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I keep seeing 369 everywhere. What does it mean? Am I schizo?
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Creepy Obscure Videos

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send 'em
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Why are demons such narcissistic buttheads?
Every time I speak to one it just makes me hate them even more.
I just want Jesus.
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What are the main ideas of gnosticism?
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Nazi Antarctica

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Okay /x/ redpill me on operation high jump
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/LDAP/ Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection General

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Pyramid edition!
This general is dedicated to helping Anons travel the multiverse and the dreamworlds. If you have any tips or questions post 'em.

The Phase free ebook:
Leave Your Body in 3 Days seminar by Michael Raduga: [Embed]
mindandmagick Youtube video on the subconcious mind [Embed]
Interview with an out of body travler playlist [Embed]
Phase Evolution youtube channel (great for Astral Projectors)
Tipharot Youtube channel:
Free Hemisync: [Embed]
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Is summoning demons just to abuse them amoral?

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I mean, c'mon. They hate goodness. I summon them and make them help the poor and help little grannies cross the street. How is that wrong?
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This question shall determine if the Earth is bad or good.

If you had the opportunity to live the lives of every single person who has ever lived and will ever live what would you do? Say yes or no?

This includes everybody with an easy life and everybody with a hard life. You would have to live their whole lives with no memory of your past lives. And when they die, you respawn as a different man until you've lived through all of them fully. Is the Earth good or bad?
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What is your opinion on spreading hidden knowledge? Are you an obscurantist that gives teachings only to those proven worthy, or are you a promulgator that tries to make that which is hidden known to all? Why do you choose to hide or spread the knowledge that you have found?
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The Truth About 'Gangstalking'

Many high vibrational souls have been incarnating lately, they came here to help this planet in various ways. They're causing a massive spiritual awakening like never seen before on this planet.

The evil groups of this galaxy that have created so much darkness for us won't be able to stop this ascension but, the night is darkest just before the dawn, these evil groups that live on denser dimensions are trying to do everything in their power to stop this energy so they don't lose power over this planet.
There isn't an evil group that doesnt want to lose control like the reptilians, aryans, insectoids, etc which don't belong on this planet or dimension. It's difficult for them to manifest themselves physically on this dimension, they've managed to introduce their lowest rank workers, who are known by many of you as the gangstalkers

>Who are the gangstalkers and what do they do?

They belong to a denser dimension and they are able to manifest themselves physically on our dimension for seconds or minutes, they do this near the high vibrational people.
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