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spooky art?
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Unsolved Mysteries thread

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Starting with a classic

>the Somerton Man
A body was found on Somerton Beach, Australia, in 1948. The man had no identification, labels had been torn out of all of his clothing, and although it appeared he had been poisoned there was no trace of poison in his system. A worldwide manhunt found no one who could identify him. Eventually, a scrap of paper found in a secret pocket sewn into his wasitband with the words "Tamam Shud" ("it has ended" in Persian) was found, and linked to a unique copy of a rare book. When they found the book, they found the page that the words had been cut from and inside the book there was a code.
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Time Traveler Sergei Ponomarenko of Ukraine

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This is an incredible story. Possibly the most incredible story of time travel I have ever heard. I loved
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Zodiac sign thread

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Why is Sagittarius so hopelessly in love with Pisces?
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What do real vampires look like?

Vampire thread.
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Spooky Art General

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Can I get artwork covering cryptids/paranormal things? (Pic related, it's a drawing I did a while back
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Firm Floats Plan to Hang Colossal Skyscraper From an Asteroid

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This is all over the news.

"New York City-based design firm Clouds Architecture Office has plans to build a skyscraper that would hang down from the sky suspended by air cables attached to an asteroid, making it the world’s tallest building. As dezeen learned, the supertall, dubbed Analemma Tower, would not be built on Earth but instead have a “space-based” foundation. Each day, the tower, which would be constructed over Dubai, would travel between the northern and southern hemispheres, with the slowest part of the tower’s trajectory occurring over New York City."

What do you guys think of this new viral sensation?
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What are they hoping to accomplish?
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what country is the most notorious for its occult/magickal history?
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I'm new to meditation, but today while I was attempting to meditate, my muscles were shaking a lot.

Eventually I was able to stop them, just wondering if there's a reason for this.

Meditation stories and tips would be great
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