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Ever wonder how many /x/ users have passed away over the years?
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Dream thread

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Post here weirid/creepy dream's.
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Have took today like 2-3 g of dry mushrooms with Friends. Now im in my bed and i cant sleep. Its like a paradox. Idk wth im saying and i dont want to go crazy. See you tomorrow if god wants
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/omg/ - Occultism and Magic(k) General

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23rd is happening

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Kim is at it again
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Okay, /x/, maybe you can help me.

About four years ago, I was working retail in my hometown on Black Friday. I was going to stay until 6am, and my manager sent me for coffees to help keep the team awake around 4am. As I was pulling into the parking lot of a strip mall area (with Starbucks, eye glass store, etc scattered through the lot), I noticed what looked at first like a large dog crossing the street in front of me. Though this didn't look like any ordinary dog - and I pulled into a spot to get a better look. It was tall, taller than the hood of my car, with these long skinny legs. It actually looked remarkably cat-like, except it was around three feet tall from back to foot. It had a long skinny tail, like a cats, but it wasn't fuzzy. It was more a sleek, pitch black coat. I didn't get to see it's eyes, but it had NO ears. It was just a flat round head. And then, as I was pulling into the spot, the beast slinked down into the sewer drain under the curve.

I have never known cats to grow this large, and we don't really have wild animals roaming our city, at least nowhere near downtown. The missing ears were interesting as well, but that admittedly could have been something I just didn't see well. I don't know if this was anything supernatural but I've never known any animal to be that size but live in sewers.
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Let's get a reality glitch thread going, I'll start.

>be me
>work an hour out of town
>car has shitty gas mileage so I go to the gas station before work every day
>pull up the same pump the same way every day for almost a year
>pump 3 car facing the store
>wake up one morning everything normal
>drive to the gas station and pull up to pump 3 car facing the building like always
>go inside, buy a soda pay for gas
>come outside to pump gas and can't find where to put the nozzle
>its on the other side of the car
>no fucking way thats right
>freaked out for a bit but get over it
>know for a fact ive been doing the same routine for almost a year
>always pumped from that side
>few days later
>fiance takes the car to go see her friends
>comes home
>eventually tells me a story about pulling up to a gas pump the wrong way
> "I could have sworn the gas tank was on the other side"
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What happened to Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon?

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What we know
>two Dutch girls in their early 20s go hiking in Panama
>set out on a hike that shouldn't take more than a couple of hours
>they never return
>search party doesn't doesn't find any traces of their whereabouts
>weeks later one of their backpacks is found, showing that they tried calling emergency services only a couple of hours into their hike, but couldn't reach them because there is no reception in the area
>continued calling emergency services dozens of times over the course of the next 8 days, to no avail, no reception in the jungle
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Fucked up YouTube Videos

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There is something seriously sinister about this man, and nobody in the comments seems to notice. I'd like to think fellow /x/philes have experience with recognizing evil. I know I'm not crazy. This man might be Satan or some entity inhabiting the skin of a human.

Just pause and watch his face and false expressions. The forced smile. The bland questions. Something about him is SERIOUSLY wrong.
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