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what does /x/ think of masturbating and its effects on the afterlife? masturbation is the weirdest fucking thing. I also constantly zone out and think of the spirit realm witnessing myself in this bizarre act just to pleasure myself. i want to know what you guys think. thanks.
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Do you reckon there are some evil entities browsing this board?
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Alright /x/, redpill me on praying to the Virgin Mary.
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I want to learn how to use biokenesis, what is the most efficient way to learn how to do/use it?
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So I had a bit of psychosis a while back and during so I wrote some of my observations and ramblings down. Just for fun, I'm deciding to share em cause, hey it starts a thread

-The Universal Consciousness-
There exists a universal consciousness that all living beings coexist within and exists beyond our material world. When humans exhibit and use extra sensory perception type abilities, such as astral projection, precognition, telepathy or various other phenomena, they are really tapping into the shared universal consciousness. There are beings beyond our comprehension that are able to exist outside of our perceived view of this universal consciousness, and can influence the world in numerous ways.

Two theories. God is an objective viewer who causes no influence in the world we perceive. Or the Universal Consciousness that we exist in is the sum of God. We are all fragments in what is really God, but in the end we are all part of it. Therefore, God is a synonym for the Universal Consciousness

The spectrum of the universal consciousness that we/I perceive with our rudimentary senses. The true nature of reality is beyond our comprehension and exists outside of our shallow view of it.
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Uncanny valley thread
>didn't see any in the catalog
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What does /x/ believe about God? Do you believe christianity has any power? Can Jesus turn away Skinwalkers?
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Why does nothing feel real?
Everything I see with my eyes just doesn't feel like it exists.

I don't want to live a lie. Can someone help me?
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are the silos empty?
Having the silos guarded and manned still serves a deterrent, but the minuteman is a 40+ year old machine, the silos are often older.

What are the chances the warheads have been moved into more modern, reliable delivery vehicles?
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Listen, all magic is scientific principals presented like "mystical hoodoo" which is fun, but it's sort of irresponsible.
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