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Sputnik the Dobermann

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Not sure if this goes on /x/ but it’s pretty strange so here it goes.

>Be Dobermann breeder
>My female dog is having puppies
>Expected due to having it planned with another breeder
>One of the puppies has a huge brain tumor.
>Tumors so big you can literally see it popping out poor puppies head
>No kennel ever takes dogs with deformities, and I grow attached so I keep the little girl
>Here’s where it gets weird
>Puppie somehow already knows tricks despite no one having taught her previously
>Sit, Stay, Down, even Roll Over
>Knows them all
>Think it’s weird, not sure what to have made of it
>A few years latter and I’m sitting down watching a documentary about the Cold War
>Narrator mentions the word ‘Sputnik’, and immediately the dog starts wagging her tail faster than I have ever seen.
>End up deciding to test her
>Begin calling her Sputnik, and she ALWAYS responds like it’s the name I gave her
>Stop calling her Harley, and end up calling her Sputnik instead

Do you think it’s possible for dogs to reincarnate and keep their memories inside a tumor? This was fifteen years ago now, but I eventually thought back to it after seeing some pictures of dogs with tumors.