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How to see past lives?
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What are some good occult/satanic tattoos?
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has anyone ever talked to a real vampire?
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Is the Opiod epidemic actually being passively allowed by authorities in order to observe the effects of overdoses on the collective human consciousness and possibly our reality? If pivotal moments in human history correspond to eras of mass death/disease/suffering, could we maybe observe similar changes brought about in the collective consciousness by a drug epidemic and in the future could such "epidemics" be manufactured in order to control the direction of human progress during critical junctures?

Or, rather, what if the so called Mandella effect was in fact the product of people taking mind altering substances or experiencing mind altering states which allow us to unoticeably pass from one near identical alternate reality to another? After enough of these subtle differences in history and our memories. Mind you, heroine and opiods aren't exactly mind altering, but could so many overdoses bringing people to the edge of death or beyond be having effect on our reality.

Then again, perhaps this is all nothing but whimsically postulating, a mental exercise in fiction straining to attribute grander hidden meaning and context to the mundane. Then again, what is reality if not our perception of it? And if we can change that perception do we not change reality itself? And if so, in what way?
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San Andreas mysteries
What's out there in the Back o' Beyond lads? Is there a Ufo in area 69? Skeletons in the desert? Los Brancas horse? Jackalopes? CJ's moms ghost? TV ghost? Loch ness monster in flint county? Bigfoot? Yeti and screaming ghost at Panopticon? Whales?? Any hype for GTAV in here?
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Anyone else getting these spooky ads?
Any explanations?
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Let's get a NWO thread going. Post your infographs, conspiracy websites, interviews, personal anecdotes, chan captures, everything. Let's lay it down, from beginning of time til now, with every jew/reptillian/banker accounted for.
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Times you got screwed by curiosity

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This happened when I was younger

>be me, 12 yo
>Be at 12 yo cousin house
>Both browsing youtube videos
>He founds a videotutorial about how to enter the deep web
>Cousin tries to convince me to do it
>I refused, since I heard that the deep web is full of creepy stuff and hackers
>Cousin calls me a faggot
>I get angry and tell him Im leaving
>"Ok coward, go away... Im going to see what lures in the deep web"
>"Whatever... Just be careful"
> I lesve his place since its late
>return home and went to sleep
> Next day, early morning
>Wakes up and walk to the kitchen
>Hear my mother talking to the phone using a very worried tone of voice
>She hangs and I ask her what happen?
>"Anon, your cousin... he has been found dead... in his own room"
>I freeze
>"And that's not all... apparently the killer left a weird message on one of the walls, written with blood..."
>My heart is beating hard
>"What... does the message say...?"
>My mother looks at me directly tonthe eyes
>"It said... "Don't enter the deep web"
>Days later police investigation reveals that my cousin was killed by a deep web hacker
>Weeks later they caught them
>The hacker known as 4chan
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/x/ im going out on a limb here but I am asking for help. Anons I need some spiritual energy and mabe its easy to get help if you ask for it on /x/ so im asking and also anyone else. Im posting a pic of me for magic spell purposes. I don't believe magic but convince me not. Positive spells only please
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How to Get into Lucid Dreaming

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I know it's an actually proven thing and not really paranormal, but this kind of seems like the best place to ask. Every time I've tried lucid dreaming everything end up spiraling out of control and I just end up waking up on a panic. What am I doing wrong?