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The chosen one

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I've finally figured it out. Why people like Muhammad, Jesus, and Buddha don't follow the previous way, but instead adapt an old way into becoming the new way and then say someone will come later on down the line. its so fuckin obvious! I can't believe I sidnt see it before. When the light of most religions begans to dimmer and the world falls out of balance a chosen one appears. Expect the next chosen one to be labeled maitreya, the mahdi, the next avatar of krishna, etc. Depending on the path they take they could be labeled the anti-Christ or any number of negative things. Someone has been led by god to find the truth in the different religions and finally will wake up to be the new path. This person may or may not be as major as the ones I listed, they will however bring the world back into balance. Look around, most Buddhists never suffered to free themselves in the first place, most Christians are your average consuming prideful zombies, you got Muslims chopping heads and shit off. Its sooner than you think