaths - gruesome slayings, with throats torn out and skulls crushed. And unlike other cases, a dead beast was allegedly presented to the court of Louis XV.

Unlike mere hungry wolves, the beasts were said to be stronger, and also a lot more calculating - selecting and stalking lone targets before attacking ONLY their heads/necks, studiously avoiding hunters, and seemingly killing for the thrill rather than for meat.

There are many theories about what these beasts actually were - everything from attack dog-wolf hybrids to serial killers in wolfskins, but it remains a great mystery.

The volume of literature on the topic (especially in French) is extensive, as are illustrations from the era when the attacks too place and afterwards. As are the theories for what these things might have been - escaped lions, mangy bears, a remnant population of a Stone Age canid, etc.
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There's something about this spot, I shit you not

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For years now... for decades now, I've had flashes of this one spot. Back in the early '90s, I was riding my bike, and stopped to smoke some weed at this spot. It was just a regular thing. But all the time I get these flashes of that totally unimportant spot. There's no reason I should keep getting these images. I was there ONE TIME, but for LITERAL DECADES I've... IDK, man.

Now, there's a really fucking large power station there, and I found that alarming.

Not kidding. There is a strange energy at this place in Salem, Oregon.
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This is near skinwalker ranch.
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Haunted photography

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Who is looking at you /x/?
What entity is hiding in the vast pixels of your screen
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This is a picture of Bohemian Grove taken in 1992. What the fuck are they doing there?

It reeks of occult rituals and black magick.
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how long do you have to be a freemason to get a freemason ring and what are the meanings on some of the different rings
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What is a Nephilim and why do they matter?

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I never get a straight answer on this, and pop culture just confuses things.
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What effect does this image have on you? Is it particularly spooky?
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