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Demonic voice possession on MITD show with Heather Wade.

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You can hear it yourself how her voice changes as the demons take control over her voice and over her mouth over her speech.
You can hear her demonic laughters during the show, you can hear how her voice goes deeper to sound almost like a man's voice.
This phenomena was noticed by many people and is a prime example of a real life satanic control over this female talk show host
who declared many times on the air that she is a practicing witch.

Rumor is that Heather Wade sold her soul to Satan and that she signed a 'Soul Contract' just so she can get this job hosting MITD Show.
Other rumor is that she is the reason why Art Bell quit hosting MITD show, due to Heather's Satanic pact.
Her voice doesn't sound like a voice of a female and her voice doesn't sound human, it sounds like a voice of a demon possessed person.
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I have severe possession please help me!

what do?
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What part of the world will we see a real cyberpunkesque city emerge?

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Will it be China and the Pearl River Delta?
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MBTI/Astrology General

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Bump limit reach
Old thread >>19590192

Hey x, whats your sign? MBTI? Ennegram if you're really into personality theory?

Astrology discord: AVRjqsW
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Hey /x/, I don't normally come here but I sorta stumbled on something that I thought you might be interested in. I asked a friend I know who browses here if he's heard of this and said he hasn't.

While browsing old castles, a hobby of mine, I found an estate that stood out.

It's called, "Château des Amerois" or after going through a few google searches I found a colloquial name:

"The Castle of the Dark Mothers"

A brief history of the estate. Built around the 19th Century, it is a neo-gothic château situated along the ardennes in the Bouillon municipality of Belgium, outside the small village of Muno. Originally purchased in 1849 by the Count of Mesniel, the estate tossed hands until it came into ownership by Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders. The original castle in fact was destroyed in a fire, the one you see now is the current one.

Following his death, his family sold it to Alice Solvay, niece of Belgian chemist and industrialist Ernest Solvay. As of now, the estate is in his descendants hands.

That's all I could really find in regards to an "official history." Please share if you find anything else, I genuinely like the history of castles such as these.

The rest of what I found gets a bit darker.

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Greentext Thread

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Gather round, and tell some tales of fear and mystery
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You guys do realize that September 23rd isn't supposed to be the end of the world, but the beginning of the final stage of the world that is supposed to last 7 years, right?
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Alright psychics.. Guess my name

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Anyone have the power to do that?

What is my name and full birthdate? I doubt anyone can know
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Psychoanalyze my old drawings /x/. What can you tell from this stuff I thought up. No idea where I get this from.
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How do I identify somebody who is wearing a skin suit/pretending to be a human?
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