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Am I just going to be reborn again? Will I be some other animal or just relive this life again?!
Are we all doomed to live the same life over and over? Is there a higher plan of existence? I want to die but FUCK if the afterlife sucks... FUCK

What do you m8s think? What do you think happens afterwards?
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Low Rumble - Awakening? Trumpet?

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GUYS, I just heard a very loud rumble but low in frequency. What could it be? Anyone else heard it? It seemed to come from the depths of the earth. Currently in noiceland. 4 AM over here

(Pic unrelated)
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The Christians on /x/ Conspiracy

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Anybody ever wonder why there are so many Christians on /x/? Christians, people who are supposed to be helping the weak and the hungry, chilling on a board within a website where the majority of the users are pretty fond of shitting on humanity? Doesn't that seem unusual to you?

There are a couple of options.

1. They're not really Christians.
2. They are Christians, and they're here to save all of our souls. Disregarding the validity of their religion... What do they know, then? This influx of Christ-fags warns of the end times. Maybe not September the 23rd, but someday soon.
3. They're Christians, but the lowliest kind. The fact that they'd choose to mingle with us suggests the world really is about to end, because it means Christians lack any sort of relationship with God. And the day God's own followers stray is the day he gives up on humanity as a whole.


4. It's a stale meme.
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Buddhism information request

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Hey /x/

So I just watched a documentary on the life of Buddha and it really spoke to me and made me extremely interested in looking into it more.

I’m not a spiritual person so I’m looking for help in finding books, info or any guidance in where I should start to find out more about it.

Here’s the documentary for anyone interested:
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So I recently found out I am about 10 minutes away from pic related, Gold Base, The International Headquarters of Scientology, known for frequent breakout attempts due to its prison camp style detention facilities.

In addition to this I have reason to believe my neighborhood HOA is run by Scientologists aswell due to its age, donations to Scientology and cult sounding name.

So what should I do anons, I want to be internet famous
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What if we died in another reality and this reality is the waiting room for our reincarnation back to the other reality?

Why do people always think it's the other way around?
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How long, /x/?

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Now that we've attacked Saturn, how long before they retaliate? What can I do to protect myself?
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anyone else having dreams like this?
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The End is Not Near

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How stupid will you all feel when the world doesn't end this weekend? A book, translated over 100 times into hundreds of languages and written 2000 years ago, tells you that the world is going to end. Did the Mayans get it right? Did that ancient civilisation successfully predict the end of the world? No? Then why is this weekend going to be any different?
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this happened 2 days ago, its was posted on facebook. thoughts? idk what the hell those things could be
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