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Am I crazy if I legitimately do not understand why I can't change the world with my mind? It don't make any sense, I should be able to.

I understand why I'm supposed to believe I can't, and for most of my life I think I've fooled myself into fitting that expectation. But I know that deep down I never truly believed it.
It never truly made sense to me that it should be possible for people to be trapped, or to be forced to do or experience things they don't want to, or that happiness should ever be out of anyone's reach. And honestly I'm starting to get fucking sick of it.
The funny thing is that I know that to the vast majority of people all this stuff makes them feel like things are more "real" or that facing this reality head on is how they grow.
However, I can't really explain why but I actually just get this overwhelming sense that this whole reality is extremely childish, like I'm stuck in a cosmic daycare center. It doesn't make sense and I don't want to pretend that it does any more.
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astral projection

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is it possible or just a meme
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So what's the deal with Oniontown? Are the inbred? Anyone have stories or are there any Onionbros here who can shed some light on this mysterious area?
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What the fuck is the Cult of Saturn?
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SCP thread: 2000-2999 Edition.

I don't know if people consider anything above series 0-999 Canon or not, but I don't care. This is a thread to change things up a little bit.

Now then, roll your numbers and put a 2 in front of the last three digits. This is your assignment for the next two years.

Any post which has a 7 in it may become a researcher if they want.

Dubs may roll again if they want.

Trips may become field agents.

Quads or higher are automatically 0-5 and may turn any one person with dubs into a D-Class personnel for the scp the dubs person rolled.

Come back here and share your assignments, their classification and how fucked you are. Op rolling.
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A man walks up to your door at 12:00 AM

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A man walks up to your door at 12:00 AM night, you’re home alone, what do you do?

Note: you have weapons the average house has, (i.e kitchen knife, power tools, hand tools, etc)
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None of this matters, your life, your accomplishments, nothing. Everyone dies eventually, and there's a good chance human civilization isn't going to start colonizing the stars for another several hundred years at least, at the rate we're going.

Either push for actual immortality or stop caring about this life, if you ask me.
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What does the hanged man mean?
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Canadian Charcoal Pit Conspiracy

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All over Manchester, you can find these kebab places called Canadian Charcoal Pit. Some of them claim to be "The" Canadian Charcoal Pit, and some of them try to make themselves stand out by going by Canadian Charcoal Grill.

Now here's what so concerning about this:
- This is not a chain of restaurants. Every single one of them operates completely independently from the other ones.
- These places have nothing to do with Canada, or charcoal pits for that matter
- No one knows why these places all call themselves Canadian Charcoal Pit. People say that if someone were to pry into the reasoning behind this, they might not like what they find.
- One might think that this could be related to witch trials that happened in canada around the end of the seventeenth century, where people were burned on makeshift fires fueled by charcoal
- It seems like these places have been spreading all over Manchester, and maybe even beyond. I don't know how this started, and I'm afraid that it might never stop.
- Some of them use the same kind of clip art in their logo, but they all have different websites,-2.2305905,9.75z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1scanadian+charcoal+pit!3m4!1s0x487bb26f016a1f71:0x266045ab4e5fb053!8m2!3d53.4260888!4d-2.2435062

Mysterious, don't you agree?