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Linear time doesn't exist: events happen simultaneously across an infinitude of timelines. Timelines can be collapsed onto each other, this is what people call manifestation or LOA.
But all these timelines remain part of a holographic projection, like a 4D shadow of a 5D object, which responds to certain laws.
Outside interference sometimes happens (VALIS and the pink light; Gnosis), which is the penetration of the hologram by an outside object.
The most common mistake is to consider the "outside object" as being "outside oneself" rather than "outside the world": as Jung showed, change comes from the Self rather than from the world.
Dreams are significant, as they are messages from the deep. What Jung called the spirit of the depths is the same thing as VALIS, it will show you the true path towards the Self.
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Have you met the Hatman on a Benadryl trip? If not, what have you witnessed on a Benadryl trip? Greentext welcomed.
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Kinda Stumped on Animal Shapeshifting

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Been trying to find out more about how to do animal shape shifting for a while, been looking for years now. I've even tried psychedelics for some answers too, inconclusive mostly as well.

Things I've discovered so far:
-You can astrally change form quite easily
-You can invoke said animal aspects and form upon your astral body through specific exercises/rituals, with some noticeable mental effects
-Attempting to push it upon the physical body leads to very high resistance, mostly from other external sources
-Glowies do not like you doing it they sick shit on you, best to banish before hand
-Brute forcing it pisses off spirits akin to the thought police but over magic instead leading to paranormal consequences physically sometimes(Air getting heavy, very dark fog outside, lights dimming,etc)
-Best I can get is weird crackling or shifting feelings with next to nothing result wise
-Psychedelics keep pointing me at this weird white core thing that leads to death or force puts me in another direction forcefully, if answers are shown instead I either immediately forget or not permitted by something to touch such
-The body has descriptive sigils for each part, wouldn't fuck with it though
-DNA has some sort of visible interface
If anyone has any pointers or more knowledge on such that would be great.
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I keep seeing 3:33

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It's driving me nuts, what does it mean???
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Long hair and beard

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Hello /x/. Why are wizard generally depicted with long hair and beards. Are there any mystical implication of having a beard and long hair?
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the only logical answer is god is evil.

why would god send us to a hell on earth, ruled by evil demons, create satan and lucifer and other evil beings, let them rule over you, send humans to hell, program humans to be degenerate, then hate them for it.

god is simply evil. this entire world is a blood ritual.
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This board is the least functional one on all of 4chan, because the anonymity factor means that anyone can make extraordinary claims without having to prove anything whatsoever, there is not even a post history/ID system that can be used to spot contradictions.

Coming here is nothing but a waste of time
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Is the Internet Alive? Or Dead? Or Both?

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I'll present a couple videos where the concept is put out there that The Internet is a sentient entity in some way and has an awareness and agency of it's own.

I'll also provide a video where the case has been made that the Internet is in fact dead or devoid of human interaction for the majority of it's presented activity.

What does /x/ think? How "alive" is the Internet (in various ways)?
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