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Are you able to hemi-sync yourself without auditory stimuli such as a youtube video?
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Redpill me on Greys
Are they just humans from the future?
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What is this thing? Is it hostile?
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Who is the COOLEST /x/ creature?

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For me It's the Pascagoula alien
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The eye sees everything, nothing can hide from it.
It destroys all evil and rights every wrong.
You have been seen.
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Unexplainably creepy songs?

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I've remember a couple threads like this from a while back, what are some songs that fill you with existential dread?

For some odd reason, Fireflies by Owl City creeps me out. The opening synth is really jarring and it just came out of nowhere from some very strange socially awkward Christian dude with insomnia and went to number 1 in 27 countries. It doesn't help that the lyrics are purposefully vague at times and remind me of astral projection.

I'm Blue is another that creeps me out though the gibberish chorus is a message backmasked (Hide the body, eat the body) which probably explains it. The music video's outdated animation is off-putting too:
there's even a creepypasta surrounding it:

Childish Gambino's This is America is another one that freaks me out.

and last for me is another out-of-nowhere unexpected hit. Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye. Was number 1 everywhere and guy has never been heard from again. It doesn't help he almost looks like a lizard in the music video. If you backmask it, he talks about ''walking in the dark valley and he thinks he kind of likes it'' and a bunch of stuff about the CIA. Possibly a sacrifice made to have a hit single?
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best evidence for aliens

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drop your secret vids

blow our mind!
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What happens here?
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Life Coach\Shaman

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I want to help people out spiritually but i dont want to join an organization. How do i offer my energy services to people? How would you be comfortable someone approached you about energy work?
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