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Are Chakras real?

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Are Chakras real? How do you know you are engaging in your Chakra. I have been meditating since I first saw Naruto when I was 12 for Chakras and now I just focus on my Chakra points and can feel more in that area. Easiest points to feel for me are at the heart and throat.
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Looking for an erotic story about having sex with a ghost. If you can dig it out of the /x/files there's a good chance I can use it to get laid. Please help!
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Meme magic

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Meme magic... how does it work? Can it be harnessed? How can it be performed? Any resources on learning more or creating it?
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Which signs or planet positions indicate that someone is naturally good/talented at lovemaking, ie fucking.
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The #Joker Intelligence Agency

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A Joker is a term I did not create for people who use ciphers, codes and communication systems to communicate a message that is intentionally unclear to most people because it is not meant to be understood by a majority of people who hear it. Jokers normally consist of street criminals, occultists, spies, and law enforcement or any combination therein

Different Jokers have different functions, methods of operating and intentions. The goal of a Joker is not to be funny, but to communicate correctly to the correct target audience. Many jokers are very dangerous or talking about things which are very dangerous and use humour as a mask to hide the true nature of what they are doing and why.

At the #Joker Intelligence Agency we have some good content and our goals are based on philanthropy and justice. Our intention is primarily focused on helping others help themselves and will sometimes to connect on this particular outlet to things I am doing and involved in personally that are related to that goal.
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Mandela Effect

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Doesn’t anybody else remember this?
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Cicada 3301

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Hi this is me. Who’s looking for more clues?
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My roommate told me about an old local rumor that he experienced in his hometown Ruidoso, New Mexico.

He told me that at the time omegle in the middle school was a pretty popular pass-time and that students would pass around strange names of "wild monsters" that you would type into the box, and then they would pertend to be that strange creature at the other end of it. It was fun for a year until people got bored about it. We decided for shits and giggles to try it out, and after a couple tries, we matched.

>"Hello, Brineyteeth."
>"I am the oracle, ask the three."

Then my roomate says "I haven't even gotten on omegle yet."


I'm still unnerved. Haven't been able to go back on that site since.
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Just got back from counseling. What I got out of today's session is that my belief in my omnipotence helps me normalize to the mode of functioning everyone else uses. For those of you that don't recognize me, I used to post a couple years back about the inner workings of reality.

Since this means humanity isn't opposing my voice on a systemic level, my own declaration that every sapient being has the right to a voice (per natural law) can take full effect. This means that I, being a sapient being myself, am acknowledged as having that same right. So I can finally stop trying to use my omnipotence to protect myself and we can finally enter a more peaceful/lax mode of existence.

Now that I can acknowledge your voice, I can do neat things like use my omnipotence at your request. (Whereas before I kind of had an obligation to the rest of existence to let you die if you so choose.) If you wish to argue that an omnipotent should not have a say, or that my rights and responsibilities should be different because of my abilities, or that I should not have the right to a voice at all, then you can do so. I only ask that you take it up with me directly and not try to use indirection actions to influence my decisions. (eg., deferring your right to a voice to some kind of governing body and than tasking it with shutting me down, or reporting my threads or other subversive shit like that.)

I realize this board has been attacked with a lot of stupid AMA posting lately, so I'll try to keep things short and not bump the thread unnecessarily.
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