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Spoopy OC drawings

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Do i need to do the excersices to start with the next chapter ?
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Truth Thread

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let's talk about the truth.
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repill me on Erratas
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This past weekend a time ripple skipped a day and then went back two days.

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Sunday evening Nov. 19 turned over to Sunday morning in my location, I observed Monday twice, can you explain this?
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to be honest I'm not entering much to this site, in fact almost never entered, but something is happening lately a little unsettling

either at dawn, or sometimes during the day, when I look at the clock I usually see the number 3:33 very often. It has happened to me to wake up at that time or sometimes in the afternoon I look at the computer corner in the afternoon or early morning and that number is there: 3:33

the same thing happens with pattern 2:22 but less usual

Is this happening to someone?
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ITT: You come up with a believable conspiracy theory
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Big Dave is a prolific serial killer and the Missing 411 books are his way of throwing people off his trail.
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What are these for?

i have been wondering more about mirrors since i saw something in my mirror, i'm totally convinced that a woman was staring at me

Have you ever have that felling of being observed from a mirror?

Any creppy experiencies with mirrors?
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manson family murders

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Since Chuck is now 6 feet under, lets have one last thread discussing the infamous manson family and their crime spree

>do you think there are more victims, there are stories of the family associating with the hells angels and them not returning
>were the other family members that got away,during the trial there were many protesting for him, they couldnt have rounded them all up, right?
>do you believe the theory that polanski was involved in some pedo shit and/or got his wife killed for it
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