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How do I open my throat chakra?

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Hi /x/,
Please tell me, how can I open my throat chakra???
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Discord link?

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I was on a friend’s discord server and one of the members posted this. “Yo dawg check out the new hacked client my friend coded here”. Now I know the person IRL and I asked him about it. He denied saying that and said he never would say “ Yo Dawg”. I’m really confused and I was hoping someone here could help me out or maybe even see what it is. Thanks in advance.
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I am nobody. And demons make fun of me and mock me because of my delusions of grandeur. Ask me anything.
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Learning to lucid dream?

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I've tried in the past without much luck, and tried last night

I got to the point my body seemed to be buzzing, but started to drool on my pillow, and moved to turn it over, so no clue if I was making strides or not. I tried doing what one guide said and to picture shapes and the focus on them and change them, but I'm not a particularly visual thinker, so that didn't really work. Eventually I just fell asleep.

The buzzing body/limbs thing sounds more like what people explain the early stages of astral projection feel like, but then, I believe that's also a form of lucid dreaming personally.

I'm not a good sleeper though. I share a room and I tend to wake up three or four times before morning, so doubt I ever get into REM sleep. I also don't see how you can 'move' from drifting off to sleep straight into lucid dreaming, since there is hours of gap until you enter REM.

Is there anything more indepth out there? I really want to learn to manipulate my dreams, and maybe even attempt astral projection, even though I'm skeptical.
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Am I cursed?

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I'll be straightforward here, I have no idea what to really label this as but I'll write down the stuff anyway, sorry for a long post. Ya see my life's kinda screwed up, I have such insane bad luck that people hinted that it doesn't even make any sense or things happening without any actual reason behind them. I'd have problems with breathing but my doctor would say I'm perfectly fine, hell he's surprised I have any health issues at all. I'd put something on a perfectly even surface and it'd slide off. I've had so many accidents that aren't the fault of me or someone else, they just happened. Sometimes during the day sleep paralysis attempts to kick in, tries to force my eyes shut, after that happens I'll always end up unconscious/sleeping, if I don't resist it that is(this is usually paired with me seeing something weird). Sometimes I feel like my mind is suddenly somewhere completely different, something seems to notice that and it is absolutely pissed about that. Am I cursed or something? Cheers for reading through this wall of text.
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What sorta hidden agenda is in The Holy Mountain movie?
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What is that?

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Found this in a Picture of my Friend.
(cropped version)
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Fake ass magic

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Why is it that literally whenever it comes to "magical beings" and shit they, "can do anything, everything, and beyond" but the second I ask to be turned into a God damn beautiful female suddenly it turns into, "Oh wait, you didn't think this was real magic right? It's all about energy my man" seriously fuck off.

You either can help me and everyone else, or you can't and you're just another fake ass LARPer that needs to stop fucking with people's hopes and dreams. ESPECIALLY when you're deliberately telling people "I can do X, Y, and Z just pay me first"

With that said if there ACTUALLY is anyone that can help, for the love of everything pure please do, you don't understand how eternally grateful we would all be. I would literally give just about anything up.
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So Mandela effect thread because its actually one of the most interesting topics on this board.

How do you Christians feel about the change "The wolf shall lay down with the lamb". I'm not religious and I always knew it has "The Lion shall lay down with the lamb". The wolf doesn't even make sense, the term "a wolf in sheep clothing" even points out this term is false.

If you're here to say "your memory is shit" just move along, you're wasting your time. This point is meaningless when millions of people are pointing out the same memory.
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i have no way to express what i am feeling. I do not think that words can do it justice. I do not know what actions to take. My soul aches and wishes to express but cannot.
I do not know what I want.
this is fucking painful. I wish i would express my love for the world. I wish I could show people how I feel for them...
It is hard when I act like a fucking asshole all the time but i really want to just make things funny and happy i don't know man

ANd i know for a fact people are fucking laughing at me calling me a fag but I don't care. WEll i do care. These people's spirits are trying to hurt mine. I feel as if people judge before they listen. It is much easier to write something off as crazy, to write it off as cringe.

I do the same i do the same fucking thing but i try to at least respect effort and i don't know i feel fucking lost someone help me
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