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Can you fuck your own tulpas?
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JonBenet Ramsey never existed?

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I haven't been to /x/ before, but I saw this twitter thread posted on /vt/. Amazingly off-topic for there, but it fucked me up reading it. This kind of stuff scares the hell out of me, and whether it makes any sense or not I don't feel safe looking too deep into it personally. If the evidence is not just made up, all those beauty pageants being fake and the autopsy being burned by a random criminal with no relation to the case stinks of psyop crisis actor shit in the last decade. But I also can't believe digital manipulation was good enough back then. /x/ seems like the type of place that's discussed cold cases, and I'm sure this one was no exception. Is this bullshit? If there's an easy disproof of this one please tell me because this is fucking me up real bad.
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how does one achieve kundalini?
is it possible to attain it without the help of a guru and without prior experience in yoga?
how long does it take?
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I fell in love with one of my gangstalkers.
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Evil Eye Thread

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Calling all mediterranean/balkan/gyro/roach anons to dispense here all their yiayias' wisdom about the evil eye. What's going on with this shit? Should I be concerned about potential evil eyes?
I don't want to learn about it from a fucking vice article. I want to learn about it from anonymous frogposters.
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What is this thing? Is it hostile?
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/PMK/ Project MKULTRA General

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Important Links from Previous Thread(s):

The infamous Greenbaum speech

Project Monarch:Nazi Mind Control, Ron Patton



Thanks For the Memories, Brice Taylor

Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA, Tracy Twyman

Mind Control Slavery and the New World Order, Uri Dowbenko

The Vatican and the New World Order, Svali

Unshackled, Kathleen Sullivan

Eyes Wide Open, Fiona Barnett

Trance-Formation of America, Cathy O'Brien

Royal Arch/MI6, ex slave

Disney Monarch slaves

NSA mind control

--- Misc ---

Some other very related links about nazis/paperclip
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Is cause of autism sentient

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Is autism caused by a sentient life form. I mean autism is getting more and more widespread generation by generation. It seems that heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, EMF, etc. is linked to having autism. Most of that is caused by technologies developed by autists,such as Bill Gates who wants to darken the sun. Also the people who most aggressively attack the promising treatments or "detox hoaxes" as they like to call it are autistic Reddit sceptics.

So is cause of autism some sort of life form trying to ensure it's spread by taking control of behavior of it's hosts?
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