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Pelzer SC Gerber Mill Return Of Finders Cult

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There's been a lot of talk in conspiracy groups recently about the small town of Pelzer SC related to a possible return of the Finders Cult and MKultra programming.

The tl;dr version:

*Someone finds hundreds of coded messages in the comments of disturbing "childrens" youtube videos.

*Codes are cracked leading to youtube and twitter accounts with more codes, along with photos of an abandoned mill which was determined to be in the town of Pelzer SC.

*Pelzer might be related to the Croatoan mass disappearance.

*The town only has 89 citizens according to a 2010 consensus.

You can read up on the discoveries here:

Does anyone here live near/have visited Pelzer SC and have some stories about the place? Having read the VOAT thread I'm extremely curious what's going on in this place.