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Why are humans so dumb?
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A gift for your homosexuals here in /x/

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wanna be a vampire? pay.
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The truth on death, and the afterlife.

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This isn't your ordinary thread. I'm not about to pull out some bullshit on you whatsoever. Following a religion is perfectly fine, believing in what it TEACHES is perfectly fine. What's NOT fine is trying to enforce what it teaches.

There are many, many cases of people seeing an Afterlife of some sort when being dead. However, while many cases seem to be similar, this is because most reported cases are only done on Christians; As a christian you are taught that you are always sinning, which is why you must ask God for forgiveness. It's natural to assume you would go to hell upon death, as assuming you would go to heaven could almost be considered a sin, as you're not the one to determine this.

I myself have had a near death experience, and what I saw was not God, Hell, Heaven, The Devil, or anything like that. It was just a figureless, translucent humanoid that I could not approach or run away from.

What's that got to do with it, you might ask?
Well, it made me think about WHY I would see that, and not God, even though I was raised catholic and have even been confirmed by a bishop. So why did I not see God?

Because our brain is capable of a wonderful thing. The chemicals it releases upon death seems to create an effect on our consciousness before it vanishes, creating a scenario that is infinitely compressed into time. One second in this unreal scenario could be a thousand years in the real world.

DMT is what our brain releases. The afterlife exists, and it is in our minds. Even if you do not follow a God, there is a life after death. Imagine lucid dreaming infinitely. Everything will go as you want it, you will be in control, you will be at peace, this is Heaven.

So please.
Don't rush towards death, draw out your life for as long as you can. Once you've done this, enjoy your presumably infinite afterlife.
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Defence against evil

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Will keeping a crucifix close drive away demons and evil spirits? Would a drawing on the wall work or does it have to be physical? Does it have to be blessed or could I make one myself?
Lately I've sensed a malicious presence around me, especially when I'm sleeping.
I want to protect myself against evil. Any input would be appreciated, be it spells or rituals or objects I can use.
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Hello /x/, ive been recieving some weird text from some place called the GOOW association.
I've done some digging online but have come up with nothing.
Sorry bout this not being exactly Paranormal but it is weird nontheless
More pics coming up.
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Beyond the Black Rainbow

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What does /x/ make of this movie?
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What is this?

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DIY Exorcism

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Hey /x/, I need to know if you guys have any advice or tips for DIY exorcisms, me and some friends are going to a site we think is haunted during the week and want to be prepared just in case.
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Mandatory Reading List

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Lets get a mandatory read list started to add to my library. The book in the image was my first read pertaining to the paranormal. I learned of it through Maynard James Keenan and Danny Carey of my favorite band Tool. The book speaks of Greys, The 5th Dimension, and plenty of other interesting topics. Anyone read this?
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Requesting places and stories of spooky shit in Ontario. Specifically Essex county, but all of the province is welcome.
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