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feeling estremelly restless

havent felt this since march 2011
big event happening
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i bought this old brass lid with some strange symbols on it not really sure what it is anyone know what this thing could be?
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You wake up and find out there is a worldwide zombie outbreak. What would you do, would you survive, and for how long.

For me
>Live in South Carolina
>guns, rednecks, gangster niggas, active military and bases everywhere
>islands all along the coast
>rainy and humid year round, would be fine with food

Zombies wouldn't stand a chance. I'd probably live out my days in comfy Charleston
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Where did it go?

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Is there still anyone out there?
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Why are so many people so obsessed with summoning demons? How come angel summoning isn't a thing?

You'd think that people would have been able to figure out by now that all of the angels including Satan were cast down from heaven and suffering in hell, and that demons were created by god simply to inflict pain upon those sent there.

Even if they were able to, they couldn't care less about helping you out.
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What are some cryptids that ended up being real?
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anyone wanna discord it up tonight?
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Florida is the perfect blend of comfy and spooky. Between the Hand of Death Cult, all the dead bodies in the Everglades, St. Augustine, face eaters and everything in between, it's clear that Florida has some weird shit going on there.

Anyone else from Florida? Have you had any /x/ related encounters in Florida?
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Are there any shows out there that have been made by a crazy person?

By show, I mean some kind of program that has been shown on actual television, be it local or national. And by crazy, I mean someone who has been placed in a mental hospital.
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