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Plez help

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I am sick of my stupid repetetive life, litelarilly only a few steps everyday. I want to know something paranormal or shit that will "Enlighten" or something my life such as chakras or maybe rituals just that kind of thing

Picture unrelated
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Jesus Christ was the last person to sacrifice Himself to keep the age of light going.

But now the darkness is returning again.

Who will be our Champion?
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This man appeared to me when I was on Ayahuasca. He told me he was my spirit guide and my Ascended Master. He also told me to kill my daughter. What do?
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Kyle Odom Manifesto

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Posting the complete Kyle Odom Manifesto for discussion because I'm depressed and bored. He's my favorite nutbag and I even spent some time in the same mental ward that he was in.
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Consider the following

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Could the Smith effect be a real life thing? Think about it. How many times have you seen someone act perfectly normal and then suddenly turn into a vicious shill nothing like their normal selves when you mention a certain topic, or seen someone who's normally pretty dumb suddenly say something incredibly profound out of the blue? It's like their spirit has been unplugged and someone else plugged in their place for a few moments. Could this be something that happens regularly? How do you even know if you still have your original spirit you were born with or you were replaced with something else but still have your same biological memories? Could agent Smith be the demon Legion packaged in scifi and explained in a normie friendly fashion? Could we potentially use aliumz and digital fiction analogies as a vector to redpill hardcore normies on the spiritual similar to how the Matrix did?
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He's watching- Help

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I really need someones help. There's this thing, he used to be my 'imaginary friend' who would show in my dreams and just watch me from far away. Well eventually he came out of my dreams and started following me around in real life. He asked me to give him a name and this was before I learned that this was a HUGE no no. So i called him Jonathan. Jonathan was a trickster at first, hiding things, moving things, and well not much. He was an adult 'man', but he acted very childish. Which I liked when i was a child. But then one day i told my dad about him and my dad told me that he used to be into the very dark parts of witchcraft, and that Jonathan was not a good thing. Well fast forward to when Jonathan knew I knew he didn't hold anything back and he made living a nightmare. /x/ what should I do?? my dad said getting a priest would almost be impossible because i gave this thing a new name. Its also tried to kill me a number of times by throwing stuff like Heavy shelves full of glass at me and trying to suffocate me. Please idk what to do.
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Open for quick bout of tarot readings

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Long commute home, bored, got my deck with me.

Astro sign
Pic describing your emotional state
Health/Death questions will be skipped
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my palm start bleeding for no reason

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So my life line started bleeding for no discernible reason. Am I going to die in my sleep?

I killed people in a war if that's relevant.
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Is this normal?

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Hi, lately i have this weird thing that if i say something when im angry like: I hope you get into a car accident! It will happen. What is this called? Is it something normal?
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