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I used to see threads on here a lot but never bothered to actually play the game. Any oldfags wasn't to enlighten me and possible take us on a tour?
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I've been working on a theory.
Whenever a depressed character is shown in media, he/she always resorts to excessive eating, alcohol or some other harmful activity in order to take their minds off things or try and feel better. I've always dismissed such behavior as something embellished by fiction.
Lately I've been through some tough times, and whenever I feel really sad or anxious I find myself drinking more or overeating.
Is it some sort of conditioning by the media, in order to take socially unstable people into a downward spyral and bring them to self destruction? Or am I just delirious?
I'm thinking, maybe if I had not be influenced by it, I would be able to cope with depression and get out of it?
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Los Angeles Ghost Hunting Shenanigans

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Hey hey!

Who here is in beautiful LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA BABY! WHOOOO!


I'm a cellular biology and microbio major at UCLA. I'm down for some fun, even if we don't find anything. I like drawing, and was hoping to get some inspiration out of this. Whatever you wanna do we can do it. Looking for a group of people.

Don't really care but if you're attractive it's a plus. Not sexual in any way, it's just I'm attractive and don't want to be seen with ugly people and I just don't fit in with them.
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Fleshgait General

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So, I want to write a legit,quality horror script for a film about Skingaits. I don't want some cringey /x/ 'how summon succubus for succ?' bs, I want legit the best information and images you suckas have about these flesh-wearing bros.

Gimme what you got.
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WTF is up with the number 22? There's the date, Salman Abedi was 22-year old and there were 22 dead.
What do you know, Grande is a Kabbalah slut:
>Grande was raised a Roman Catholic but abandoned Catholicism during the pontificate of Benedict XVI,[254] citing opposition to the church's stance on homosexuality,[6][255] noting that her half-brother is gay.[256] She has followed Kabbalah teachings since the age of twelve, along with her brother Frankie,[257] believing "the basis lies in the idea that if you're kind to others, good things will happen to you."[258] A few of her songs, such as "Break Your Heart Right Back", are supportive of LGBT rights.[259]
Brother who happens to be degenerate af:
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I'd like a thread about reptillians thanks
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Prayer, Baptism of the Holy Spirit

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I need prayer, I have yet to be baptisted and am hoping a spiritual form of baptism of the Holy Spirit can be achieved. Could someone pray for my spiritual body to be baptised? Is this even possible?
Pic not related
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We're lab rats.
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Philippine Magick

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I think the Philippines has a rich culture in witchcraft and is still very much alive up to this date. What do you think of their craft? Is there any filipino sorcerer in 4chan?
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Mystic Jediism

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Come one, come all, and hear the call of the Force.
Herein lies the greatest wisdom of men, the key to all occult mysteries, the source of all wisdom, the progenitor of form. It is formless, timeless, ageless, without qualities, without distinction. The Hindu calls the Force by the name "Brahman", symbolized through their OM. Taoists understand the will of the Force as the Tao, living by the will of the Force being "wu wei". And still others -- the Gnostics, the Platonists, the Kabbalists, the Hermeticists -- recognize the truth of the Force in their own way, using their own names and titles.
The Force surrounds us; penetrates us; it is by and from the Force that all which is exists. You, the observer, know yourself to be awareness alone. You are not your body, nor your senses, or the objects of these things. You are not composed of the elements. You have no association with this phenomenal world of false images. Knowing yourself as awareness alone, be happy and free. This is liberation.
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