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New video from Cicada 3301

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Why is nobody talking about this?!!?!??

'Z' released a new video. Avril 18 mp4
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How much of the legend of King Arthur is true?
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Creepy images thread
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Hey you Murdering Rev. 18 queen Elizabeth R. cunt Whore from Hell,
Signed that Ark of the Covenant Heel Stone Dig Order on your desk?

Diana, Princess of Wales
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After Death is Uknown

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What if the truth about life after death is more than we could ever comprehend in this lifetime?

Our theories about it are limited to our knowledge and intelligence throughout our current lifetime, in this current world.
We can't know for sure.

But plenty of people have had near death experiences, or claimed that departed loved ones have visited them in their dreams.

However, we can't prove that it isn't brain chemicals causing NDEs or our subconscious minds trying to comfort us with visitation dreams.

It's a genuine mystery.
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How do i make alien friends /x/?
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cursed images

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open inquiry for anyone

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I suffer from episodic cluster headaches, sharp pain behind my left eye feels like a light bulb filament turning red hot for 2-5 hours for a week at a time. I have not had an episode for a few months now thankfully but generally they persist from spring through fall. They are absolutely debilitating. My inquiry is related to these headaches, could there be a spiritual/paranormal reason for such a condition? Have I wronged someone? Must I pluck out my own eye? (consider this far too often) Unrelated pic of cryptid for your enjoyment.
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Please help

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ok guys, somebody sent me this to my phone, and the number is weird, had to erase some part of the screencap because for some weird reason the message contained my phone number,

the country code is 00 so i dont know what is that, in my country is absolutely weird to receive some kind of message because mobile carriers had blocked the option to receive messages from outside, here is the code:

i ran it on hex because i tought it was hex but nope,

i don't usually post here but i'm requesting your help guys to decript whatever it is or to seek what the hell is this number (is not from USA, neither from some country tought)

so i'm summonning you /x/ guys for help me, i'll be glad for everyone who can help me in this
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Dreamless sleep,

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I have been trying to find out what it means to have a dreamless sleep, but I couldn't find any interesting theories as why it happens.

Does /x/ know any more?
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