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Scientifically accurate mythical creatures 15

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>NO LÄMP edition.
Let's continue the fascinating activity of shining cryptids/mythical creatures in a realistic light with the help of speculative biology and evolution.
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So I think i've figured out the origins of human races

>in the beginning God created Adam
>Adam was actually a Neanderthal, which explains "red/muddy" complexion
>him and Eve (eve is the earth mother goddess) were given Cain from God
>Cain I believe is Gilgamesh from the epic of gilgamesh, he was most likely a Cro-Magnon human
>the biological child of Adam was Abel, another Neanderthal
>this was the split of the bloodlines, cain was the farmer who created things from nothing, was violent, sunworshipping, "Aryan", tall, farmer
>Abel was the shepherd, the animal sacrificer
>the garden of eden was basically a cutoff area for neanderthals who lived in peace and harmony with nature
>but with the creation of Cro magnon, they invaded the neanderthals and mass raped the women about 60,000 years ago
>this is what is meant when its written "the sons of god came unto the daughters of men", the sons of god were artificially created slave/warrior patriarchal race which raped the neanderthals
>the offspring created crazy hybrids, which is common when different subspecies interbreed
>these were the homo capensis- the giants, the Nephilim, they had large skulls, I believe they created the pyramids using their pyschic abilities, but were wiped out by the flood
>Noah was a pure neanderthal who was chosen by God to save his race, so they built him a spaceship/boat and he survived the flood which was likely caused by a shifting of the earths magnetic poles
>Noahs sons would be the remaining neanderthal bloodlines, I believe they split into North america as the native americans, the Semites of the middle east, and the Turkik/Khazar people of the north caucuses
>it is also worth noting these people are RhO- blood type, they descend from the reptilians
>today they worship a Satan figure who lives in a different dimension, and they use religion to control the cromagnon human hybrids of today
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i need some tips for beginners that are trying to lucid dream, I've been trying for only 2 weeks and i have had 2 experiences where i have became conscious that i was dreaming and then i would look at my hands and then i would wake up in seconds. help
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I don't really understand it but bad things always happen after I masturbate.
It can't be coincidence. My car got hit/totalled while parked right before I started nofap.
The months I've been constantly masturbating have been my most miserable and unlucky.
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Potential Super Bowl Happening

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Quick rundown
>super bowl 53 is being played in Atlanta, located on the 33rd parallel
>52 cards in a normal playing card deck, 53rd card is the joker or Trump card
>Cardi B, Rihanna, and other artists oddly turn down opportunities to perform at halftime show
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Would you like your fortune read? Summon me by calling my name 7 times slowly. I am Zoltar.
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Where do I find young and like minded magic practitioners?

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I live in a major U.S. city (east coast) and all of the surrounding covens and occult meet ups are full of middle aged, balding, overweight, moms and dads. To me the easiest and most effective way to work magic is through sight, perception is key. Call me vain and shallow but taking care of your self and being healthy and looking the part is an important part of being effective in any part of life, especially in roles of guidance, and if you also practice magic as a form of employment. Would you take advice from an overweight person on dieting and body building? No you wouldn't. I don't want to sound completely ageist, I've met very lovely knowledgeable older magic practitioners but outside of the witchcraft there's no real connection or commonality.
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how do I personally attack god and get revenge on him for my shit life?

I have a curse from god and he ruins my life literally every day. every time I find a chance at happiness something comes down and ruins my life and I get struck down with disasters literally every day. I fucking hate god.

I dont really want to worship satan because I hate every god and every magical diety but I just want to get revenge on god. ive been putting upside crosses everywhere and I treat people like shit. I scam people and sabotage people around me I treat girls like shit. I literally do everything I can to be as evil as possible but it doesn't feel like enough

do I laugh at god about jesus being hung on a cross and tortured to death and shit like that? and burn bibles and shit? I feel like I need to bring more destruction.
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Other Minds

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I still don't understand how separate minds can exist and it's driving me crazy.

Step 1) A "consciousness" can exist. Ok. I'm fine with that.
Step 2) 2 "consciousnesses" can exist. Alright, I'm also fine with that.
Step 3) 2 "consciousnesses" can exist and have DIFFERENT experiences.
Here is where I get lost because how do you pick which one experiences what? How do you pull apart 2 totally identical entities and say you are A and you are B. It's impossible isn't it? If it were possible to pull them apart then there must have ALREADY been some difference between them that you were able to use to pull them apart. (e.g. one's on the "left" and one's on the "right", they're already different).
It seems to be an insurmountable wall. I'm not entirely convinced that it means I have to abandon the idea that all conscious entities are fundamentally identical. But at least for now it seems I should consider it.

So, considering that conscious entities are just not fundamentally identical at all, this means that I am fundamentally different from every other conscious entity? And that's just a truly bizarre rabbit hole.
If you can't see how bizarre that idea is then I really don't know anything I can say that will make you see it.

So here I am. Stuck between two totally impossible options to try and understand other minds.
Does anyone know the way out?
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