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Update on finding the source of this picture

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I went down the rabbithole with reverse image search, the earliest occurance recorded by google of this picture is from some rabid site from 2001
At first I struggled to make sense of this side and couldnt find the picture but there it was, on the sidebar, again, referenced as a victim of the tokaimura incident. Interestingly it also featured another picture, which seemed to show a victim of radiation (pic below)
A lot of clues could be found here:https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f10/man-skinned-alive-9490/ but even with vpns this site doesnt let me go past 5-6 page without asking for 13$
Also if anyone is wondering the link in the corner of that image leads to some gif hosting site.
The farther I went down the timeline the more people refered to this image as a man skinned alive, some claims that it was from a mexican brothel or some shit but I couldnt back up those claims.