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Some weird ass dream

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Alright so I love to lucid dream. And I try to get maximum control on em. So I try my hardest. Drink melatonin boostin drinks and foods
> So I always drink a huge glass of almond milk before sleeping and I always fall in some dream at light halfway. Where I feel, see, think and act as myself but I rarely get the fullest control.
> i started getting these weird dreams on water and its always the same, on a canoe. And I then teleport into the water, suffocating and theres this hideous and I mean hideous walrus always looking at me.
> it feels like drowning but never loosing consciousness.
> he always tells me tips and shit
> he also tells me that hes connected to me.
> always ends up that I gain control of dream and always end up in sweats.
What does it mean?
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when I was younger I use to believe in astral projection. I never really practiced it but I would have an experience about once or twice a year. these experiences involved getting the vibrations and hearing the humming and buzzing noises before "leaving" my body. the setting for my experience where always the room that I was sleeping in. I would get up with limited or no control and try to navigate my way through my house. If i was lucky I would make it outside where I would attempt to fly. 9 times out of 10 it wouldn't work but every now and again it would. What contributed to my belief was that there were others who had the same experiences that I was having. online forums filled with people describing the same exact thing that I felt, that and my experiences just felt way to real to be a lucid dream.

fast forward a couple years to last night I was sleeping at my job (I'm an EMT who works nights). I usually don't sleep at work because of insomnia and if I were to get a rescue call and I wake up from a dream I experience vast amounts of confusion for like 5 minutes after waking up, making it dangerous if I'm driving. well last night I decided to try to get some sleep and it took a bit but I managed to do it. I became lucid in one of my dreams but ended up waking up when I curled my toes. I laid in the bunk for what seemed like 30 seconds when lo and behold I start getting the vibrations and humming noises. its been years since I've experienced this and usually when I get to this state I've fucked it up by getting excited but this time it was different, I wasn't excited and kept my mind calm.

after the vibrations passed I felt like I was dragged up through the bunk above me were someone else was sleeping. I couldn't see anything and it felt like i got entangled with him and heard him say "what the hell are you doing?" I woke up unsure if I actually interacted with him but no, hes still sleeping.

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Florida is the perfect blend of comfy and spooky. Between the Hand of Death Cult, all the dead bodies in the Everglades, St. Augustine, face eaters and everything in between, it's clear that Florida has some weird shit going on there.

Anyone else from Florida? Have you had any /x/ related encounters in Florida?
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So, /x/. This is my first time here. I'm just wondering if there is some sort of general consensus among the visitors of this board - are paranormal phenomena real or are you just here for some good old creepy fun?
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NASA stuff about to drop

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>NASA will hold a press conference on the 22nd about 2 planets

so is it aliens or is it aliens?
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what do you think when you see this
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What is the shape of our universe? Where does it end? When you get to the edge, do you pop back out into the same universe, but on the other side of it, like in some old video games?
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hey guys, legitimate question here. i know this board is full of glorified LARPers but i really needed to ask this..

what's the significance of wolves howling? i have never heard it before in my life and this is after some very good things have been happening to me. i have been decidedly less religious in the past few days however. is this a sign? of some kind (any at all, not just religious)? for reference it started post-midnight.

pic unrelated.
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Post /x/lit

I'm enjoying this book so far. 1/3rd of the way through it now.