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What keeps you going, /x/?
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You just died and the afterlife is real, what God do you wish to spend eternity with?

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I'm not a Hindu or anything, however I'm weird and find Indian mythological imagery relaxing. Kali Maa is such an imposing force, would feel more secure being under her protection than Jesus or Allah. I don't do the servitude thing, no God is worth my time if I have to kiss his or her ass for all eternity.
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MK Ultra at RIT

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This may be a longshot, yet does anyone know about any government programs going on at the upper floors; attic at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)? I believe Robert Monroe (knowm for The Gateway Experience) was involved in it

I'm looking for info at that location or anywhere in Upstate New York related to CIA-related projects like:
>MK Ultra
>Project Stargate
>GATE Program
>Project Pegasus
>The Gateway Experience; Program
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anyone got any "glitch in the matrix" or synchronicity stories? my friend and i are like a magnet for that shit, it happens so often and so blatantly. i have a bunch of stories but i keep going over the character limit so i'll post them separately. i'd love to hear any insight as to why these things happen with such frequency, too.
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What the fuck are we? And why are we here?

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I am so desperate for the answers bros. I have been trying to find out why the universe exists in the first place. Why did matter evolve into microbes. And then spur the evolutionary path leading to homo sapiens? If evolution is random was it all just pure fucking coincidence that we're even on 4chan right now? Are life and death even real? Are we the universe itself? Did the universe put us here intentionally? Maybe the big bang is actually an example of a computer 'powering on'? If so, are we in a simulation? Or are we actually just in an entropic universe where everything is finite and will inevitably end? Maybe we aren't here for any reason?

I don't know anons, I just can't handle it. I need there to be a purpose. I'm also afraid of dying. I have read up on the AI stuff potentially being able to 'save us.' I'm not sure how it would though. I just can't find an answer to any of my questions. Maybe the answers are unknowable? I'm 23 and I just feel like everything I know about existence is wrong. I always have.
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Eminem clone theory

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This used to be popular but no one really talks about it now, probably because of the decline of "Eminem's" music. More like they got through his unreleased works and then had to release awful music made by someone else in an office. The new Em looked like a mannequin but he's grown a beard now so he can hide behind the beard and look like a normal person, people just seemed to accept that this is the real Em not a weird replacement.

Also post other famous people replaced by clones.
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How do I contact demons?
I don't want to do anything bad or sign any contract, just want someone cool to talk to.
>Read "generic demonology book"
Yeah most of those seem to be focused on invocation rather than evocation. And they are very vague and simplistic about the latter.
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GATE Program

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What sort of unique hardships have you experienced in life as a former GATE participant?
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>study Christianity
>study Neoplatonism
>study Hermeticism
>study Gnosticism
>study Buddhism
>study Hinduism
Still don’t know what to believe. All I know it something is real
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Black holes

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I've always found these objects terrifying and mysterious to think about. I think its scary to imagine falling into endless black abyss never being able to communicate with anyone in the outside and freezing in time for everyone else. Eventually falling into an infinitely dense point resulting in an unknown fate.

Tell me everything you know or speculate about black holes. I've heard theories like it a portal to an alternate universe, to it sends you to the past(time travel), or it makes you an omnipotent god.
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