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Rocky Mountain Corpse Candles? Pt. 1

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Thread to see if anyone has heard of/seen similar.
Events of the past week. Colorado. Front Range of the Rockies
>Be me
>Be at a graduation party, with bros and gf (gf is main character of this story)
>Circa 11pm, outside of friend's house, which in the middle of a heavily wooded area
>Hanging out with the bros, talk gets rowdy and sexual, gf leaves in mild disgust, 'boys will be boys' type reaction
>A couple minutes later the guys leave, and I head back into the house to find gf
>No gf
>I go to the porch and call out for her into the woods
>A couple moments later I hear her bloodcurdling scream and she comes running out of the darkness
>"Anon, I saw a little candlelight in the woods and I followed it to see what it was and I think I saw a bear!"
>Me: "Uhhh... you should never follow strange lights into the woods" you never know where they might lead."
>Her: "But the lights were so pretty! I want to know what they are!"
>Me: "Yeah don't"
>Next day, nightfall, we're in our respective homes, approx 50 miles away
>We're texting. She says: "I see a floating light again. Wait, now there's more than one"
>Me: "Just don't leave your house okay?
>Running through my head are stories of Will'o'the Wisps and Corpse Candles and a the paranormal equivalent of an angler fish.
>Her: "But they're so lovely, I really want to know what they are!"
>Me: "Please don't follow them, it's not a good idea to go out into the woods alone at night."
>Her: "Don't worry I'm just on my back porch watching them.
>I'm like: "Okay, just stay safe."
>Leave for a bit to play them dank vidya games
>Get a text an hour later saying basically: "Now that you're asleep and can't worry about me, I'm going to go investigate those lights. Don't worry, I'll be fine."
To Be Continued.
Photo she took of the lights outside of her house.