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ZTE bowed to the NSA, Huawei did not

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The main point of this particular report is speculative, but I bet I nailed it. First, what is not speculative:

In early 2016 another Edward Snowden (who was a hell of a lot worse than Snowden) smuggled ultra classified NSA spy software out of an NSA facility and dropped it on the dark web. This software uses hardware based back doors to allow itself to become permanently embedded in a system. I'll explain how it does this.

Every device you use has three different operating systems, running in layers. The layer you see is the OS the device sells with - Windows, Android, etc. Immediately below this top layer everyone sees is the bios layer, which in devices such as phones allows you to re-flash the device with "firmware updates". When you update "firmware", this is the layer you are working with. Most people think that's the root layer of any device. It is not. There is a layer below this that as it turns out, is specifically for the NSA. In all processors now, the bottom layer, which you cannot see, uses the MINIX operating system which is physically burned into the processor itself, and has a second processor you never know is there (but has ultimate control over the main processor). This second processor has approximately as much power as a 486DX2-66 processor. We may scorn that particular processor nowadays, but it is actually quite powerful, and more than enough to rape the main processor.

This second processor has flashable writable space that can be written to by the NSA for the purpose of planting bugs on a system that will not affect it's performance at all, because the bugs are executed by a processor the end user is not even aware exists. And even lowly devices, such as burner phones and other throwaway trash now have this second processor in them.