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Vampire Thread

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Supernatural blood drinking vampire theories only please.

Where can you find a real vampire? How does a human become a vampire? How do you tell them apart from a normal person? Need all of the info you have.

>movies & books

>Interview with (alleged) 439 year old vampire Elizabeth from the research book "Vampires Are" by Stephen Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan was the founder of the Vampire Research Center, located on Long Island, for the scientific study of all phenomena related to vampirism.

>Over 400 collected cases of traditional undead vampires

>History of vampirekind
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Let's make Ebola-Chan great again.

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What is Ebola-Chan? Is she real?

If so was she created from 4chans collective shit posting and sustained from blood pacts?

Also how would one evoke her for the purpose of helping her to spread her love to the Muslims?
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Is this accurate?
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Help I’ve crash landed on your earth and subdued a human and found his cellular device. He was using this site, please help me escape before it’s too late!
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gangstalking - tech attacks aren't better 2

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as usual, gang stalkers can hurry the fuck up and die. the world doesnt need more idiots tearing it apart.

thread keeps getting archived too fast or im just too lazy to come back in time

if any actual targets posted in that thread can u repost it here?
stay on topic if you're a target. if not then go die.

i'll answer a few fo the dumb fuck questions from the trolls

why gangstalk me?
the point of choosing victims is to find ones that are POOR, you idiots!
poor ppl cant do shit esp against something big like gs'ing.
gs'ing has a lot of money and benefits and they dont wanna lose that cuz some poor fag like me stops them
yes ppl with money can get targeted but they prefer poorfags

why do i hate them so much?
oh gee i dunno you fuckin retards, maybe cuz it ruined my fukin life, killed family members, fucked my health
if you have it really bad, gang stalking can do a lot of damage to you for no reason which it did to me
if you're gonna get into gangstalking, dont be surprised if your target shoots you,
you worthless piece of dog shit. what kinda fuckin thing to say is that? "dont diss us"
go fuck your mother how about that?

where's the evidence? evidence is easy to get. lots of fake targets now that gang stalking is everywhere,
but if you're not a worthless piece of dog shit you can find it easily online
the hard part is getting anyone to help you if you dont have money or connections
i would post evidence from other targets, but i wont yet. i dont care to wake ppl up.

its also pretty obvious its real. why are there always so many of you fuckin retards in my gang stalking threads? dumb fucks.

gs'ing is one of the conspiracy theories where if you dont thorougly look into it, you wont know wtf it really is.
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you are never alone

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Do you think she did it?
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Are you content with the knowledge that alien disclosure will never happen in your lifetime?
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Can we get a creepy pictures thread going?
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