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Hey yo i've taken acid a couple of times, took it recently again.
I've been wondering if anyone else noticed or has experienced a rise in "coincidence" when dropping acid.

It's ironic because when i am sober i rarely encounter such coincidences and on such a scale.

A simple example of this is, me wanting to say something like
"Hey what are we going to eat"
Tv show says exactly what i had wanted to before i do.

Anyone experienced or noticed this ??
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Recent Changes In Yourself?

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I recently stopped jerking off. I just didn't feel like it did anything anymore. I still wake up every morning with a hard on, and get them during the day but I just ignore them. I thought maybe it was because for the last few months I've been doing the weekly mediation with the COBRA people, and maybe the "light" was burning off (unnatural) etheric implants.

But then I saw this thing on Aug Tellez' site and it kinda blew my mind.

>We are most likely going to see an event within a few months. Everything is pointing in the same direction.
>I’ve said this on record. I was informed Fukushima was an event to cover up the increasing radiation levels.
>If the information I was shown is accurate for this timeline, then the men who continue to release semen at this point into the coming temporal gateway will not have enough energy to pass through the gate without dissolving their energy body meaning dissolution into the false light system.
>Reserve for a minimum of two months and the semen cycles through the body’s vessels into the energy bodies after becoming shemen and this empowers the mind to pass through the gateway...

Augie is pretty out there, and I'm still reading through his site. I have NO IDEA if this is true but I never really had a reason to NOT jerk off, and then suddenly I just stop? So I was wondering if any of you Anons noticed any RECENT changes in yourself that might be related to this (possible) upcoming change?
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/x/. I want to be that guy but i also don't want to be that guy
Can someone explain/teach to me the "proper" ways of using ouiji board?
Now I live in London atm and live with 5 other people (gf included) now what would be the likely hood of someone else having someone have someone or something attach themselves if I did manage to contact anything?
Now I wouldn't be silly or ignorant of anythingi come on contact with, it's just been something I have always wanted to do (even tho brother ALWAYS said dont mess with the occult) but we can ignore him for a time
If this thread doesn't 404 on me before i wake up and have some instructions that would be perfect. Goodnight /x/ thank you in advance
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So NASA is hiding the truth about aliens from us

But, space doesn't exist and earth is flat.

So, NASA is hiding the truth, that aliens do not exist, while pretending aliens do not exist

What is their endgame?
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Show me proof that 'Fantastic daily' is a fraud.

He investigate the "Black eyed kid" phenomenon and it seems he went to deep into this. I know this could be a LARP but before i jump on conclusion i would like to see some evidence of this beside common sense. As it developed more and more people who follow this chain of events, start to experience same happenings. Also, more and more semi-phenomenon research channelsstart to jump on it, first calling it a possible alleged fraud and later making a 180° turn. Again, with common sense this could just mean they jump on the bandwagon.

I want to know more, if this is just a hoax please explain or show prove or do you know more about the BEKL subject? Could this be real and FD is fucked?
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What/who are you?
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Inception and Th Dream Realm

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I unironically believe that the movie Inception is based on real world tech that is so advanced that the general public might not ever know about it. Obviously the dream realm is a very real thing in which our conscious goes to while we sleep. Can other entites reside in our personal dream realm? Can a human actually go inside another humans dreams and influence them. Can they subsiquently get stuck in this dream?

Christopher Nolan is probably the Stanley Kubrick of our time and has always red pilled the public in his movies. Does he know about this technology or was given this knowledge by an insider and was made to push this idea out through the mask of Hollywood?
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>blutooth is now bluetooth
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What's the deepest rabbit hole you've ever gone down?
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Do you fags have any cryptids from Arizona for me
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