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What dark pieces of footage do you think Hollywood has?

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corey feldman clinging to a ripped sofa screaming? big budget snuff/cp? Executives alley ooping a starlet to another executive for the slam dunk? test footage? early cuts? moon landing? sex tapes? failed or lost movies? weinstein sneezing? bluebeam take one?
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Redpill me on the Nephilim Giants.

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Is this legit? How deep does the rabbithole goes? Is this just some fantasy made up theory or does it have actual basis?

Come on /x/, let's spark some discussion on this fascinating topic.
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Who is the worst guru to ever exist? My vote goes to this bitch.
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MK Ultra - Manson cover up

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We all know the government tried to use LSD to control the minds of people, and it was all done between 1953-1972 before it got shut down. The public didn't become aware of it, however, until after the Manson Family murders.
What if MKUltra was made up to trick the public into thinking Charles Manson brainwashed his lackeys into committing murder? Was it all some big test?
How are you going to tell me that a man can be charged with first degree murder while not actually killinmg anyone himself?
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A life of pleasure?

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How does one live deliciously?
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Michael Jackson

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What do you think of the Michael Jackson pedophilia and sexual abuse allegations?
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Does anyone think its weird that Akira predicted this almost 30 years ago?
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Remember this page from a thread here and /b/ and its changed since last I've seen it. You can access the page through a pattern of clicks on the doors.
Welcome to help me on this goose chase
Original site:
Site reached by clicking doors:
Pic Related
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Is Sign of the Cross wrong?

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