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Bible as a horror story

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If the Bible were a horror book. What would be the creepiest or scariest moments/quotes would you guys know of? Just heard from a couple people that the Bible do state a good amount of scary things or rather eerily creepy.

What do you guys know?

Thanks in advance
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What did I see

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>Was out with Gf & Bro on boat
>Decide to go swimming
>See dolphin in the water
>Get back in the boat & get camera
>Go back to take pic of dolphin
>The thing looks at me
>He looks kinda deformed
>Swim back up to the boat
>The dolphin comes to the boat
>he looks less deformed than before
>Thats when I noticed that it's eyes were fucking moving on its head (like changing positions)
>Got the fuck outta there
What did I see /x/ ?
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Hello /x/, where can I find vampires?
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Pic related. It looks similar to this character but smaller in height, gangly skinny with a large head but the skin looked like that. Called it self Niddahog or something like that. It was several years ago and was in several nightmares I had. Is it a demon or something? Has anyone ever heard of something like this? I know it's not much to go off of but hoping it's enough clues. Life has gone to shit around the time I started seeing it in my dreams. I don't see it any longer but life is still shit.
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Silent Horror Comics

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Hey /x/!

Thought I'd share some cool spooky comics I found. Some are pretty freaky, others are funny. I'll try to post the best ones!
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Is being extremely unlucky paranormal?

It seems like life's RNG is always against me. Even harmless tasks seem to fuck me over. For example when I'm pouring a drink a splashback manages to just aim for my eyes and shit me up. Or whenever I grab something as boring as a belt it manages to swing exactly in a way where the buckle hits my dick. It's not even limited to objects. Even situations can be unlucky. Like choosing a bus seat. Of all the seats or times that I pick I always manage to pick one in range of a belligerent douche or crazy who will ruin my day that could've been avoided if I sat somewhere else.

These things happen so often I'm starting to call them "scripted events" as if they are blatantly obvious pains someone or something is sending my way. Anyone have any insight on this?
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A present for you guys
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Will something spoopy happen to me if I go out to a crossroads tonight at 3am?
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