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You wake up bruised and beaten inside what appears to be a massive factory with 2 floors. The factory consists of many rooms with large confusing machinery and work spaces that are no longer in use. The place is dimly lit with flickering lights that are barely functional. As you make your way to what you believe to be the front entrance, you enter a large room and notice a reinforced front door, which is locked with a timer above it that reads 48 hours. A sudden booming voice comes from above and calls out to you, stating:
>“You have to survive within this building for two days straight, there are enough supplies around the facility to keep you well fed and hydrated, but you’re not alone in here. There are four SCP's waiting for you in different undisclosed locations around the building. Best of luck, and remember, this is for science.” The timer on the door starts counting down and you feel your chest tighten with anxiety, as you carefully march forward deeper into the facility.

Using your post number(s), find out which SCP lies in wait for you inside the facility. You can find out which SCP it is on this website here:
FIRST SCP: The last two digits of your post number
SECOND SCP: The last three digits of your post number
THIRD SCP: The last two digits of the post above yours
FOURTH SCP: The last three digits of the post below yours

>tldr: You’re trapped in a facility with four SCP’s for two days, find out if you can survive using your post number and the SCP website.
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I recently moved into a new house. There have been rumors that one of my roommates is a witch. I didn't think much of this until I came home from work and saw this on the front porch. Should I be worried?
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Anyone here ever tripped on DPH? /x/ seems like the board that'd most enjoy it, it's the spoopiest drug.

Also general /paranormal drug experiences/
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/UMG/ - Unsolved Mystery General

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Delphi Murder Update Edition

The police have released the attached sketch of the suspect in the Delphi Murder case this week. I'll post the press release accompanying the sketch, and in the following posts I will post the original story from an earlier thread.

Press release:
>Delphi, IN - The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department, FBI, Delphi Police Department and the Indiana State Police are requesting assistance to identify the person depicted in this sketch who is believed to be connected to the murders of Abigail J. “Abby” Williams and Liberty Rose Lynn “Libby” German.

>The person depicted in the composite sketch is described as a white male between 5’6” to 5’10”, weighing 180 to 220 pounds, with reddish brown hair, eye color unknown. This sketch depicts a hat that may not be accurate. We ask that you focus on the person’s facial features.

>The composite drawing is the result of information received during the course of this ongoing investigation.

>A reward in excess of $230,000 is offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for these murders.
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I want to kill her

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I want to kill her... She is the worst person on the world... Why would anybody do this....? I always loved her, and she knew it, but she was trying to use me as a slave, then when i resist her powers, she starts to kiss and have sex with my friend...
Then she used him as a slave. That was for last time, she is something like a witch... Her eyes... I wan to kill her, but i'm not brave enough... Should I? And if I should how? If I should not... Why? Thank You all
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Illuminati sacrifice?
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Movie Thread

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Dedicated to that good shit. No meme movies, no Babadook. ONLY MUST SEE MOVIES. Classics and favorites only. Give horror fans some good shit to watch. I'm trusting you /x/
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anyone wana spoon feed me?

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I want to expand my knowledge regarding the supernatural but it's hard to find people who are willing to teach that aren't dogmatic and likely mentally unstable.

So yeah. I'd like to hear your hypothesis and theories. Along with advice on what to research.

Oh and please don't ask me to read a obscure book or watch a 3 hour documentary without telling me why.

Should be a good thread for people who enjoy debates and other newbies.
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Being a God 101

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In one hand we have the human psique, conscience, feelings, etc.
What a "God" means to us, whats the most greater thing we could ever imagine, what it does? how it looks like? it may be the greatest warrior, craftsmen and inventor, may it be something as an ant or a molecule, something so small we can't even perceive, something so big we can't even percive as we were all part of it, or a giant individual entity who awares and aknowlegde everything.

In the other hand is YOU as an entity, a being self aware, concious, craftsmen and inventor of his own thoughts, this thread is about that, as how you interpretate "god" and how you'll become one, no rules, no limits, let flow your imagination fearless

How you'll become a god?
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I'm surprised there's no thread regarding this video. Thoughts? Probably a hoax, but still worth reviewing.
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