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Holy shit that was scary

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first and foremost, I'm not some habbening or LARPer. I just had an experience not 3 minutes ago and came straight to this board. I've been researching extraterrestrials and have been watching the skies for some time now. I was laying on the hood of my car after meditating, and asking for a sighting(I should also mention i have a magnetometer which was doing strange things.) when all of the sudden i heard something, It sounded like far away voices from the next house over, but then it got louder and sounded very electrified and got increasingly distorted, and fear shot up my spine, and my mind just went "skinwalker, get the fuck inside". I ran inside and im thinking about going out there to get some footage or maybe atleast an audio recording. really sucks too because I'm all about aliens but a skinwalker? fuck that.