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Is PEMDAS the a cause of the Mandela effect?

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IDK about you guys, but there is something spoopy about peoples inability to agree on the answer to PEMDAS equations
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anyone remember an old ARG from like 2011-2012ish maybe, i have completely forgottten almost everything it involved but it had the basic shit (encrypted jpgs and rar files, spectro stuff, map coordinates and anons went out to check shit out etc) but the 2 things i remember most of all are this.

1. there were scans of a book. looked new. it was unintelligble gibberish full of weird ass mystic runes and shit, had a strange latin name and was mostly in latin. some bullshit like "daemonium verus verum blah blah"

2. all of the info on this ARG was composed in a wordpress blog after the fact with a midi file of dragonforce's thru the fire and the flames playing in the background.

i would love to know if anyone can remember this shit please thank you
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This is creepy as fuck...

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I would shit my pants. The zombie apocalypse is real. Imagine you're driving through Europe late at night...
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So... ever since I remember, everytime I had any fever, I would have the same exact dream everytime.

It's a labyrinth of metal, I spend the entire dream just walking around the labyrinth, and very often, I would hear a very loud scream, and the labyrinth would start shaking a lot, like a very strong earthquake, it's horrible. this only happens when I have some fever, I don't understand why, but it always happens.

Anyways, Recurrent dreams thread I guess, just wanted to share that
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I was sent this. No idea what it means. It seems like a type of code I'm not familiar with. Can one of you fucks translate for me?
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Personal Ghost Experience Thread

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>be me
>around 9 or 10
>come across abandoned house with dad, brother, and older cousin
>deside to go in
>Start looking around for anything interesting
>nothing but rotten wood and old furniture
>Get bored and decide to leave
>As we're leaving we hear door squeak by itself
>It closes
>Run like hell
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Do you wish to proceed?
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What can be done?

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The text is in the image. What do you think?

If you have questions or want sources just ask.
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Phil Schneider

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What are /x/'s thoughts on Phil Schneider?
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Strange Youtube Videos

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What strange Youtube videos have been found throughout its existence