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How do I do it and what could it be used for?
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Isn't it kind of odd the that modern mass media and medical technology has so desensitized us to the sight of human bones, or indeed any skeleton, that we find what is in reality the remains of a dead human being not scary or macabre but quaint and even funny?

What was once one of the most potent and universal symbols of human mortality and frailty for countless millennia (seriously, look at medieval art, they found those things terrifying) has been reduced to nothing more than a novelty sight gag. Just consider that.

>pic related: a clip from a 1959 horror movie of a skeleton pushing a woman into a vat of acid. At the time terrifying, but now just funny.
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How do I have sex with a spirit /x/?
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NOT roleplay: succubi

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Why y'all even bother with succubi if you're not vampires? You know they're just lonely hot virgins in person, right? Go talk to them ffs
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UFO shot down

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How do you guys deal with Mara?

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Anytime I start to see the light and reach an enlightenment state, this fker comes and ruins it. How do I get rid of him?
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Whos the child in Revelation 12????
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The Swastika, Janus, Metamaterials and the Chans

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I had an occult experience a couple years ago that I'd like to talk about. I consider it to be my first supernatural experience, and up to this point I had been more of a 'skeptic' than a believer in anything that could be considered magical.
My research began with digging into the history of the swastika (and sun wheels, anything with concentric limbs). I had also been researching meditation, and my two attempts before this were interesting but relatively benign.
I was embroiled in my usual routine for the day; drinking lots of coffee and reading tons of stuff about myths, the swastika, occultism, etc. I decided to attempt a meditation after lunch, and so I laid in my bed with my eyes closed and my head tilted up as I had read about in Julius Evola's 'Introduction to Magic'.
I entered a state of limbo, or at least a meditational state that allowed me to visualize images. I entered a room that was very dark, with a light in the middle of it. I entered this lighted spot in the blackness and was greeted by a towering being that reminded me of those cheesy illustrations of Tall Whites. This being's face was a blur, as if it was moving back and forth at lightspeed. This will become important later.
I asked the being/entity what I should do, as I felt this was the most direct question one could ask a being on their first interaction with something like this (I had never experienced anything like this before - it felt like a lucid dream but very different). The being responded in two ways: he said something along the lines of 'do what you're doing already', combined with a direct reference (in my mind) to my recent practice of going deep into research on mythology and occultism.
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Information on Selling of Souls

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My brother in law recently passed away (very unexpected) and his wife cannot stay in their home any longer. One night last week my wife and I went out to check on his house. The feelings where insane and terrifying, the property seemed to be inculcated with evil since the death.

Then a voice spoke to me, it said that it was demon (named Ishael - I've looked it means 'beloved of God') who had placed pentagrams under key points in the house. It showed me its human appearance, perfectly normal aside from the orange flames burning in his eyes, and his insect like demon form (over 20 feet tall and crouched over the house like clutching and cradling a giant egg.

Then it tells me that it wants my soul and planned on buying the soul of the widow (my sister in law). He said would lie to her and promise to bring her husband back to life and she would ink the deal by having sex with her husband's former best friend in the living room floor, atop one of the hidden pentagrams.

This is one of the most powerful presences that I've ever felt in my life, most certainly demonic but I'm unsure as to what.

Is there anyone out there who is knowledgeable about these sorts of things? I have numerous questions that need information.