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Flat Earth is a fucking psy-op isn't it?

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I've been rotting my brain with flat earth videos for weeks now. I'm agnostic and spiritual, still holding out for reincarnation being real, but was raised by crazy extremist Christians.

Last night I had a nightmare about God and the end of the world. I've not had any religious based dreams in like 15 years. Since this morning I've been fearing God again and horribly paranoid about death and judgement

On r/conspiracy someone theorized the flat earth thing is a psy-ops to discredit and humiliate truthers and I can definitely see the logic there. The amount of Christ fags in every single FE comment section infuriates me and I've already stopped agreeing with some truthers who started talking about FE. I don't know what to make of this shit anymore. I tried praying for 2 hours and all I ended up doing was talking to myself in my head and it pissed me off, I didn't even end up meditating like I hoped.

Who is behind this shit /x/
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Do you guys know what this is? I'm housesitting for somebody from craigslist for a while and this is above the cot I'm sleeping on in their basement.
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Yo /x/ niggas, why so many yall on here only on here just to say paranormal shit aint real

I aint goin on /k/ sayin guns are for homos or /pol/ saying trump is wrong
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Monster thread

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All kinds of monsters. Post 'em if you got 'em.
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How to go to the dungeon of lower demon to serve him, like blacksmith at first, then when groove up and make my own weapon to serve him in out of dungeon?
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Can someone dump the MEGA link of tons of books?
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God Tier /x/ Media

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These threads don't seem to typically last very long, but perhaps we can have a more robust experience given the rich amount of interesting niche material out there. Starting us off...

The Banshee Chapter
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/x/ music

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Innawoods/Campfire Tales

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Last thread died prematurely >>18803075

Let's hear your spookiest stories out camping or innawoods.
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Summon a demon

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How to summon a low demon to protect me?
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