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So /x/ I've decided to begin practicing magic. Unfortunately i live in an extremely rural area so i have no access to anyone who knows what theyre talking about, and with google i dont know where to begin. Has anyone got some useful advice? For example what books to get, beginner tier rituals, that kind of thing. All serious input would be much appreciated
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WOAH NELLY do we do spooky dream threads on here? If so I had a really fucked up dream last night that I'm gonna blame on the rum

The details now are a little vague but it involved me being forced to participate as a camera woman in snuff films because I was desperate for money. It'd make a pretty great found footage style horror movie. A lot of messed up shit happened, rather quickly so the exact details are unclear but I remember dismemberment, torture and corpse fucking. My father then for whatever reason showed up and he found body parts in a walk-in freezer. He was really distraught and went into a full blown panic. He had his hand on something in there and it went numb, discolored and then he tore the flesh on his hand off when he tried to eventually remove it.

I woke up in cold sweats. I tried to put my mind off it but I noticed when I looked hrough my left eye there was a dark spot on the centre of my vision that would appear every time I blinked. Those images were still burned into my memory and if I focused on the hole, it would start to morph and look like I could still see the dead bodies through it, and the edges would distort and drip like

I got scared so I googled it, thought I drank so much I was going blind. People were saying though that it's brought on by anxiety, and as I calmed down the hole stopped appearing.

Tell me your fucked up dreams anon
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I had a dream last night where I was called on the phone by a reporter, or someone posing as one. She told me that she wanted to know more about a theory I had - apparently, and I don't remember this, but in the dream I had purported a theory concerning aliens using infrared or some sort of gravity technology to change the position and size/shape of our teeth.

Can anyone corroborate any of this or give more insight? Was I being beamed a message through my dream?
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how do i meet dryads or nymphs? if anyone has any experience with them it would be appreciated.
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The Limits of Human Thinking

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Does /x/ think that it is possible to understand the esoteric insights hidden from the masses with a normal (conditioned, socially acceptable) train of thought?

Just like with mathematics (Godel's Incompletness Theorems), it seems there might be a limit we place on ourselves when we take up the arms of logic, reason and critical thinking. Barring us from making any real breakthroughs.

There are even famous intellectuals who go mad: John Nash, Nietszche (prolly cuz o' syphilis), etc. etc. etc. etc.

What are your thoughts?
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Any ghost stories?

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Do you have any ghost stories?
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stuff the elites don't want you to know

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Paranormal Road Trip

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Hey guys, my girl and I are planning on going on a road trip across the country in about a month. We were hoping to get some help in putting together a list of spots to stop at. It's going from Washington State to West Virginia. Ideas so far are Dover Massachusetts, Loveland Ohio, Oregon Vortex, Phoenix Arizona, and more. I'm interested in finding areas with a cryptid infused past. I plan on filling a map with multiple paths to take, and picking whichever looks best. I appreciate any help!
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how to astroman

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Hey /x/, how can I be an astronaut?

>inb4 you can't it's all fake.
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The US has a monopoly on scientific research. This may sound harmless to the average person, but it has sinister implications. If you think about it long enough you will come to some startling realisations, not just about chemtrails and GMOs - those in power seek to manipulate our physical reality. They are no doubt working on some sort of time machine, be it on that can transport people into different times or just send messages through time. You may think this concept is too far out, but consider that we are entering into another Cold War, one where the battleground of innovation will be quantum. You have been warned. The Mandela effect is real.