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Best psychological horror vidyas?
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Photos I took with my homemade spacecraft

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I made spacecraft at my home somewhere where government can't find it.I launched it in space and im controling it on my custom made computer.Now i explore space and i will send proof with photos.
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Occult shit in India?

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I am planning to head to India for a month or two, What occult shit can I get into? I heard that the aghori monks are an easy way to get into it. Any places I should visit? I have also read about enlightenment seeking siddhas who have been meditating in the Himalayas for decades.
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/High Strangeness/

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Has anyone experienced high strangeness?
I have had two frightening/bizarre instances of recent. My only experiences even remotely paranormal.
>black van following me at night a while back, only able to make out that the driver was bald and white and had a screen in front of him (all i could see past the tinted windows at night)
>a week ago
>weird girl in black and yellow latex skirt walked up driveway before immediately going back down towards a black van
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How would I go about traveling to a different dimension without the use of psychedelic drugs, /x/?
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Its all a lie

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The 13 satanic bloodlines rule over everything. Everything we have been taught is the opposite of the truth.
>the earth is an infinite flat plane(t)
>Gravity is not a push,but a pull. Is also electromagnetic in nature
>Most if not all the celebrities and elite are Transsexuals (mtf or ftm)
its Holly's wood not Hollywood.
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What if what we call Earth is a dimple on a golf ball, and all the other dimples are other realms, or from different time periods? They like to hide everything in plain sight, to make their mass spell more powerful.
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Comet or Alien Spacecraft?

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>Moving so fast relative to the Sun that there is no chance it originated in the Solar System.
>Thought to be metal-rich with a relatively high density.
>Showed no signs of a comet tail despite its close approach to the Sun, but has since undergone non-gravitational acceleration
>non-gravitational acceleration
>i.e. unexplained increase in speed (engine?)
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You aren't pure.
If you were, you would have a king cobra around your neck.
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Who here was in the GATE program (gifted and talented)

1. What were you like in school (be honest)
2. What did you do in GATE
3. What are you like now (if you're out of school/out of Gate)

After some replies I'll divulge the nature of why I'm asking these questions already)
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