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/gsg/ Gangstalking General discussion

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Artificial telepathy edition


So what's the battleplan to getting rid of these NWO/CIA bastards. They've been ramping up the attacks on me lately, can't even walk in the park without them whispering at me and making fishhook signs. I think they started using the satellite weapons on me now.

You can't keep people from learning the truth about your sick games you play on civilians.
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What’s the spookiest experience of your life?
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Human Meat Farms

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anyone have good info about the human torture chambers/meat farms in switzerland? sv3rige talked about it
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depersonalization I want to Know

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Has anyone else here have any stories on depersonalization.

I got mine from getting high and thinking i was already dead, i use to cut weed buds with my bro...

then i smoked pure THC and thought about a sniper bullet going through my skull and i woke up and i cant fell the same.

I have gone through it and now good on my sense of reality
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Hello /x/men. For the magicians out there i want to ask why exactly start practicing magick.

My reason was a belief that because of gun control and related events, nothing besides magick would be a better defense against the apocalypse when it comes. In whatever form. Whether it be the anti christ with demons and fallen angels, demiurge returning, aliens, illuminati, etc.

what about you anon?
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How do I get started in paganism? Which branch to choose etc?
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What happens if I stop SSRI's today?
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what do I do if im stuck in an evil eye curse trap?

>live in really shitty small town
>have only one person to hang out with
>hes some angry jewish kid
>hes retarded and hates everyone
>every time something good happens to someone else he starts getting all pissed and poking holes in it and wishing he could rip it away
>I have to hang out with him because hes the only person around for like 100 miles
>everyone here is like that they're just angry hillbilly retards
>this kid is the literal definition of angry jewish
>hes retarded and poor so hes not really good at anything and just sits inside doing nothing wishing everyone else would fail
>every time something good happens to me it gets taken away and I get destroyed and some disaster catastrophe strikes and ruins my life
>im pretty sure i have a curse because this shit keeps happening
>ever since ive hung out with this jewish kid ive become fat depressed lost everything in my life havent talked to girls in years just sit around moping and wanting to die
>cant force myself to just sit alone in isolation and hes the only person for like god knows fucking how long and i lost my license due to the curse
>i dont even like to hang out with him because im afraid hes just wanting to break all my shit and take it away from me so im miserable and it makes me even more depressed
>every time i get on my laptop i can feel him just wishing it would break and i wouldnt have it anymore
>every time i pull out my iphone i can feel him wishing it would break

literally every time i have something i can feel this fucker wishing i would die and everything i have burn and hes the only person i have to chill with. what do i do? hes such an angry prick too and he just hates everyone and wishes that everything good would stop happening to other people and as soon as he gets one thing he just brags about it and rubs it in your face non stop. hes like a retarded jewish child and im too nice to punch him in the face
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hi /x/ this is a drawing of my demon succubus tulpa alien lizardperson say something nice to him