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Thesis on the Esoteric Powers Associated With No-FAP.

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The theory I have developed on the powers associated with No-fap is based upon my readings from this board and personal experiences along with a Christian understanding of how addictions turn or brain sinful and mechanical. I wish to share, not to make you envious of my newfound ability, but rather to strive towards becoming the proper Man you are. We were not designed to have an endless amount of pornography that is steeped in fantasy at our fingertips nighty, but rather made to stifle lonely nights with nothing more than the hope and promise of having our own Eve to share this experience with.

This Thesis will be posted in 6 parts, pre-typed, with NO TL;DR WRITTEN BY ME. If you cannot take the time to read one essay, you are not ready for the No-FAP journey.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing.