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Jeff the Killer - Image Origins Part III

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Guys, this is extremely odd.

Some anons said that the earliest record of the Katy Robinson picture first was added onto TrueChristian.com back in January 2, 2005. (The site is not available, but you can look in the archives).

>CTRL+F to find "sarcastibitchna.jpg"

One of the Jeff the Killer pictures came from a Japanese site titled as, "White Powder" around late 2005
pya.cc/pyaimg/pimg.php?imgid=17882 - September 10, 2005
pya.cc/pyaimg/pimg.php?imgid=20716 - November 16, 2005

According to oldfags, one of them said that the pictures came from a girl (supposedly Katy Robinson) on /b/ (back in late 2004) asking if she was pretty. She posted her same picture for about two days before it was photoshopped.

>The archive that I was talking about

What could this all mean? Is this girl actually the identity of Jeff the Killer? Are there any more pictures of this woman? Does this girl have a profile back in 2003-2004 or so? Is this girl still alive?

I feel like we're sinking down while running around into a deep circle here, anons. I hope we can find some early records of the girl or one of the Jeff the Killer pictures later back around late '04.