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How much longer until Serial Experiment Lain becomes a reality?
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Can someone red pill me on crisis actors and what the gubmint is trying to cover up? I keep seeing more and more posts on social media and what not making fun of people who believe that these things are actually occurring. What's the best evidence? Is there anything undeniable?
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What happens after death

Are there any known actually factual proven people who have died and came back? And what did they say?
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When will we finnaly deal with the satanist problem?
>Ex Illuminati Magic Bloodline Family member SPEAKS OUT!
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Is this guy full of shit? What do you guys know?
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What was his endgame?
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MK victim, Brain damaged, or Schizo?

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Someone started a thread about her last night. But it 404ed sometime today before I got to check on it again. Anything interesting happen after I posted the vid I got this pic from?

I was a fan of Tilas way back in like 07 when she was on a shot of love. A few years later I saw that she was make truther videos. Long story short she ended up having a brain aneurysm at some point. And when she came back she suddenly thought she was a female Jesus or incarnated angel. From the future? Idk. But I found myself wondering if brain damage could be a more plausible cause for all the crazy shit she says and does. What say you /x/?
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Has anyone ever actually been given a real wish and wasn't a dying child?