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How much of /x/ is a LARP?

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Reading this board reminds me of otherkin and multiples from Tumblr. How much of this is just an RPG for you, because I certainly don't believe half the crap posted here about people's new age experiences with manifesting imaginary friends, etc., not to mention the retarded gnosticism trend.
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Why can't the world just be good?
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Giants - what were they? Are they still around? Have they interbred with humans? Do we still bear their genetic markers?
Looking for info to help shape my ideas connecting alchemy and occult with giants. Any bit of data is welcome.
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When people die

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Where the fuck do they go? Where the fuck are we going to go?
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Is this the Loch Ness Monster?

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The twitter post claims that a drone managed to capture footage of the loch ness monster:

Is this real or fake? If fake, how was it pulled off? Was it through clever editing/trickery or is the object in the water something ordinary that has been mistaken for something extraordinary.

If real, what exactly is it? As per usual in cryptid videos the blurriness makes it very hard to see what it actually is.
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Will humans ever master our emotions
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Biblical Mythology Actually Explained

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1. The Nephilim
2. The "Sky Dome" of Genesis
3. Behemoth
4. Leviathan
5. Seraphim and Why the Temptor in Eden was a snake

Also Bonus:

Refutation of Evangelical Christian Anti-Intellectualism
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What are some traits of a vampire?
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/omg/ Occult and Magick General

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Is it possible to be religious but still not believe in ghosts?

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I was raised in a catholic household but growing up, I always had a hard time believing in ghosts. Think about it, even from a religious standpoint: why would the dead continue to linger on in the mortal realm?
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