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Horrifying images

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No photoshop or copypasta shit please
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What's His Endgame?

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My dreams have changed. Now they’re just mostly happeningless dreams where I walk around from one benign place to another in the dreamlands. I haven’t had a nightmare in forever. When I look around in a dream I’ll usually see Asherah standing next to or behind me. I can’t recall but she might even have a leash. Is always having comfy dreams like playing pinball a benefit of being under a protective spirit’s sovereignty? I do usually turn into a wolf in my dreams buts it is not scary in dreamland.
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What's going on here?

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Something weird is going on here /x/. Not to the point where I'm freaked out or anything but it seems really bizarre and I was hoping maybe /x/ could help me explain what's going on. Let me explain.

So I work for a government (I don't want to say which) and it's not in a low level position by any means.

I was checking my email. It was pretty much standard stuff but I noticed a strange email that was marked as "potential spam". Now my work email is only available for professional purposes and I never use it for anything other than work so I found it quite odd. I opened it since it didn't have an attachment and I had no intention of clicking any links.

It was sent from someone named "Brianna Scott" with an the address being "" and the text was
Have you ever wondered why the Albanian Mafia sucks so many flabby penises simultaneously? Maybe we should set up a competition to check if they can defeat the Vatican cardinals. Between a lawsuit for children molestation and a terrorist plot to destroy the world they don't have even the energy to mentally masturbate anymore.

WOW! Did you see that? It is the amazingly fast Cosa Nostra mafia gangster. They are so fucking fast when ever they hear the police's siren!
WOW! they are able to even match the record-breaking dick sucking Rockefeller Family. And they don't even import thousands of pounds of heroin from Afghanistan day-to-day.

In any case...i like to fart feces on Albanian Mafia-Rothschild empires.";

I forwarded the email to my personal address so I could check it out later at home.

I went to view the image and it was just a name "Luke Stark" with an apple icon and an address to a FB page. I noticed part of the "K" in "Stark" was red too.

I went to the FB page and it's all in Italian. The images on there are very strange and it has what appears to be screen shots of government employee contact info.

Can anybody make any sense out of this?
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Lets say I'm a part of a Secret Society that handles time traveling for the most important reason of pushing forward Human Evolution and technology by bringing it back, usually 15 years for Tech and thousands of years for Evolution.
Here's your test

#1. Are you alright with altering the time line you progress through, knowing you may be brought along to timelines where none of your friends and family, more importantly yourself, don't exist?

#2. When reaching out to timelines where a important species is to be extinct, are you okay with match making/assisted procreation (if a different species), or devote an entire lifetime to sex?

#3. Are you okay with having a job that extends past death?

#4. Lets say a number of your employers are Gods and Goddesses due to the nature of time traveling back before time and life were created, are you okay with working with them as a Hatman or a Shadow Person/ Cherub or a Seraphim, even an animal prior to being allowed back before time and become a God/Goddess no matter how long it takes?

#5. and at the point of #4 Will you spread your religion or hold your tongue?
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Scientifically accurate mythical creatures 10

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Let's tackle creatures of myths and legends and paint them as actual organisms in a realistic light via speculative biology and evolution.
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Does anybody else hear the same melody

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It’s quite possible I am having audible hallucinations but I keep hearing the same tune and I’ve never heard it before. It’s not a ringing or a voice it’s almost like a high noted flute but without breaks in between the notes. If I try controlling it it only gets more prominent and plays even louder. It would be really hard for me to deceive the exact melody in terms of notes since I’m not a musician but I could do my best if this gets any responses. It’s kind of a cross between whistling and a flute but it doesn’t sound exactly like either.

>not paranormal
I can see why you’d get that impression but visual hallucinations are usually accepted so audible ones should be too.
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Baby girl tossed into the ocean by her father in demonic sacrifice ritual on the Queensland-NSW border:
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Change My Mind: Materialism is the only rational position you can take

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We have no evidence of anything outside of physical matter.
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