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Canadian Charcoal Pit Conspiracy

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All over Manchester, you can find these kebab places called Canadian Charcoal Pit. Some of them claim to be "The" Canadian Charcoal Pit, and some of them try to make themselves stand out by going by Canadian Charcoal Grill.

Now here's what so concerning about this:
- This is not a chain of restaurants. Every single one of them operates completely independently from the other ones.
- These places have nothing to do with Canada, or charcoal pits for that matter
- No one knows why these places all call themselves Canadian Charcoal Pit. People say that if someone were to pry into the reasoning behind this, they might not like what they find.
- One might think that this could be related to witch trials that happened in canada around the end of the seventeenth century, where people were burned on makeshift fires fueled by charcoal
- It seems like these places have been spreading all over Manchester, and maybe even beyond. I don't know how this started, and I'm afraid that it might never stop.
- Some of them use the same kind of clip art in their logo, but they all have different websites,-2.2305905,9.75z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1scanadian+charcoal+pit!3m4!1s0x487bb26f016a1f71:0x266045ab4e5fb053!8m2!3d53.4260888!4d-2.2435062

Mysterious, don't you agree?
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Dear flat-earthers: pick a direction and walk in a straight line. Just keep walking, and get on a boat if you come to water. That's all you need to do to prove or disprove your theory, why haven't any of you ever done it?
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Is the christian god Yaldabaoth?

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I was learning about gnostic belief and now i'm just fucking confused
who is yaldabaoth?
like he is god but is he the christian god
is he good?
is he evil?
why the fuck doesn't the true ultimate god do anything about him?
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tell me something good /x/
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When will /x/ realize the true shape if the earth?

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Real History

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Past few months I've gone down the rabbit hole of our true history/world, what humans are.

This stuff,
Great flood, meteor (12800 YA), aryan race vs satanists, north pole/nazis, ufo's, gaints, sunken cities, paganism, to list a few..

Never been to into this "crazy conspiracy shizz". Used to laugh at the idea of an ancient civilisation helping build temples/pyramids. But its all adding up to an alternative history/world which is being kept hidden from us.

And now ive come across this article, which is really messing me up.

It continues to drive this narrative that we are living in a falsehood. And didnt tolkien state we were in the 5th or 6th age? Not to mention the reshaping of middle earth goes along very nicely with the great flood changing ours.

sorry that this is written poorly, need to get it out of my head. Just want to see what other people have in regards to this, thanks
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This place went from zero to meta in about four days, can I ask someone, what is this board a freak show or what.
Or is there a prophecy becoming true, the prophet of /x/?
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Don't let this get bumped /x/, I may be onto something here.
I found a set of twitter accounts that retweet things containing the words delusional, and primarily things relating to politics and the recent gun debates. They also post random cryptic messages directed at someone. It's strange. Could be Russian bots but it doesn't seem to be. Worth investigating?
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It is possible to look into the future ? Through deep meditation for example.
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