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Anyone who has lived experiences of abduction?, I have recently had one, I need to know how to deal with it
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Clown Scare

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What really did go on during the Clown Scare last year? What's your opinion on the psyop theory? Did any anons ever see one? Could it have been paranormal, how much of it was just faggots hopping on board?
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4chan is so powerful because of the amount of introverted intuitives (who are slightly more intelligent than their extroverted counterparts) who have amassed on these boards. A community of introverted intuitives this large couldn't have existed before the internet. They have to use shills to keep us distracted and unfocused.
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Have any of you guys lived in haunted houses?

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Do any of you guys live in houses you suspect to be haunted, or have in the past? I'm interested in your first hand stories. Here's a few spoopy things that have happened in my house.
>move in with bf about 2 months ago
>he knows I'm interested in the paranormal and told me some time ago about the weird shit that goes on in his house, specifically his room more than the others
>one night he wakes up around 2am
>rolls over to face away from the wall
>spoopy ass figure standing over the bed watching him

>laying in bed about to sleep
>he leans over me and starts attempting to turn the computer chair around
>"what are you doing?"
>"the chair has to face away from us"
>"because when it doesn't, something sits in it and watches us"
>the second he says that, we hear a crash from the other end of the room
>go silent for a second
>I say "something doesn't appreciate you moving its chair"
>turn light on
>two heavy ass hardback books have fallen off the shelf that have been there for weeks and haven't moved

I guess there are logical explanations for what happened but the timing was spooky af and the stuff really had no reason to fall. There was no draft in the room and even if there were a draft it couldn't have knocked off two thick hardbacks.
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Ok well I guess our /x/ dogman hunt has come to a close today
Tl’dr we didn't find anything but i’ll tell the story anyways

>be me
>Go to park with 3 friends at like 11
>Bum around for awhile until this black guy walks up to us
>it’s buena vista anon
>I was expecting a neckbeard but this guy was buff AF (I know your looking at this vista <3)
>lets just call him vista because I don't know if he wants his real name known
>Walk around for awhile in the park and surrounding areas
>Cold af weather shit, raining
>I have an old m1911 and vista has a .38 special, friends have baseball bat and a sword he got at sleeping tiger.
>last friend has a camera
>He complains he wants a weapon too
>vista offers to drive us to Meijers in his car
>friend buys a softball bat and a mask
>vista and I buy chicken tendies at the deli area
>spiritual connection
> I have a friend that lives in merrill that has a lot of land and forests on his property
>vista is game so we jump in his car
>Drive to friends house and ask if we can look for the dogman on his property
>Ask if he wants to tag along
>calls us stupid but lets us use his property
>Start looking for dogman
>We don’t see shit after hours of looking and the weather sucks balls (still raining)
>go back to my friends house and we drink and watch the x files and monster quest dogman
>vista wants to go to mcdonalds
>we jump in his car and get fast food in hemlock
>He drives us back to saginaw
>drops us off at all our houses
>I’m the last one to get dropped off
>we talk about /x/ stuff but more about cars and guns
>he drops me off
>I write this thread

Vista you are a fucking bro and I will go in the woods anytime you feel like it
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Creepy story thread

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I will start. I have several but I'll just do one for right now.
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Waited so many years for this and was not disappointed. Discuss what it quite possibly the best film of 2017.
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Can /x/ give me the lowdown on gargoyles? Most websites say that they can help ward evil spirits and stuff from properties. But some places claimed that they were evil themselves and symbolized the devil.

Could someone give me a quick explenation on gargoyles and what they do?
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What is the purpose of life Mr alien.
I just want the opinion of aliens or humans.

Is it love?
Health and Happiness?
Seems like the point of life is to consume one form of energy into another. but for what purpose other than to live? If you look at the purpose of molds, fungus, plants, bacteria, everything just consumes in order to live. Except that most things exist in order to support a system that supports another system that branches off to support key species. Humans, some animals, and support system like plankton. Then there are microbial life that grow for no reason such as the black plague. Anyways my point is everything seems like it was either designed to support humans and animals or we evolved to live among an existing system. Here are humans though on earth. Seems that humans past existence is almost an experiment within itself. To see how humans evolve in different environments. The manipulation of these environments determines the size of the mind by natural evolution that was set by the laws of the universe. So why do aliens have an interest in humanity if they are more evolved already and know these things already. TO program and test new cellular experiments in a system? To test the tree of life? To see how advanced a mind can evolve on the tree of life? So then, aliens are limited to the laws of the universe? Humans are just here as cattle (eg;cows) then in a sense. So what is their definition of life. I know damn well there be aliens on here.

Be it to watch humans do stupid things?
TO play vidya?
what is purpose?
Humans u chime in too? Aliens?
Since there are over 250 areas of outer space that SETI discovered emitting 'interesting' radio transmission..
We are just a pea in a pod on a forest of trees.
Yet there are aliens visiting us. Observing. For the same reason humans observe.
So aliens arent so different than us.
Humans are not special nor aliens. Both so similar. What true purpose?
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