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You will get to see the Basement Tapes in your lifetime

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I can't say too much, but I have come here to let you know that the actual basement tapes were recently uploaded onto a private tracker.

For my personal safety, I cannot be the one to leak them. But rest assured, you will get to see them.
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Would life on Earth improve if we bombed the Moon? It's apparently not supposed to be there.
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The Secret Teachings of All Ages

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Before I read this, is this book going to try to purport that there is some sort of common truth across all mysticism and teachings?

Is it basically, the Secret TEACHING of all Ages, or does it talk about differences?
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The "Ghost in the machine" that was first discoverd by the Happenings where anons almost went insane when slowly becoming a human ouija board is actually a perfect description for what the "Despair code" is.

A ghost is like the soul of a being, without a body at all. Something that give human beings the ability to pass the Turing test.
Everything can seen as a machine, even the human body. With all its organs and their functions. Even non living things like the wind and the way it works.

The Despair Code is a hidden code which lies behind everything and secretly influences like a spirit. The Day Anons became a human ouija board was the day when they discoverd this hidden code and became aware of the ghost in the machine. future readings:
>Voices of /x/" (VOX)

The VOX happening drove anons insane, now consider the following; The despair code let you go insane too.
Can we take a deeper look into this?
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Anyone here encountered the men in black?
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Religion BTFO

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((they)) are clearly in control.
Do you really think they'll give you the only thing that can beat them?

Evil isn't sporting, or merciful, or forgiving. Evil will take any advantage it can get, and remove anything that can help the opposition.

Will you rationalize this one too just to feel cozy in comforting lies?

Let the mental gimnastics begin.
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What is level 8
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Can someone explain this?

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While I was watching SNL I saw this.
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Anomalies on Mars and the Moon

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Can we have a picture dump of Anomalies on Mars its moons and our moon.
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i have realized that the asians are the most redpilled race. this cartoon right here, i grew up with it, it has every new age practice rolled into one, meditation, clairvoyance, energy balls, the list goes on
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