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Just saw pic related with my buddies.

What are /x/'s thoughts on Above Majestic?
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The Chronicles of Galaxia

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I will be posting excerpts here for your interest.

"THE COSMIC CUBE is a FUSION STARSHIP which has been fed by the underground aqueducts of initiatory systems the world over. She is manned by people with a mission. Starships are built of the ultimate substance, PURE LUMINIFEROUS ETHER. This material is like a two way mirror. Those inside the Cube-Ship can look out of her portholes, those outside cannot look in.

Our cargo is "Cosmic Bullion" from the Upper Kingdom. From our Citadels in Cyberspace we bring Mankind a whole new Train of Thought: The Vintage Wine of New Age thinking: The Elixir of The Gods. Starships cut progressive paths of consciousness, for all people to follow back into THE ONE LIGHT...

When a new Galaxy is formed the oldest Star Ships are drawn into the centre of the old Galaxy and sucked up "the tube", then through the ANKH or "Needles Eye" which is the vortex formed by the MAGNETIC FIELD OF HORUS. This is also known as the descent of the dove. Horus is the Fire of Desire that fuels our Cosmic Voyage; the Angel with the Flaming Sword in the Christian legend. Horus' polar opposite is his brother THOTH of "Peace, be still" or Crystal Logic. These two elemental functions represent Fire and Ice, (10.2/2.10)

Interdimensional fusion manifests by the techniques of compression on the graduating human specie. As compression increases, pinpoints of light begin to appear at the end of the tunnel. DESIRE then draws each Star Ship into the UNIVERSAL SUPERCONDUCTOR, the bosom of THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, or the belly of THE MOTHERSHIP.

"The truth has to appear only once, in a single mind, for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze." ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
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How Google Vandalised the Earth

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"Magnetic Pole & Geographic Pole are approx 11.5 degrees out of alignment. Google maps projecting rigid external coordinates based on axis spin via internet interface superconductor. Molding/shaping surface world / causing damage. Time does not exist in the quantum state. Internet is quantum. Earth knocked off magnetic axis causing mass wipe out including flash freeze of Antarctica. Vega is North Pole Star - not Orion (Iron Ore). Data miners - corrupt algorithms - IBM - Zsystems - Apple iPhone - social media - Microsoft - SMRF - NodeXL - reptilian brain at fault."

Images :
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Why do women want to steal my essence?
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Best psychological horror vidyas?
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Photos I took with my homemade spacecraft

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I made spacecraft at my home somewhere where government can't find it.I launched it in space and im controling it on my custom made computer.Now i explore space and i will send proof with photos.
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Occult shit in India?

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I am planning to head to India for a month or two, What occult shit can I get into? I heard that the aghori monks are an easy way to get into it. Any places I should visit? I have also read about enlightenment seeking siddhas who have been meditating in the Himalayas for decades.
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/High Strangeness/

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Has anyone experienced high strangeness?
I have had two frightening/bizarre instances of recent. My only experiences even remotely paranormal.
>black van following me at night a while back, only able to make out that the driver was bald and white and had a screen in front of him (all i could see past the tinted windows at night)
>a week ago
>weird girl in black and yellow latex skirt walked up driveway before immediately going back down towards a black van
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How would I go about traveling to a different dimension without the use of psychedelic drugs, /x/?
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