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Fighting the same demon my whole life

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So I don't know if this shit is gonna make a fucking dent but here goes. For as long as I can remember, I have been haunted by a demon that seems to have it out for my family. This motherfucker's name and presence has appeared like a tick that won't go away since before I can remember.

It's gotten to the point where I can feel the residue of his presence when family members or friends tell me certain shit that's been happening to them or happened in their past.

The bastard took my brother from me. Caused him to disappear in the middle of the night with his baby mama and haven't seen him in like 4 fucking years.

I don't know why he's decided to target me and my family but I've been learning and teaching myself and others how to stand their own against this shit.

I wouldn't call myself an exorcist cause I don't adhere to any religion but I have learned how to expel demons. I've done it before and it is draining work.

This fucker though, he doesn't leave forever. He always comes back through a lackey or latched onto someone who comes into my life.

I don't know why I'm typing this. Maybe cause I feel crazy. Maybe cause telling a bunch of strangers the truth will help me...come to terms with it? Fuck if I know. All I know is that I can feel it now, outside of my bedroom window. It can't come in because of precautions I've put in place but I can feel it.

I'm not a schzio, but I do got mental problems so I don't know. Felt I should mention that.

Also not gonna type his name out because names have power. Just know it's a derivative of Wen_ _ _ o.

Pic not related.
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>nasa admits there are ufos
>not a single thread
unironically proud of this shithole. muh disclosure is the biggest fucking psyop ever.
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Elongated skulls + related anomalies

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Picrel are the statues of Akhenaten's daughers, currently housed in the Cairo museum of Egypt.

Despite the on-going debate whether Akhenaten himself had an elongated skull, there is enough evidence that his offspring BOTH had this "deformity" or anomaly...

I'm well aware of the Paracas skulls, along with the incredible results of their DNA testing... Out of the (4) hair samples, one of them couldn’t be sequenced to any life from Earth, while the remaining (3) hair samples all showed Haplogroup H2A (found mostly in Eastern Europe and some of Western Europe)...

Sepehr (Robert) is sound with his fixations on "red-haired mummies" throughout places like China and even Egypt, as the Paracas skulls contained red hair as well.

Here is a side shot of "The Princess of Xiaohe", one of China's oldest and best preserved European mummies.. yet only exhibited TWICE throughout history and is not kept in any museum or public institution.

Furthermore, underneath most (if not all) of the stone circles in England - including Stonehenge - the elongated skulls of women have been found... Not only that, every single one had shown signs of a "coup de grace" strike to the head (blunt force trauma).

Anyhow, most researchers agree that these women were of "an elite" or royal status.. much like we see with Egypt and picrel.

So what is the connection? Why are we finding the elongated skulls of an upper-class of peoples, mostly women, all across the world and whom share many of their features... even down to their DNA?
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warning to anyone who thinks they are "In Power"

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give me what i want or else.
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Is this show legit?
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There's this strange alert near my city about a dangerous armed suspect, phones started screaming and TVs played an emergency alert with a red screen.
Isn't it a bit intense? They recommend to close windows and lights, and even recommended people in the area to leave the city "if it's safe to do so".
It's a bit mental for an uninged dude with a gun. They haven't even given us a description or anything, just an "armed suspect".
Thoughts? Radioactive leak? Experimental virus? Autistic cryptid?
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/cdf/ - Is there an agenda to increase Cosmic Death Fungus?

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This is a thread to discuss about candida and spiritual or other considerations about the growing number of this fungi.
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These are all very similar looking symbols right? What do they mean? The colored one is from anime Hunter x Hunter
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>You must change your hearts - for the kingdom of Mr. Beast has arrived.

Why did he say this? How did he even know who Mr. Beast was back then?