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how do i sell my soul /x/?
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Reality programming thread
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Why is Antarctica extremely protected by the military?

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Seriously? Why is it closed off from anyone? Why are planes redirected away from it?
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how the fuck do i find a guru/enlightened teacher? either in real life or online.
someone i can talk to one on one and figure out what the hell is happening to me
(or what i thought was me)
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I don't usually post on this thread much but I've been looking at the fact of reincarnation and the trap recycling of souls for some other being's gain. What I want to know is how to get out of it, some say that just having this knowledge in the afterlife is enough to be able to not be tricked. Others say along with that, you need to demand to see your family members and loved ones as well as demanding to be connected with your over soul or higher self. I know enough to not go into the light, that as far as I can tell is a trick to getting reincarnated. Any suggestions/stories that could help me understand this more? Thanks guys
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is it possible the flat earth model is correct but beyond the antarctic wall the ice plane eventually curves into a sphere? So we still live on a spherical planet, but the real shape of said planet is much larger than what we're told, and earth is merely one of many small "ponds on this giant ice planet? We've never got high enough to see the curvature of this massive sphere because it's so big. Perhaps greys and other paranormal beings originate/evolved from other earth like ponds on this massive shared planet.

Both flat earthers and globecucks alike are very closed minded and happily ignore whatever evidence the other side puts forward but what if in some strange way you're both correct?
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What is paranormal about Charles Manson?
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do you guys wanna see an actual, real and recent poltergeist?

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watch the video first in spanish before reading the greentext, which will spoil everything:

the dog plushy case:
>this happened in Monterrey, Mexico in 2018
>Beto had a heart attack, survived but he was in a coma for 3 days
>the day he woke up, he had a dream where a small girl gave him a dog plushy
>meanwhile in real life, his wife had a visitor who gave her a dog plushy
>when he woke up, his wife told him about the visitor that said to her that Beto will get well soon
>it was a small girl
>Beto is weirded out obviously, but decides to keep the dog plushy because "you dont throw away a gift"
>Beto lived in a small apartment that had a blood splatter on a wall in the furthest room when he bought it first
>he say its not related, couldve been a cat that cut itself with the window he says
>he starts to hear shit, finding objects out of place, sees things moving
>he says it started after having the dream about the small girl
>family and friends call him crazy
>decides to film it one day

first video
>shits starts to happen
>Beto is scared shitless but decides to film it to prove he is sane
>goes around the apartment filming himself telling us everything i just greentexted above
>all the time pointing out how he is alone, filming every corner of his apartment to prove he inst bullshiting everyone
>family is asleep
>does through all the rooms and living room
>finally points out that the dog plushy is the most weird object in the house, it moves the most
>dog plushy moves and falls over
>ay dios mio
>Beto: "see guys?"
>he goes to the room where the blood splatter was
>Beto: "this is where the most things happen"
>the tricycle's handle moves
>Beto: "guys a swear it wasn't me"
>fan starts to move violently, it even breaks
>ay dios mio
>Beto does one last take where he films everywhere to prove he is in fact alone and nobody is behind him pulling the strings
>uploads the video to his facebook
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He doesn't have a cat to protect him from evil spirits. Ghouls and goblins...

Why don't you have a cat /X/
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Antarctica Ice Wall Confirmed?

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