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Doing dream interpretation for Free Part 71 on /x/

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Hello, it´s Dreaminterpretation time.
Give me your LAST dream, if its not, at least say it. Write it short, no novels or big stories.
Plain,simple but vivid and with detail.

What I need from you:
>Feeling during dream >Occured (e.g. right after i went to sleep,after i woke up, during a nap and so on)
>Dream itself
> (optional if you want a faster read, but not needed. If you use it, you will be prioritized)

Use the Website to give me more visuell content.
I know, under some circumstances, it´s not possible to create it there.

Dreams from the last thread can be reposted, if there was no interpreation.
Do not beg for being read.
Be nice, stay classy.