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My succubus wants to fuck me really hard today

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>develop the skill to summon succubus
>never fap like anyone else, always just fuck succubus
>avoid people, never interested in participating in life basically other then just doing what I must to eat and maintain my existence
>don't care about physical women really but the succubus I think may be jealous if a woman wants me and the succubus may harm me if I ever want a wife, not sure
>my succubus grows stronger and stronger and has more power over me
>she wants more sex, already made me cum hard multiple times today, and now she's beckoning me back for more

I suppose at this point I'm doomed to be that weird reclusive wizard guy who avoids everyone and one day dies in his bedroom of mysteriously sexy causes. If any of you want to start "associating" with a succubus I advise you to keep these things in mind. I don't really care much for the mundane things in life at all but I'm definitely going to be a disappointment to anyone that wanted to make anything of me. I'm not going to change my course now though, heck maybe this won't end in tragedy and my succubus will help me out once it's sufficiently powerful instead of using, abusing, and then discarding me like I'm suspicious might happen.