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WorldCorp Series-Part 3

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For those who don't know/have not been paying attention, a few days ago, /x/ stumbled upon something huge.

An underground organization that calls itself "WorldCorp Enterprises", a self described "multidimensional omnicorporation" has been making odd and very unnerving YouTube videos for over a year, but have existed for far longer than that.
A soundcloud exists, with content ranging from odd and off putting raps to straight up upsetting and fuzzy soundbites. They have other social media, quite a bit of it, all with various ranges of content, from gross vomit worthy sexual content (now deleted) to cryptic, hidden message laced walls of text.

They even have a website, which is a poorly formatted animation superimposed over a link to a discord chat, which has been flodded with curious /x/fags and independent investigators since these threads have been popping up here.

The discord chat, when clicked on, and when read, reveals a lot of off-putting information about what they are. The self proclaimed "CEO" (who is active nearly 24/7 in the chat) has revealed the following information:

-the children in the videos (fatherhood and each day I grow some more) are in fact children, and the audio is genuine

-in order to "join" the organization, a personalized set of tests would be sent to applicants, consisting of odd prerequisites and often distrurbing activities. After all applicants failed, the CEO says they are "no longer looking for employment"

-they are based out of the "urban American northeast", but membership is worldwide and consists of all different types of people imaginable

we're still digging /x/. We're on to something. Big

website: Worldcorpo.net

Discord chat: https://discord.gg/SrcbyDn


Each day I grow some more:

Precursor (one of their less viewed videos, most of their content is similar to this)