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How would I go about reincarnating into another world? If such a thing was possible, are there any cases where people of other worlds reincarnated into our own?
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>There's no evidence for this thing I saw
Oh, so you have schizophrenia?
>No, it's just that my experience is sufficient evidence
Yeah, schizophrenia
/x/, you are simply ridiculous. How can someone normal look at all this and say anything other than, "maybe they're sick"?
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Can we get a thread for discussing/debunking youtube haunted exploration videos?

What do you think, are they mostly fake?

What do you think about this one watch from 20:05
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Weird YouTube thread!
Will post some of my favorites as soon as work is over.

Looking for a video, it started with a shoot of a train then it switches into some voices repeating some polish sentence and then some piano like music.

It has alot of shots of snow and an old stone well, everything has a blue hue to it. It was called Ghost Snow or some shit. Help?
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Paranormal music

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Share music with and eerie vibe

Just discovered this and I want more like it
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I found a weird blog

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So, I found this blog while browsing around and there are a bunch of coded messages on there, and I think something about zombies or something. I need help cracking some of these codes, the morse is so sloppy that the online automated decoders don't even do anything and there are other codes on there that I don't recognize. Cryptofags get on it. Link: TheSafeHavenWeb [dot] Wordpress [dot] com
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Oldest corpse in Europe cursed those who disturbed him

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am i a cripple for life?

About mid February i watched a video that had high frequency sound which affects the brain directly. As soon as i hit play the middle of my prefrontal cortex retracted inwards severing some path between the hemispheres and a cavity behind my eyes started to expand. Everything is fixed in an unnatural position crippling my intellectual capacities

the technology does exist just look at this patent, low frequency flickering images can affect the brain

does anyone know any video or anything that can help me fix myself?

please don't delete it this is my only hope please understand im not lying

im serious please don't delete the thread
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Secureteam10 has been hacked by the CIA?!

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The owner of the famous channel Tyler seems to be missing and some shill usong his Twitter claiming he isn't.. did the men in black finally got him?!
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What do you think about the subject?
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