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9/11 jumpers

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When I was relatively young, possibly about 8/9 or older, I can remember on youtube, back in the early days before a lot of rules and restrictions there being a channel, at the time I obviously didn't know but it was a trollish kinda channel that uploaded a lot of videos from the perspective of very close to the base of one of the towers, i'm not sure which one specifcally but it was very close to the people that jumped, you could actually see them hit the floor and cars that were below them and see the damage done to them and such, was very disturbing and unpopular and the comments were very hateful towards the uploader as I can't remember most of them, but one of them was along the lines of "lol superman" and it depicted a person falling from one of the towers and landing onto a car I believe. I haven't been able to find these clips since and was wondering if anyone else had seen them or has knowledge of them? They were literally filmed a couple of meters away from the bottom of one of the twin towers and the channel was disabled not long after. Any clues?