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now what the FUCK is this bullshit about now? how have swastika and suastika been found all around the planet in all cultures before they ahve ever met?
what is with >pic related????????
from what i can gather the swastika was also interchangeable with the centerpiece of the black sun/golden sun symbols which represent the end of times and bad luck (black sun AND suastika) and the golden sun/swastika representing the rebirth of the earth in the Babylonian/nordic/slavic/celtic pagan religions and many other religions
what the hell is really going on here? what kind of power does this thing hold? what did hitler really know? why did he choose this thing? THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE.
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>Ashtar Sheran
Wtf is his problem?
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What is out there?

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I have a very concerning feeling that they only made the space force branch of the military in order to prep us for an all out war with another species. Why else make it now and not 5 years ago? It has to be because they realized that they can't hide the truth much longer.
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Blockchain Hacked by Quantum Computer That Shouldn't Exist Yet

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... or a very unlikely hash occurred randomly. I'm a brainlet in all respects when it comes to this crap but here's the article. There's a few things said that pique the interest and erect the nipples
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Past Life Thread

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>be me
>Japanese soldier feudal era
> just your average swordsman
>officer asks me to kill some civilians while we are taking a town
>he couldn't be bothered keeping and feeding them as prisoners
>hesitate a bit, but do it anyway
>can't get over it
>leave soon after
>find a wife and runaway innawoods outside a small village
>have a kid
>still thinking about what happened
>realize although the officer asked me to do it, I was ultimately to blame for their deaths
>one day I hear my kid and wife scream from the down the road
>quiet, I know it's too late, sit still
>bandits come up the road
>one claims to be a kid of the civs I killed
>don't move and let him gut me because I learned everything I needed to know/lost everything already/karma
All in all a decent life with a good lesson. Any past life stories you'd like to share /x/? I understand that some negatively aligned groups might be very interested as well so be careful what you share.
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What's the most valuable truth you have ever learned that nobody else will ever believe?
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Maintaining your bio field.

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Turning others costs you. To make a "underling" you have to absorb them and shape them. I.let some of my brood shape the selfs due to loyalty.

You will take old age injuries ect from person.

Direct the cost of healing into muscles. Then you adjust flow of ki to sustain the larger group.

We are immortal.
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i'm probably going full schizo this time, but sometimes when i'm listening to music with these headphones i can hear words, like in a muffled electronic voice, i can't understand what is said but this just happened again rn and i freaked out

how can you possibly explain this? I'm taking my meds and i never really had any auditory hallucination
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Mandela Effect Proof

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I bought some shampoo the other day for my greasy ass hair. So I bought this brand my mom used to get when I was a kid called Garnier Fructis. I remember it used to be a Neutrogena product and I when I picked it up I noticed that it didn't say Neutrogena on the bottle. So I looked it up and now apparently it was never a Neutrogena product. Explain that Athiests.
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