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What is the scariest shit you have ever experienced ?

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I'm talking shit that left you frozen in fear.
>Be me
>Lil adventurer roaming around woods . Couldn't have bee more than 10
>Its pretty dark..only moonlight
>Pick up a stick and start to pretend its a machete and I'm exploring and shit.
>Whack a branch out of my way
>Hear loud scream (like literally made my ears hurt) Think computer game jump scare type shit.
>Think to myself ha..a challenger...
>I lob my stick into the direction it came from
>See something darting back and fourth just past the point where the moonlight stops
>Try to get a better look.
>Something drops behind me
> I turn around
>its the stick I had
>I look at it for a few seconds
>Same type of scream but louder along with the leaves rustling behind me .
>I don't even bother looking behind me
>I book it all the way home and never went exploring again..