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/x/ + /ck/ Magic Foods and Herbs

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I was thinking of all the mystical things people CLAIM certain foods, herbs, and spices can do. Post anything /x/ related to foodstuffs. I'll start.

I've read from a lot of places that Boron can reverse the (deliberate) ossification of the Pineal Gland caused by Flouride and help open your third eye. The levels suggested are at the upper end of what is safe (30 mg / day).

Supposedly Anisette (the flavor of Black Licorice, Ouzzo, and Sambuca). If taken before bed can help with lucid dreams. You can also get it in the baking section as an extract.

>Vitamin C (conspiracy)
Most animals produce Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Humans do not. One conspiracy theory is that we were DELIBERATELY created to NOT make Vitamin C so that we would wear out and die quicker. If we took large doses of Vitamin C every day from birth we would all live to be 200+ years old, which would help us learn and spiritually ascend. Vitamin C has also been shown to kill and prevent cancer, but Big Pharma hides this because it's cheap and easy.

Anyone have any others?
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What is the best way to astral project if you have never done it before?? Today I laid on my back with my eyes closed and envisioned a giant golden rope of light flowing the energy of the divine into my body through my chest. I didn't really feel like I was moving my astral body at all, maybe a little bit in my fingers, but hardly. Concentrating on the light wasn't that hard but I didn't do it for very long because I was on my floor and my back started to hurt.

When I opened my eyes; I saw a very quick and very strange flash of darkness. It looked like a frozen puddle that got stomped on and filled with cracks; like shattered glass, but it was pure black.

Is this just my eyes being strained from concentrating hard on something while they were closed, Or was this I sign I was getting close to the Astral world? Could anyone point me to the best astral projection method to start out with? And could I get some pointers?
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Have you ever been to a conference/lecture?

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In the /x/ tier field your interested in?

How was it? Did you enjoy it? Did you speak to people or ask the expert lecturer any questions?

Did you buy what they were shilling?
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Post your exoeriemces with the ouija board

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Have you ever played with the game of the spitits? Did it ocurr something? Or did not ocurr anything?
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Guns you wish existed

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I'll start
>SKS in .308
>Makarov in 9x19
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Hey /x/, one of my friends had a dream last night and he remembers it very well. I asked his permission to post it here and see if anyone can something out of it. He usually never dreams or remembers his dreams so this one is a bit special.

here it is:

my dad bought a new front door but instead of putting it there he knocked a hole in to my neighbours house and put it there but our old front door was next to it and our current door was my bedroom door,

Anyway I went upstairs in my neighbours house and they had all these weird rooms that I can't really remember but then they had this room with two Dalmatians in it and when I went in they just stayed asleep , so I went to another room where I knew to knock for some reason and all my neighbours where in there but it was like a Sherlock Holmes library with a log fire and stuff but there was no chimney but the room wasn't smokey and all my neighbours turned around at once so I asked them what was going on with the doors downstairs but they didn't know so I closed the door but when I went outside the dalmations were there but they morphed in to black labradors and then these Jonas brothers looking white (neighbours are black) kids sorta climbed out and walked off.
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The time is 6:00
If anyone remembers me, I am ghostboi from a thread I created yesterday detailing some rather disturbing experiences I've been having lately. I will post screencaps of the thread so everyone who isn't can get up to date.
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Why are there no Caveman ghosts?
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