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/div/ - Divination General: good vibes edition

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Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice.

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Oracles, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Recommended /div/ links and books:

>MEGA with Tarot Books:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
Rustig on how to choose a deck and start with the tarot:

Thoth's tarot and rune guide:

Hijinks' revised divination guide:

>Useful tips before posting:
-If you're a reader post that you're offering readings and what information is required from the querent; same goes for trading.
-Look for posts to determine if there's an active reader, what's needed and before posting, check if they finished reading already.
-Some readers will refuse to do certain readings - respect that choice. Do not harass readers if your query is refused/skipped.
-Traders should respect that a traded read will be granted, as per an agreement of a trade. Free readers have the options of picking their queries.
-Bullshit queries will get bullshit answers. Same for vague queries.
-Making an air query (not addressing a reader in particular) is possible but doesn't guarantee an answer.
-Avoid making the same query repeatedly and/or to different readers in a short period of time, as this may lead to more confusion.
-Provide feedback when applicable and be considerate to the reader. We're a growing community, many readers are starting and need to know what they are doing right or wrong. Let's help each other to improve.

Bless, and digress.

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/eld/ - Eldritch General - Kutulu Simonomicon Edition

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Welcome to the Eldritch General, where we discuss (serious) topics pertaining to Lovecraftian Occultism.

Previous Thread: >>29820886

TOPIC: One or two of you mentioned that you used the Kutulu sigil in the Simon Necronomicon, one was even cursed by it. How did you activate it and why? Does anyone here want to experiment more with this and see what results we get? Let's discuss!
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'Squatch Thread

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Other cryptids welcome too. And spo0k3y ghosties and other ghouls.

Previous thread from the POL board last night. It was moved to bantz.
Archive too:
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How do I pray? I need help, serious help, I want to ask my guide or angel or whatever there is to please speak to me so that I can plead for help, how do I do this?
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God allowed us to inflict global warming on Earth as a spiritual growth spurt. He gave us our first growth spurt, and in a very little time, we're going to be creating the world as rich as any we have ever had. That's a great leap forward for us and the world and for Earth."

And he also offered a plea to the world's governments to do more to prevent other nations and especially China from using their nuclear weapons against themselves.

"We are going to be in a very good position, as an indigenous people, because we have been told to be willing to fight. But that is not how our government does things," the speech, which was played in theaters this week, said.

And the pope said the world has "some other thing to do."

"We do not need to fight. We need to take leadership, as well as our human emotions and our inner peace," he added. "We're going to be looking for ways to heal ourselves, help others and to protect, love and serve others – but not only here at home as an Indigenous people, as part of our communities."

In a sign that things are improving for the children's health, he also encouraged the country to set up a program about child welfare.

"As for the families, I am very pleased … so that every parent has the child he or she needs to be given a strong and ready foundation in his or her own self. No state can provide for all.
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Polytheism General

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Pythagoras Edition
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Keep getting nightmares of this man? Who is he?
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What is the single strangest/most unexplain/paranormal thing that has happened to you. No reposting pasta or posted an old greenest and claiming it was you. Tell us your own story, anon.
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when the parasite inside me tries to make me do something bad i eat an entire garlic even though it makes me writhe in pain because i know that it's damaging the parasite and the parasite is making me feel pain in an attempt to stop me but it doesn't work and then it stops trying to make me do bad things because it knows i will eat more garlic if it doesn't
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