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Guy, have you ever seen the other side of the sun? I don't think so.

The sun is actually closer to the earth than the moon is. Think about it, have you ever seen a solar eclipse? You probably have, but its fake. That's actually the bottom of the sun. The bottom emanates no light, thus, the fake solar eclipse. We're stuck in space, we do not move. The moon moves though. The sun actually spins like a coin on a tabletop. the theory of relativity isnt a theory, we have a metaphysical observation of reality. we dont actually orbit but from our perspective it appears we do, but its an illusion .

Go on and laugh all you want, I've done my research, have you?
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military spooky

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Posted this on another forum a few years back. It's my story from an easy deployment back in 2011.

Explosive detection k9 handler in USAF. We are always alone when we are on law enforcement patrols and cake deployments. Be 2011, on cake deployment at Manas air base Kyrgyzstan.Been with my current dog two years and still working nights the whole time,never see anything out of the ordinary while working stateside. so,Manas is fairly large and most people don't see the entire base, being k9 I have to go through a lot of perimeter checks, I'm in a suv or truck but the perimeter checks have to be done, on foot, alone, with my dog, and a m9 with 30 rds. Im halfway through deployment, been there about four months pretty comfortable with everything, start wearing my body armor and 3 day pack during the walking patrols to stay in shape and get training in with my k9. Usually carry 5 foot lead but on my molle gear I have a 30ft retractable so my dog can pick up explosive odors in front of me, so basically were just training for a real deployment while doing the foot patrols.
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CIA remote viewing of Mars.
General remote viewing discussion and related information.

Previous thread;

I started this thread but it got pruned due to the fact that I didn't explain the thread as a continuation of a previous thread.

In my opinion it's as if the mods are not familiar with the board.
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An Air New Zealand Flight crashed into a Mountain in Antarctica in the 1970s.

Why exactly did it crash?

It was full of passengers, and crashed during the day.

Was there something on Erebus?

Was it shot down?
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Does anyone know what this symbol is and what it's called?
I asked around earlier, but found no answer.
Almost everyone I asked said they had seen the symbol somewhere before, but couldn't recall anything else other than seeing it, exactly as shown.

Anyone have any answers?
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Pretty sure I found a body dump on my property

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This is my first Green text, so any pointers are appreciated

Pic somewhat related
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Anybody have deep web stories? Possible links as well?
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ITT: short simple out of context sentences that sound unsettling
"I can hear sounds"
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I got a screenshot of the thumbnail of the real picture.

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Don't be fooled by the picture of the aliens with a long neck that's being "remade" it's a fake. It never had a long skinny neck only a somewhat hourglass shaped head.