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RH Negative blood

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I've recently found out that my blood is RH-
Research so far has turned up very little.
The few pieces of information I have come across have steered me straight to /x/
Share your thoughts regarding RH- blood type.
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2017 there were 2 films released dipicting alien life forms.

1. Of those were called Arrival.

"When mysterious spacecrafts touch down across the globe"

2. Passengers

"depicting space travel"

3. Alien Covenant (2017) Dipicting Space / Space travel.

NASA Releases NEW Finding of 7 Life Like Plantes.

"Headline: NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star in which all orbit a sun - EXACTLY the same way ours does."

Youtuber Tyler on the mass social media platform YouTube provides"user-submited" so called proof of Aliens; including flying sourcers, outer space moving objects perceived to be Alien Space craft.

This channel has nearly 800,000 subscribers, San Francisco , Calif. 852,469 1 the equivelant to.

Spread over a national territorial basis the information awakens us too see that even if there was to be an outer reach of a more superior civilisation, there would be as in the film states - a quote from "Arrival" (Alien Entity - " We dont come with no harm " or something along those lines reaches into the core values that a human perceives to be true in which inturn perceives alien life form to appear as a threat.

Essential the goverments are drip-feeding us information slowly so we come to terms with the news they are about to tell us. In essence they have already discovered life outside of Earth. We could even begin to go more in depth on the situation as I do thoroughly beleive that there is more information that I have missed that we have been drip-fed.

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This kills Lucifer
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What convinced you that the paranormal is real? What's the best you can do to convince me that anything involving the paranormal is real (Aliens, ghosts, demons, magic, etc.)?
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Should we trust this guy?
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I hope none of you is part of this
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Esoterically speaking

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Given the nature of the bottom floor of Solomon's Temple, the tale of Hiram Abiff, and the nature of both Hebrew and English to layer multiple meanings onto a single word, what word needs to be reinvented as to separate its allegorical and esoteric meaning from its racial meaning, yet remains very difficult to do so because of the nature of the origin of the word?
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Why am I me, rather than someone else?
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What can you guys tell me about the wendingo, i want to learn obout it.
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hey anon, tell me the most creepy nightmare you've ever had
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