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Jeff the Killer - Origins V

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Hey, /x/. It's been a while since we found the "original" source of the Jeff the Killer picture. We all know that it predated many years ago, LONG before that shitty Creepypasta; here's what we have found so far, and what we're trying to find from it:

>>The girl behind the Jeff the Killer picture claims to be Katy Robinson, a Myspace user that commited suicide on April 21, 2008.
>mentioned on chan's /b/, anon claims that one of the Jeff pictures didn't come from there

>>Myspace was created by Fabian Tauro(, as seen in this thread here:

>>The girl in the "unedited" picture of Jeff has NOTHING to do with him. No, her name is not Katy Robinson, it's actually Heather White. By doing a reverse image search attempt I've found a Christian parody site,, with some hate e-mails and one of them are made by Heather White back in late 2004:

>>The rumor of Katy Robinson's suicide is fake, and there are no death records of her. Adding onto this, another reason is that there is a Twitter account of her that has been created around 2009 with a following link to her actual Myspace account.

>>One of the Jeff the Killer images were found on a Japanese site,, back in 2005.
>Early photoshopped one was uploaded first by user Mr. Mulholland around September of 2005.

>Second one (the "original" version) was uploaded by user Omega Bolt around November of 2005.

This is what we have found so far. Next post contains what we're trying to find.
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Not that creepy but sure as hell weird
>Be my dad
>His patrol and he are wading through a thick marsh when they hear children singing
>they go to the clearing where the singing is coming from
>There are a little more than a dozen children of varying ages wading therough the swamp and holding hands
>They notice my dad's patrol and look at them while smiling and still singing
>They keep walking forwards until they slowly descend into a deeper part of the marsh until they're completely submerged and all gone
>A second after the children go under the surface there is a deafening scream
>It's not even coming from one direction but seems to come from all around them
>my dad and his fellow soldiers are freaked the fuck out
>Some start praying and one just fucking ran away (they never found him)
>The patrol pushes on and walk through the part of the marsh the patrol first saw them in
>There are dozens of little bones and a few skulls
>They're the bones of children
>The patrol finishes their duty and never speaks of it again
>My dad is still good friends with one of the guys from the patrol and his story is the exact same
/x/ explain please
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Have you ever heard of it? What do you think about it? Let's exchange theories, ideas or hints of its whereabouts.
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Why is the bible the word of god but not the quran?
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I've come across declassified CIA documents about the astral world and the research they had done in the past several times, but I can't find those docs now. Does anyone have a link to that documents?
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/x/ approved languages?

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whats the most based language /x/ can think of?
should we all start speaking in sigils? numbers?
that would scare of the normal's, Christians and make /sci/ fags trying to raid us confused, for sure m'yes
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What's the deal?

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Pretty sure I found a ghost
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New video from Cicada 3301

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Why is nobody talking about this?!!?!??

'Z' released a new video. Avril 18 mp4
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How much of the legend of King Arthur is true?
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