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Anyone else been visited by a 'Pinman'?

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I have a single vivid memory of being visited at the age of three by a strange blue creature.

The encounter itself took place in my bedroom in my house in a small town in England called Wymeswold. I had finally been coaxed into bed by my tired mother and she had turned my light out and pulled the door to so that an inch of the landing light would shine through. She hadn't been gone for two minutes when I looked over to the foot of my bed and this blue thing was peering at me. It moved to the centre of the room and began jumping up and down while staring right at me before it darted behind the curtains. It was very slender, dark blue and its skin had a glossy shine. It appeared paper thin and its eyes looked as if they went straight through its head, as though they were cut out like a mask. The very top of its head was in the form of a jagged crown. All of its edges were sharp and as it moved, its limbs swung up and down. The encounter must have only lasted about 30 seconds before I screamed and my mum ran back into the room and did the classic routine of 'scaring the monsters away'.

This has happened only once in my life yet the encounter was so vivid that I've often remembered it. It's one of those memories that gets pushed to the back of your mind and seeps in unexpectedly almost as if it's necessary that you remember it. I've read other accounts of people being visited by 'Pin men' as children and the 'Pin men' themselves behaving in a similar way and I was wondering if anyone else on /x/ has had a similar experience.

(Pic related, drawing I did to show you guys how I remember it - I'm shit at drawing I'm sorry)
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I was talking to a dude in his 50s and told me that time wasn't running so fast 20 - 30 years ago. Is it possible that Cern made the time run faster?
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sept 23 2017 is the only day u can summon a qt anime succubus gf
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I crave human flesh

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recently over the past couple of years I've noticed how appetizing it would seem to bite into someone's shoulder and just eat it.
what the fuck is wrong with me? am posessed? pls help.
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This is a sigil of power, the way it works, is all you have to do, is post a drawing, creative idea, or even your favorite song lyric. As long as it is some form of artistic medium, it will power the sigil and give you a wish in return.
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How DO I summon a succ bus???
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The Black Game

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Have any of you guys ever heard of a game called "The Black Game" or something like that? I had a dream about it but the dream was weirdly vivid and detailed so I figured I must have heard of it from somewhere else.

The rules of the game were basically simple:

1. you aren't allowed to stop moving
2. you aren't allowed to slow down
3. you aren't allowed to move backwards

To win the game you had to film yourself doing three things: using the bathroom, eating a meal and seeing a dead body. The camera was to ensure that everyone could see you doing the three things without breaking one of the three rules - you didn't have to show yourself pissing/shitting on-camera but the camera had to be on (with sound recording) to prove it was happening. The dead body had to appear on-camera to prove that it was real though. Acceptable forms of movement were walking (or doing other things to get yourself from one place to another, like climbing a ladder), preparing your meal, eating or using the bathroom (washing your hands was not required and as such not classed as a form of movement - the game was mostly meant to be dumb fun, hygiene wasn't required because it wasn't as funny as the other things). The "no moving backwards" rule was mostly implemented to prevent stalling - you weren't allowed to repeatedly step forward and backward or jog in place, you had to be moving towards your destination at all times. The only other acceptable form of movement was procuring a dead body through some means (whatever those means may be). Throughout all the phases the body had to be in constant motion - you weren't allowed to stay still at all.

(more info incoming)
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How do I contact ayys?

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Hi /x/. As the time of disclosure is coming closer and closer I find myself ever more eager to take things into my own hands. I would like to contact ayys from the Galactic Federation of Light. That means I want to contact the good guys - no reptillians, greys, or other races that would rather want to see my guts than have a chill convo. I have been visited by arcturians in the past (transparent floating bodies; pic related) and would like to engage with them again. This brings me to my question - what is the best way to contact good guy ayys?
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I think I'm in love with Laura Flook from the tv show Oddities, she's my creepy waifu
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