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Two of my close friends including myself are having similar dreams about this one guy in our town that we used to know when we were young. Hearing some bad rumors about him a while after this, we just assumed that he lost his mind and went off to the deep end. In the dreams we have of him, he appears very friendly, almost angellic? He is usually talking to us, but we can't understand him, it's like he's speaking in a different language, but we can understand him because we can feel his words? Just by him talking, and how his words make us feel, we can make out some kind of message - a message that is usually helpful for us personally. So what is this? Is this a coincidence? Is /that guy/ an ayy lmao or something? My friends can't be fucking with me because one of the guys told me his dream about /that guy/ before I was able to tell him that I dreamed the same thing.