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How to cope with nihilism??
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Anyone else see 47 everywhere I'm scared I don't know what this means help /x/
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I know how this is all going to end; read at your own risk

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Take in the information how you will. I only send this out there so I can say I did my part when the whole thing comes to a head. The truth hurts, but too bad. This needs to be said. This is after over a decade of research into what we would call the Grand Conspiracy. This not only includes research on the internet, but I have direct contacts into certain alphabet agencies. Proceed at your own risk.

During the creation of this world, something bad happened; we dont know exactly what happened, but what we do know is that this created the Archons; these are negative entities, the foil to humanity. They feed upon the energy of humanity. They are, in some ways, energy parasites. They need our energy to survive. Since they cannot exist here physically, they have made a spiritual pact, a COVENANT, with the tribe of Abraham; also known as the Zionist Jews. The Zionist Jews are the vessels of the Archons. This is why they control all of the governments and major corporations and organizations today. The 13 bloodlines are the direct descendants of Abraham, and have direct connections to the Archons. This connection manifests as kind of like a virus; this is why, even those Jews not of the direct bloodline, may still carry a lesser form of this virus. They act as the vessels without knowing it.

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Has anyone noticed that we've literally already discovered "sea monsters", yet no one talks about them? Oarfish are fucking huge and look like sea serpents, Giant Squids are Krakens, and some of the deep see shit looks really fucking creepy. What other examples are there of creatures that used to be considered myths but were actually found?
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Hey guys, my birthday its the next 25 September, and according to some virgins of /x/ the world will end the 23 so im a bit worried about losing my party.
So guys im making my party here, post the thing you would gift me... or your congrat words or much better convince me that the world will not end.
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News in The Netherlands just reported people witnessing a 'fireball' in the sky. It is said several people tonight in different parts of the country reported seeing a light or firball in the nightsky, it is also reported some people in Belgium saw the same object. Could it just be a meteor and are they supposed to be seen so long that several people report it in time, or is it something else? pic sort of related, not actual pic of the reported sightings.
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Seven times it flowed,
three times it ebbed,
with a silent movement,
stone faces moving south.

What am I?
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Mark this date.
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the fiction character exist in another dimension

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