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Spooky greentext thread?
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What does it mean?

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I dreamed with it
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You guys are meant to be e/x/perts?

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How do I strengthen my relationship with my tulpa? I'd like to give her everything
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>few months ago
>have one of the most vivid dreams ever
>only remember it was about a girl who was my soulmate
>tell myself I need to remember her name
>realize it's literally the most common name in my country and probably one of the most common names on earth
>my gf has a different name
>laugh it off

>few weeks ago
>at party
>12 am
>4 guys and a rainbow haired girl arrive
>she's gorgeous
>she surely is with one of them
>start observing
>notice she probably isn't with any of them
>approach her
>we hit off from the start
>spend most of the time talking during the party
>she adds me on fb
>start talking to her on fb
>cold AF
>usually I wouldn't insist but I feel the NEED to be around her
>I had never felt this magnetism towards anyone in my life
>never felt so fucking annoying but I didn't care
>ask her out
>says she's busy but she'll try to make it
>next day she tells me she can actually make it
>later at night
>we talk through the whole movie
>I had never done this
>take her home
>again, I had never invited some to my house after knowing them for only a few hours
>we listen to music and talk for hours
>make a move to kiss her
>"anon, do you have a gf?"
>tell her I do and try to explain my whole situation
>says she won't kiss me but promises it will happen next time I see her
>leave her at her house at 5 am
>again try to talk to her on fb
>still cold AF
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Redpill me on Beards

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What magic do they create? How do they work? Why do the Jews and Muslims and Sihks and others revere them? Why does commercialism push onto the average person a demand to shave their beard?
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>someone is seeing ayyys
>they're always naked
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How to I use the occult to bring me a man that will make me happy forever as my husband? :(
I don't believe in twin flames and soulmates desu but I just want someone I'm compatible with and can grow with and am attracted to
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How do I sell my virginity to a high ranking demon for wealth and success? I really want to be a successful author with a qt wealthy bf/future husband
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Paranormal hookup thread

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Paranormal hookup thread! Meet up with anons to do /x/-related stuff.

>/x/-related things you are interested in
>contact info

To find a listing of haunted places near you, refer to

If anyone else is in central NJ, please drop your email or contact info of any sort and I'll contact you.
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Thought form to physical form

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I posted around 5 months ago about my plan to create physical thought form babies by ejaculating through thought alone and inseminating unsuspecting women with the thought sperm and charting the forms birth, growth and its interactions with us material people.

I bring good news I have three thought forms on the way and the pregnancies look healthy as I suspected. My thought form carriers are 2 escorts and a low self esteem girl I met on Craigslist. Only the girl knows she carries my seed but is unaware that it is thought seed. The girl has moved in with me because i tricked her into thinking im her boyfriend now and i'm gonna stick by her and create family this is just a ruse. Once my thought form is born I will break off the relationship and use her previous mental health as reason to gain full custody. Easy

The escorts are a little bit harder. I made sure I knew my escorts weren't using birth control so my double bag insemination would work (pour thought seed in outer condom pin prick, roll on second condom onto penis then roll on outer layer condom with thought seed. This allows me to have sex but still use my thought seed instead of my material cum) How I am tracking them just now is unreliable. I paid homeless people follow her whereabouts and make notes. Problem is they are gonna stick out like a sore thumb at the maternity ward. So really need more clean cut guys there because that is where the vital information is at the moment.

How I plan on getting my other two thought forms from the escort is to basically to rely on a hypothesis I am pretty sure will work. My gf thought form son will use his innate non verbal connection to bring them to my study lab.

I wont answer questions because I was judged too harsh last time but I will be back with earth shattering results in due time.. pardon the pun
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