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/astro/ Astrology General

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Reading List and Book Recommendations:
>Useful Links:
old /astro/:

>Get your Chart:
***Try to use the most accurate time. The default chart settings may not be the best (use whole signs)***
Don't be lazy: most chart-making sites have automated readings

>Tips for Posting:
· Be respectful
· Have some questions ready when posting your chart
· Ignore posters who only post their chart w/o context
· Have fun

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come worship Lady Lilith
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where are the alien threads

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>aliens on tv
>showing actual craft
>department of defense speaking on it
>lemme check /x/, I bet they're all over this
>coom thread
>am I secretly related to pigs
>five frogposts asking nigger tier 5iq questions
>are jews paranormal
>unironic Mormon recruitment thread
sad as fuck
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Jehovah's Witnesses

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Can someone explain these guys to me, no bullshit
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What is this symbol?

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I saw this on a picture of the backdrop at a tool concert in 2017. I recognized it because I also saw this at on the kick drum at the Gorillaz in 2021.
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I understand Grimes' post now

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I don't know if you guys remember Grimes' Instagram post with weird emojis. I think that was the elites hiding secrets in plain site.

The section of that post where there's DNA and the vaccine equalling aliens has a much more sinister explanation.

I think that some of those who are vaccinated will transform into monstrosities humanity will not be able to understand. And the UFOs are just high tech the US has to make it seem like these guys are aliens from outer space.

The aliens are you and I. The soft disclosure is the new COVID. More UFO news will be revealed, and more people will turn into aliens.

The movie Prometheus seems to be predictive programming. Genetic engineering caused the Alien in the series. So naturally, what if the genetic engineering of the RNA vaccines are going to turn us in aliens?
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Highly Symbolic Movies

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I'd like some recommendations for movies like Holy Mountain that are highly symbolic, occult or religious themed and leave normals forever scratching their heads. I've recently watched 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and found them to be very masonic. Please, more like this.
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Post schizomobiles

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Gangstalkers microwaving my apartment or something far worse?

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What's going on?? Actually it's sort of a
whooooshing in the ear, like when your at
the beach and you hear 'waves' but it's
not it's like a strong breeze brushing
against trees that are not there.

Also strange occurrences at cafes. People
talking about someone that really resembles
that they're talking about you. And you can
tell who the 'informants' are by the way
they look at you. The regular people
just look straight ahead or at their
phone, like a typical zombie type.

The 'actors' all have Iphone 5's, they
will be told to go to a location where
the 'informants' gather information
that tells them where you will end
up next. There are many many many
'actors' to fill the role of
directing your life, if it's
bad they need to put surveillance
upon you using 'actors' as Gangstalkers.
Put you on a stake out and watch your
every move, documenting them. If it's
good or amazing they will have multiple
'actors' talking about the subject
they're most interested about your
achievements, and much so repeatedly
with multi-group 'actors' if they are
beyond their scope, for them to brainstorm
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