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Ok so are there really alien hybrids?

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I’m a firm believer in aliens, like grays and reptilians(possibly nordics) and I’m just wondering where the idea that they are interbreeding with humans comes from. I found a couple things about my lineage that scared the hell out of me and I wanna know how I can dig deeper and what to look for that could indicate that maybe my bloodline was infected.

Pic related: mfw I picked up a massive breadcrumb
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Does anyone remember the website “my life is creepy”? It was similar to those websites like “fuck my life” where someone would post a small personal story and people would like or dislike it. I used to lurk it when I was in like middle school before it succumbed to bots generating tons of obscure posts. There was a story on there someone wrote about a human-owl hybrid that would stand at the edge of a forest and I guess stare at them, and one day they tried to approach it to see what it was and it walked away into the forest and apparently it emanated a rotting garbage smell. This story creeped me out (I was also in middle school though). Has anyone else ever read this or something that resembles my description?
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Something is wrong.
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Timelift shift

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> OMG, did anyone feel that? I swear we're on a different timeline now, quick remember when was the last time you had a fap?

Have you people ever considered that if timeline shifts were occurring that you wouldn't be conscious of the shifts?
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Alright /x/ what supernatural or nonhuman creatures exist that are capable of being fucked. My degeneracy has advanced to the point that no human can get me off anymore and before I die I want to say I have fucked something otherworldly or monstrous. What are my options for this?
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Pineal gland decalcification

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what are some good methods tobuse when decalcifying?
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Wednesday Succubus Thread

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Smiling man

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Have you had any experience similar to that of Smiling Man?

> Be me
> I leave at dawn to buy cigarettes. It must have been around 3 AM.
> Soon as I turn the corner of my street I see a man who must be about 2 meters tall. He is black, very strong and blind in one eye.
> He seemed to be hurt and with a lost look (do you know when the person is looking a little lost and the mouth is even slightly ajar?) And at the same time looking at me.
> I walk past him and he turns his head and keeps looking at me.
> I very afraid I squeeze the step but at the same time without wanting to demonstrate that I am scared.
> I can get home safely.

I do not know if he was a drugged beggar or if he was a madman who ran away from the hospice. I think the second option is more likely because a junkie would not reach his physical bearing and he had a crazy look.
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>Go to SCP-wiki
>Look up highest rated this month
>Click through them starting at the top
>It's a plant that thinks it's a Deny's!
>It's a cow that thinks it's a howitzer battery!
>It's a steam train that thinks it's a deep sea fish!
>It's a tree that thinks it's a power generator!

What the fuck is this retarded tranny tumblr shit? It's been like this for months in a row now. OH THIS COW THINKS IT'S AN ISLAMIST SUICIDE BOMBER JUST LIKE I'M A MAN WHO THINKS HE'S A WOMAN ISN'T THAT JUST QUIRKY AND WEIRD?!

Also apparently it's now a rule that all staff including MTF teams need at least 50% women in them. Because elite military units are well known for being full of women.

What the fuck happened? Was it pride day driving out all the actual talent leaving only the tumblrinas behind?
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There was some real crazy shit that I couldn't explain a while ago, thought I'd put it on /x/ to get that shit off my chest, so I don't seem too fuckin' crazy spouting about this kinda thing.

Now, I'm not usually a believer of psychic shit... ESP, Precognition, all that kinda stuff, but I had an up close and personal experience with this kinda stuff and it's had me spooked for a few months now.

I'm usually a pretty vivid dreamer, sometimes able to control the shit that happens within them on occasion, and remember them as clear as day, keeping a journal about some of the weirder things I come across. but this was one of the nights that I just let my mind wander, let the normal dream take it's course, and the like.

I dreamt that I was on my way to my granddad's home, 'cause I had a few questions. (He used to collect things like musket bullets, war antiques and the like, avid metal detector.), but when I got there, the door was unlocked. I searched the house a little, to see wether he was home and the like, but the house was completely empty. Wife gone, pets gone, all that jazz. Though when I got to his bedroom, I saw a blurry, dark, faceless figure, standing on the bed. Didn't think much about it at the time, but I woke up about a minute after that, I think. That, or I can't remember the rest.

Was pretty early in the morning at this point, but apparently my folks were still up, but it seemed like they had heard some bad news. Turns out my grandma had just got off the phone with them, and told them that my granddad had passed in his sleep, sudden heart attack.

Either It's one big coincidence, or I managed to somehow predict his death at the exact same night it happened. I dunno, needed someplace to vent this shit, get it off my chest. Don't want people around me to think that I'm a total nutcase. Anyone have any kind of explaination about this shit? I sure as hell don't.