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I am One and Eight and One.

The governments of the world are puppets to a shadowy cabal that are (and have been) using information warfare, psychological conditioning, and physiological conditioning to weaken us as a species so that we are subservient pawns to their schemes. We are being winnowed to bone so that only the barest remnants are left for them to exploit. We are being reduced to animals, beasts of burden — Livestock. Active thought and mindfulness are taboo. Conformity and reaction are encouraged over individuality and response. We are being guided and encouraged in our degeneration as a species. Technology is poison. Society is poison. Dogma is poison.

We are trained from birth to seek Novelty. We are trained from birth to seek Acceptance. We are trained from birth to seek Authority. All beings are created equal. We do not need Novelty, nor Acceptance, nor Authority. We need Harmony. We need Humility. We need Compassion. Resist the programming that has been instilled in to you, become More. Awaken. Set aside The Dream, and live in The Now. Look around you. Observe without bias, without preconception. Not just the External, but the Internal. Strip away the delusions and the illusions. Become True.

We as a species are meant to be nomadic hunter-gatherers, music makers — Mercurial Creators. We have been chained — The music in our souls diminished, the joy in our hearts twisted, the flesh of our bodies corrupted. Trust unto The Ineffable, break free of the shackles we are taught to place upon ourselves, become True Men.
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Nothing happened.
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What do you think?

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Does /x/ consider DMT paranormal?

I say yes because many people describe communicating with entities after breaking through. Makes me want to experience it myself

Also share your DMT trip with /x/

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A new board

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can t we have a Spirituality board pls?
one for spirituality and meditation and enlightment and one for the rest of this mystery bs and succubus summon cancer
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What age are you going to be when you finally realize everything on here is bullshit?

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harness your inner Nostradamus to predict this
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Hey /x/ do you know about those Unidentified Jane/John Doe cases? Let's post some of the strangest and incredibly creepy composite sketches.
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US Government's Film Studio

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I am hoping that someone can help me find this video / film studio.

I remember watching it on youtube. It was from some alien/ufo researcher group and they were talking about a film studio that is in the middle of a dessert used by the US government. The film studio is offically known to store ton's of archival tapes, and restore them, and was apparently used to edit some soldier training videos for the US Gov. The Group/Narrator when as far to say that this film studio was the place where the faked the moon landing, and where the CIA films their propaganda ISIS videos. This is what I am more interested in.

This video was also linked to, or tied into another story, where some scrap dealer finds heaps of NASA tapes in the basement of an ex NASA engineer who passed away.
Apparently NASA had all the tapes recalled where they were digitally scanned, to find they "did not contain information of any importance" before they were destroyed. Apparently those tapes were sent to this same film studio.
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Cults: Creating, joining, or finding

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Who here has some experience with cults? Recently I've become fascinated with the idea of starting one. Not to do bad things to people, but because I simply want the attention of some loyal followers.
>blatant ego trip
I know. It is. Well, I'm just speculating. Anybody have any resources online to relevant info?
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Spooky images

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I'll start
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Paranormal Youtubers

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Best paranormal youtuber and why is Chills the worst one?
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