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MK ULTRA v7 The Ocean At Night

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Where Can I get some meterial to redpill myself ?
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Images that just don't feel right.
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(ghost stories)/stories
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hey friendo's
What are the scariest horror movies to date out there.
and no i don't find the original IT scary
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/UMG/ - Unsolved Mystery General

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Who Killed Bill Comeans?

>Bill Comeans was a freshman in high school
>Gets threatening notes in his locker
>"You were warned", "You have 3 months to live", etc
>His girlfriend gets a note saying "Bill doesn't have much time left, so make the best of it"
>Assaulted by two men who knocked him off his bike, covered his head with a plastic bag and strangled him in September
>Parents reported the attack to police.
>Assaulted and strangled in October, this time he was choked with a rope and left for dead by the side of the road, but he recovered and staggered home to his parents who again contacted police and took Bill to the hospital because of the rope burns on his neck, scratches on his face and appearance of his face (petecia)
>In January he was taken from the front of his home when he told his parents he was going to go get his sister to bring her home for dinner
>Found less than 30 minutes later, strangled to death on the side of the road, death is ruled suicide
>Letters continue after his death, taunting family
>His family keeps a twitter alive to this day in his name with eerie tweets and messages from Bill's POV
I believe the letters from after his death were found to be coming from a woman with mental problems on his street, and that she wasn't related to the death in any way, she was just tormenting the family afterwards.
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I want you to curse me as hard as you can WITH DEATH. For research purposes.

I won't be providing any personal information but here's an image I just made if you need something related to me.
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Truly unnerving photos.

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Not creepy, not gory, unnerving. Pic related
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Faggot trying to be fucked up

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I want to create a Tulpa. Any recommendations?
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Weird symbol on ring

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So the other day I bought a box of random items from a thrift store and inside was this silver ring. I have no clue what this symbol means (or if it even has a meaning) and was wondering if anybody on here might know.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this kind of thing.
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The most well documented UFO encounter to this day
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