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What's a good name for a Forrest creature/spirit

The more friendly and cute sounding the better
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I heard this quote for the very first time today. Could this be true?
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Shadow People & Shadow Forms

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/x/, looking for good shadow people/beings pics. But I'm also interested in any experiences you've had of these aggressive spirits
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What we could do to help humankind, ELM

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Are you an awakening astral projector?
Are you an inspiring lucid dreamer?
Are you a fearless psychonaut?
Are you a mission-driven starseed?
Are you a chosen one who can channel?
Are you a desperate light being coping with our disheartening world?

If any above fits you, Congrats.
first see this, >>20801867

We all oppress ourselves in utter pessimism that we are powerless as individuals and because the deeply rooted "system" itself is the enemy, we get lost or flat out withdraw and forget about it believing there is nothing we could do. For that reason, we suffer and turn our anxiety to anger and hatred toward the world and continue to enclose ourselves. I think it is also because we immediately want to see a result right away where cleansing took place and worldwide sudden shift to a golden age. Also, even if one tries to do something, the system, again, owns dictates everything and physically resistance only end you in dehumanization, jail or worse death. But, many great sages have repeatedly said, "pen is mightier than sword". And if you think about it, our enemy, "the system" "cabal" "establishment" whatever you will call it really rules us with """words""".
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How do I get a werewolf gf

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Asking for a friend
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You wake up at 4 AM and you see this in your bed.
What do you do?
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What is the most retarded thing that people believe here? For me it is flat earth or mandela effect
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How do I meet Satan?

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He/she scares me so much, I want to meet him. How can I do this? Please Help!
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Uh, what was this?
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