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Spoopy Work Stories

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Has anyone ever had any weird/paranormal/inexplicable things happen to them at work? I'm pretty much 99% sure I work in a haunted house now so will post all of my stories for you guys. Feel free to contribute if you have anything!

>Working in supported living home for people with autism and mental health conditions
>Big old house, six bedroom, three bathrooms, office, all converted for supported living and so on...
>Top floor has one bedroom and one utility room
>The guy in the top bedroom can't communicate very well but is pretty chilled
>He has a baby monitor in his room connected to the living room so night staff can hear if he needs anything
>I start night shifts
>One night hear him talking over the intercom
>"Hello" "Not fun" "Don't do"
>"Not fun" and "Don't do" are phrases he uses when he is feeling stressed or pressured
>Go upstairs to check on him
>He's sat up in bed, lights off staring at his wall
>I ask if he is okay, he says yes and lies back down
>Two hours later hear footsteps coming downstairs
>Must be one of the guys getting a drink
>Look around doorway
>No one on the stairs
>To get to the kitchen they would have to walk through the room I was in, no way to get there otherwise